Menu Foods Class Action Being Organized

On Yahoo! 34 people have already joined a group (free membership required) in order to start filing for a class action lawsuit against Menu Foods. (Via Howl911) The site lists some very practical tips if you intend to pursue any claim against Menu Foods (or any pet food recall for that matter):

If your pet has died, try to do the following:
- Save the food package
- Save your receipt from where you purchased the food
- Save any vet bills
- Save any burial bills
- Find a picture from when your pet was alive
- Take a picture of your deceased pet
- Journal the loss of your pet (pain & suffering)
I know that some of the requests above are odd. But we need to hold Menu Foods accountable for their actions.

The site is not being managed by an attorney at the moment, but is seeking to do so.

The Yahoo! Group seems to focus only in the case of death of your pet, but I believe any substantial pain suffered by you and your pet that resulted in a financial loss would also qualify for class action. If your intent is to punish the manufacturer for their behavior, a class action that consists of deaths and injuries could cast a wider net and inflict higher financial damages.

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  1. Glenn Conte says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My wife and myself just lost our cat of 15 years back in late December 06.
    He died from kidney failure. How long has this food been tainted?
    We have no receipts or containers of the cat food we purchased at the time. We have incurred many vet and crematory bills as a result.

    Please advise
    Glenn Conte

  2. Melissa Twombly says:

    To whom it may concern.

    I have 2 dogs that had been given the nurto natural light dog food for less active overweight dogs. One became ill less than 48 hours after consumption and had to be put to sleep. The other showed signs a day later and is now being treated for major kidney related issues. Had my schnauzer not been out down on Monday I may not have been so over reactive with the maltese. Please let me know who I should contact regarding any legal action being taken against these companies. i appreciate any help.


    Melissa Twombly

  3. HEATHER YOUNG says:




  4. Ami Pilon says:

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Our beloved cat KC is very ill. Our vet says that she is suffering from Kidney Failure. She is 16 years old and otherwise in great health. She was fed Iams canned food and pouches up until Dec. of last year. Please keep us informed of any action. We don’t want this to happen to any other pet owner in the future.

    Jon and Ami Pilon

  5. K. Palamara says:

    Our 14 year old cat had to be euthanized in March 2007 due to kidney failure. She was fed Iams canned food. I had purchased several flavors but when I looked at the cans I had left, I only had the “Slices with Chicken in Gravy, Adult Cat Food”. The second line of the product code began with the four numbers 6080 instead of the 6339-7073 numbers listed in the recall. At the time I had taken my cat to the vet, I did not know to save any of her cat food cans but I do have credit card receipts that show I have been purchasing Iams canned cat food for some time. Could Iams have liability here even though I cannot produce a can with the 6339-7073 code?

  6. Audra Berman says:

    In December ‘06 our cat Kalbi who was 5 years old became extremely ill. We brought her to the vet and after numerous tests we were told that she had severe kidney failure. The vet questioned whether she had consumed anti-freeze because her blood test results were extremely “off”. The other possible cause was some sort of congenital abnormality. She was eating Nutro Complete Care. After a week of hospitalization where they attempted to flush her kidneys out, there was no improvement in her test results and she had to be euthanized in order to avoid any additional suffering. We had just had a baby and our house was a little hectic. We thought we may have neglected to notice something sooner. We don’t have any of the packaging or receipts for the pet food because who would of thought the food was poisening her! We do have vet bills and complete copies of my records. What is our next step?

  7. Katherine Odenbreit says:

    Our firm is in the process of filing a class action against Menu Foods and possible Purina. Please contact me if you would like additional information.

  8. jay lee says:

    I have 2 dogs that have been eating purina alpo prime cuts in grave. Both are very ill our vet bills are mounting every day. I did not think my yorkypom was going to survive the night 4/5/70.this morning she is very very ill and my not make it threw today. I spoke with pet advisor at purina and he said they my pay for part of my vet bills. Well thats just not good enough, it not my falt that wal-mart was selling purina poisin dog food distributed by purina. Jay Lee
    indianapolis indiana.

  9. Lynette says:

    Senator Durbin’s office wants to hear from anyone with a pet sick or dead from tainted food.

