Meet Thy Maker, ChemNutra

ChemNutra, the US importer who sold the tainted wheat gluten to Menu Foods and others, will be an exhibitor at the Pet Food Forum on April 16 through 18 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare just outside of Chicago (technically Rosemont). We suspect they will be there to do some damage control.

If you’re going to be there, have a friendly chat with them and get some answers for all of us.

Thanks Stephanie.

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  1. Nikki says:

    An interesting side note: ChemNutra supplies the pet food industry with those really nasty chemical preservatives BHA and BHT. While legal, these chemicals are implicated in both hepatotoxicity and carcinogenesis. Most premium commercial pet foods have discontinued using these chemicals but they can still be found in a lot of store brands, treats and some “premium brands” (e.g., Bil-Jac)

  2. Lynn Summers says:

    Will someone please enter this and then click on the first entry?…%E2%80%9D&btnG=Search

    Some of the folks seem to believe that aminopterin can be mistaken for melamine. Pay particular attention to the section “EDIT TO ADD:” in the first posting on top.

    Comment by Lynn — April 4, 2007 @ 5:28 pm

  3. Steve says:

    So these are the culprits who bought that stuff from the firm in that CNN Video?

    And The Pet Food industry just took their word for it, it was safe and didn’t bother to double test and check?

  4. Mary says:

    Got this in an email today:

    Hey ChemNutra,

    Did you catch CNN’s video that was shot in China at Xuzhou? That’s the company that supplied your tainted wheat gluten.

    Did you see those pallets of wheat gluten sitting near the shed? Did you see those other pallets that were being covered up with plastic.

    Did all of those bags look the same to you?

    Did you know that Xuzhou also supplies wheat gluten to textile and paper making companies? Do you suppose the paper making gluten could have had some chemicals added, chemicals that aren’t healthy for pets?

    Do you think the “pet food gluten” and the “paper making gluten” could have been mixed up? Boy, I bet those paper companies will be mad as heck when they find out there’s no melamine in the gluten that they received.

    ChemNutra, when was the last time you visited Xuzhou, inspected their facilities and reviewed their QUALITY CONTROL procedures before you put their junk in my dead cat’s food?

    ChemNutra, shame on you. And shame on THE BRANDS for allowing their products to become contaminated. How about some real quality for a change.

    And don’t blame this on FDA. We already know they’re useless.

    ChemNutra, if you’re going to source ingredients from China, for crying out loud, get some procedures in place.

    GARBAGE IN - GARBAGE OUT This is not a proper procedure

  5. Pet Connection Blog » Pet-food recall: Speak! Speak! says:

    […] Update: If you have something you want to say to ChemNutra, Itchmo has an idea of where you can find them. […]

  6. Mary says:

    I hope those who were affected by this debacle will go to the show and present ChemNutra with pictures of their beloved companions.

    These companies need a wake up call.

  7. Formerly Sweet says:

    Mary has one h*ll of an idea. Anyone know if this show is open to the public? There are a mob of us in and around Chicago that would like a proverbial piece of them right now. Protesters, with lots of pics of beloved poisoned pets, lots of flyers which would include contacts for the fast growing (200+) local class action suit against Menu as well as a press conference about the NEXT class action suit against ChemNutra.

  8. Heather says:

    Formerly Sweet

    If you’re in the Chicagoland area, make sure you come to Senator Durbin’s News Conference Thursday. :)

  9. Leigh-Ann says:

    I’d love to attend this conference (I had no idea it existed, and would love to go even if it wasn’t for the current debacle). I thought I could just make a last-minute trip and deduct it all as a business expense, but I looked at the prices, and it’s expensive - over $1600 to attend both the pet food conference and pet treat conference. I’m used to things like SuperZoo, which is free, or the Western Veterinary Conference, which costs me $75. These pet food folks really want to keep people out!

  10. Formerly Sweet says:

    Proud constituent of Sen. Durbin here. Hope to be there and really looking forward to hearing more from him. He jumped on the bandwagon early and I am really hoping that the Congressional hearing after Easter break will force honest information out to us citizens.

    Its been a long few weeks since this all began, but maybe we can get some justice for all the poisoned and sick animals as well as change the system and make it safer for humans, as well as pets. After seeing the video from CNN where they show the actual warehouse that the wheat gluten came from in China, I am really disgusted…

  11. Formerly Sweet says:

    Pet food conference is obviously priced so only those with big expense accounts get in. We can only assume that the bigger pet food corps are the audience. Many of us would like to be a fly on the wall in there!

    That’s ok… I still think that media attention combined and a good old protest in honor of all the sick and dead furbabies might still make the event enticing. If all the big companies will be there, it would be a good way to demonstrate and show our loyalty to the cause of cleaning up our pets food as well as our own. It might be interesting for the company salespersons as well as some company powers to have to walk by…

    As for ChemNutra in particular, imho they are next in line for a class action suit.

  12. Mary says:

    Here’s the website for the “China-Source Experts”

    Here’s the email address:

    Even if you have the $’s, you may not be able to get into the show without the proper credentials. You can bet that this show will have security in place. However, a very large public demonstration outside the convention would be legal. Check to see if demonstration permits are required.

