Menu Foods Adds Natural Life to Dog Food Recall List

Menu Foods continues to add to the recall list. This time, they are adding Natural Life (not Natural Balance) to the list of wet dog food recalled. There were also changes in recall dates of formulas and brands already covered under the expanded recall.

Please note that this is a separate additional recall expansion to Natural Balance venison products. Yes, an eerie coincidence. Natural Life is being recalled by Menu Foods due to melamine in wheat gluten. Natural Balance (not made by Menu Foods) is being recalled due to melamine in rice protein concentrate.

Natural Life was previously not covered under the recall, but was pulled by Kroger grocery stores because they pulled all Menu Foods produced items.

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April 17, 2007

Menu Foods Refines Recall List

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(April 17, 2007) - Menu Foods

Attention Business/Financial Editors

Menu Foods has previously recalled wet cat and dog food produced with adulterated wheat gluten supplied by ChemNutra Inc. Over the past several days, Menu Foods continued a detailed analysis of production records at its Emporia, Kansas, plant as part of the US Food and Drug Administration’s ongoing investigation of this adulterated wheat gluten. As a result of this work, Menu Foods advises the public:

- One additional item has been added to the recall list and is shown below

- Two additional production dates of eight varieties of pet food have been added to the recall list. These eight varieties of pet food had previously been withdrawn from the market and should already be off the retailer shelves.

An updated list of the recalled products, including this addition, is available at the Menu Foods website at

Dog Food

Look For This Date On The Bottom of Can or Back of Pouch
Natural Life | Nov/22/09 | Vegetarian 13.2oz | Can | 13.2oz | 12344-07114

Menu Foods

37 Responses to “Menu Foods Adds Natural Life to Dog Food Recall List”

  1. paula montgomery says:

    This is seriously getting to be rediculous. Why dont they just recall all the food…Thats what is going to eventually happen, leaving many more animals dead in the wake!!!!!

  2. Kaffe says:

    Thanks Itchmo! Due to your e-mail alert about Natural Balance Recall, I was able to get a call through to NB and thus clarified whether my Venison and Green Peas CAN food was implicated. They said, “No” but to nevertheless withold giving it until the culprit ingredient is isolated. So far, my pet foods here are “safe.” But I am getting seriously paranoid… spending hours and hours researching pet food ingredients and checking the cats every half hour or so, asking myself things like: do their eyes look bright? Did they pee at all today? Why are they eating so much grass? Why are they hungry all the time? Are they just napping or is that lethargy I see? Water? Are they drinking too much - too little? …poop looks good… smells OK… Oh, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?

  3. Grace says:

    this is just crazy. i am going to start tomorrow cooking for my dogs. i would imagine they are just going to keep finding more and more tainted dog foods and i don’t want to risk waiting until they recall the brand i am using and have it be too late. i wish someone would have been monitoring this all along.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have been keeping up with all of “ITCHMO’S “website updates—and checking FDA’S website —every day it gets worse— I am now paranoid! I am still feeding “FancyFood” wet and dry “Pedigree” wet and “Purina” dry foods– I have called the companies that make these foods (several times) and been told that their foods were safe– I have returned treats–and cat and dog food to different stores last Sat. I noticed the “Dollar” stores have NOT pulled the foods/treats named in the various alerts– I told the clerk –she told me she was worried but was not allowed to pull the foods
    Judy Boone

    Fort Worth


  5. Lea says:

    I have already lost two and was told today that I was going to lose another one becase his BUN was going the wrong way. I still have one on fluids, but he will never get off of them. I am so angry and there’s no one to scream and yell at. Not that it would do any good. These cats and dogs are my family and I feel so helpless that there’s nothing I can do for them. I am doing everything the vet tells me to do, I am watching what they are eating, yet they are still going the wrong direction. I don’t want my babies dying in vain. Something needs to be done, and NOW!!!!! I know it’s too late to save mine, but I don’t want anyone else to have to go throught what mine are going through, or the expense. My vet bill is over $4K now. How much more are we and our pets going to have to go through before this ends?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am still feeding “Fancy Feast” wet and dry and “Pedigree” wet and “Purina” dry- I feed my feral cats “Nine Lives” wet and dry– I have returned food and treats andI a have called the companies that produce the above foods(several times) and been told the foods I am feeding are safe! but I am still paranoid . I keep up with “”Itchmo’s”web site as well as the “FDA” site every day– I am so sorry to hear about the poor pets and pet parents who have suffered from illness or worse.
    Judy Boone
    Fort Worth