  10. Donna Elliott 24330 says:

    I think that this has been an ongoing problem–a very long time before the recall was announced. My dog suddenly got sick in August 2006, she was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. I treated her at home with subcutaneous fluids and medications from August 2006 until January 19, 2007 when she passed away. She had eaten the Alpo Prime Cuts, the Ol’ Roy products, along with a homemade diet that I fixed her. I truly believe that the food was slowly poisoning her system. The company needs to be held accountable for this terrible situation. My heart goes out to everyone that has lost a pet or has a pet that is sick because of this. How will this Class Action work? and I have tried over and over to get in touch with the FDA–how can I get through to them and file a complaint?

  11. Ann Stoffregen says:

    I have 2 cats and a toy Poodle. I am so stressed out over this food recall. I am scared to death to purchase any brand of food. New foods are added to the recall list almost every day, when will this end? Are these companies intentionally committing fraud? Every pet owner needs to band together and try to put a stop to this. If we are intentionally being lied to by these companies we all need to sue all of them. I am sick at heart over this and upset by all the stories about sick and suffering pets and the losses owners have endured. I look at my own pets wondering if I am poisoning them with the food I’ve purchased. Any co. that is on the list I WILL NEVER BUY FROM AGAIN. Any store that stocks ‘foreign’ food products, I WILL NOT BUY FROM AGAIN. We have to hurt them right in their pocketbooks. It’s far too late for many pets and owners, what a shame. I feel for all of them. I’ve written to the FDA, the Consumer Affairs Dept., all the pet food CO’s and only one responded. (Hills) Sorry to say, I won’t ever buy from them again, and I fed all 3 of my pets Science Diet. I lucked out somehow, they are not sick right now. I pray they do not get sick, I’ve switched to Purina.. now I hear that may not have been a good idea either. What do we do? How do we feed our pets? What is safe? How do we know? WHO DO WE TRUST????? We all need help and we are not getting it. We are not getting the answers we need. I am so upset to know this government thinks so little about our precious pets that they do not regulate their foods and processing there of. Why do we not know ingredients come from China? I NEVER BUY PRODUCTS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES FOR MY PETS. Haaa I have been all along, without knowing. Sad. Here is also a scary thought.. how about small children getting into the tainted pet food? Is this enough reason to have strict regulations? Apparently not.. So people with children you better get on the band wagon as well.. no one is safe! I feel strongly it will spread into human food sources, we are definitely headed down a bad road here. This whole ordeal is affecting my life, and so many others feel the same way. It is supposed to be joyful to feed your pets and see them enjoy their food, not suspect the very food you are feeding them may kill them. No joy it that at all. Thanks Pet Food Co’s.. I hope the ‘buck’ you saved was worth it, I hope all of you have to spend millions to even try to right this wrong. Menu Foods should be shut down forever and taken to court and never be able to operate again. Any thing that comes from them I never want in my home ever again. Any co. that sends their products to them for processing, ditto. Stop this madness and give us our lives back.
    My pets are my family, I promised to protect them and I intend to do just that. If anyone out there knows of any agency, or someway to give our pets a voice let me know. I am ready.

  12. Maryann says:

    Our little 3 year old Yorkshire terrier has just died of ACUTE kidney failure. We paid out 6,000 dollars trying to save him.

    We went to the reg vet, then emerg, then referral clinic, then back to the reg vet to die.

    He was eating Fromm’s Active life wet food, and Hill’s ID canned from the vets and Royal Canin dry.

    They found nothing metabolically wrong other than a sudden onset kidney failure. Sounds very suspicious to me. Like an acute poisoning. What do we do now????? It is just DEVASTATING!!!

  13. Tamara K says:

    Our cat Starr of 8-9 years old died to what we believe was comtaminated pet food. She ate the Special Kitty pouches, of which I still have 28 left, and 25 of them are on the recall list. I also have the receits from where I bought them. I am angry as many others are. I hope a Class action Lawsuit can be formed so that our pets can have a voice through us. Menu foods should be held accountable for their lack of responsability to the public. We as pet owners trusted them to make healthy pet food consumed by our pets. These factories should be regulated and inspected with higher standards, so this will NEVER happen again.

