Menu Foods FDA Report Contradicts Canadian Paper

Thanks to Nikki at Howl911 for the tip. We’re continuing to put the pieces of this puzzle together, one at a time.

According to some media outlets, Menu Foods states that they reported the potential problem with their food on February 20.

Menu Foods told the FDA it received the first complaints of kidney failure and deaths among cats and dogs from pet owners on Feb. 20. It began new tests on Feb. 27.

Another article reports that the initial concern were being reported to the company as early as December, which would correspond with the accelerated speed of mortality in acute kidney failures and the manufacturing date of the product. Menu Foods reported their first lab animal death on March 2nd, a mere 3 days after initiating the test on February 27th.

Starting in December, concerns began filtering back to the company through toll-free customer lines about the “cuts and gravy” style pet food.

We don’t know how The Chronicle got the information about the news starting in December, but if both media sources are reporting accurately, Menu Foods provided inaccurate and potentially misleading data to the FDA. Whether it is intentional or not, we don’t know. But the media reports indicate that the date Menu Foods gave the FDA was far later than when it potentially first found out about the problem.

The question on many people’s minds is “why did Menu Food wait almost 3 months to start testing their product?”

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  2. Linda Flanagan says:

    I am very angry I am a 50 Yr old woman that can’t have kids, my cats are my kids I did have 6 now have five and I’m watching 2 that may not have long to live because I fed them Fancy feast, a very expensive cat food twice a day for god know how long….. I am angry and no one seems to care. I would like to know if these greedy people would consider feeding this type of tainted food to their kids, and actually pay for it… And then the joy of watching and waiting, the first cat she went fast and at the time we didn’t even know about this tainted food thing. Then Monday I called 800 number after 800 number no one really cares. They made their money. But I welcome them to come to my house and help me watch my family possiby die….. Bastards I hope Karma finds them…

  3. Cathi says:

    I fed my cat Fancy Feast as well and now she is at the Vets with Kidney Failure. Coincidence?

  4. Anonymous says:

    My 6.5 years old cocker spaniel died on Dec 21 2006 due to kidney failure , he was a very healthy dog suddenly fell ill and had all the symtoms that described on the news , he started to get sick on Dec12 and I took them to the vet and had to put him down on Dec21 , It was the hardest thing I ever done in my life is losing my baby . At that time I had no idea how he got to that stage . All i fed him is Iams foods dry and wet . I did not know why my dog died but now with all the recall of pet foods , I believed that it had something to do with my dog death .I am very disappointed that the company let thing like this happened .

  5. Barbara says:

    In March of 2005 our beautiful German Shepherd mysteriously collapsed in seizures and had been on a NUTRO MAX diet which I linked to the symptoms initially. He lost appetite and I had him seen by two veterinarians. One confirmed renal failure, but assured me it wasn’t the food. The other strongly suggested Raw Food diet for some reason. After the second such seizure happened, he didn’t revive as quickly and was incapable of getting up and became very thirsty. This lasted for weeks.Vet said in order to try to save him we had to give him subcutaneous fluids because of the level of dehydration. We were able to get him up again after he was rehydrated, but he’d quickly slip back to a state of dehydration. I thought back: For some reason the vet wanted to put him down immediately after the first seizure as he figured the dog wouldn’t make it. Our dog wasn’t able to lift his hind quarters after awhile and we had to carry him out to relieve himself. He lasted a few more days and I noticed when he drank water there were little, tiny pieces of white material left in the water from his saliva. (DOES ANYBODY ELSE NOTICE THIS SYMPTOM IN THEIR AFFECTED PET?) He gradually got worse and it was heartbreaking to realize he had succumbed to whatever poison he had ingested. With this sudden onset of renal failure, apparently relating to the Nutro, I believe he was poisoned from his diet. We ended up having to put him down as he was really suffering and we knew he would be miserable and wasn’t getting any better. After someone mentioned the presence of euthanized livestock in dog food, I did a little research on Nutro and found that Nutro and several other brands have tested positive for the presence of PENTOBARBITAL (from having used euthanized animals in their food). When i tried to mention this to several authorities the topic was “dismissed”. Might as well have been a discussion of UFO sightings. Now studies are talking about the possible presence of anti-freeze, or possibly toxic wheat gluten.

