Man Points To PETA As Possible Factor In Killing Of Pet Bear

Illinois man Valentine Wente is trying to figure out why his pet black bear, Boo-Boo, was killed on his own property.

The 3-year-old, 300-pound male bear was shot several times at point-blank range with a .380-caliber rifle while he was in his pen next to Wente’s trailer home.

Wente said that he has never had any previous problems with his exotic animals.

This exotic animal collector wonders if the killing of Boo-Boo has anything to do with a news release that PETA put on their website.

He said that PETA posted Wente’s name and address on their website because they suspected him of killing and skinning animals and turning their pelts into rugs. Wente denied those claims. PETA also said that Wente neglected Boo-Boo.

He wonders if the shooter got his address from PETA’s website.

“I don’t really know,” he said. “But if my address never goes out over the Internet, I believe I would still have my animal. I’m not blaming nobody, but after that got posted, things up and happened.”

Wente has had Boo-Boo since he bought him as a cub during an exotic animal sale. He admits that he may have eventually slaughtered Boo-Boo for his meat.

Source: Chicago Tribune

13 Responses to “Man Points To PETA As Possible Factor In Killing Of Pet Bear”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    He would have eventually slaughtered poor Boo-Boo for his meat? Gezzzzz. This guy is a dck. That poor bear never knew a happy life. Bought as a cub at an exotic animal sale. His mother was probably shot at that time just to steal the cub for money at the sale. SICKENING. Why can’t these Exotic Animal Sales be outlawed and enforced? Is it because they are “underground” like Dog Fighting? Something that is as large and a public event like the videos of Exotic Animal Sales are quite large and hard to believe that something like that could be called “underground.

  2. Lynne says:

    This is the kind of ‘person’ that Noah’s Lost Ark rescues animals from. People should not be allowed to have exotic animals. They have no idea how to care for them and wild animals are just that: wild. Noah’s Lost Ark has taken in many big cats (the tiger that was rescued from the New York apartment went there), wolves, and even animals such as donkeys. Give them some love if you are so inclined at

  3. Sharon says:

    It’s time for a lawsuit against PETA. They are out of control. If they have problem with what he is doing, they should contact the authorities. To libel or slander someone is against the law. Whether they were right or wrong is beside the point.

  4. Joel says:

    Truth is a complete defense to defamation.

    This was not a “pet” bear. Nobody raises their pets to eat them.

  5. catmom5 says:

    This guy ought to have all of his exotic “pets” removed. They are not pets and they don’t belong living like a pet. There should be more enforcement of existing laws OR better laws if that’s what’s needed. “Mankind’s” disrespect for all living creatures just makes me sick to my stomach. That poor bear never knew a true bear’s life. Kill him for meat? Another sicko in my book!

  6. Tanya says:

    There are two issues here.

    1) PETA. peta to me is no better than the anti abortionists who decide that just having an opinion, working the law, or honest education is enough - they must spit on women going into Planned parenthood or shoot doctors. Peta COULD be a good organization — but it has no idea what limits are.

    2) the keeping of exotic animals. I agree that i wish only certified trained qualified (and therefor registered and inspected with regularity) people (zoos, rescues, sanctuarys) could keep exotic animals. they simply are NEVER pets. no matter how much someone could claim his puma or her bear is “friendly as a kitten”, it’s WILD.

    I wish we could outlaw the buying and selling of exotics — especially the large animals.

    edit: oops, that shoudl read “anit abortion EXTREMISTS”. sorry, didn’t mean to generalize about anyone who is simply against abortion.

  7. Lorri says:

    PETA….extremism never helps any cause. These people are nut jobs….and never forget…they supported that arsonist as well.

    good ideas gone terribly bad.

    if the bear was in an unacceptable position, then rational steps could have been taken to remove him to better surroundings.

    PETA gives animal rights a bad name. How are “we” the average person ever going to get people to care more about animals if organizations like PETA are the “mouthpiece” for animal rights….

  8. Carol Johnson says:

    Blaming PETA is ignoring the problem…this poor bear was kept in a pen…with someone who may be killing animals to make rugs…and ADMITS he might have killed the bear to eat….how convenient for him that someone has shot the bear and he can blame it on PETA. (and shooting the bear was loathsome…but something he admitted he might do.)

    And by the way Sharon…IF someone is in the wrong…then stating that is neither “besides the point”…or libel.

  9. Tanya says:

    Carol, you are falling into PETA’s trap. no where has this man ever had bear skins made. that was made up by peta, which is specifically stated in this story.

    As for eating it, many people keep animals in cages to eat. you can say “psh” on that if you want, but it does not make it illegal, immoral, or worthy of this kind of treatment by PETA.

    If you think killing an animal for meat is a bad thing, then talk to the person eating meat, one on one, rationally. Making up lies on a web site, posted addresses, etc., is hardly a good answer.

    and what about the fact that someone SHOT AND KILLED this bear - and it WONT be for meat.

    why is no one incensed that this is what PETA types mean by “propper animal welfare” is to shoot a bear in cold blood?

  10. momkat says:

    This man is what I consider to be scum….makes me ashamed of my species….but PETA shouldn’t have given out his address. They should have handled it legally, not invite a lynching. It’s the bear that suffered.

  11. straybaby says:

    what’s wrong with him saying he might eventually slaughter the bear for meat? people do it all the time with cows, goats, poultry and lamb/sheep etc.

    peta needs to attend some of their compassion for animals courses. their actions seem to be killing a lot of animals . . .

  12. Jack says:

    PETA and by association now HSUS are homegrown American sharia terrorist type organizations of the most radical ilk. It’s time for a national pet and livestock owners association to form and push our politicians for law enforcement to protect animal owners from AR terrorists, their national conspiracies promulgated by internet, targeting of individuals who own animals by internet maps, physical trespass, invasion of private property and their killing of others legal property. Internet conspiracy to commit animal related crime needs a national law enforcement task force assigned to identify and jail these maniacs. Jail time should be mandatory and without sentence reduction. I’d like to see a minimum sentence of 15 years jail time for their use of internet in conspiring to steal or harm other’s property alone. Let’s add another 15 years of sentence for any caught on or near another’s property with intent to kill any companion, meat, or other livestock thereon. Society needs legal enforcement by cyber cops from their internet conspiricies to steal and kill. All animal owners need the full protection of the law against these insane radicals all of whose identities derive from their shared mental abberance. There’s no difference whatsoever between these AR activists and member of the KKK or murderous antiabortionists who conspire for illegal purposes be it bombing or murder. What will these fools target to steal or kill next that belongs not to them but to others? Our calves? And after than our children they want to see no more of “bred”? So what that a man was legally raising an animal whether bear, birds through chickens or any stock for his own comsumption? He was in no wrong. The animal terrorists were and continue to be so. It’s time for law enforcement to spotlight these nuts, actively go after them nationally, ferret them and their supporters out and send the the whole rotten pack to jail. It matters not whether as individuals they pull triggers, support the illegal actions in any manner, fund or facilitate the acts AND/OR the cross state line conspiracies leading to the illegal acts. They are criminals in conspiracies and deserve being behind bars. Would I feed them a vegan diet when behind bars? H E double toothpicks, not!

  13. Carol Johnson says:


    There are radicals in every group….that does not make the group itself bad. Your attempts to paint everyone who works for animal welfare as some sort of terrorist is simply irrational.

    Cetainly…violence in support of any postion….destruction of animals (who are sentient beings and not just “property”) is wrong.

    It would appear that you are all for slamming in jail those who protest animal cruelty….while saying not a word about meaningful punishment of the sociopaths who abuse and torture them in the animal cruelty cases we read about daily.

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