  14. Bernadine M Litchkowski says:

    I took my dog Max to the Vet for ablood test ($80.00).The Doctor said Max has 35% Kidney Failure. I Fed him Nutro in the pouches with Chicken, Rice and Gravy. I dont know how many times I will have to take Max Back to the Vet. I am just gratefull that the Vet thinks his Kidney Failure is treatable. I am retired and this puts a strain on my budget. I am interested in Joining a Class Action against Menu Foods. I feel that Menu is at fault and they lack good quality control. Why are we importing this food from China anyway!! We cant grow our own products. I guess we are good at paying farmers not to grow. We sure are stupid. My E Mail address is

  15. Lisa Laurro says:

    My heart goes out to those affected by this awful senseless tragedy. I strongly encourage pet insurance for those who may think of getting another pet in the future. I have it for my pug, he is like a baby to me as I have no children.

    VPI Insurance, Veterinary Pet Insurance covers routine care and a lot of illnesses including cancer and many others.

    Petcare Insurance covers illnesses that are typical for breeds along with many other illnesses.

    PLUS, anyone who has dealt with the loss of a beloved pet, may want to check out the following website. It is especially helpful during this awful time of recalled pet foods/treats.

    A Healing Pendant for those experiencing the loss of their beloved human/pet. The kit is made locally and the Sterling Silver top is made by a local jeweler in the Mountains of North Carolina. The kit is exclusive in that it has a scroll to write your commitment, promise or prayer and include it with a few strands of hair, ashes, or other item. It has helped hundreds of adults and children with their grief process and is available only through withmeforever. The technique of the Sterling Silver Tops is an old sprue lost wax technique. The pendant kits are all individually made in Weaverville.

    KathyJo Laurro
    Contact Info:
    80 Sugar Creek Road
    Weaverville, NC 28787

    Hopefully, this will help in the grief process and allow you to have your loved pet close to you and remembered always.

  16. Brenda Woody says:

    I lost Baby (Black Long Hair)1 week before recall. As soon as we found out about the recall our vet said we should have Max (Pure bred Siamese)tested since Baby died or kidney failure. Both cats ate Special Kitty from Wal Mart.Well Max also is in renal failure. He has been hospitalized 2 times for weeks at a time. Now we have nothing left to do. They say to bring him home. Make him comfortable and happy and to make good memories with him.Well how in the world do you have good memories of your furry baby dying? I hate Menu foods and I know God will have His vengence. I would love for it to be mine. I do not know how they live with themselves. I don’t know how I am going to live without my babies.

  17. barb cormier says:

    my chan , 3 years old and healthy, died saturday night with what appeared to be massive stroke or heart attack. He had eaten a whole bag of natural balance brown rice and vennison after the first recall of tainted wheat………I bought what I thought was the safest , best stuff I could get. Well that was a joke when it was recalled on sunday april 15, 2007. I was horrified and just hoped I got a safe batch of it. My chan weighed 14 lbs. and my emma jean 8 lbs. I worried all week, got them tested on friday, and the blood tests said they were ok with the kidney function. Then , only a couple of hours after the vet tests, he started panting heavily, threw up firday night. but in the morning seemed fine, happy, no panting. Several hours later I found him dying, no control over his legs or anything else. Rushed him to an emergency vet hospital. He was dead three hours later. You tell me there is no connection………….there is a connection, what it is God only knows. My emma who weighs less does not seem affected. I am totally confused and …….grief stricken. All I know is a healthy happy young beautiful dog ate a bag of recall and now is dead. what the hell is going on in our country? can we get a government that listens to us, to the enviornmental concerns that are screaming at us? we need clean environment, clean USA food and support of local farms again.

  18. Rose says:

    What goverment….the government that was for the people by the people now only exist for the CEO’s and their elite staff. The American way has become PROFIT for a few at the expense of the rest of this country. Lobbyist should be banned, but our elected officials will never correct this as they also profit at our expense. I fear what the future holds and I have gone back to organic food for my not only my human family, but also my pets.

    My pets are like children to me….as you I have a conscience. My heart goes out to your loss.

  19. Someone who knows says:

    If the question asked by Glenn Conte is from Passaic County - New Jersey - Paterson to be exact, he never had a cat . . . in fact, he killed strays instead of taking them to a nearby animal shelter. He’s a sick, demented person.

