Menu Foods Continues To Lay Off Workers After Pet Food Recalls, Food Safety Expert Joins Menu

Menu Foods

Menu Foods continues to lay off more employees since the pet food recalls began in March.

A Menu Foods spokesman said that less than 15 workers were laid off from the Emporia, Kansas plant.

He said: “It is directly a result of consumer and market demand. It is tied to the recall. It’s not a reflection on the individual.”

In other Menu-Foods related news, the company announced that Gale Prince has been added to its Board of Trustees as well as his appointment to the Board of Directors of Menu Foods GenPar Limited, the administrator of the Fund. Prince will also serve as Chair of the Board of Directors’ Food Safety and Quality Assurance Committee.

“Gale Prince is a highly regarded food safety expert in Canada and the United States with over 40 years experience in the retail food safety field,” said C. Ian Ross, Chairman of the Board. “With his lengthy record of service in industry, government and regulatory organizations, Gale is in a unique position to make a significant contribution to the Menu Foods team.”

“We are very fortunate to have Gale Prince join us,” said Dr. Rick Shields, Menu’s Executive Vice-President, Technical Service. “I know he shares our commitment to providing the highest quality products to our contract manufacture and private-label customers. His reputation certainly precedes him. We look forward to his contributions to our efforts to produce safe and nutritious pet food.”

Prince is touted for his leadership in advancing food safety throughout all segments of the food industry. He was the driving force behind the development of the retail food industry’s “FightBAC!” program on food safety training, and conducted the industry’s first food store manager certification program. He is the Past President of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) and is currently Chair of the IAFP Foundation.

Most recently, he played a senior role at The Kroger Co., overseeing product safety for all food products offered nationwide through Kroger’s retail stores and manufactured at that company’s 42 plants.

Source: Emporia Gazette

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29 Responses to “Menu Foods Continues To Lay Off Workers After Pet Food Recalls, Food Safety Expert Joins Menu”

  1. Pukanuba says:

    “We look forward to his contributions to our efforts to produce safe and nutritious pet food.”

    Safe & nutritious pet food & Menu Foods don’t seem to go together……

  2. Rocky says:

    Paul, you’re fired!;search=

  3. 5CatMom says:

    Not sure a “food safety expert” can fix what ails MENU.

    MENU’s management are complete morons. Only morons would switch to a low cost supplier (Chem-Nutra) of off-shore ingredients and not perform their own quality assurance tests.

    Forget the melamine, how about a REAL protein test. Did you test for REAL PROTEIN? Did you observe those brown crystaline bits in your cheap “wheat gluten”? Did you test anything? Did you inspect anything?

    Or did you just dump the “wheat gluten” into the hopper?

    If Paul Henderson says he’s a victim one more time, I’ll go “blooey”, for sure.

    Here’s Paul (once again) in the September issue of the Pet Food Industry magazine claiming to be a victim:


    The real VICTIMS are the thousands of pets that were either killed or damaged for life by Menu’s poison.

    Shame on you MENU FOODS INCOME FUND.

  4. pat says:

    so they put this guy on the board because he has clout in the industry, yes? i don’t care if they put albert schwietzer on the bloomin board; i will never buy another menu food product

  5. Lynne says:

    Corporate greed strikes again. This is epidemic in our country.

  6. nora says:

    welllll…..40 years experience of any of the “food safty experts” in the industry did not avoid the pet food tainting incidence and the tainted foods still are out there. Seems just another higher up, overpaid employee who will help the big corps cut expenses and corners and find ways around the public’s concern. DO NOT TRUST COMMERCIAL. They will forever try to blow smoke up you know where.

  7. purringfur says:

    “Menu bought the gluten from a U.S. supplier, the company said earlier this year, but that company in turn had purchased it from China. Wheat gluten is a high-demand ingredient around the world, used in everything from food additives to wallpaper paste, so finding enough of a supply can be difficult.”


    Yes, now prices have gone up as companies are refusing to buy the Chinese gluten. Any way, Menu Foods DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT PRODUCT THEY WERE TOSSING INTO PET FOOD FOR MONTHS! Wheat gluten / rice protein concentrate = WHEAT FLOUR???

    “At various points in this process, we had to issue temporary lay-off notices for most of our operating employees. It is TRULY UNFORTUNATE THAT THESE COMMITTED EMPLOYEES — who are directly responsible for our strong reputation in the first place — WERE ADVERSELY AFFECTED BY A FRAUD THAT TOOK PLACE HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD…”

    Sorry for the laid off employees. And it is TRULY UNFORTUNATE that YOU DID NOT TEST THE PRODUCTS to even see what they were (let alone test for unknown toxins) AND TURNED YOUR BACK ON PET OWNERS!

