Menu Foods And Wal-Mart Placing Recalled Cat Food Back On Shelves

Special Kitty

Menu Foods has re-supplied Wal-Mart with previously recalled pet food after placing a new UPC code over the previous UPC codes. They claim that the re-shelved foods are completely safe and that the packaging is the issue, not the food inside. The decision to place new stickers over the old UPC code was reportedly made together with Wal-Mart.

Menu Foods said all of the contaminated food was returned back to them after the pet food recalls in March. In order to put a “safe” product back on the shelves, Menu Foods and Wal-Mart put a laminated sticker with a new product code over the original UPC on the new pouches of pet food.

Menu Foods acknowledges that the original product code that is on the packages is on the recall list. But company officials say recalls are also tied to production dates and that all Special Kitty cat food with the new laminated product codes are safe.

They added that all of the Special Kitty cat food made after the recall has “QA OK” (Quality Assured Okay) placed on the pouch.

UPDATE: A few readers have also commented that they have seen Ol’ Roy dog food from Wal-Mart with a new sticker over the old UPC code that was on the recall list.

Source: WSFA

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  1. Bane says:

    Has China brainwashed Wal-Mart executives with some new-fangled mind experiment? “You WILL sell our poison”…The People’s Republic of Wal-mart is a perfect way to describe it! Anything from Wal-mart is suspect….remember the toys with lead paint? I am boycotting Wal-Mart permanently and instructing my family to do the same.

  2. Sharon says:

    Walmart is corrupt. Why do you think Michael Dell chose Walmart as the retail outlet for his computers? His company is going down because they outsourced customer service to India and manufacturing to China. Workers in Austin work in a sweatshop where the accounting guys lie about the numbers to make their bonuses. I hope people wake up to both Walmart and Dell and everything they represent, people who are willing to do anything to make money, no matter the cost.

  3. JJ in IL says:

    So the recalled food was never destroyed? I had asked in the forum where the food ended up? Back at the companies that made it to be re-labeled with a new UPC code and then re-sold as new? Why would they use old bags? That is baloney they could not afford to print new packaging. Should this be true that the same food that was recalled is now being sold all over again criminal charges need to be brought against these companies doing this - ALL OF THEM! Is this an experiment to eliminate all of our beloved pets? Who is behind all of this and why are they doing it? This just doesn’t HAPPEN - someone has to make it happen-WHO ARE YOU? Have you no heart or are you that stone cold inside?

  4. shibadiva says:

    I can’t believe Menu Foods would be stupid enough to resell tainted food with new UPC codes, unless Mark Wiens and his buddies have sold the rest of their stock and left the country.

    I’m not exactly surprised that they would be so cheap as to use old packaging for new QA OK product. They proved that to us months ago.

  5. HighNote says:

    Thats the UPC code. Each and every can and package of pet food has it’s own UPC code. Companies use these to order the products and to scan them when being sold. Since each product was recalled then they could not use the old UPC codes They had to cover them over with new ones. This is common practice.
    I do not think this has anything to do with the recalled food!! I think it is a new problem! People we have melamine in all our meats why wouldn’t it be in all the pet food! FDA says it will not harm us but it could harm our pets. There is no way they could take all this melamine out of the meats they put in our pet food.
    All this talk about hating Wal Mart and Menu foods. Well I don’t buy food at Wal Mart I know it is cheap. But this has nothing to do with the big issue here.
    Melamine in our pet food is and where is it coming from? Not from recalled food but from food they are making now!
    The treats were made in China so they are still putting melamine in their pet food or are they? They have been feeding their livestock melamine for years so maybe it is in all their meats!!
    We have it in our meats now too! It has to show up in our pet food!
    When the FDA said that the tainted cattle, etc would not harm us, they never said a word about it harming our animals! Why is that?
    They left the responsibility up to each company to test it’s own pet food.
    Now I ask you, how can any of these companies not find melamine in the pet food since it is in all of the livestock!
    If you want to throw blame then blame our great FDA for letting melamine livestock into our food system!
    Blame chemuNutra for selling contaminated wheat glutin and rice protein to unsuspected buyers! Blame China for selling them the product in the first place!
    And yes blame Menu foods for not testing the products they make for their suppliers and blame the suppliers for not testing the products before selling them.
    And blame us for buying cheap grade products and putting a lot of businesses out of business so China could take over.
    Now! What companies are testing their pet food? How many of them have melamine in their food now and are selling it? Probably every one of them!