    Another example of a low life looking to make a quick buck.

  20. John A. says:

    I lost my best four legged feline friend on February 19, 2007, which I believe is before the Menu Foods recall came out. She had been fed tainted food that I returned to the pet store shortly after her death and unaware of the recall.

    My Goldie had thyroid problems and was 17 years of age. Since December 2006, she kept vomiting and loosing weight despite being on medication and was taken to the vet several times. Then a week before she died, she started passing a lot of blood, increased vomiting, drinking tons of water and urinating just about any where . The vet treated her with antibiotics and seemed to get better. But two days after completing the antibiotics, I had to have her put to sleep since she took a very sudden turn for the worse. She was definitely suffering a lot.

    Now that she is gone, having her remains cremated and no receipts for the pet food, I am at a loss of what to do since I feel tainted pet food hastened her death and took away a very dear friend and trusted companion.

    What disturbs me about this whole ordeal is that our government and corporations are doing business with the Chinese who caused this whole problem and little if nothing is being done about it. We must ask ourselves if the United States and other western hemisphere countries should be doing business China since that country has clearly demonstrated life is cheap in its use of slave labor and sending tainted food to this country.

    The tainted food China has sent us will eventually make it into human foods and that country will not accept any accountability or responsibility when people begin to get sick and die. At the same time our government will do absolutely nothing because of the almighty dollar.

  21. Ernesto says:

    Does anyone know of a lawsuit against Natural Balance or it’s makers? Please advise.



  22. Bonnie says:

    I lost my cat this Feb. He got sick the last of Oct. He was a very healthy robust cat until suddenly getting ill. Blood tests revealed the highest abnomal numbers my vet had seen and was at a loss for a reason. antifreeze was mentioned but that was not possible.
    He was treated in the hospital for a week and was returned to me to be treated at home until I had to let him go in
    Feb. I was told he had to eat cat food instead of only the broiled chicken so I fed him the cat food again only to find out after he was gone I had poisoned him.
    If you used a store discount card like the ones from Petsmart and Petco they should have proof of what food you purchased.
    I know this food was tainted prior to November.
    I spent over 4,000.00 on my boy only to lose him anyway I am now treating my girl she has IBS and was unable to hold the food down as much but the heartbreaking struggle goes on.
    My heart goes out to everyone touched by this …

  23. Roie Griego says:

    One of our rescued dogs, Sammy Girl, a sweet & gentle yellow lab/shephard mix whose owner went into a nursing home came into our rescue in foster care. She had been with us a while & was doing great until she ate a can of Schnucks dog food. She went downhill from that point forward - we did everything we could to save her, but she finally died from kidney complications. At the time that she ate the food we were not aware of the recall yet, but realized it shorlty afterwards. We have no empty can or real proof that she ate this food, but we did tell the vet who treated her. We ran up a lot of vet bills trying to save her - she was worth it - but should not have had to suffer & die because of this outrageous negligence.
    For the Animals,
    Roie Griego, President Friends of the Animals, Inc.

  24. Pet Food Recall Lists | Elaine Vigneault says:

    […] Yahoo Group for class action law suit: […]

  25. Lauren says:

    On Friday, May 4th we lost our dear 6-year old Airedale due to Kidney Failure. He spent 5 days being treated on IV fluids, and on the 5th day they let us know that his numbers (CREA, PHOS, BUN) were getting worse. Our dog was jogging with us just the week before. Please, if you know anyone who is seeing differences in their dog’s behavior, please encourage them to get a blood test at their vet. It may be too late, but perhaps they’ll save their pet’s life. We are devestated beyond belief, and an autopsy will be performed to more accurately access what may have been the cause for this suddent illness.
    Thinking of everyone with pets in these troubled times,

  26. chris M says:

    Well I unfortunately have had to research this group, you see my beautiful cocker spaniel ,who had been eating Alpo, of course the one that was recalled has just given birth to 9 little deceased babies, The week that we learned of the Alpo recall was the week the puppies internal organs were being formed, I hace a canine pregnanct chart that is very accurate, (We used it last time she was pregnant, and it was within one day of her delivery date), this is so incrediably devastating to all of us, Bless our pets. Chris