    Menu, this is the bed YOU MADE, now sleep in it!

    Workers should be VERY ANGRY at Menu for trying to cut corners and NOT TEST or EVEN KNOW IF THEY RECEIVED THE CORRECT PRODUCT IT ORDERED. Don’t try to pass the buck, which you’re good at, to the fraud perpetrated by the Chinese. MENU, as well as the 150+ branded companies, is just as guilty as the Chinese (IF you believe the melamine from China story) for not testing or even knowing what ingredients were going into the food.

    And we still have to get to the bottom of the DRUGS, such as acetaminophen and aminopterin, being found in the pet food, which WE WILL — COUNT ON IT. So, don’t blame the Chinese for everything.

    Did Paul Henderson set up a “Family Emergency Fund” for laid off employees yet? Or, do you think Henderson & Marc Weins are more concerned about the Income Fund profits and the shareholders’ satisfaction, instead of you and your family’s well-being?

    What will you do when your unemployment runs out? Henderson is rolling in big bucks. You were an hourly-wage employee. Turn to your boss for the mortgage payments and medical bills. People here feel sorry for the hourly wage earners and their families and would probably be the first ones to help out in a crisis. Are YOU being helped by your company that turned its back on the pet owners? Did Menu recall products as soon as it heard that pets were sick or dead?

    “Before the recall, Menu controlled 75 percent of the private-label market in Canada and 50 percent in the United States.”

    NOT NOW! As I said earlier, please update your resumes and go back to school before your unemployment runs out because I doubt very much that Henderson will dig into his pocket to let all of you have $5,000 here or there to buy braces for your child or buy you a new vehicle when yours breaks down.

    And Menu’s clients continue to drop out. Do you think Walmart sales will sustain Menu? Think again. Walmart’s name is mud, thanks to being the biggest retailer importing toxic, hazardous, cheaply-made products that it buys for cents on the dollar and marks way up. Well, people are boycotting Walmart big time for food and products! This is becoming a national trend. Let’s watch Walmart’s 4th quarter sales compared to last year’s.

    America is finally waking up, thanks to the lid being blown off the pet food industry! It’s too bad our pets had to die to give us this wake up call, and we grieve for them, reliving their suffering and death, every single day!

    Does Menu think that by bringing in Gale Prince as a food safety expert that it will regain consumer confidence? NEVER! Remember, the ENTIRE PET FOOD INDUSTRY WAS EXPOSED FOR WHAT IT IS. People now know exactly what goes into the food, both cheap and expensive foods, and HOW LAX REGULATION IS of the industry.

    AAFCO feeding trials, anyone? Complete garbage! 24 weeks long? Only 6 out of 8 animals have to “make it through”? Yup! Pass! The food’s nutritious! Rest assured. It has the AAFCO seal on it!

    Pet Food Industry (PFI) member? Means nothing. Means even less to be a member of Duane Ekedahl’s group. It’s just a self-serving industry mouthpiece every member can gather around and hide behind to fight any forthcoming regulations that might not yield the highest profits. Duane is a laughing stock from his appearances before the Senate committees, which opened our eyes even wider when we listened to his drivel.

    Do you see a session at this pet food conference on how to help laid off pet food employees?

    What the PF industry is working on now:

    Posted by Timothy Phillips on the petfood industry dot com forum under “Menu Foods and brand owners” heading:

    quote is cited by Phillips from food safety expert Doug Powell at a conference:
    “Your name is on it, you sell an unsafe product, you’re liable.”;t=17028

    We need more people like Doug Powell… too bad no one’s listening to him, which has caused the plummeting sales in Menu Foods and the brand names it manufactures for… Do you now see what ignoring and shifting blame can do to a company?

    CYA & Spin conference:

    We consumers are way too educated now. My engraved wooden BOX OF ASHES of WHAT USED TO BE MY 75 LB. INTELLIGENT, BOUNCING MIXED BREED DOG is what drives me to educate other people, to call political figures, to alert news media, and to open conversations with people in stores.

    Whenever I look at my cat that was ALSO POISONED & HAS KIDNEY DISEASE and WONDER HOW LONG HE WILL LIVE AS A RESULT OF POISONING or when I pass next to my DOG’S ASHES, I ask myself if I think I have done enough today to get the word out!

  8. Tripower says:

    It looks like he was in the human food safety industry, NOT pet food.

