Mechanic Finds “Lucky” Kitten Under Van Hood

LuckyThis black kitten is quite lucky to be safe and sound.

Scott Bella, an Illinois mechanic, was working on a van when he heard the sound of a kitten meowing. At first, he thought it was the radio, and when the radio stopped, the meowing stopped.

Eventually, the kitten meowing came back again.

“I was looking around for it and didn’t see anything, and there was a little compartment next to the radiator…and she was stuck inside there,” Bella said.

Bella said the radiator can reach 350-400 degrees.

Bella named the kitten Lucky for her amazing survival. Lucky was unscathed and Bella has taken her home where she is getting along well with his puppies.

One Response to “Mechanic Finds “Lucky” Kitten Under Van Hood”

  1. Amy says:

    I love, love, LOVE, that he just took the little kitten home to join his fur family - that rocks!

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