  6. DSM says:

    I for one could not resist the temptation to go to Wal-Mart this morning after reading here. I have been trying to get our local paper to cover the pet food crisis since it began, all to no avail. Having lost our precious cat to tainted food and quite possibly one of our precious pups to food “not officially tainted,” this all hit quite close to home. I went to WM, purchased 2 pouches of SK, peeled off one label for check-out. The cashier scanned only one and put the amount in for two, thus one would think they would be the same number. Not! The UPC codes on my receipt do NOT match any of the numbers on the pouches, neither the sticker cover up nor the old one under the sticker. I then went to another cashier and asked her to scan the pouch with the removed cover sticker. It did not come up as a flag, however, I do not know what the scan number was that came up on her register. I then went to the customer scan device inside the store, scanned the one with the sticker, and it gave me the price. The one with the sticker removed gave me a message “contact store manager” or something to that effect, in other words in didn’t give me any information. Both packets have a BB date of June 15 09, along with the QA ok. I am doubtful that anyone (local ) will be interested, but thought I would share my experience here in hopes of generating thoughts. Just for the record, I have no intentions of feeding this food to any one. Besides thanks to poisoned food, I no longer have a cat to feed.

  7. The Groom Room says:

    Calm down people..this is the NEW product…using the old bags which are expensive to remake, so they took the cheap way out and covered them with a sticker…I know I have the ol’ roy…left my story somewhere on here yesterday…It’s not tainted food…

    HOWEVER I WILL NOT FEED ANY OF THIS CRAP FOOD TO ANY ANIMAL EVER>>>> dont care where it’s purchased.

  8. Sindy says:

    OK, this has sent me over the edge. Using containers that were intended to hold food that is now recalled? Consumer confidence or more profit for Menu, you decide? Has this food been tested? I mean independently and not just by the FDA who we don’t believe anymore? Unfortunately some people shop at Wal-mart and they have their reasons. I don’t and have the resources to shop elsewhere . In any case, it’s about the pets who need someone to speak for them. I just emailed CNN and our local and national News with links to petconnection and Itchmo regarding Wal-mart’s actions. Note: this is breaking on the weekend again and doesn’t it sound like the Friday afternoon recall habit?
    Send emails to the news stations in your area. Maybe somewhere this will break out and people can learn more about changing UPC codes, Wal-mart, and our dear problem maker in all of this - Menu Foods.
    Put the word out. Do it for our furchildren who are still here and for those who have left us. If everyone sent even one email, that is more than is out there right now.
    This is such bad public relations and Wal-mart dropped the ball here all for the mighty dollar again.

  9. Trudy Jackson says:

    I just went and got My special kitty. The ups is over another. I might just have this tested, but at least I have it. Has anyone have this tested yet? If not, soon I will have it done.

  10. Trudy Jackson says:

    I meant the UPC, not UPS. It’s been a long day.

  11. Amanda says:

    Carol, thanks for sending Itchmo the picture. I’ll go to walmart Monday or Tuesday and check(have to take kitty to vet and its out that way).

  12. E. Hamilton says:

    I have an idea.

    There are sites on the net where people ask for donations (for all sorts of things), I think we need to make a BIG one and have everyone with outstanding vet bills tell their story and we can ask for the help we are just not getting from the companies that sickened and killed our pets!
    It will embarrass them a lot, could get us some press and might do some good.

    The amount of money this has cost pet owners is staggering and I think we should USE that fact. We are sure paying the damned bills and the pet food companies are blowing us off- I say we USE it.

    What do you think?

