Mars Petcare USA To Expand Pet Food Production

Mars Petcare

Mars Pet Care USA, a subsidiary of food producer Mars Inc., announced that it will be expanding its pet food production in Portland, Indiana.

Mars, which currently manufactures dog biscuits at its Jay County facility, will invest more than $12 million to add multiple production lines to manufacture and package dry pet food products under the brand names of Pedigree, Whiskas, Sheba and others.

The investment and more than doubling of the company’s 50-person workforce in Portland comes nearly a year after Mars purchased the facility as part of its acquisition of former plant owner Doane Pet Care.

“The expansion of our Portland facility will fill a vital role in strengthening Mars’ pet food production network,” said Doug Reed, manager of Mars’ Portland production facility.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation offered the company up to $565,000 in performance-based tax credits and up to $40,000 in training grants. The City of Portland offered the company property tax abatement worth $325,000 and $48,250 in training assistance.

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10 Responses to “Mars Petcare USA To Expand Pet Food Production”

  1. thomas says:

    They can expand and build all they want . The pet food industry has lost me as a customer. Does anyone know what the tall part os the building isused for? Is it some type of a grain or meat and bone meal storeage silo?This is in the picture the real tall part of the building.

  2. Katie says:

    Thomas, I feel the same way. Companies can expand and continue with their not true adv. No more “fake food” fom my pets.

    I was wondering too…is it a silo or is it some kindof stack for burning…maybe they are getting into the rendering business.


  3. Anonymous says:

    they can call the silos, stacks, rendering, whatever they want: the “petfood” industry is filthy business run by filthy liars, murderers and crooks.

  4. nora says:

    I agree with all three previous comments. No more garbage and rancid body parts preserved and fortified with poisons for my precious pets. Been cooking since March and my dogs mental and physical acheivements and beauty improvements are continuing to astound me and anyone they come in contact with. I only wish I had known a L o n g time ago.

  5. Jay says:

    I ditto these opinions. It is unnecessary to deal with these companies that allowed the tragedies of the Spring to occur whether its Mars, Menu, Iams, and all the others that took a cheap way toward the death of pets. They will not stop unless enough people say no.

  6. furmom says:

    Doesn’t make a whit of difference to me whether the food comes from Mars, Jupiter, or Where Ever, I can’t bring myself to buy any commercial dog foods. I thought I might just “get over it” but I just can’t bring myself to buy any more Mysterious Munchies, or Kurious Kibbles. It’ s like Wunder Bread, you Wunder what’s in it.

  7. ~Martha~ says:

    Curious minds want to know…
    Has this plant started production?
    Did it start with these 2 now recalled products? Were these bags from a test run?
    (Only 3 bags!?)

  8. robert k sullivan says:

    I would like 2 work at the plant in portland ind have had interviue

  9. mars pet food says:

    […] more than $12 million to add multiple production lines to manufacture and package dry pet … “Pet food recalls+ Mars (Nutro/Pedigree)” at Health Issues Forum… according to […]


    who’s going to pay the veterinarian bills for my three sick dogs that ate the MARS Pedigree contaminated,before the so call voluntary announces.How can your company call this an inconvenience when pets and humans can get Arterial infections,Endocarditis,Arthritis From your pet product.

    BROOKLYN N.Y 11221

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