  27. Julianne Wisor says:

    Outrageous! My 10 year old dog Rosie and I have beaten mast cell cancer twice. Last Sept. we were told she had a month to live. She kicked cancer’s backside even through that death verdict until she ran into some of the recalled Menu Food Product. How ticked off and angry am I that we could come through and beat all of those odds stacked against us to have the very food I feed her almost kill her. Thanks to your NEGLIGENCE she is in kidney failure and I almost lost her twice while she was in the animal hospital for treatment. Her suffering through this poison in her food was FAR WORSE then any of the cancer treatments she underwent. Not only should you be ashamed of yourselves but I truly believe those of us with animals affected should get all of your money until you are bankrupt! You’ve almost bankrupted me with the vet bills so you should feel my pain. In a society of an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth I would love to see you eat that stuff you were having us feed our pets so you could suffer through the pain they suffered through as well. Dispicable!

  28. Diana Legakis says:

    Our beautiful Tat Cat is suffering from kidney failure due to eating Special Kitty from Wal Mart. We are suffering with her - Fluid treatments every other day, medications that she hates, cooking 4 or 5 different items trying to entice her to eat, just to keep her alive - We are starting our 6th week - so far no improvement, but no worse either. We are not giving up - Can’t imagine life without her. We have unopened packages of the tainted food along with receipts and mounting vet bills. We also have 2 Dogs & a Bunny, and we are living in fear of more recalls and more sick animals
    I would like to make sure the companies involved are held accountable for their negligence. I would also like to see tighter restrictions put on imports and more thorough inspections on products before they hit the shelves . There has to be some way to ensure that this never happens again - either to our animals, our children or ourselves !!

  29. JC Morrison says:

    My cats (2 years old) were both fed Special Kitty all their lives. In Feb. the smaller of the two, they are sisters, quit eating, started drinking alot of water, lost weight she couldn’t afford to lose, and just layed around 24/7. About 2 weeks after the other one got the same symptoms but she had extra weight on her so I couldn’t really tell she was sick. I took them both to the vet the 1st week of the recall and the little on was diagnosed with kidney failure and the vet kept her for almost 2 weeks. We decide not to traumatized the bigger cat and put her on the same diet as the little one. Well, after 2 weeks of IV fluid replacement the vet said I could take my baby home so I did. She said she would give her a week at the most and then we would probably have to put her down. She was so traumatized being in the vet for two weeks she was like the pet cemetary cat that came back to life. Her potassium level was all off so her head was real stiff and bent, it was awful. Anyway, I was determined she wasn’t going to be put down because I was attached to her now, and I have never had pets all my life. It’s now been almost 3 months, I feed both cats a diet for kidney failure and also give them pedilite mixed with their water. They are both getting healthier everyday but I still have the vet bills to pay plus they are going to be on this kidney diet forever. That means special food that the vet prescibes which costs a bit more than regular food. Also, checkups with the vet every 3-4 weeks. I spoke with a representative from MENU foods and they said they would be sending out claim forms but thats been a month ago and I haven’t received anything. I figure they won’t have to pay. So now what? This is going to be on going for ever….do I join a class action suit or what…..someone should be held responsible for this. What are other pet owners doing? I would appreiciate your input. Thank you.

  30. Jeannie R. Hudson says:

    Our 6 year old Australian Shepard mix was put to sleep on May 4, 2007. The first time we noticed something was wrong was not until April, Simba ate at night, we did not realize he stopped eating, until we noticed a weight change, and flu like symtoms. He wouldnt eat, and at first drink water, then was always thirsty, he could barely walk from being so weak. We took him to the vet for test, and found that he had kidney failure, but could do treatments, we tried home treatments, because we couldnt afford the treatments for him to stay, we did get prescriptions for IV’s from the vet to take home…he still wouldnt eat, then developed sores, and we took him back to find out he then had complete kidney failure…We then put him to sleep. We are devestated, he was family, and my kids don’t understand how this happened, they are angry, and hurt. We did what we could afford to help him, but he just was suffering so much, he looked as though it was OKay when the needle was inserted to put him to sleep..I cried for hours, and held onto him when he was pronounced deceased. I couldnt believe it all happened so fast…Someone should be responsible, we tell our children to be responsible for our actions, these people responsible for the foods that humans, and pets eat, should make sure that its safe!!