    For more than 25 years, Mr. Prince served on the food protection and safety committees of the Food Marketing Institute, International Dairy Foods Association, and the American Bakers Association. He has also worked to ensure product safety for a myriad of other food organizations, boards and committees including, the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association, the Ohio Retail Food Safety Council, the Conference for Food Protection, and the Association of Food and Drug Officials Endowment Foundation. Mr. Prince has served on the US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency’s Suspicious Orders Task Force

  9. shibadiva says:

    Mr. Prince also brings years of experience with food recalls as a director at Kroger. According to some conference notes somewhere on the web, his job was to cut and paste lot numbers from Excel spreadsheets to send to the FDA although, as he pointed out, these could be ambiguous due to co-mingling when multiple rejected lots are dumped into a vat to be used as animal feed.

    Gotta have more guys at the top to keep the spin spinning.

  10. Tripower says:

    From year 2000:

    “Science has changed as well, Prince noted. “Analytical techniques have advanced. Now instead of looking at parts per million, we’re looking at parts per billion,” he said. “And DNA fingerprinting techniques today can trace a foodborne illness all the way back to the exact source.”

  11. Trudy Jackson says:

    I really need help with these answers.
    When i posted the other day for everyone to look at you Tube -Inside a Rendering plant. I watched the tape. I don’t know why. It made Me sick and now I have nightmares every night. so i wnted to find out more about this place. I found out that next door is a company called “Baker Commodities”. these plants also have have something to do with “Darling International”. Wasn’t that mentioned as a feed dealer? And One is Called “D&D Disposal West Coast Rendering, Vernon, Cal. All these animals, eggs, and maggots, plus plastic bags are rendered.
    This is all made into –Protein Meal”. Where does this- Protein Meal”, go? Does it go into feed for chickens, hogs, and beef.? Does it go into food for dogs and cats?
    Just what is it and where does it go?
    Now, I can’t eat again, and I need to know what’s going on with this??
    Is this coming back into our food? My pets food? this is so gross.
    Will Someone Please tell Me if they know Anything???????

  12. Dave says:

    Trudy, good luck in trying to find out what is going on. The rendering plants and the pet food companies all play the shell gamer…now you see it now you don’t….all under the cloud of “trade secrets”. Trudy, be a detective one day and follow a loaded truck to the next stop.

    I can’t believe any of the pet food companies would put this type of stuff in their pet foods when they show all those lovely pieces of veggies, fruits, meats, chicken and fish on their packaging…..oh, I forgot, this IS the pet food industry….where false advertising is allowed.

  13. Trudy Jackson says:

    Dave, thanks. Did You look at that piece on You Tube?
    I live in N.C> But I lived in Cal you better believe I would find out one way or another.
    I’m sure it has to be going into food. They have to be making a lot of money somewhere.

  14. menusux says:

    Re: Menu Foods and Gale Prince–birds of a feather still flock together.

    “Prince is touted for his leadership in advancing food safety throughout all segments of the food industry. He was the driving force behind the development of the retail food industry’s “FightBAC!” program on food safety training, and conducted the industry’s first food store manager certification program. He is the Past President of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) and is currently Chair of the IAFP Foundation.

    “Most recently, he played a senior role at The Kroger Co., overseeing product safety for all food products offered nationwide through Kroger’s retail stores and manufactured at that company’s 42 plants.”

    So he was there for this:

    May 2 , 2007

    “All Pet Pride products recalled today by Menu Foods were included in Kroger’s expanded recall on March 23, 2007.”

    April 10, 2007

    “All products recalled today by Menu Foods were included in Kroger’s expanded recall on March 23, 2007. ”

    List of Menu Foods Made Kroger Value and Pet Pride pet foods recalled due to contaminated wheat flour AKA “wheat gluten”.

    Menu Foods chose to become a victim–First, by this business decision:

    The City Edition May-June 2007-Page 2

    “In late 2005, Menu Foods switched from the US-based MGP Ingredients and signed a 10-year contract with ChemNutra to take advantage of the lower-priced Asian imports.”

    And then by failing to test the “wheat gluten” it purchased from ChemNutra from late 2005 on. Testing the product would have revealed that it wasn’t wheat gluten at all, but wheat flour. The realization that what was received wasn’t what was delivered should have been enough to stop what happened. This knowledge would have aroused suspicions right there–before the word melamine came into this.

    If you frequent bad neighborhoods, you’re far more likely to get mugged than if you stay away from them. Menu made the choice to enter that area and has been crying “Victim!” ever since. Their corporate Pity Party has been so intense they fail to see that the REAL victims of what they did walk on four legs.

    Sorry, Menu,–you’re forced to live with the consequences of your business decisions. A shame that so many who bought your food and trusted it are doing likewise.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is a statement from a presentation Prince gave to IFT in 2005:

    “A crisis is not only a public relations nightmare, but it can destroy your brand name, destroy your trademark, destroy you company, destroy your career and cause extensive personal challenges,” said Gale Prince, director of regulatory affairs for Kroger food company.

