Menu Foods’ Exclusive Contract with Iams’ Until 2013

Digging DogEXCLUSIVE TO ITCHMO: We dug up some buried documents on the Menu Foods Web site, particularly financial reports that outline an exclusive 10-year contract to supply Iams’ with their wet pet food started in 2003. In plain English, Iams’ will only sell Menu Foods’ wet pet foods as its own until 2013.

On October 31, 2003, Menu completed its acquisition of P&G/Iams’ production facility in North Sioux City, South Dakota. The Fund acquired inventory and property, plant and equipment and assumed all the employees of that facility. Concurrent with the acquisition, the Fund entered into an agreement to supply, on an exclusive basis, all of P&G/Iams’ canned wet pet food requirements in the United States and Canada.

The supply contract (the “Contract”) consists of an exclusive agreement to supply all the canned wet pet food requirements for Proctor & Gamble/Iams (”P&G/Iams”) in the United States and Canada. The Contract is carried at cost less accumulated amortization. Amortization, which is charged to cost of sales, is computed over the estimated term of the Contract, which is ten years.

When this recall escapes the collective minds of the public, Menu Foods will continue to make and sell its wet pet foods under the Iams’ brand.

On another note, we were surprised to find a Menu Foods code of ethics document that states:

We are committed to full and honest communications with our customers about Menu’s products and services

Customers are an essential element of our success. Their trust in us must be justified. Care should be taken not to make promises that Menu cannot keep.

No employee shall make false or misleading statements about Menu Foods’ products and services – not in promotional material, personal sales calls with customers or in any of our communications with customers.

Customers are entitled to candid and thorough explanations of the terms and conditions of sale and any guarantees or warranties.

So far, we have not been impressed with their “candid and thorough explanations”.

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  3. Seishumi Tojikoda says:

    I will never buy Ims pet foods, wet or dry again!
    No wonder the Pet Food stores here in Toronto, no longer carry any type of Ims foods, and only the grocery stores sell it now. Somewhere in 2003, there was a distinct difference in the quality of the wet cat food, and my cats were no longer crazy about it, and the odor of their stools changed. I feel very bad because I thought I was feeding my purebreds a very good food, and recommended it to my customers. There was a time Ims and Eukanuba were considered premium pet foods.

  4. Cats In Canada says:

    Both Eukanuba and Iams have canvased cats shows for over 10 years now. It’s a great way for commercial pet food manufacturers to get in at the ground floor. Give away “kitten packs” including samples and cupons and they’re hooked for life. Same as in the vet’s office.

    When will the public AND the veterinary community learn that a species appropriate diet… mainly raw meat and bones (uncooked) are what our pets should be eating. Fifty years does not constitute evolution, it takes THOUSANDS of years!

    And vets scare the public into using their over processed food when their one and only class in vet school is taught by Hill’s Science Diet representatives and vets.


  5. Furrie Princess says:

    Remember to Menu Foods, the customer is Iams, P&G, Winn-Dixie, Walmart, etc. The consumer is not their “customer”. As consumers we are not even on the radar for information.

  6. Anti-cruelty crusader says:

    Why feed Iams at all?

    It isn’t any better than other brands, and they run lab tests on dogs and cats that aren’t lucky enough to have caring owners. Last I looked, they had been forced by animal activists to stop their cruel experiments, but Iams was actually fighting for the right to kill the last batch of experimental animals, because the experiment they were in was started before the ban on testing in 1999.

    Go to PETA for a list of manufacturers that DON’T test on animals.

    And you might want to remember that while any food from China or India may be subject to the same growing and handling standards as those grown here, having standards and actually observing them is not the same thing. For one thing, inspectors are apparently in very short supply over there.

    Have you googled the ingredient that caused these deaths? Try it. See what the effects on humans are. Ask yourself what else might be coming from China, never mind what other food products this current offending batch of wheat gluten was used in.

