Media Death Toll Far Exceeds National Numbers

Update: The LA Times is reporting a nation-wide death toll of 104 and that at least 10 pets have died in Los Angeles County:

Of the [471] cases reported on the veterinarians’ website, 292 included outcomes: 104 deaths, including at least 11 dogs and 88 cats, with some of the reports not indicating species.

The vets reported that 59 pets survived the illnesses and that 129 animals were still being treated.

Yet again, FDA’s low count is a puzzle.

Original: The Oregonian is reporting that 13 pets have died and 47 sickened so far in that state. PetConnection applauds this journalism — not just repeating what the FDA says.

Many local news outlets have been reporting on one or two instances of recall-related illnesses or deaths, but this is the first state-wide report we have seen.

The O, as it’s internally known, also notes an interesting fact between the 31 cats and 15 dogs affected:

Most of the dogs were younger, with the oldest being 12 years old. Most of the cats, however, were more than 10 years old, DeBess says.

That makes calculating the numbers more difficult, DeBess says, because cats are susceptible to kidney disease as they age while dogs are not.

We’ll report on any more updates regarding this pattern as well.

P.S. Yours truly worked as a college intern in The O’s newsroom and I’m very proud of them. My grammatical and spelling errors should in no way reflect on The O.

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