Man Receives Two Year Prison Sentence For Abusing Dog

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  1. Lynne says:

    As horrific as this story is I was very encouraged at the responses from the neighbors.

  2. Barb says:

    Horrible, horrible!

    Onto another, just as important murder case. Sorry for posting her but sent to Itchmo via email hoping you would blog about this but didn’t hear back. Please alert your members to write letters to prosecutors in New Orleans demanding justice for these murdered animals. NEW prosecutors have DROPPED all charges against these two police officer’s!

    1/23/08: Demand Justice In Dog Killings, St. Bernard Parish

    A reporter asks: “So how many dogs [have you shot]?”
    “Enough,” former St. Bernard Parish deputy sheriff Mike Minton replies, as
    he looks away and laughs… SEE VIDEO:

    The Honorable James D. “Buddy” Caldwell, Attorney General
    Louisiana Attorney General’s Office
    PHYSICAL: 1885 North 3rd St. * Baton Rouge, LA 70802
    MAILING: P.O. Box 94005 * Baton Rouge, LA 70804
    ph: 225-326-6100; email:
    *NOTE: Email above is a “guesstimate,” based upon how other dept. emails are
    configured. So far, it has not bounced in a test…

    Dana J. Cummings
    Director of Criminal Division, Louisiana Attorney General’s Office
    ph: 225-326-6200; fax: 225-326-6297

    Ms. Linda Southhall, Assistant To The Attorney General
    fax: 225-326-6797; email:

    Administrative Services Division:
    225-326-6705; fax: 225-326-6793;
    Executive Division, John W. Sinquefield, First Assis. Attorney General:
    225-326-6705; fax: 225-342-8703;
    Investigation Division:
    225-326-6100, 800-488-2770; fax: 225-326-6197;
    Litigation Division:
    225-326-6300, 225-326-6705; fax: 225-326-6490;
    Public Protection Division:
    225-326-6438; fax: 225-326-6497;


    The Honorable Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana
    Office of the Governor
    P.O. Box 94004 * Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004
    ph: 225-342-7015; fax: 225-342-7099
    web mail:;cfmid=297
    possible emails for Governor Jindal:,

    Mike Strain DVM, Commissioner of Agriculture
    Executive (2nd Floor) * P.O. Box 631 * Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0631
    225-922-1234; fax: 225-922-1253;

    If you need more information regarding this case, contact:
    VIDEO / Dallas News photojournalist David Leeson

    Mark Steinway, cruelty investigator and formerly of Pasado’s Safe Haven

    Mimi Hunley, Asst. State Attorney General of Louisiana
    Presided over the criminal division and initiated charges in St. Bernard
    Parish street and school shootings.

    Here’s a sample letter Kinship Circle wrote:

    Honorable Officials Of Louisiana:

    I am dismayed charges have been dropped against former St. Bernard Parish
    Deputy Sheriff Mike Minton and Sergeant Clifford “Chip” Englande. These men,
    who allegedly shot dogs roaming St. Bernard Parish streets after Hurricane
    Katrina, pose a risk to other animals and humans.

    I implore the Attorney General’s Office to recognize the gravity of animal
    cruelty crimes and establish a better precedent for prosecuting them.

    In September 2005, Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist David Leeson and
    his Dallas Morning News colleague canvassed empty streets in St. Bernard
    Parish. As they began filming, gunshots were heard. Leeson turned his camera
    to a small black dog with a bullet wound staggering after a truck inscribed
    with SBSO (St. Bernard Parish Sheriff) on its sides. As the reporters drove
    away, they encountered another brown dog writhing and dying in the road.

    They recorded a vehicle occupied by two armed men, one believed to be
    Minton. Englande reportedly drove the truck. During a taped interview,
    Minton later admitted shooting dogs. “So how many dogs?” one reporter asked.
    “Enough,” Minton said.