  7. Grieving pet owner says:

    Kaffe….nope you are not being paranoid. You are being cautious and diligent as we all need to be right now. I’m doing the same thing….I watch everything concerning my one remaining dog. I lost my mini Dachshund on 03/16/07 from tainted Mighty Dog, so I know just how fast a pet will go down if they get any of the tainted food. Watch closely for excessive thirst and excessive urination. She was extremely bloated in the belly area. She had “yellow” skin beside both back legs on her tummy. Her tongue was gray also. The lethargy (and depression) follows next. Right before the end I witnessed a bloody watery discharge coming from her anus. Take them to the vet immediately if you see your fur babies consuming more water than usual. Don’t wait for the other symptoms!!!! Please go ASAP. Since the recall wasn’t announced until the day she died the Vet and I were mystified what set in acute renal failure.

  8. Susan Pike says:

    I know so many people who have lost pets both cats and dogs. It’s really sad that our gov. hasn’t already put a stop to this. sure makes you wonder who’s side they are on?? we have to be extra careful what we feed and I won’t leave food down long if they don’t eat it within a hour I pull it. They have much better sense of small and taste than we do. I’ve noticed that the fancy feast they have been on all this time well they don’t eat the chunks in gravy any more so I’m sticking to the pate and still don’t feel that safe.
    I feel for all of you that have lost your babies or jave sick ones. your in my prayers!

  9. t wem says:

    The bad dream continues.

    I went to my pantry and there was the sack filled with cans of Natural Life cat food. It showed up at Krogers and had good ingredients. No grains just guar gum. I bought it because my cats were not eating the Nutro Maxcat, and the now recalled IAMS wet foods.

    My cats barely nibbled at it. Krogers marked it down to 3 for a dollar. My cats refused it so the bag was sitting in the pantry.

    During the recall the Natural Life disappeared off the Krogers shelves so I bagged up what was left.

    Not recalled but sheesh!

    Now I have been giving my cats a new brand of kibbles that showed up at Krogers during the recall. The web site was just a work in progress when I bought it. It is called: Brandon Farms Organics.

    Does anyone have any information about this brand?

    I bought some of their canned wet food for my pets but stopped serving it because the cans creeped me out - they are highly magnetized. They stick together magnetically. I kept imagining recycled auto parts in the cans, which smelled very metallic. I wouldn’t hold that against this company however.

    My cats didn’t want to eat the Brandon Farms wet food so that is in a bag too.

    Tey are eating a bit of the Brandon Farms kibbles.

    Itchmo rules!

    Does anyone

  10. Paula says:

    I just wanted to say my heart goes out to all of who lost or have sick babies due to this lack of regulation of pet food production. I too have found my self keeping a close on my cat. As well as the one my turned out who has adopted me.
    So far I have been lucky and my cats choice of food has not been on the list. But with the growing number of recalls I am concerened. I find it very unnerving that this was allowed to happen not to mention that it has gotten has big as it has.
    Many purrs and licks to all of you from
    and furry hugs and head butts from Neko and Shadow

  11. nthstarr1 says:

    Quoted from above article with bold emphasis on my area of concern-
    “- Two additional production dates of eight varieties of pet food have been added to the recall list. These eight varieties of pet food had previously been WITHDRAWN FROM THE MARKET and should already be OFF the retailer shelves.”

    Note: This “already withdrawn from market/ should already be off retailer shelves” was also said in earlier press releases back when they expanded the intial recall to extend the date codes further back to Nov 6th rather than Dec 3rd. They kind of said ‘no big deal because it SHOULD already be off retailers shelves.’

    If I am correct, this MARKET WITHDRAWL Menu Foods and the FDA keep referencing was issued on MARCH 24th. ‘Menu Foods Initiates Market Withdrawal of All Varieties of Recalled Wet Pet Food to Ensure Consumer Protection’ This notice is available on either the FDA website or Menu Foods website and basically says quote- “Menu Foods has asked all retail outlets to immediately remove all impacted varieties of wet pet food posted at, REGARDLESS OF THE DATE CODE.”