  7. arthur c.wolff says:

    anti-cruelty crusader , you’v got it right.. china is a communist country.
    run by 1 party,and that party has no interest in anything but communism.
    add to it a batch of ceo’s who are looking for any way to make more money
    if you don’t believe it? look at all the corporations flocking to use chinas
    labor , save money by avoiding U.S. regulations and taxes and wages ..
    when do people wake up???
    No more trade with corruption..
    i will say it again >if you deal in corruption you pay!!

  8. Elaine Kemp says:

    Unfortunately, PETA’s website is only as good as the info the company provides. When I contacted the Newman’s Own company, they were very evasive, citing confidentiality agreements with their suppliers & manufacturers–would not answre a direct question about any relationship with Menu Foods. Of course, I have found out through other sources they DO contract with Menu Foods. Although their products are not on the recall list, How can they say they don’t test on animals when their manufacturer does? And why the big secret? ANd what is the human foods division of Newman’s Own doing?

  9. Elaine Kemp says:

    Forgot to say, I have colled PETA and they are looking into this.

  10. itchmo! » Blog Archive » Menu Foods Deletes Their Hidden Site says:

    […] You can run, but you can’t hide from the Internet. Last week, if you searched for “menu foods” and “about us”, you’d be linked to a page that Menu Foods removed from their home page. That how yours truly found out about their exclusive 10-year contract with Iams. […]

  11. jean says:

    My experience is similar to Seishumi’s: my older cat always ate Iams dry. Around 2003, the hair on her head started falling out, and she developed a rash on her head. My vet decided it was a food allergy, and he told me that Iams had changed (cheapened) their formula, but food production laws allowed manufacturers to not declare changes in ingredients on packaging for a full six months! My friend’s dog refused to eat Iams about the same time.

  12. Robert F Davis says:

    Looks Like Menu Foods is pulling their website apart removing any financial documents …. so what are they worried people are going to read???? So who could trust anything that company makes now? And who could trust the companies that would use a company that tries to hide information from the public during this horrible time of companion animal deaths.

  13. Robert F Davis says:

    Here is the cached report from Google…

  14. Robert F Davis says:

    Just blogged the following from the 2005 Menu Foods Annual Report:

    In 2005 Menu Foods appears to try to sell ‘Mad Cow’ Food outside normal channels
    From the Menu Foods 2005 Annual Report - attempts to sell ‘Mad Cow’ tainted food was underway….
    “4. Inventory Write-down. At December 31, 2005 Menu still had inventory on hand that related to pre-May 20, 2004 (teh date when a single case of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy was discovered in Alberta). Since this inventory was not saleable in the United States, it proved to be a challenge to sell in the normal channels available to Menu. Throughout 2005, as efforts to sell this inventory were underway, Menu made provisions amounting to $0.9 million.”

  15. Robert F Davis says:

    I updated my blog as more of a question about the ‘Mad Cow’ issue….maybe Menu Foods can explain the paragraph more clearly in their annual report….

    From the Menu Foods 2005 Annual Report - It sounds like Menu tried to sell ‘Mad Cow’ tainted food outside normal channels….or was this normal inventory that could not be sold due to the ‘Mad Cow’ Scare?
    “4. Inventory Write-down. At December 31, 2005 Menu still had inventory on hand that related to pre-May 20, 2004 (teh date when a single case of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy was discovered in Alberta). Since this inventory was not saleable in the United States, it proved to be a challenge to sell in the normal channels available to Menu. Throughout 2005, as efforts to sell this inventory were underway, Menu made provisions amounting to $0.9 million.”

  16. Concerned Parent says:

    I keep hearing to go to PETA’s website to find safe, quality food for my cat. The only places that carry most brands are from pet stores, and PETA is totally against this. Petsmart carries alot of the brands, and on the front page of PETA “The PetSmart Investigation” all about creulty to animals.


  17. Michael C. Keen, Sr. says:

    Do we, the consumers, know today any more than we knew before the recall? I don’t know for certain what has killed my pet and no one knows what has killed and sickened their pets either. They, the manufacturers, the news media, the FDA, the vets and all the laboratories that are testing our pets FOOD have done nothing but complicate the situation. I have counted 5 suposed reasons for our pet illnesses and each one has it’s caveats. Next week is sure to bring some more clues or are these people just leaking enough information to keep us complacent and confused? When will we know whats going on and when we know, will we really know? What if, what we know is not what is killing our pets?

