Melamine Crystals Could Be Seen in Wheat Gluten

Wheat Gluten“There was a sizable amount of melamine. You could see crystals in the wheat gluten,” said the FDA’s top vet. Amazingly, no one noticed. Not at Menu Foods, not at Hills, not at Purina, not at Del Monte — all companies who are busy touting their high quality.

You could see the crystals.

So, all they had to do was look carefully. And they didn’t.

They’ve also found the chemical, in apparently raw form in concentrations as high as 6.6 percent, in wheat gluten used as ingredient of the recalled cat and dog foods.

But they didn’t. And now thousands of cats and dogs may be dead. More cats than dogs — we knew that already. They are dead and dying because no one bothered to look at the wheat gluten supply to see if there was something funny. So what kind of testing do they actually do?

(The picture is of sample wheat gluten for sale from China.)

Also, the media is finally reporting that more cats are dying than dogs. If you’ve been following the recall news here or on other sites like Pet Connection and Howl911, you’d know that already — not that it’s any consolation. If you would like to be informed when the next recall happens, please sign up for the pet safety alerts.

6 Responses to “Melamine Crystals Could Be Seen in Wheat Gluten”

  1. Steve says:

    A criminal investigation needs to be launched. These companies CEO’s are a danger to themselves and the public.

  2. G.K. says:

    I’d love to know what their supposedly rigorous testing policies are, if they couldn’t even be bothered to LOOK at the material before dumping it in the food.

    Wonder if they’re using the same supposedly rigorous testing protocol in the HUMAN food supply? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Perhaps that’s the reasoning behind all this secrecy..

  3. susanUnPC says:

    This is the definition of corporate ethical bankruptcy.

    It’s all about the money — and the pet food industry is hugely profitable, mostly because they buy the cheapest c-r-a-p ingredients possible.

    We can never ever trust mass-produced, supermarket-sold pet foods. Ever.

    Even if our pets aren’t immediately dying of renal failure, they’re being exposed every day to the cheapest, poorest quality ingredients.

  4. Robert F Davis says:

    susanUnPC…. I agree with you! That is why I’m not using the big industry foods anymore - I use Kumpi ( ) ….and my companions have done so much better after getting off Purina ProPlan and in the Past Nutro Ultra Holistic and Nutro Max. Plus I can call Evy, their president any time I want… now that is accessibility to the person responsible for my companion animals food - kind of like knowing the Chef at your favorite restaurant!

    I am amazed at how the cheap stuff is made along side the “expensive” stuff all in dial-a-formula fashion….so I’m guessing the chicken used in Nutro is the same in Iams….and the “cheaper” brands on the recall.

    Just goes to show us all how marketing can make us buy something we think is good for our companion animals and in reality its just the same c-r-a-p in the $5. bag.

    Best Regards,


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  6. ~Martha~ says:

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    This URL is given as a link to the new pet toy alert.

    Sadly, I sent it out in an email to others before I checked it out. :(

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