    PS and I want to have a running total going at the site of all the unpaid bills because that is gonna be BIG.

  13. Trudy Jackson says:

    Sounds good to Me.

  14. HighNote says:

    DMS you said you went to Wal Mart and purchased two different pouches of special kitty. Were they the same kind? Or two different kinds? If they were two different kinds then the USP code on them that you pealed off should be different. It would not make any difference about the old USP codes since they were to be covered over. Each and every type of special kitty has its own USP code. This is the only way to order each kind! If the cashier just scanned one for both different types then she was wrong to do this. Each type of food should be scanned separately because it is put into the computer as being sold and when it comes to reordering they can tell what they need and also this is also done for store inventory.
    Each and every item that is scanned has it own USP code.
    Look in your grocery store and you will see that cut green beans and whole green beans made by the same company has it’s own USP code on it.
    They punch out codes any more to do al their ordering so each item has to have it’s own code.
    All that special kitty has had the old code covered over because that is the code the company has always used for each item. Since special kitty was recalled they had to cover them over for the computer to except them because each item had a recalled code put into the store computer system.
    Now if you uncovered these special kittys and the computer register excepted it then someone at this store did not put in all the recalled codes!!!!! This is bad!!
    When an item is recalled someone at each store has to put in the codes for that item so the register will not except it any more. These people have to be sure to get each and every code put into the computer or someone may get a recalled product.
    I have worked in the grocery business for many years and I know this to be a fact.
    Also when a product becomes on sale a person has to put that sale item into the computer too or it will come up at regular price and not the sale price.
    Those USP codes have to do with computer usuage nothing more. Now the dates are very important and where they are made. This is what people should be looking at.
    Like I said before if these animals are getting sick it is not because of recalled food. It is because there is still melamine in the pet food caused from our food now.

  15. Pukanuba says:

    shibadiva says:
    August 25th, 2007 at 11:37 am

    I can’t believe Menu Foods would be stupid enough to resell tainted food with new UPC codes, unless Mark Wiens and his buddies have sold the rest of their stock and left the country.

    I’m not exactly surprised that they would be so cheap as to use old packaging for new QA OK product. They proved that to us months ago.


    I agree totally…….I don’t think anyone would be foolish enough to put tainted food back on the shelves………however, that is not to say that this Q ok food is any better than what they put out earlier this year. I believe what they put out is of very poor quality & may well still be contaminated.

  16. DSM says:

    Highnote, sorry didn’t make myself clear…they are both the same food, Special Kitty Select, Gourmet Cat Food with Beef and Gravy.

  17. mavericksmom says:

    Bottom line. Don’t buy food at Wal Mart. Neither for your pet, nor for yourself. A few bucks more for safe food will save you a TON in the long run. I know “safe” food is a loose term these days, but you’re NOT going to find it at Wal Mart, period. Steer clear.

  18. reba says:

    They have also put new barcodes on the peanut butter bones.

  19. Dream says:

    These are just empty, unused packages that are being used instead of throwing them out and filling up our landfills. The recalled food never touched these things and the new product is safe. The “QA OK” stamp ensures you that this is new product so look for that.

  20. E. Hamilton says:

    If the landfills can take having the poison dumped in them that is also where the packages should be.
    A tiny“QA OK” stamp is a stupid thing to ask pet parents to look for.
    GEEZ, make it a little TOUGHER on folks why don’t you.

    And trusting Menu Foods on a quality issue is what got a lot pets dead, remember?

  21. Moonbeams says:

    I’ll never shop Walmart again - pardon me while I puke!

  22. Anonymous says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about on the sticker business. If you don’t get sued off the internet you will be very lucky. What you said is not only assumption, it’s dead wrong and you should retract.

  23. Anonymous says:

    groom room is dead on

  24. PresOfWeb says:

    I know about packaging costs. They are ultra high because fools demand something shiney and colorfull. To save the consumer money, the unused pouches were stickered and filled with clean, tested product.