  31. eileen lucia says:

    My cats were all eating Science Diet MD dried perscription cat food. I have just been told that one of my cats has a very low blood count and could possibly have 1. a mass on his pancreas or 2 lymphoma. One of my other cats and licked away all her fur on her tummy and hind legs. We took them of MD as soon as we heard news that it had been recalled. My cat that was licking all her fur off has now grown new hair and at last looks normall. I would like to ask anyone if their kitties had a low blood count. I asked the vet if it could be connected and she did not care to say. I can only assume she does not want to get dragged into a law suit. Tommy and Tara seem to be better now on Purina’s DM. How can I find out if the MD gave them other symtoms beside kidney.

  32. Bill says:


  33. Julina says:

    I too have suffered a loss. My dog was perfectly healthy, strong and beautiful. She only ate dry food Purina brand. The only thing different I did was purchase a bag of dog food from PetSmart, they had just opened one in our area right across from a brand new Sam’s Club, which I am a member. She was use to eating Beneful and Purina Indoor chicken and oatmeal formula. I use to buy her food from Target. They assured me that no dry food had been affected and all had been pulled off the shelf, so I purchased Purina One chicken formula dry dog food after seeing they were out of Beneful. She was 5 years old and had never had a problem before. The early morning of the 17th of May , 2007 she was having diarreah, drinking alot of water, more than normal and she was very weak, after taking her out to potty, she started panting and kind of collapsed on the bedroom rug. I rushed her to the vet and he said had she been in rat poison our antifreeze? I said no, we don’t use that in or around our house, my two kitties appeared ok. She was an inside dog only and only walked on a leash, by myself or my husband, she was never out of our site. My heart just sunk because I think a parent knows when something is really wrong and I knew she was dying and my gut told me it was the food. I was in shock and after spending as much time with her as we could, she was euthanized. We held her in our arms, cried and had to take her home to bury in the backyard, all of this happened so suddenly right before Mother’s Day. My husband said it was time to bury her but I just wanted to stay with her in the front room, she was in her bed and I just couln’t believe she was gone. My husband and I cannot have children and she was our child. I am still grief stricken and in much pain, I am also furious at how this is going down. I also suspect PetSmart food and wonder just how many people who’s pets may have died or become ill purchased the suspect food from PetSmart. It is curious to note that my receipt is very vauge and does not show the exact product, but rather says SA Food????? I do still have the food and treats I purchased right before she got sick and I went there to confront them as to why my receipt said something different? The manager was rude and insulting. He could not give me a definite answer. I became really concerned when I brought a bag of the exact food up to the counter and it said exactly what it was. Something is not right here. He had the nerve to say that if I could prove that the food was purchased there the other manager would be glad to refund my money!!!! It was all I could do not to haul off and hit him. I am not a violent person but I told him don’t you dare insult me, that is a slap in my face, if you think I would want your money. I don’t want money or nothing from you, I told him. My dog is dead, and your money won’t repalce her. I do want to get to the bottom of this and I do want someone held accountable. I don’t want anymore needless, gruesome deaths of animals and I don’t want my Isis’s death to be in vain. All of our animals deserve so much more than that. This is a nightmare and I don’t know why some people refuse to wake up. This is not something just happening to one person, or one animal its happening all over!!!!!!!!! The Purina food was Purina One Natural Blends Adult Dog Chicken & Oatmeal Formula says Best Used by Dec2007 61701083 0630L02, the treats were Amercian Kennel Club, Bacon and Cheese Flavor and Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier, I don’t think it was the treats because I noticed she through up right after eating the Purina One Natural Blends.

