Melamine Found in North Carolina Pigs

The melamine contamination continues to spread. The Charlotte Observer is reporting that hogs there have been contaminated with melamine but have not entered the food supply. Their feed came from Wilbur-Ellis through a South Carolina manufacturer. This is in addition to the pigs who ate the tainted food in California.

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  1. Kim Shattuck says:

    We need to know who Wilbur-Ellis’ clients are and ban those business and products immediately. Yep, we need names and I know the FDA protects big business over human and pet lives. What can we do??

  2. Chad says:

    I hate to say it, but we are going to have to wait until people start dying and then the government will do somthing………Most likely blame the melamine on Iran as an exuse to start another war…….

  3. KatieKat says:

    But people have been dying to the tune of 5,000 a year!

  4. AB says:

    You know the food must have come from the Diamond plant in Gaston SC. Natural Balance is made there too.

  5. menusux says:

    Did Diamond do it again?

    “An inspection of your pet food manufacturing facility located at 100 Wood Trail Drive in Gaston, South Carolina was conducted by a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigator from December 21, 2005 through January 19, 2006. Our investigation determined that your firm manufactures various dog and products under several labels including Diamond, Country Value, Professional, and [redacted]….

    “Our inspection also revealed that the waste or salvaged material from pet food production (scrapes) was being sold to a local hog farmer in bulk….”

    N.C. officials said the pigs’ food came from a proccessing plant in South Carolina. That food contained a rice protein concentrate from San Francisco-based Wilbur-Ellis Co., one of three pet food makers that recalled products last week that were tainted with rice protein concentrate imported from China.

    Could be–

  6. KatieKat says:

    I still have not figured out where all the recalled food has gone, did they destroy it or has it been recycled, to feed other animals?

  7. sandi says:

    Now, my question is pork safe to eat?/

    I do not eat red meat, but, pork and chicken.

  8. sandi says:

    I feed Chicken Soup cat and dog foods. I am now having problems with Diamond Brands. First the corn, now the rice protein.

    What is going on with them?? Making too many products for other companies and their own?????

  9. menusux says:

    There are a LOT More Like this–Breaking news from AVMA Website:

    Breaking news
    April 24, 2007 (4:35 pm CDT)
    Hog farms in at least five states have been quarantined amid concerns that hog feed at those farms has been contaminated with melamine, the FDA announced today. One poultry farm may also be affected.

    Salvage pet food, specifically from manufacturers that have since issued pet food recalls because of potential melamine contamination, has been traced to hog farms in California, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Utah, and possibly Ohio. Samples of hog urine from farms in three of those states – California, North Carolina and South Carolina – have tested positive for melamine thus far. Test results from identified hog farms in other states have not yet been received by the FDA.

    All of the identified hog farms, with the possible exception of farms in Utah, have been quarantined, according to the FDA.

    The poultry farm in question is located in Missouri.

    More information will be posted on the AVMA Web site as soon as it becomes available.

  10. straybaby says:

    let’s up that to SIX states now!,00.html

    methinks the tip of the iceberg is rearing it’s ugly head . . .

  11. sandi says:

    I read the letter from the FDA to Diamond. Now, I am concerned


  12. KatieKat says:

    sandi, I am concerned about chicken as well!! Can anyone find out if salavged feed is used to feed chickens?

  13. KatieKat says:


    So what’s in chicken feed, anyway?

    The main ingredient of all chicken feed (88%) is grains and grain by-products, protein-producing seeds, and meal made from them such as canola or soybean meal. So all chickens are essentially “grain-fed.”
    In much smaller quantities (around 10%), various other protein sources such as meat and bone meal/vegetable fats, are added to improve the nutritional content, taste and texture of the feed.
    In much, much smaller quantities (1.5%), mineral and vitamin supplements are commonly added to prevent any nutrient deficiencies.
    There are no hormones in chicken feed. In Canada, the use of hormones in chicken feed has been banned since the 1960s.
    Chicken feed may also contain minute levels (less than 1 per cent) of additives such as enzymes and antibiotics to prevent disease and digestive problems. All of these additives are subject to strict regulations and are used in conjunction with good management, vaccination and hygiene practices.

  14. KatieKat says:

    A must read!!

  15. KatieKat says:

    So it looks like the salvaged pet food could be fed to chickens because of pet food ingredients

  16. Karen says:

    At least they’ve upped the Ingreadient list for testing - The ingredient list includes wheat gluten, corn gluten, corn meal, soy protein and rice bran.

    Chicken Soup is OKay, I called and spoke with them. Its the other food that they used the left overs from.

    I think there is a plant in South Dakota for Menu (wondering if that is one of the unnamed sources that refuses to be named again).

    On another note, many of the frozen food brands have been quietly disappearing off the shelves at Safeway (anyone else notice this?)

  17. KatieKat says:

    ok, pet food is contaminated, now pork, and probably chicken, that kind of puts a damper on those that are cooking at home or feeding RAW!! It’s getting to the point there is no place left to run :(

    We still have pet food manufactures that have not come forth, I am sure they are selling off thier salvage as well, since it common practice. More tainted feed and more dead pets :(

  18. Eric says:

    They need to test some of the meat produced from these farms to find out if it is toxic. That’s the only way to know of the melamine gets into muscle and fat tissues.

  19. Lorie says:

    Karen, What are you talking about frozen food brands……… not tease spill.

    Also, you know they put small traces of arsenic in chicken feed to kill the bugs.

  20. KatieKat says:

    Karen Says:On another note, many of the frozen food brands have been quietly disappearing off the shelves at Safeway (anyone else notice this?)

    People are probably getting scared of all the gluten stuff and opting for more whole foods….one could only hope anyway.

  21. Kiki says:

    People have probably already been getting sick and dying, but since no-one would have thought to consider or test for melamine or derivatives, then other potential causes (of various symptoms) were probably given as the dx. Also, these contaminants might contribute to health problems down the line (eg. cancers)…

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