  25. Concha Castaneda says:

    It seems pretty stupid to me that a company would risk consumer confidence by reusing the old packaging. If they are trying to rebuild trust from us, then they need to start from scratch. They need to take care of their commitments to the customer by paying the vet bills and giving refunds as they promised. We don’t give a hoot about your coupons or your commercials showing healthy pets. We want the facts. We are constantly being offended by Pet Food companies attempt to get our trust back. Trust has to be earned. Trust can not be tricked into us. The smart thing to do would be a whole different package altogether as the old packaging is a constant reminder to those of us who remember all too well what it looked like. Sure it is expensive to develop new marketing and packaging. But it is gonna cost Pet Food industry in the long run by replaying our pain and raising our suspicions and concerns.

  26. PresOfWeb says:

    Guess what, Conch, you’re right. The retailers should have started out with different everything. Here’s a question for you; how are we going to get China to pay us for the troubles caused by them? They owe us big time!

  27. betty gossett says:

    This is NOT just Alabama. I live in Florida. I went to a local Walmart. I picked up a pouch of Special Kitty. Sure enough, it had a new label stuck on over the original. I peeled it off and took it to the checkout along with one not peeled off. The peeled off one rang up Do NOT sell, The other one did not. I asked for a manager and made a little scene about poisoned pet food. The manager seemed genuinely surprised about the peel off label, then she said oh it must be OK. It must actually be from a different batch that is actually fine. I told her I was going to contact a local TV channel. And I did. I got voice mail at the TV station and I left the information. But I haven’t heard anything. Please check your local Walmart for this. I would bet it is being done everywhere.

  28. Wal-Mart Says Special Kitty Cat Food Not Recalled | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats says:

    […] Warnings: Bestros Chicken Jerky | Krasdale Gravy | Recalled Pet Food Back In Wal-Mart. […]

  29. Anonymous says:

    ALert!! Sunshine Mills is doing the same thing. The dog buscuits with melamine were recalled also. Not to worry— There are 4 labs besides the FDA who can test for this. Sunshine Mills informed that WalMart requested this to benefit the consumer by covering up the old upc label so customers do not mistake them for recalled bags. Looks like it backfired. Not to believe them. So — getting the bags tested. Once the results are in from the lab. By the way- this is very expensive to get it tested. (About $100) My dog died yesterday. By the way- hate Michael Vick. He is going to jail. Should someone go to jail for this??? If and only if the tainted food was intentially put back onto the shelves. But will have to wait for the lab results. Hope that no one on earth would try to make a buck off of this. People just do not want other dogs or cats to die. But, if these results come back positive it will go to national news with it. Then will get an attorney.

  30. search walmart upc codes says:

    […] dear problem maker in … Search: Archives: April 2008. March 2008. February 2008. January 2008 … Walmart B&ampM Clearance/YMMV deals—Cyberhome DVR 1200 DVD …i saw the optical cables but […]

  31. Josephine North says:

    I have just had a devastating experience. My two bobcat cats who were more like dogs than cats and were inseperable fell victims to “Special Kitty,” by Del Monte. Immediaely after digesting just a little the black one threw up this brown liquid and it was coming out of his rectum. Both had slow miserable deaths, meoowing in agony. This was from Walmart on Kernan and Atlantic Boulevard on the 26th of Sept. 2008. I buried them together this last Tuesday. i’m absolutely heart broken. Therre is no doubtthe SK was the culprit. I think it must have been poison as it happened immediately. My email is Has anyoneelse had a similar expeprience. I’m seeking legal help. There is a class action lawsuit in progress which I applied to join, it is in Miami. I isolated these two cats from my other two in case it was Salmonella. Chaged cat litter boxes, everything I could think of. I go to Walmart for my Soy Milk as it is about $1 less that most supermarkets. I rue the day I picked up that SK as I was getting my soy milk. Josephine in mourning in jacksonville,Florida.

  32. Robin says:

    I just purchased Special kitty canned food from Walmart the other day. This is the first time I have purchased it since the recall. I fed my cat a can of the food this morning and immediatly after eating he vomited the food right up.

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