  6. Kristen Paul says:

    Uhhhh, unless I’m mistaken Fancy Feast was not a recalled food. Although I’m terribly sorry about your kitties getting sick….it’s distressing, and I hope they do well.

  7. Susan Cavote says:

    My 14 year old AM STAFF mix, perfect in all ways and acted like a puppy was fed dry Iams her entire life. I decided for Christmas to give her a half a can of canned in the morning. She lost over 14% of her body weight in a couple weeks and the vet said it was acute K/D. That was Monday the 5th. THen on Valentine’s day (we had a blizzard here in Ohio) we stayed home all day at her side, washing her with hot towels, and wrapping her warm blankets. We took her to the vet, and while her head in my hands, she passed away on the 15th. Except the siezers she had all the other signs of the fellow pet members here. I also thought perhaps a neighbor has poisoned her, and I’m glad I was wrong, but I’m mad it was something I tried to do to improve her health that killed her. My husband even stated “perhaps she’s ill because the dog food is too rich for her, perhaps she has to get use to it”, my reply of “it’s just moist IAMS, the same recipe Copper’s had her whole life”….. well I should of picked up on that. She was a avery healthy dog, full of life, and would do anything to keep from having an accident (we have a pet door). Please everybody, HUG your pet right now- because YOU CAN! God Bless all his created creatures.

  8. Anonymous says:


    I thought I would mention this today I have been to 3 stores which still have recalled foods on the shelves, apparently they pulled the IAMS but nothing else. I told my local grocery store they had PAWS on the shelf that had UPC’s that we on the Menu Foods site as being recalled and they were very nice and pulled them immediately and said “Oh that brand too? I thought it was only IAMS.” So apparently they are only pulling IAMS I went to another store and found that FoodTown canned cat food was also still on shelf, but again they had pulled the IAMS. A local drugstore that has a small selection of pet food said they were not notified to pull anything off the shelves. So I urge you if you look at the recall list and remember seeing any of those brands check your local stores ASAP and get them off the shelves, enough animals have died and become ill let’s save the ones we still can. I find it appalling and disgusting. They haven’t mentioned specifically what brands are recalled on the TV and I think they just keep mentioning Ekanuba and IAMS when there are more. I told the store today when I pointed out the PAWS, that there were 53 brands of dog food and 42 brands of cat food..It is a big problem at least to me. I have been working on making a printer friendly version of menu foods list including the UPC’s and date codes/expiration dates or whatever so that it can be downloaded by anyone who wants, printed and distributed to your local grocery stores.. PLEASE help save as many pets as we can.. it’s heart wrenching to think this crap is still on the shelves.. Thanks to all.

    Printer Friendly List Available. I am looking for a free file host to make it available for DL to all but until then I will gladly E-mail it as a .doc or .rtf file to anyone interested just e-mail me @ and put “List” in the subject line. Thank you.

  9. Elizabeth Ours says:

    My 7 month old kitten had a respiratory infection and wouldn’t eat, went to vet was treated with antibiotics and steroids. After not eating for about 3 days she had lost approx. 1 pound. She started to perk up and eat her usual Purina Kitten Chow. I decided she needed a richer meaty food that might pack higher calories and help her gain the ground she lost. I went to PetSmart and bought Nutro Max Gourmet Classics beef in gravy and Iams Kitten Select Bites chicken in gravy. I can’t remember which one she ate first, but I am sure it was the Iams. After 1 day of eating the Iams, she stopped eating and it was downhill from there. I pureed the food and fed it to her with a syringe and switched to the Nutro Max because she was fighting me when I tried to feed her the Iams. She took the Nutro Max more willingly. She wouldn’t even drink water, I had to give that to her with a syringe also. As I said, it was downhill, all the way. By the second weekend she became much worse, I could hear the fluid in her lungs with my stethoscope - if her kidneys were failing, the fluid was backing up into her lungs and the lack of nutrition was causing a fluid shift from the cells to the vascular system.

    Ultimately we had to have her euthanized. This was an agonizing decision. I had her from the day her eyes opened, bottle fed her and arranged my work schedule so she didn’t miss a meal, and she didn’t miss a single one. She was so precious, so innocent and trusting. Our vet could not figure out what was wrong with her, but attributed her illness to the fact that she was Feluk+, though her onset of illness was acutely rapid i.e. one day she was fine and the next day she was dying. I resolved that it was the Feluk and let go.