  34. Susan Munoz says:

    Both me and my husband spent Easter sunday in the emergency clinic with both our beloved shorthair of 6 years and our newly adopted Sphynx kitten - only 7 months old. Within 48 hrs of feeding Blue Buffalo kitten dry and spa select moist food, both cats were diagnosed with kidney failure. We lost our shorthair and the Sphynx barely pulled through - but my a miracle unknown even to our vet - pulled through and is now on a special kidney diet. You can only imagine that she is now eating the same food in which I took her off of in order to feed them a “holistic” food because I was scared to give them Science Diet. Blue Buffalo has promised to reimburse, but doesn’t believe in reimbursing for “future expenses” and to date, I have seen no $$ returned. The pain and agony that my cat and kitten endured throughout this was excrutiating to watch - and heartfelt by our entire family. My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered a loss throughout this food recall. - as tears really poured out of our family during this crisis. Blue Buffalo should not be fed by any means, and I believe it was the FDA’s testing of my food that prompted the food recall of Blue Buffalo. They were called by me and told about the food immediately, but chose to do nothing. Other than providing our pets with homemade food, there is no guarantee of preventing this. I do believe that everyone that has pulled funds out of of pocket should be reimbursed in full for every single penny spent on their pets because of this contamination, both for past, present and future call if needed.

  35. Kristi Robinson says:

    Does anyone know of a class action suit against the makers of Alpo? We lost our georgous gentle giant, shepherd-chow mix, February of this year. He was such a good guy he would never complain if something was wrong with him. One morning, my husband yelled “Babe, Killer’s dying”….I ran down to see what was going on, and sure enough our georgous guy was lying with bowl all around him and having a seizure. We rushed him to the vet who diagnosed acute renal failure (kidney failure). He advised that Killer’s kidneys were shot and they can not repair themselves. My husband was a medic/nurse in the army and knew all to well that Killer would never get better from this - so we made that horrible decision to lay him to rest.

    We found out that the Ol’ Roy we still had was not on the recall list, but all the Alpo we purchased and still had some of was on the list. We have many cans still with receipts as well as the vet diagnosis and bill. We called Alpo to find out what they were going to do, and today (July 6, 2007) they finally offered a settlement of paying $600 for the vet bills. My husband told them that was rediculous and that they should at bare minimum also pay to replace the dog’s value….They offered us a total of $800. My husband got angry with them, as we obviously feel Killer’s value was way more than any amount of money can buy, and told him that was not enough of an offer. The gentleman quoted something from a paper he was reading that was to the effect of “I can no longer negotiate with you, I will not call you again, please do not call this office again as our offer to settle is no longer valid” and he hung up on my husband.

    That has made me so angry to know that the companies who are responsible for poisoning our beloved animals are trying to pay vet bills, if anything - when, if this was to happen in our human food chain (and I have read reports that state this chemical has been found in the feed given to our poultry, pork, fish etc…) What would they offer us if this happened to one of our sons? Well, Killer was another one of our sons.

    God bless those who have been devestated by this horrible tradgedy -

    P.S. I just read a website that is a class action suit against many pet food companies, not just for this poisoning - but for their misrepresentation of offering quality pet foods like meaty chicken n rice or something tasty - when in fact what is actually put in pet food is morbid, disgusting stuff that truly isn’t healthy at all….things like carcasus of dead cats and dogs, hair, body parts of other animals, diseased carcasus of dead animals……Our little Scrappy, Manchester Cahuahua, gets a homemade meal of hamburger and rice and/or whatever we’re eating now. We don’t even trust the products out there now - as I’ve seen the latest addition to the recall list was just this past May.

  36. Julina says:

    I finally found this forum again. My heart goes out to all who have suffered a loss. I read the above post again, just now being able to start to get my senses after the death of my beloved dog, Isis. The date she was rushed to the animal hospital and subsequently died was May 12th, not May 17th, I am sorry for the typo.

    I was dealing with the grief and all the days were running together while I was researching just how this tragedy could have happened. It took me some time to be able to call the animal hospital and ask them to mail her
    medical papers. Those of you who have suffered the loss of your pet know what I mean. Talking to them on the phone is like reliving it all over again.
    I just couldn’t stand the pain. I have had to switch vets because I just can’t
    walk in there again.

    I have been notified by the class action lawyers and sent papers that I signed and mailed off. If there is anyone who wishes to get in contact with me regarding this or if I can help in anyway, you can contact me at:

    I hope soon this horror will end for all of us, new laws will be in place to protect our precious animals and those who are responsible for this outrage will be held to full accountability.

    God Bless you all and my all of our animals rest in peace knowing that they are forever in our hearts and will not be forgotten.

    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter
    of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their
    fellow men.” -St. Francis of Assisis

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