Man To Face Trial In Fatal Arrow Attack On Neighbor’s Cat

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

A California man accused of firing two arrows from a crossbow to kill a neighbor’s tabby cat will face trial on two animal-cruelty counts, a judge ruled Monday.

The man, Robert Eugene Brunner, pleaded not guilty to two counts of intentionally killing an animal and one count of animal abuse.

Superior Court Judge Joel Pressman dismissed one of the shooting counts after Brunner’s attorney said that he could not be held separately liable for each arrow found in the cat.

The three-year-old orange tabby cat named Bill was found near his owner’s home in suburban San Diego with metal arrows in its neck and back the morning of April 12, 2006. The arrows were surgically removed, but the cat died two days later from his extensive injuries.

According to a prosecution witness, Brunner said he fired a crossbow at the cat because he was urinating in Brunner’s yard.

Brunner’s attorney questioned the witness’s testimony, saying that the woman may have been influenced by a cash reward for information about the cat’s case.

If convicted, Brunner faces up to four years and eight months in prison.

The cat’s owner, Janeen Bubien, said she was happy with the judge’s ruling and is glad that someone is listening to her case. She said that “justice is going to be served.”

Brunner has already been ruled civilly liable for the cat’s death. After he was sued by Bubien, the case was settled for $2,500, and a judge added $5,000 to the settlement to help with Bubien’s moving costs.

Brunner was already in custody on an unrelated probation violation in a domestic violence case when the animal abuse charges were filed in June. He is in custody on $75,000 bail. Brunner was ordered to return to court on August 20 to receive a trial date.

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9 Responses to “Man To Face Trial In Fatal Arrow Attack On Neighbor’s Cat”

  1. Lynne says:

    “Brunner was already in custody on an unrelated probation violation in a domestic violence case when the animal abuse charges were filed in June.”

    That is typical. People are finally waking up to the connection between animal abuse and human abuse.

    “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”—John Muir

  2. nora says:

    This scumbag Brunner deserves alot of pain and abuse just like he has inflicted on everyone else. That poor cat was taking care of a biological function. God only knows what else this guy had done in the past that he got away with.

  3. catmom5 says:

    I am in agreement that the guy had no right to shoot this cat (or any other animal) with a crossbow and I’m glad that he got caught. With a domestic violence issue already this guy has some real anger/control issues to deal with.
    With that said, the owner has to realize that she is also part of the problem by letting her cat roam. Crazy humans are just one of the many dangers a roaming cat faces on a daily basis.
    I’m most sorry for the poor cat who probably died a horrible death.
    Sometimes I don’t like people very much . . .

  4. wescott20 says:

    It never fails…domestic violence and violence against animals is proven to be highly correlated once again. Four years in jail isn’t enough for that piece of trash Brunner…justice would only be served if he got the death penalty. Why keep garbage like this alive? He will only continue to inflict pain and suffering on the innocent animal and human members of society when he’s out of jail and run up our tax bill when he’s in jail.

  5. HighNote says:

    This guy is totally sick. What harm does a cat do anyone? Yes dogs bite and I can understand neighbors being scared of them. But a cat does not harm anyone. If he did not like the cat in his yard he should have told his neighbor about it. At least gave her a chance to stop her cat from going there. He had no right to cause such pain to this poor cat.
    My parents had poodles and the neighbors cat would go in our yard and our poodles would roll in the crap. This upset my parents very much since they had to bath them all the time because they stunk. I can understand someone not wanting a cat in their yard. Even though it made my parents upset each time the poodles came in and stunk they would never have harmed another animal. It is just a fact of life that animals have to go.. Just like going outside and a bird flies by and gets you. I don’t like being crapped on by a bird but I sure am not going to get out my bow and arrow and start shooting at all of them.

  6. rose says:

    That man is horrible. I would like to see our states change laws to have very strict punishments for animal abuse. This man deserves jail, unfortunately the laws aren’t there to make that happen - yet.

  7. KarlaSanDiego says:

    I agree with Nora. The world has no use for this abusive sick sorry excuse for a human being. Can you imagine other things he’s done?
    A shot in the neck and back from an arrow would be good punishment.

  8. Jenny Bark says:

    I agree with all of you, even to the parts of other cats comming into our yard after our birds but I would never hurt any of them. The sad thing (other than that poor kitty) is this women will proberly never see a penny and on killing the kitty he will proberly only serve a couple of months if any.

  9. eugene says:

    this is awful he should have hit the cat with a kill shot only shooting once. so fluffy would not have had to suffer!

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