Man Jailed For Yelling, Threatening Police Dog

A Pittsburgh man has been jailed on $100,000 bond for allegedly yelling at and threatening a police dog.

23-year-old Kenneth King was walking by a K-9 police car when the police dog started barking.

Officer said that King yelled at the dog to shut up. In the police report, officers described King putting his hand on his pocket and threatening to “shank” the dog.

King was charged with taunting a police animal. He was put in jail and the judge set the $100,000 bond.

The district justice said: “A police dog is a police officer. There is no difference under the law. They are not pets and they are trained in the purposes of law enforcement and anyone who would taunt a police officer can be considered a threat to the community.”

King’s parents think the charge is ridiculous and said their son has no criminal history and does not pose a threat to anyone.

Source: KDKA

8 Responses to “Man Jailed For Yelling, Threatening Police Dog”

  1. Bridgett says:

    But it is okay for cops to leave their own police dogs in hot cars to die?

  2. furmom says:

    If this guy would shank a dog for barking inside a car, should he be released on bail till he threatens or stabs someone else who doesn’t have a police department standing by to protect them?

  3. nora and rufus says:

    WE TOTALLY agree furmom!!!

  4. Lynn says:

    Furmom makes the best point of all.

    Want to bet this “potential shanker” has some latent hostility. And obviously his parents are part of the problem.

  5. momkat says:

    Parents sound like they’re in denial and their golden boy can do no harm…until he kills someone and they wonder why!

  6. Act Now says:

    Something about this just doesn’t sound quite right. He may have yelled at the dog to shut-up, but threatening it in front of the cops? Doesn’t sound convincing to me, even though the cops are stating it. A trained police dog should not be barking at people just passing the car. Or perhaps he was looking in the window or teasing it. Either way the judge is gonna believe the cops.

    If in fact what the judge says is true under the law, that a police dog is the same as a police officer and there is no difference under the law, which is exactly what I thought was true - then that cop, who left his partner to die in a hot car for over 12 hours should have been charged with a felony - technically the dog was the same as any other partner he would have had. So the charge should be manslaughter. Regardless of his intent - the dog, a police officer is still quite dead as a direct result of his careless actions.

    Then there was the cop who physically abused his dog while training it. And what has happened to him? These are only two made public - what about the others? The law has to apply equally to everyone, including cops!

  7. jabes says:

    How would anyone have known what happened if the dog was alone in the car? Surely the (human) cop must have been nearby. All the times I’ve come across a K-9 unit car, they’ve had big signs warning you not to come too close to the vehicle. And this jerk threatening a police dog has some issues, to say the least!

    I hate to think that cops are leaving their partners in hot cars. It seems ridiculous to risk that much — purely on a cost basis, because of how much the dogs cost to purchase and train.

  8. Amy says:

    What makes you think the dog was left in a hot car? They leave the air conditioners running when the dog is left in the car. How did you come up with that conclusion? Just because he was in the car you assume the car was off and the windows were shut so he could die? How ridiculous!! People that know nothing are always quick to put their two cents in.

    “A trained police dog should not be barking at people just passing a car”. Where did you come up with that? Have you trained a police dog before? Most police dogs bark at people that come the car. That is their territory and it is natural for them to bark to protect their space.

    Get a clue!!

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