Meet the Budgies

ParakeetsWhat do most people collect? Coins. Baseball cards. Beanie Babies. Dust. Birds?

Last week, the Seattle Humane Society discovered a Seattle man that had collected 110 budgies over a period of five years. The budgies were living in less than ideal conditions: they were all living in one cage that was covered in feces, debris and dirt. The Humane Society was alerted when an officer that was taking care of a cat near the man’s apartment saw the condition of the birds through a window (Thanks to a good Peeping Tom!). Charges will not be filed against the man due to his cooperation with the humane law enforcement officers. 100 of the budgies (10 are being treated at the vet office) were put up for adoption at the Seattle Animal Shelter and within 2 hours, all of the 100 budgies were adopted. 50 people were waiting at the shelter before it even opened. Who knew that adopting a bird would be like standing in line to get a Nintendo Wii. I wonder if anyone camped out.

By the way, they make look like parakeets but they are actually budgies. Confusing, huh? Thanks Gina for the clarification!

5 Responses to “Meet the Budgies”

  1. Gina says:

    Itchmo, ya know I love ya. But they’re not parakeets; they’re budgies.

    All budgies are parakeets, but not all parakeets are budgies.


    The co-author of “Birds For Dummies”


  2. emmo says:

    Thanks Gina for the correction and giving us a Birds 101 lesson! Sorry to all our bird friends and readers out there!

  3. Leigh-Ann says:

    It’s not impossible to care for 110 budgerigars (ha!), but it would require a lot of space. I bet they’d look spectacular in a huge aviary. Most of all, it would be so noisy! I’ll do it if you’ll pay me.

  4. Marci says:

    —All budgies are parakeets, but not all parakeets are budgies.—

    These birds are both and can be referred to either as budgies or parakeets. By your own (correct) definition.

  5. Julie says:

    And one other correction, it was not the seattle/king county humane society located in Bellevue, but the Seattle Animal Shelter, located in the interbay area of Seattle that rescued the budgies. The Seattle Animal Shelter then put all budgies up for adoption (free w/ appropriate size cage) and they were all gone in about two hours.

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