    Being fully aware of every characteristic of the company’s products rounds out his recommendations.

    “Regarding raw materials, for instance – (does the company) know exactly where they’re coming from? Is there security for all transit vehicles? How is incoming product inspected? Is storage secure?” Prince said.

    “Product safety simply cannot be taken for granted,” said Prince. Crises can happen at a moment’s notice, he added. “It’s not just important to have a written plan and a system in place for dealing with crises; it’s essential for (a company’s) survival,” he said.

    Look like no one took his advise then..will they now??

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    Menusux, Since you check out so many things- Can you give Me any answers? Please. Thanks

  17. Ruth says:

    ” Menu Foods spokesman said that less than 15 workers were laid off from the Emporia, Kansas plant.”

    Were these employees the wage trade off for hiring Gale Prince?

    Just another figure head to tout off how concerned MF is about product safety. And the spin….spin…..continues. MF just doesnt’ get it. Consumers want safe eatable products not garbage from China and rendering plants.

  18. purringfur says:


    It’s certainly needed. SO DO SOMETHING!

  19. shibadiva says:

    What difference does it make whether you can precisely track the garbage that comes from the rendering plants? Or the waste corn, mill ends and sweepings?

  20. Trudy Jackson says:

    The difference is that I need to know where it’s going. In exactly what kind of food?
    They call the “finished” product Protein Meal.

  21. Trudy Jackson says:

    I found what i needed. And this is about what your pets eat as well as us.

    Check out the kibble link while you are there.

    I am going to become a veg.

  22. Don Earl says:

    Menu will likely be bankrupt within a year. Paul and the boys will bail with golden parachutes. Investors will watch their stock turned into wastepaper, while insiders buy up the parts for pennies on the dollar.

    The class action attorneys will still be dinking around long after the assets have gone missing, and the mass pet murderers will be living a life of luxurious retirement, laughing all the way to the bank.

    Will the clown who wasn’t keeping Kroger’s pet food labels safe be an asset to the company? Well, about all I can say is there must have been a good reason he needed a new job and had to settle for a loser like Menu. It’s always handy to have a fresh face to play CEO for a day when companies go Chapter 11.

  23. Katie says:

    First off I’m sorry for the laid off workers but it happens to many people. First and foremost pets got sick and pets died. Menu knew there was a problem and held off on a recall, that makes them accountable.

    Surprise, Surprise…so now they hire Mr Prince to make them look as if they care and want me to think they are a good and responsible business. I don’t think so… Mr Henderson, all the PR in the world will not change my opinion of you or your company. And, the same can be said of the PFI.

    Surprisingly at my dogs visit to the vet this past week. He is so impressed with her change in health and body condition that he wants me to keep on home cooking! and offered suggestions of new foods to try; like black beans, pumpkin, etc.

    Trudy: thanks for the links. Upset me, but it’s information that makes me keep on with home cooking. I couldn’t open another bag or can of commercial pet food.


  24. purringfur says:

    A good read, especially under the section “Embrace Ultrapremium Standards”

    Some of the author’s comments angered the audience.

  25. Trudy Jackson says:

    Katie, thanks, i should probably print it out and show it to everyone who feeds kibble.
    It sure makes a strong statement about why anyone would want to cook at home for their pets.

  26. Lynn says:

    PurringFur -

    I read that link. What really caught my attention was one word….just one word:

    “He defines ultrapremium ingredients as: ‘Ingredients produced with the INTENT of being consumed by humans.’”

    We all INTEND to do something……but at the end of the day are the results what was originally intended???? I think they need to change their definition.

    [Do they really think we’re fools and won’t catch these ambiguities?]

  27. shibadiva says:

    Some of the angry comments: Yes, we’ve gone from basic petfoods to ultrapremium petfoods. Next, we may see “better than human-grade ingredients” and “people are not good enough for this food” petfoods.

    Poor baby. We retirees will truly be enjoying our cat food… ;o)

  28. nora says:

    And for you Ms Trudy Jackson…..The book “Food Pets Die For” by Ann N. Martin, tells it like it is and has been for decades. And daily, literally tons of euthanized dogs and cats from shelters and vet clinics with their tags and flea collars and some of their bodies still in plastic bags are thrown into the rendering vat to be cooked up to be consumed by dogs and cats owned and cared for by anyone still foolish and gullible enough to buy commercial pet food. Buy it at Borders for about $12.00. There is so much to learn. Become enlightened. It is a labor of love.

  29. Anonymous says:

    OT, sort of- Menusux, others- human site- toxic elements

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