    Feed your pets human grade food until that to is poisoned.

    keen wihtout Abby Gayle

  18. Sandy Dee says:

    I second that Michael. They have said it is Wheat Gluten but it seems to me that there are products out there that have said they contain no Wheat Gluten and people are having sick animals with those too. Both wet and dry.

    At this point in this fiasco, I trust no pet food company with the health of my pets. My animals are living high on chicken, carrots and rice with a pet vitamin just to be sure they are getting what they need. Never again will and of this swill the pet food companies have been selling pass over their lips. Do they have lips? :)

    Scary that this same company imports wheat flour and all the other items also. Looks like I am going to be very careful about what I eat also.

    I’ve said a prayer for all those who have lost or have sick pets. If Karma exists, there are some people who should be very afraid of what is coming their way for their part in this trajedy.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Cross posted with permission

    What’s really killing our pet? Please, we need to know and we need it now!

    keen (Abby Gayle’s rep)

  20. DogsRule07 says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I’m mad as hell about this. I have fed my four dogs a few of these products and they have been sick at various times over the past 6 months. One had intravenous fluids for 3 days to get her past her
    diagnosed kidney failure. Three of them have had to be on antibiotics and my male German Shepherd is currently on antibiotics for bleeding from the urinary track.

    Where is the responsibility for oversight here, if we are to trust the people with the health of our beloved pets? This cheap Chinese market that is being shoved down our throats at our own economic peril is overshadowing our own health and that of our irreplaceable pets.

    Not only is it costing me a fortune, my pets are suffering irreversible damage that may lead to further long term costs…and all because we have put our trust in in these huge concolmerates like Wal-Mart and Kmart whom have likewise put their trust -without oversight- into questionable governments, that have proven to be untrustworthy,…and all that, for profit motives. This is abhorrent business policy at best and at worst…well…Unacceptable!

    Enough of this “Anything for Net Profits Goes…”All Bottom Line” madness” from these people. This has got to Stop!

    T. Huffhines
    Lenexa, KS

  21. brokenheartedangry says:

    lost my five year old healthy standard poodle, to renal failure
    i am not satisfied with the lack of response from the vet because my products have not been listed yet
    if anyone can relate with this please e-mail

  22. kaytye says:

    has anyone ever heard/or have any info. on the web site. all info they advertise, their address. etc can NOT be found. they are con artists playing off the hearts of people who love animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Concerned Mommie says:

    I’m curious when knowing to stay away from menu food, exactly what cat food is affilateded with menu food???? With having three cats that eat Fancy feast,and not listed as a recall. How do we know what cat/dog food is affiliated? And why do the U.S. companies buy from China for their greed? Well evidently our Country is making China and other countries rich and for us to become poor along with all the deaths. I once heard from a noble politician that it will be our Country that will fall within. Does that make any since? God Bless our animals to sacfrice their life and their loved ones that have to deal with this pain because we deal out of United States.My hands are up in the air! Soooo we buy more products from china??? Come On….. That’s not America, Kimmiejo

    Bellbrook,Ohio U,S,A.

  24. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    Kaytye, I see the website. They email me almost every daywith advertisements.


  25. Lisa Clay says:

    “Customers are an essential element of our success. Their trust in us must be justified. Care should be taken not to make promises that Menu cannot keep.”

    What are the other elements that make up their success if not CUSTOMERS?

  26. Cheryl Wrona says:

    If any of you are interested in learning how to make homemade foods for you cats and dogs I will post my email and I will help you. It’s not rocket sceince and you worries will be gone. Cheryl

  27. Concerned kid says:

    My cat only eats dry Iams she has always had a voracious apatite. we hade to put her on a diet to stop her geting way over weight. For a while know we have noteced her lack of appetite and just blamed it on sesonal changes. later when we took her to the vet we learned she had kidney falure. thank you for all your helpful coments. I would love to learn how to make my own catfood Cheryl Wrona thank you. I cant belive those companies lied to us.

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