    The dogs documented on Leeson’s video were like thousands more displaced by
    Hurricanes Katrina and Rita — hungry, disoriented and afraid. I ask you to
    reconsider their violent death and reopen this case before it expires under
    the statute of limitations. If new evidence emerges, please prosecute Minton
    and Englande for aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony in Louisiana.

    I also call upon the Attorney General’s Office to intensify its criminal
    investigation of pets executed inside three St. Bernard Parish schools in
    October 2005. Evacuees were ordered to leave their companion animals behind
    with St. Bernard Parish law enforcers. Many scratched notes on school walls:
    “There is a very nice dog in here. Please do not shoot her…”

    Despite pleas for mercy, some 33 dogs (and cats) were shot at close range in
    the body, limbs, and neck. Bullet wounds to the body cavity, rather than the
    head, cause prolonged and agonizing death. Cruelty investigators found shell
    casings consistent with the type police officers use.

    I urge you to seek the conviction of anyone involved in this massacre. If
    convicted, offenders ought to incur maximum incarceration and fines for
    felony animal abuse. Law enforcers associated with this crime should be
    removed from active duty and directed to undergo psychological counseling.
    Certainly, they should be barred from possessing or working with animals.

    People who abuse animals rarely stop there. In fact, men prosecuted for
    animal cruelty are five times as likely to be arrested for other violent
    crimes, according to Prof. Frank Ascione of Utah State University. Animal
    cruelty is a key trait in the American Psychiatric Association’s criterion
    for conduct disorders. The FBI red flags animal abuse when profiling
    homicidal criminals and their potential for recurring violence.

    The deliberate slaughter of companion animals is merciless and illegal.
    Moreover, it serves as a yardstick to measure probability of a repeat
    offense. I look forward to any case updates you can provide.

    Thank you,
    Brenda Shoss

  3. Barb says:

    ABC is asking for comments about this case being dismissed. Please comment here:

    What do you think?
    Did Attorney General Caldwell do the right thing?

  4. Guthrie says:

    Re: the case of poor Maximus

    I wonder how many states have passed felony animal cruelty laws and then have these miniscule maximum sentences. Two years the maximum sentence for a crime so unbelievably heinous? I think we need to check our own state laws and get the sentencing increased!

  5. stefani says:

    I agree with those who are very disappointed that 2 years is the maximum. I’m glad he GOT the maximum, but WE HAVE SOME LAWS to change, don’t we?


  6. The Lioness says:

    Indeed, we do, Stefani!

    ~The Lioness

  7. Cynthia says:

    God help the new dog.

  8. Guthrie says:

    This chart gives all the info on state laws:

    Hopefully, the new dog has a new, happy home.

  9. pheephee35 says:

    Here is the comment I posted on the ABC26 site re: the deputies shooting dogs. I will check later to make sure they posted it.

    I am with Brenda Shoss and the other writers like her. I saw her post on Itchmo.

    The attorney general and these sheriff’s deputies need to understand the love and devotion one can have for a companion — whether human or animal. This story just breaks my heart.

    I have been told that in Baghdad the police shot packs of dogs because they did not have any other form of animal control. These men do not have any such excuse. They wanted to shoot them, and got a kick out of doing it. The owners have a right to have the DA do his duty.

    If they cared at all, all they needed to do was ask for help.

    During the California wild fires this year, it was on the radio that the large animal shelter needed feed and things for people too. We got so much, we had to keep calling the talk radio and tell them to stop mentioning our needs. In the end we had to make arrangements for the excess to be donated!

    They have no viable excuses for what they did.

    May God in Heaven pass righteous judgement on their acts since an earthly judge may never get to let them atone on this earth for their crimes.

  10. Sylvia says:

    Two years is no way enough time - and he is NOT an animal lover and he is deinitely NOT a good person.

    Now about the freaking ads you are running at the bottom of the videos - this is the second one I’ve come across and I’m about to not wa tch any more videos - the ads are intrusive and take up nearly half the screen - find another way to display your ads

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