Man Says He Stole To Help His Cat

Cat's owner steals to help catHow far would you go to help your pet? A New York man that was charged with theft said that he did it for his cat. The man pleaded guilty to stealing copper pipes from his neighbor’s house to cover his cat’s $1,300 vet bill. The man blames his neighbor for his cat’s injuries because the house has been abandoned for 20 years and is in a dilapidated condition and raccoons are living in the attic. The man’s cat, Frack, was bitten by a raccoon and fell through the ceiling and suffered from an injured eye, broken jaw and an abscess. In the house, the man also found his other cat’s dead body chewed up by a raccoon — he had been missing for a few months. The man felt that what he did was harmless and justified since it was his neighbor’s fault that he had to pay the vet bill to get his cat back.

14 Responses to “Man Says He Stole To Help His Cat”

  1. KWK says:

    Had he kept his cats inside, they wouldn’t have been able to access the abandoned house in the first place. Negligence doesn’t justify criminal activity.

  2. Kathy says:

    However, that depends on the cat! Not all cats will accept being kept inside. If they have ever been out they want to go out. Keeping such a cat inside is very much akin to keeping cats in cages in my eyes.
    Stealing the copper pipes was wrong, but justifieable.

  3. Takami826 says:

    It’s this guy’s fault for allowing his cat outside.

    I think it’s total crap and shows horrid responsibility as a pet owner to say that keeping a cat indoors is like caging it. My cat was a stray as a kitten and the ONLY time she’s allowed out is when she is on her harness or her puppy chain and I am with her at all times. The other times are when she’s in her carrier to go to the vet.

    Kathy, I had friends like you growing up, who let their cats run wild. They heckled me for putting my cat on a chain. In the 18 yrs I had that cat, one of friends had to scrape 2 cats off the street, 1 cat was killed by a raccoon and a 4th disappeared. I’ve had other friends who let their cats out and NEVER KNOW what happene to them.

    My current cat just turned 7 and she may not like her harness that much, but she knows it’s the ONLY way she’s allowed outside to eat grass and catch bugs and stalk birds.

    He’s using his cat as an excuse to commit crimes.

  4. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    I hate to say in this case I feel the end justifies the means. The owner of that house is irresponsible to let it go into the condition that it is. The copper pipes would just rot into the earth so at least that kid put it to good use. Personally, I wouldn’t let my cat out if I had one. It’s too dangerous on the streets and the outdoors is not for housepets. Cats are house pets and not wild animals. They shouldn’t roam the streets at will. They should be kept safe, inside.

  5. Steve says:

    Is this a great country or what?

    Never Mind

  6. johnypaycut says:

    an abandonded house, 1 that the owner neglected? a haven for raccons?
    (and other wildlife)
    both the town ,and property owner are in violation of the law, a safety violation, condemed property? (where was the town board).
    it could have been your child bitten, or even killed by the raccon? it was this mans cats.
    one dead the other injured? who is at fault..
    will my country please wake up?

  7. johnypaycut says:

    abandoned properties.. drugs dealing in vacant houses? doesn’t this town have laws? or is it all designed for the well-off , to own property ,but avoid
    responsibilty for their assest..
    think how much trouble comes from ignorance on the part of persons who’v “escaped” responsibilty for their communities/country by wealth..
    and influence.
    sure the guy’s cat was lose , thats a cat? mine will escape each chance she gets? (i’ve chased the cat almost every day? ) it’s not important..
    i think he’s less guilty than the town/property owner? that house/dump will
    still be there years from now? and other animal deaths/ problems will follow? abandoned houses are meant to be either securely boarded up,
    or repaired , or torn down.. it’s in a residential district? then the owners
    are at fault.. (what about town building/zoneing laws)
    i say let the town/owner pay the guys vet fees; he gets a warning about
    pet safety.. perhaps a probation for the pipes, and letting his cat run..
    but unless the issue is seen as a fault that should not have happened
    it’l happen again maybe with more serious results?

  8. johnypaycut says:

    Town building inspector ?? hello? property owners ,
    drug dealers are selling crack in abandoned houses, children are killed every year by dangerous structures?
    i live in upstate ny. the town will not allow abandoned homes for long..
    it gets condemed ? torn down.. the property owner is responsible for the
    property.. and the things that happen their?
    don’t paint the animal as a problem, it’s a cat.. it hunts, if their’s a law
    against cats being outside thats 1 thing? if not , and the town tries to get around the issue of negilgent managment of property? SUE!!!
    you’l win..

  9. Wendy44 says:

    Cats should be kept in side period. You are your cats guardian and are responsible for keeping them safe. So what if your cat “wants” to go out. If your 2 year old child “wanted” to go off roaming by itself would you let it???

  10. 4lgdfriend says:

    Well h3lls b3lls, I’m just glad the guy took his cat to a vet at all. So maybe the vet could’ve compromised on price? Instead of what? Giving it to the pound? What’s the matter with people???? Care comes first. Sheesh.

  11. gina young says:

    well at least he did somthing for his cat instead of letting it suffer,he took it to the vet .with all the serious crime around and in light of the owner of the house letting it fall apart,i do not find what he did so awful at all ,at least he did the right thing with the money.

  12. e wem says:

    Having visited some of the wilder parts of NYC years ago I think the pet owner was behaving rather benevolently. He tried to help a kitty.

    He didn’t put out a hit on the property owner, or have it firebombed. There is some wild problem solving in the tough neighborhoods. My guess the neighbors side with the pet owner

  13. KimS says:

    I can’t blame the man for helping his cats. More importantly, an old, abandoned, dilapidated house has copper pipes???? Does it have hardwood floors and granite counter tops too?

  14. Kevin says:

    I don’t condone what the cat owner did, but I am curious what was done with the owner of the property? That place is a hazard. Not just for animals but children. The owner is lucky a child was not hurt and slapped with a huge lawsuit.

    I am glad though that he did take some action to help his cat. I don’t believe he’s a criminal, just a victim in need due to his neighbor’s gross negligence of the property.

    I would counter sue the owner of the property for damages and negligence.


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