    I have yet to see one single store in my area that did this or has yet to do this. Instead what I see are a lot of sales on these items both before and after the intial recall. Why were these affected items NOT market withdrawn REGARDLESS OF DATE CODE as initiated back on MARCH 24th?!

  12. paul courcier says:

    i bought my dogs some champ dry food for dogs ,made by sunshine mills of alabama.they will not eat it. can you tell me if it is on recall please it is in the green bag. i cant force them to eat it either. thank you.

  13. Dogster For The Love of Dog Blog » Archive » Menu Pet Expands Recall to Natural Life Brand says:

    […] to Camelot Boxers and Itchmo for getting the word out on this expansion of the Menu Pet foods recall. Menu Foods Refines Recall […]

  14. Kristi says:

    When I saw Natural Life added to the list my heart dropped. I started homecooking for my dog a couple weeks before the recall but right before that I was occassionally using Natural Life canned dog food that I would pick up from Walmart if I had run out of the usual brand and couldn’t make it to the pet store. The food has a decent list of ingredients so I didn’t think much of it. Fortunately for me it is the vegetarian formula that has been recalled, but finally this recall is hitting closer to home. I’ve been homecooking for my dog and I encourage everyone to do the research and start giving your pets the human quality food they deserve. It is not as hard as you might think and there are plenty of well written books out there that will help you make balanced and inexpensive meals. Plus you can’t beat the look on your dog’s face or the gusto with which he will eat when a warm bowl of freshly prepared food is set in front of him.

  15. Cayty says:

    As soon as the first recall happened, I made sure my dog’s (dry) food contained no wheat gluten (Nutro Lamb & Rice). And I changed my puppy’s wet food to a new brand (with no wheat). Scarily, I had tried her on the Natural Balance wet food for a week, but she wasn’t overly enthused, so I kept shopping. I’ll have to look up the brand for sure when I get home (I think its PetGold or SolidGold or something like that), but I know it has no wheat. But I’m guessing it has rice. So now what? Will it be on the list next? As more and more products are being added to the list and it’s not just wheat that is suspected, now rice…what next? I don’t know what to do really. Keep feeding what I’m feeding or keep looking for a new brand?

  16. Chris says:


  17. Cindy says:

    Can we trust that ANY pet foods are safe???? I think not!!! As for me–I have been cooking my dog’s food since this whole recall thing started, and i will never buy commercial pet food ever again–not from any company.

  18. Chris says:


  19. Kiki says:

    I agree with Kristi - our pets truly know the difference between high quality, home-made food and pet commercial poisoned crap. They are so grateful to have warm meat (real meat, not rendered animal parts), freshly cooked rice or barley, fresh fruits and veggies. They love it! Even though it might seem difficult at first, there is no feeling than knowing you are feeding your pets food that is good for them and that they like. It doesn’t take rocket science and you just need to do a bit of research to know the few things NOT to feed them.

    If I am willing to eat it, I am willing to feed it!!

  20. Bosboy says:

    I just want to know when is this going to end. Menu needs to pull all of there food. End of story. Get it done and over with. Stop shipping what you have. It is getting hard to tell what is new and what is old

  21. Cayty says:

    Well, as a vegetarian I certainly am not about to feed my dogs homemade meat products nor a raw diet. So I definitely need to find a SAFE food out there.

    Does anyone know of a SAFE canned dog food?

  22. Susan K. says:

    Hey guys! I have several cats and dogs and have taken all cans out of my house except for one old cat that has cancer and needs something soft to eat. Usually we give her tuna and egg.
    We have an old male dog who needs soft food and I feed him whatever we eat.
    The others eat dry food from Sam’s, the feed the Sam’s company make.
    I read all the labels for wheat gluten and now will add the rice protien concentrate. If it is on the package I don’t buy.
    I also check with my vet to see if any critters in my area have presented with the feed poison symptoms. So far in my county it’s not been too bad.
    I found some great recipes on the web and have been making my own treats. So far my dogs like the peanut and applesauce treats the best.
    I know while I was buying so many different treats, canned foods and dry foods trying to please them all it was a nightmare and I stayed in a panic expecting the worse.
    Our critters are our kids and we grieve something awful when one dies.
    I don’t trust any of the canned foods and none of the treats or pouched foods.
    Dogs will do well on a vegetarian diet, it’s the cats that need some fish or meat.
    Our two puppies love bananas, carrots, apples, celery and just about all the foods we eat. They are almost a year old, little jack-a-poo rescues and they have a banana for breakfast with a few of the treats I make and then I leave dry dog and cat food out free choice for everyone.

