Man Saves Cat’s Life By Giving Mouth-To-Mouth

One man went above and beyond to save a cat.

A black-and-white cat was trapped in a storage trailer at an Iowa casino. He had become wedged in the space. His head was stuck outside of the trailer through a hole, while his body was inside of the trailer. The cat thought he could escape through the hole, but he got stuck in the process.

A casino employee noticed the stuck cat. The casino staff tried everything to free the cat. They even tried vegetable oil to try and slide the cat out of the hole. After their failed attempts, an employee called the Siouxland Humane Society for help.

Jerry Dominicak, executive director of the Siouxland Humane Society, and Amanda Cook, assistant shelter manager, arrived at the scene and said that the cat had given up on trying to escape. He had also rubbed off all of his hair on its chin and upper chest during the struggle. Dominicak and Cook were able to free the trapped cat, but the cat’s heart had stopped beating by then.

Dominicak used two fingers and he felt the cat’s weak heartbeat. He then lifted up the cat’s head and proceeded to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the cat. After several tries of mouth-to-mouth, the cat finally spit and sputtered and started breathing again.

One employee said that it was just like watching Animal Planet.

Source: Sioux City Journal

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  1. KELLY says:

    jerry dominicak god bless you for the wonderful job on saving this poor cat this is a very heart warming story

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