Menu Foods Asks All Affected Brands to be Removed From Stores

Empty-Grocery-Store-ShelvesWe saw this press release from Menu Foods yesterday, but we weren’t sure how to react to the news. Menu Foods is asking retailers to pull the entire brand of affected foods, not just the ones that match the UPC code. Many of you are wondering if this means there is more tainted food than originally thought.

Many news outlets have labeled this an expansion of the recall (AP has since retracted the story) and technically, it would increase the amount of recalled cans and pouches. However, having worked on a PDF of the entire recall list which ended up being 77 pages, the task of pulling the correct stock from store shelves was virtually impossible and many stores have either pulled entire brands or not done the job correctly.

Parents are wise to stay away from any items made by Menu Foods. Even yours truly spent hours at local pet food stores trying to figure out what should be on shelves and what shouldn’t be — and we are quite familiar with the recall, to put it lightly.

According to Menu Foods, this is a change in how to carry out the recall, not a change in the recalled food list. Many readers believe otherwise and there is plenty of reasons to believe so, considering the evasiveness of Menu Foods (having taken down most of their Web site and all). We also wonder the same.

Bottom line, this should have been done from Day Zero. Once again, it seems too little, too late. It’s just not good enough. Period.

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3 Responses to “Menu Foods Asks All Affected Brands to be Removed From Stores”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree more, they should have just took down everything made by menu foods in the first place. I spent quite a bit of time checking up on grocery stores myself and even found some stuff that didn’t belong there but luckily the stores were kind enough to quickly take the products down once I made them aware of it. But I still think the way menu foods reacted to the whole situation was a little shady.. I don’t get what the whole taking down their website bit was about it just makes it look like they have something to hide, but who knows. I also agree it was a little late for their decision on just taking everything down rather than taking chances. I am inclined to think I should go make some more rounds to local stores to see if in fact they have removed all the menu foods products, regardless of the UPCs/dates, maybe tomorrow I’m actually kind of disgusted that I had to do the jobs the stores should have done in the first place, it almost seems ridiculous that some third party (like myself) should have to go on a vengeful mission to get this stuff off shelves, when in fact there are people that should be getting paid to do it and spread the message among the stores within their chain. The head offices should be sending out the proper info quickly and efficiently, kind of scary how slow everything is being reacted to. At least it is scary in my opinion.

  2. Dawn Philbin says:

    Is Royal Canin adult mini 27 dry dog food for small breed dogs on recall? I have a small pom and he started to throw up last night.

  3. e wem says:

    I don’t know about that particular food but Menu foods makes some Royal Canin items

    This reference says they do use wheat gluten in some of their product.

    Why should we assume that Menu Foods was the only company using the bad wheat gluten?

    I hope your baby is ok

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