Mascot Cat Retires From Patrolling Mountain


Nin, a cat estimated to be 17-years-old, has been the mascot of the Mount Washington Observatory for the past fourteen years.

Nin, once a stray cat, has patrolled this 6,288-foot mountain amidst wind storms, bad weather, and a fire. He has been a welcome friend to meteorologists and scientists.

After his years of service, he is finally retiring because of old age and a recent infection which has claimed the rest of his teeth.

Earlier this week, the black and white cat was carried off the mountain for the last time.

“He’s 17 or 18 years old, so he’s getting up there. We wanted to do the most humane thing for him,” said Scot Henley, executive director of the nonprofit weather observatory.

Nin would get attention from all of the crowds of tourists and would hope to get a treat or a bit of food from them. He liked to play with catnip and curl up on the laps of staff members.

One meteorologist said, “He loves people, mostly because he loves food.”

Now that Nin has retired, he will move into the home of Diane Holmes and Mike Pelchat, two rangers at Mount Washington State Park.

The Conway Area Humane Society is evaluating a new mascot for the Mount Washington Observatory to take over by the end of January. The new mascot should be friendly, not easily frightened by bad weather, and will know to come in out of a storm.

Happy retirement, Nin.

Source: Boston Globe, CNN

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6 Responses to “Mascot Cat Retires From Patrolling Mountain”

  1. Pam says:

    I’m glad that they finally brought Nin inside out of the mountains. But, why do they think they need to have another cat “mascot” that will be out in the weather and in harm’s way?

  2. trudyjackson says:

    Wow, when I lived in Maine we went there quite a bit. even in july, when you got to the top, you had better have a coat on. Brrrrrrrr.

  3. JustMe says:

    Read the newspaper article. He normally stayed INSIDE during the winter. I’ve been there, too, several times. It’s awesome. We even rode up to the top on our Harley one year and luckily it was finally a clear day. It would tend to be a little “breezy” there. They hold the record for the highest “ground wind speed” recorded anywhere in the world, a 231 mph wind gust recorded in 1934.

  4. NH says:

    Don’t fret. The kitty went in during the winter storms. It’s lived a very long life and now it’s time to move to the valley and the “warmer” weather.

    Thank you sweet Nin for all your hard work.

  5. rom6 says:

    I’m sad to think that Nin will leave his mountain home, even for a more comfortable life in the valley. I hope that when his time is near, some kind soul will take him back one last time. He’s earned it.

  6. iloveburmese says:

    What a lovely story about a cat born free, lived free and is being cared for with love in his last years. I notice in the picture how big and strong he looks. I bet he knows that mountain like the back of his paw! His survival instincts are very strong and what a beautiful place for him to have lived. He was obviously happy or else he would have moved in with the rangers years ago.
    When he passes on maybe they could erect a memorial to his life.

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