  23. 5CatMom says:

    Paul Courcier,

    My vet recommends avoiding products by ANY COMPANY that has already had products withdrawn, at least for now. It’s becoming obvious that QC procedures are lax or don’t exist for some of them.

    After excluding the Company, I’m also staying away from all grain products: wheat, corn, rice, soy ingredients. If the wheat gluten can become tainted, then so can the other grain products.

    If you switch to a natural no grain food, check the protein %. If it’s much higher than what you’re used to feeding, might want to check with a qualified vet -one that knows about nutrition (many don’t).

    The higher protein may be fine for a healthy animal, but not for one that may have subclinical kidney disease.

    As with many things, if you don’t test, you don’t know. Your vet can test kidney values with a blood test.

    I tried Natura’s EVO, but it was 50% protein, so went with Natura’s INNOVA adult cat in the orange bag. It’s 36%. Have also ordered a bag of kumpikat from Evy.

    There’re lots of good foods out there as well.

  24. Ruth says:

    This is for Paul Courcier previous poster. Sunshine Mills of Alabama had some of their treats recalled. They said on their website the dry food is safe. But at this point who can you beleive.
    If your pet doesn’t want it. Don’t feed it. Dogs have more sense than we do.
    I wish I had listen to my pet. Now she is dead. I just thought she was being picky and spoiled.
    We are now subjected to a guessing game of which pet food is safe. My daughter changed from one food just to find out that another is on the recall list.
    All this mess makes me wonder……. how safe is human food…….are we next???

  25. teric says:


    I have made up something that my pups love but you will need a good vitamin supplement. Check with your vet first to make sure it’s ok for yours before feeding it and ask about a good vitamin for them.

    3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts (or 1 lb ground chicken)
    2 cups Organic Oatmeal
    Fresh Boiled Carrots - Green Beans - Potatoes (about 2 cups of each)
    1 cup cottage cheese
    Put it all in a food processor or mash it up together well.
    Freeze what you wont be using over the next 2 days.

    I also made some treats by rolling it in little balls and baking them. Mine love it. I actually kinda liked them myself.

    Again, please check w/ your vet first.

  26. Chris says:

    Thanks Teric, I”ll give it a try…If you have some treat recipes you could share that would be great. My dog is so fussy she really don’t like to much. She’s not a vegetable eater, My Vet did tell me to put green beens in with her food, as it tends to fill them up faster and it’s good for them too.
    I bought new dog food and it’s like 1.49 a can , she sniffs it and walks away from it. I throw almost all her food away cuz she don’t like it. THE DRY FOOD IS FIT & TRIM…SHE HATES IT.
    YESTERDAY I MADE FOR HER… roasted pork,green beans and some cheese ….she eat all that up as quick as she could . I’M just worried about the dry food that she needs, she can’t only have soaf food not good for her teeth. You know how to make dry hard dog food ????

  27. KidKaz says:

    I think it’s time some new regulations/ Laws are put in place, NOW.
    I bet they would be if they lost a pet. And Why in the hell are those companys bying food products from China anyway?
    It’s time for a change how the law reconizes our pets as property and not as a family member, I know mine our.

  28. Cayty says:

    I have been searching and searching for a canned food that does not contain wheat, rice or corn glutens or concentrated proteins/flours. What I had been feeding (this week) has rice flour in it and while I know that brand has not been recalled, I’m still nervous.

    Anyhow, I think I finally found a canned food that has no flours or glutens. The ingrediant list is: “Chicken, turkey, chicken broth, duck, salmon, chicken liver, whole grain brown rice, white rice, oatmeal, carrots, peas, potatoes, barley, egg product, guar gum, flaxseed meal, kelp, apples, dried skim milk, cranberry powder, rosemary extract, parsley flake, dried chicory root, carrageenan gum, vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3 supplement, ascorbic acid, niacin supplement, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12 ….” etc. Its called Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul. Just thought I’d share the info … see if anyone knows anything or has heard anything about that company. It appears they are owned by the same parent company as Natural Balance, but not the same products.