    Too bad that there was, apparently, NO effort made to secure the wheat gluten. When I talked with the Purina folks a few days ago, they were still running lots of tests on the gluten. So, in addition to the melamine, ANYTHING could have been in the gluten.

    I live in KANSAS where there are miles and miles of wheat and corn fields. We don’t need to import tainted junk from China.

  13. Mary says:

    Dear ChemNutra,

    How would you like to pay my $5,000 VET BILL. A company check will be just fine. Maybe I’ll just mail you an invoice with vet bills attached.

    I’d love for you to meet my beautiful cat, only she’s dead.

  14. Christi Alcox says:

    PETA can certainly afford to go to this conference. As a matter of fact, I think I will email them and suggust they attend with pictures of pets who have died. Yes, I am aware that their outrageous behavior can over ride the message they are trying to convey, but having them there is better than no one.

  15. Mary says:

    Are any of you folks wheat farmers? Please send a bushel of your beautiful wheat to the “China Source Experts”

    ChemNutra, Inc. The China Source Experts
    810 S. Durango Drive, Suite 102
    Las Vegas, NV 89145

    Be sure to include a note telling them what it is–just in case they don’t know what clean grain looks like.

  16. Sonya says:

    After reading Nikki’s post about Chemnutra, BHA and Bil Jac, I sent the following to Bil Jac. I’m rather peeved about this - probably more at myself than Bil Jac because I wasn’t as scrupulous about reading the label as I shoudl have been.


    Dear Bil Jac,

    I switched from Eukanuba to Bil Jac almost a year ago after taking the “bowl challenge” and after perceiving that Bil Jac was a higher quality, safer and more nutritious kibble for my dog. After all this hooplah and debacle in the dog food industry, I’ve discoverd that Bil Jac may not be as healthy and nutritious as initially lead to believe.


    An interesting side note: ChemNutra supplies the pet food industry with those really nasty chemical preservatives BHA and BHT. While legal, these chemicals are implicated in both hepatotoxicity and carcinogenesis. Most premium commercial pet foods have discontinued using these chemicals but they can still be found in a lot of store brands, treats and some “premium brands” (e.g., Bil-Jac)

    BHA is listed in the ingredients for the Bil Jac dog food. I’m very disappointed. Everything I have read on BHA and BHT says that it’s not safe and any pet food containing BHA or BHT should be avoided.

    Please confirm whether or not you are purchasing ANY products from Chemnutra, the US supplier of the poisoned wheat gluten. I’d also like to know WHY, if you’re genuinely concerned about providing healthy, safe, nutritious food, BHA would be included in your recipe. I also hope that you discontinue business associations with Chemnutra, not only because of the recall, but, more importantly because of how they handled the situation, especially communication about the issue with the owners who lost beloved pets because of their shoddy business practices.

  17. Meri-Lou says:

    It is scary to me that ChemNutra shipped their tainted wheat to two other manufacturers and one distributor and they have the right to refuse to tell the public who these companies are. I sent an e-mail to ChemNutra asking this question and guess what? That’s right, no reply.

  18. Carol Johnson says:

    I do not believe even half the story is known…..this smells like a major cover-up to me…..and as for ChemNutra…..why in the world are major companies doing business with them?

    As to dog food…try Blue Buffalo.

  19. James says:

    ChemNutra, the husband and wife “company”, which operates out of a room in Las Vegas, shouldn’t be allowed to gamble with the health of people and pets. They need to be the focus of a criminal investigation.

  20. Rosiemeow says:

  21. Rosiemeow says:

    The wheat glutens are added simply to increase the animal’s appetite so they will remain hungry shortly after eating their foods, much like we are after consuming pastas or breads. This was actually listed under Xuzhou Anying Biological Technology of Peixian’s description of the gluten they’d sold - *up until last week when it was removed from their site*.
    Eat more/buy more/weigh more/get sick - it is no coincidence this pet “obesity epidemic” parallels with the American obesity epidemic. Great for the economy and pharmaceutical/insurance industries, though.

  22. Cesar says:

    I believed by buying the “better” brands of dog food, my wife and I were doing the best nutritionally for our dog. However, the Menu Foods/ChemNutra debacle proved to me that all the major brands are more or less the same, made by a few contract manufacturers. Reminds of me when I worked for a pharmaceutical company on Long Island and half of a tank’s contact lens solution went into generic bottles, and the rest went into Bausch & Lomb bottles and sold for double the price.
    We have decided to just make our dog a pot of homemade stew a week. We have used chicken, turkey, veal and lamb with potatoes or sweet potatoes, organic carrots, and organic stringbeans. I am researching as to whether we need to add a pet vitamin to his diet. Our original plan was to just do this till the wheat gluten mess was sorted out, but now with the Wilbur-Ellis rice gluten fiasco, we have vowed never to buy manufactured pet food again. Check out the Wilbur-Ellis site to see what ingredients they sell to pet food manufacturers….UGH!!!!Their legal dept won’t let the company tell us which manufacturers have used the tainted rice gluten by the way. I definitely would tell pet owners to make their beloved companions homemade food if possible. This way you know just what’s in it!

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