Man Says That City Dog Tags Are Dangerous To Their Health

Dog LicenseWe’re all supposed to license our dog with the city and have our dog wear the tag on his collar. In fact, many cities are cracking down on pet owners who don’t license their pets. One man is saying the city dog tags can be dangerous to a dog’s health.

Fred Krause says that his Labrador retriever could have died from his large city dog tag. The dog jumped on the chain link fence in his kennel and the tag slipped through one of the openings. In an attempt to free himself, the dog’s collar slipped off. Krause says that if the collar was on tighter, his dog could have injured himself severely.

He believes that such working dogs, such as hunting and swimming dogs, can get their big city tag caught in brush or other debris. He says that animals can get hurt or drown when they are entangled.

Krause suggests that the city tags be removed from the collar when the dog is contained. When the dog is outside, the owner can carry the tag.

From Morris Daily Herald:

“My two dogs have my name, address, and phone number on their collars,” he said.

Krause noted the county’s dog rabies tags are much smaller in size than the Marseilles city tag.

“Just food for thought, folks,” he said. “Overall, it could save the city from a lawsuit.”

Pro Tem Mayor Bob Davis noted the city would not take action at this time on amending the ordinance. He said the council will discuss at the beginning of next year whether to discontinue the dog licensing program.

He said about 500 dog tags were sold when the program was initiated early this year, and he felt discontinuing it at this time would be unfair to the purchasers.

“Five hundred people bought the law,” he said.

8 Responses to “Man Says That City Dog Tags Are Dangerous To Their Health”

  1. Lynne says:

    How about a collar with a built in pouch (like a money belt) that will allow the tags to be zipped inside?

  2. trucorgi says:

    I once had a dog get the tag’s “s” hook caught in my berber carpet while playing. She freaked out and ripped a huge run in the carpet trying to get free. I was right there and held her down while I removed the collar. After that, none of mine wear tags. They all have microchips. Also tags stain the fur on white chested breeds. Owners should be able to choose how they want to identify their dog (tag, chip or tattoo). The government should not be mandating this. If you are going to put a tag on your pet, it should be attached to a break-away collar for safety reasons.

  3. kae family says:

    Instead of below our dog’s neck we place his tag the opposite way.

  4. Katie says:

    I use a breakaway collar, and I carry my dogs tags when out on a walk. I wish the government would give some thought to the size, shape and sharp edges on the dog tags. They are dangerous and I’ve heard of dogs getting them caught and almost strangling themselves. Seems like the state gov’ts are more interested in how pretty or artsy the tags are, instead of their safety. Same goes for rabies tags.

    I have also heard of toddlers being cut by tags when playing with their pets.


  5. Mikken says:

    Same here, Katie. Mine all wear breakaway collars and only their round ID tags. Those stupid “cutsie” designs that local government comes up with are ridiculous and I had to file down some sharp edges/points on them before I stopped using them entirely.

  6. Mary says:

    The problem with microchips is that the average citizen never thinks to have the dog scanned for a chip. If they find a stray dog without a collar and tag, they assume the dog has been dumped. Many of these people will not take the dog to a shelter, where they think it will be killed. So they just give the dog to whoever will take it “free to good home” and they never look for an owner. If you are worried about a tag getting caught on something, ID tags can be purchased that are riveted to the dog’s collar flat so nothing is dangling. That way the dog has ID in case it gets lost.

  7. Johari says:

    Getting your dog licensed is the responsible thing to do. While my dog doesn’t really ever wear her tags, she does have them. If we go out, I keep those tags on my person just in case. She is microchipped as well.

  8. Linda says:

    You can attach your dog tags to your leash, so the tags go with you on every walk and you won’t forget them.

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