  29. Barb says:

    DOG - I have been feeding my dog Evanger’s since this whole miserable mess started. He loves it. I am going to try him on the Timberwolf dry.
    CAT - I have done some research and have discovered if you stick to the original fancy fest - not the marinated,roadsted, broasted, grilled etc - they look fairly safe.
    I am very fortunate in that my 2 babies have such hyper sensitive stomachs that they tossed the bad stuff - of course a week later I found out why.
    My deepest sympathy to all who have lost loved ones.
    Barb in the Northeast

  30. E Wem says:

    I researched Brandon Farms,, the new pet food sold at Krogers. The parent company is Blue Seal. Blue Seal canned goods are made at Menu. The Brandon Farms site says they use wheat gluten only from a Michigan supplier. They do not use rice gluten concentrate. However they do not make reference to corn gluten which is in their other Blue Seal brand list of ingredients.

    I have been giving my cats Brandon Farms dry which has no grains. They eat a bit of it along with meat I prepare which they prefer. One has stopped throwing up. They other two have kept most food down. Only one is still losing hair.

    While the Brandon Farms dry is organic, it uses fish and chicken meal. I sure hope that isn’t from China.

    I have learned sadly that most big companies will tell you only part of the truth. I am trusting Brandon Farms for now. However I stopped using their canned cat food because the cans were magnetized and gave a highly metallic smell to the food, which cats wouldn’t eat anyway.

    I never saw anything like that before. The cans would stick together lightly. You could feel the magnetic pull when you separated them.

    Best wishes to everyone. Thank you for sharing all your information.

    I am sticking to this site in case for information and recommendations

  31. Jane Polley says:

    This pet food problem is a disgrace! Who feels safe? Can anyone tell me what Brewers Rice is???

  32. Robert Kraft in Ann Arbor says:

    I have two adult cats, previously fed exclusively with Iams dry food until Sophie developed acute diabetes. She was aggressively treated for 3 months and reverted to a normal state. This process involved converting to all high-quality wet food diet only, with aggressive glucose monitoring and high-dose insulin injections. (It was hell but we got through it.) The vet who developed these theories and treatment recommended only Iams or Fancy Feast wet food. Both cats got Iams wet food and sometimes Fancy Feast. They rarely but sometimes received the flaked fish variety of Iam’s which was recalled. Michael has gained weight like mad, loves the wet stuff and is always wanting more. Sophie became more and more finicky about flavors, and has lost some significant weight (but needed to.)
    She has been throwing up very frequently, but since switching to Brandon Farms organic wet, she is fine and loves this food. (It ain’t cheap!)

  33. Diane Bettencourt says:

    I heard that Chicken Soup for the Pet lovers was suspect! Does anyone know of any postings to validate this???

  34. Don says:

    The Brandon Farms web site may not be working, but this URL will take you to the web site for the exact same product but a different brand name.

    My Beagle seems to be eating this dog food much more eagerly than she’d eat ProPlan . I do agree with the earlier post, however, that there’s no assurance that the fish meal and chicken meal is not from China.

    I have much faith in this product. And it’s not THAT much more expensive.

  35. julie says:

    I stopped buying any dog food from Wal-mart. I now go to specialty stores to buy Merrick Brand unfortunaley i’m paying 45.00 dollars for 35 lbs.Also Chicken Soup brand dog foods are safe to feed to my dog. Which only cost 35.00 dollars for 35lbs. I now have no concerns feeding my dog

  36. Kelly says:

    HELP! My 2 yr old standard Fox Terrier just died suddenly and i am suspecting his dog food. He was in perfect health. But i noticed that he was slowly starting to slow down and lacked energy and he went from eating well to just picking at his food. But he was gaining weight.hmm. Then one Friday evening- one month ago, we had an event that lasted 2 days– back and forth to the Vet. He died suddenly on Sunday!! His symptoms were strange. One of the things he had was liver failure. the ONLY food i have ever fed him was Nature Organic Chicken Formula that i purchased from Petsmart. Does anyone have any info? Please please someone help me? I am devastated…I know that the other posts on this site are about 1 yr old. I am hoping someone will read my post and help me. You can write to me directly at Thanks!!

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