Menu Foods CFO Sold His Shares Weeks Before Recall

Menu Foods CFO sold almost half of his Menu Foods shares after the initial customer complaints. And calls it a “horrible coincidence”. Something stinks. Does he want Martha Stewart’s number?

The chief financial officer of Menu Foods Income Fund says it’s a “horrible coincidence” that he sold nearly half his units in the troubled pet food maker less than three weeks before a massive recall of tainted pet food.

Thanks for the tip SMichelle.

19 Responses to “Menu Foods CFO Sold His Shares Weeks Before Recall”

  1. purringfur says:

    Send this information to CNN so they can do an indepth story on it:

    Menu Foods CFO Sold His Shares Weeks Before Pet Food Recall

  2. Debbie says:

    The CFO, a person with such amazing financial vision! (yeah,right!)
    Such a “terrible coincidence”!!! (yeah, right!)

    Get your rubber hip boots on, people, the crap is getting deeper and deeper!

    Yep, definitely sounds to me like he’s in line for a “Martha Stewart”!!!!!

  3. susanUnPC says:

    Lou Dobbs would do a story like this…. anyone with connections to his show, please pass this on.

    (B–t–d. It’s bad enough the food they manufacture is c-r-a-p, but they’re also making a financial “killing” off our pets.)

  4. Grizz says:

    Oh come on folks. Give the guy a little slack. I’m sure it was only as he said—a coincidence. You betcha.
    In a weird sort of way this has helped me a lot—the recall. I got to studying the ingredients of dog food. I stopped using any food with corn in it a long time ago, but the rest of the workup took me by surprise. Made a lot of changes to include making up my own dog food. Dogs are back to —eagerly—eating again.

  5. Martin says:

    Something definitly stinks here. I hope he’s a pretty boy! He may not do quite as well in prison nor will he have the protection Martha did.

  6. hobo says:

    Now we know what some of the delay was to publish the recall. Dirty, rotten crooks.

  7. AZSue says:

    Hey! Mr. CFO! I’m not THAT blonde!

    Where the HELL is the news media…oh, wait…Anna Nicole Smith’s baby’s daddy is going to be announced today…what was I thinking? I HAVE to learn to get my priorities straight. (Hitting natural blonde head with back-scratcher).

    As the South Park kids say, “YOU BASTARD.” I SO hope you go to prison…If it was up to me, you’d be shot.

    A very angry Sue this morning.

  8. Lil Bear's Momma says:

    Color me angry also…they were getting complaints back in December about the food making pets ill or killing them. Just who does he think he is talking to?
    I also hope he rots in prison. I wonder if the boys in jail will treat a pet killer like they do child killers?
    I am beyond mad.
    I also found someone else who’s pet is ill from eating 9 lives Shredded Turkey with Gravy. She switched because it was onsale and within days the cat is in the hospital on fluids. Been there a week now. She says Del Monte is going to look into it. Please, anyone who has had a pet sickened by the 9 lives Shredded Turkey with Gravy, please post. This one is not on the recall but should be. It killed my Lil Bear.

  9. Martin says:

    I Ditto Sue’s remark!

    I hope the SOB is put in prison where the boys can have their way with him. He is in my mind A CHILD KILLER!!!! One that profits from the deaths of all these babies.

  10. Deb says:

    Indeed - Where the HELL is the media? Perhaps they’re afraid that P&G will pull all their advertising if they start delving deeper into this. Too bad P&G didn’t respond as quickly to the pet food CRISIS as fast as they did to Don Imus’ comments. (This is the first time I’ve agreed with them since all this started BTW)

    These huge conglomerates were so smart. They own so many products that they are shielded from the mass media (i.e. Oprah (see how many ads on her show are from P&G, Nestle & Del Monte), ABC (financial interest in Old Yeller crap dog food, etc.) Are there any shows out there that aren’t afraid of these companies? No wonder we all turn to blogs!

  11. Judi Mills says:

    Shame on you!!! You know what you did!!! Coincidence my butt!!

  12. Martin says:

    The stock has dropped by almost half now. $3.22 or something like that. It shouldnt be worth .0001. It didnt appear there were any trades today. Had some offering to sell but no buyers.

