Meet Connie, The Dog Who Cleans And Does Laundry


Who needs a housekeeper when you have Connie the Newfoundland?

Two-year-old Connie helps with the laundry, brings groceries home, and tidies around the house. When Connie’s owner, Hazel Carter, was struck with crippling arthritis in her back, she was not able to do everyday tasks around the house.

Carter, an animal behaviorist, taught Connie to perform some of these chores. Connie places dirty clothes inside the washing machine. When the machine is full, she puts a detergent ball inside, and then turns on the machine with her paw.

Once the clothes are done in the washing machine, Connie then moves the clothes to the dryer. Carter said that she could leave Connie to take care of the laundry all by herself, but she supervises because Connie doesn’t quite understand that dark colors shouldn’t be washed with the whites.

When there is something lying around the house, Connie knows where to put back the item and returns it to its proper place.

Also, when Carter needs something from the store, Connie goes to pick it up from the nearby shop.

Carter said, “She really loves helping out. Her tail is always wagging and she just does some of the jobs automatically now. She fetches her own dog bowl at dinner time, making sure to put it back afterwards. Connie can do a lot - she can even unties my shoelaces for me if I ask her. She is a brilliant help around the home - and really enjoys it too. She is a big dog - but she is so gentle.”

Source: Daily Mail

(Thanks Joan)

13 Responses to “Meet Connie, The Dog Who Cleans And Does Laundry”

  1. Donna says:

    Dogs and cats,……..really understand more than people know. If treated right they bloom, and we get to see what amazing creatures they really are. Far more than just companions. Thinking, feeling and loving creature,with none of the “vices” people have. They amaze me every day.I work with animals as a profession.The reasoning displayed by animals, way beyond most peoples abilty to understand them. Great work Connie !

  2. Carolyn & Maggie says:

    Loved this story. It sounds as though Connie was taught a lot but also used her own initiative and creativity as well. So interesting!

  3. mittens says:

    i wonder if she would consider training other people’s husbands to to these things too….

    most dog breeds seem to thrive on service- having something to do. when breeds like boarder collies have unchecked aggression slip out it’s probably because that energy would have been used up in actual sheep herding.humans also tend to go astray when they’re idle. a bored and uninvolved mind can be a destructive thing- the devil’s playground.

    i am an out and out cat person but i really find dogs can be quite amazing.

  4. sabrina says:

    I think she is wonderful ..and such a beauty too..

  5. kathy says:

    Mittens I so agree with you. Even humans get out of sorts when they are idle. For example, grumpy husbands who don’t do anything but watch TV while they are at home!

  6. EmilyS says:

    it’s a wonderful story.. but I have to say the image of a heavy-drooling breed like a Newf handling clean laundry just seems a little.. um.. contradictory?

  7. Chaoslillith says:

    I’ll take some drool if I don’t have to do laundry heheh.

  8. KAEfamily says:

    We have been dog-sitting a one year old border collie mutt from the pound. I take him on my 3-4 mile run every other day. He becomes tired for at the end of the run. As soon as we get home and he has some water, then he’s ready for more play time while I still try to recover!

  9. Marilyn says:

    Speaking as a long-time Saint Bernard person, you’re going to have drool on your clothes 5 minutes after putting them on anyway, so if it gets there a little sooner, so what?? :) Kidding aside, not all the droolers drool equally - it depends on how droopy their lower lips are. The more the lower lips hang open, the more they drool. Judging from Connie’s pictures, she’s probably not a real heavy drooler.

  10. Toronto Mortgage Broker says:

    wow…a great help when you need it…they are really man’s best friend…i do love dogs…we had three before but sadly the one my favorite one died…:((

  11. Tanya says:

    ROTF at Mitten’s comments.

    Oh, for my hubby to know he’s worse at laundry than a dog.

  12. Angela says:

    This is absolutely terrific….now a new thing for dogs to be able to do
    for handicapped people…I love this story, its wonderful.

    Not only can husbands learn from this beautiful dog, but a lot of
    teenagers could also learn a thing or two….
    I just pray that now the animals won’t be abused in this and they are
    allowed to do it because they want to and because they enjoy doing
    it so much….

  13. Raena says:


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