    I’d like to see it bottom out!!!!!! Everyone who has vet bills should send them directly to the CFO of Menu Foods.

  13. AZSue says:

    MNUFF last price: 3.6317 down: -0.1922 7:41pm Arizona time

    Martin: It almost looked as if they had stopped trading today, but this is what my “pretend portfolio” looks like at this moment. After I read your post, I decided to see what was up…or down in this case.

    What was very interesting to me was to look at the 3 month chart for this company…no way do I believe that the CFO didn’t know what was coming. The news media says that all he made was around $100K, but if I remember right, Martha Stewart only made around $250K on her insider trading. It’s not the amount, it’s the deception! Actually, it’s the amount of the deception…and our pets paid for it :(

    I believe in Karma…what goes around, comes around. He’ll get his some day….


  14. Martin says:


    I agree with you 100%. He knew it was coming. The hearing today reviled that they knew of the problem 3 weeks prior to the recall. I read someplace that several of their food tasting animals became ill and died. I have a real problem with that as well. Unfortunatlly he didnt try the product out personally.

    I find it odd that he had a financial issues exactally 3 weeks prior to the recall. I guess that 100k was much more important than the lives of those who have made it possible for him to receive a paycheck & pay his rent.

    The man allowed the food to be distributed knowing it was tainted and WOULD poison those who ate it. He knew the stock would drop & sold before the news came out.

    I agree with you,…I believe in Karma…what goes around, comes around. He’ll get his some day….

  15. AZSue says:

    MNUFF 3.777 +0.1453 As of: 7:10pm Arizona time

    Okay, I don’t have any theories about why Menu Foods stock went up today. Martin??? Anyone???

    Do you all think that maybe the investors got all warm and fuzzy listening to the hearings? I have no clue.

    BTW…the reason that I post the time is because I’m not sure if this stock is being traded after hours. Don’t want to waste any time trying to find out either!


  16. AZSue says:

    I feel sick today thinking of all of the grieving pet owners. I’m sure my lack of enthusiasm shows in my posts.

    I guess listening to the hearings did me in. The hard-hitting questions were great…but that one woman’s answers that used to work for Hill’s, they made me want to strangle her. Her phony came through loud and clear. I can detect so much more by just listening…that is why I listened instead of watched.


  17. Rhonda says:

    My beloved cat Romeo was euthanized this morning due to kidney failure from eating Menu Foods products. We only started buying it in January and by March, right before the recall, he started showing sypmtoms of becoming ill. The CFO at Menu Foods knew, of course he did, that the food was poisoned and the stock would drop, and all he could think about was protecting his money. I hope he rots in hell. I think he should be forced to eat his tainted product in a prison cell and get sick and go through what my poor cat had to go through. There is a huge cover-up going on at Menu Foods. This is more widespread than what is coming out in the media. Hopefully the whole truth will come out.

  18. Martin says:


    It did go up didnt it!
    I cant imagine that anyone in their right mind would purchase this POS stock. Which leads me to believe that it must have be an insider trade. Mark Wiens and 32 other idiots may have tried to give it a bump.

    Menu Foods main source of income must come from the US and I would hope that NO ONE will EVER purchase anything made by them EVER AGAIN.

    The only can I would agree to purchase is one that Mr. Wiens agreed to eat on national television.

    Last updated: 16:14 (EST)
    LastTrade 4.240 Previous Close 4.200
    Last Buyer Desjardins Securities Inc. Last Seller Union Securities Ltd.
    Open 4.340 Net 0.040
    High 4.340 Low 4.180
    Volume 27,000 #Trades 33
    Last bid 4.200 Bid size 6
    Last ask 4.250 Ask size 5
    52 wk high 7.470 52 wk low 3.020
    Dividends/share 0.000 Dividend date 1/1/1
    EPS 0.350 P/E 12.000

  19. Martin says:


    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Romeo. This breaks my heart that yet another one has lost his life because of Menu Foods. I too hope that the CFO lands in prison. Although, prison is much to nice of a place for the man to be.

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