    Now I am enraged that she may have had much more of a happy loving life in spite of the fact that she was Feluk+ and that the disease probably didn’t kill her, Menu Foods did! I still have an unopened pack of the Iams in my kitchen and it has the mfg code and date as posted on the website of affected foods. All I need now is a reliable chemist to do an analysis, and I just might find one. Menu Foods does not know the wrath of a loving mother who has been crossed.

    I hope MenuFoods shuts down, folds up and never comes back.


  10. NEW JERSEY says:




  11. Stacey Buick says:

    I would love to make homemade dog food. Where is the recipies? I will do anything for my babies!! Could someone email me some? If someone has one email it to

  12. danni says:

    Fancy Feast is not on the list of recalls yet my husband and I returned 33 cans of Fancy Feast Elegant medleys to the pet store just 2 weeks before all of this became public because one of our cats was vomiting minutes after eating 1/3 can in the mornings. You tell me what that means!? Will it soon be added to the list? I’m scared to feed our babies anything. They also said it was wet food only and have now added 2 dry foods as well….how long before we have the complete truth and what should we feed our pets in the mean time? I am so worried. Please someone give me good homemade cat food recipies….I’ll give that a try but am concerned because our babies are so picky. Please email me @ Thank you.

  13. danni says:

    Go to and watch the recall info video. It’s just a couple of minutes.

  14. CG says:

    On Sunday, March 25, 2007 2:00 PDT, Tally crawled into the sunlight, and as she was held in my arms, extended her paws to the light and let out her last meow. Her soul was then transported by the angels to live with God. She was a beautiful caring cat who filled her mom and dad’s heart with joy. Psalm 23 was recited as she died. She was a beautiful soul, who reached out to those in pain and sought to heal them. She was an impresario, who loved to mimic her dad, and she ran the household, by: keeping us on schedule, getting us up in the morning, putting us to bed at night, reminding us of dinner time, guarding the home while we were away. She will be forever missed.

    Tally was not an outdoor cat, nor did she associate with other cats. She lived indoors, in a condo. Neither my husband or I ever had children, so Tally became our little girl cat, our daughter, but of another species.

    Now I find out that we gave her as a treat was poisoned by someone seeking corporate profits. What does this say about the state of our society. What sort of individuals and corporation do not take action when they are informed that animals, their consumers, are dying because of their food. If the companies knew about the contamination in December why wait 4 months before reporting it? That is irresponsible. Why the delay? Had I known that the food we gave Tally as a treat was contaminated in December, we would never have bought it, we would have made our own catfood. If and when we ever get another animal, we WILL NEVER BUY MANUFACTURED PET FOOD AGAIN - WE WILL MAKE IT. AND WE WILL TEST IT OURSELVES. TALLY DID NOT HAVE TO DIE AN EARLY AND PAINFUL DEATH! SHAME ON THE CORPORATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS WHO THINK THE BOTTOM LINE IS PROFIT…THERE IS NO PROFIT IN KILLING YOUR CONSUMERS!

    To those of you out there who are suffering the loss of your loved ones, our condolences. We know your pain. I urge all who have experienced this loss to sign up for the class action lawsuits in Canada and the US. We need to make these faceless corporations and bureaucracies accountable for the deaths of our family members.

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    […] Just to be clear, February 27 is the very day that Menu Foods began testing the food. They had been receiving complaints from consumers prior to that day although the exact date is unclear. […]

  16. Teresa says:

    My heart goes out to Tally and her family and all of the others suffering this unnecessary pain and grief. I am sickened by the lack of concern over our pet family members. If this was contaminated baby food the entire world would be in panic mode and would not rest until the issue was resolved and justice was done. To some of us, our animals are our babies. Shame on those who don’t seem to care.

  17. Beverly Ellis says:

    I too would like to share my loss for my darling “Annie.” She was 13 years, 2 months and 2 days old when she was euthanized because of renal failure and hemoraging from her mouth. She fell ill the week of Xmas and for three months she suffered, stopped eating, excessive coughing, gagging, she couldn’t sleep, went blind and cried to be held because she was so afraid. We were also told the excessive water drinking was diabetic related, which was secondary to her illness, but even after she was put on two insulin shots per day the excessive water consumption continued and even got worse before her death.

    Now I am lost because Annie was my best friend. She went everywhere with me, shared my bed, shower and loved to listen to me play the guitar. I’ll never be able to replace her.

    Annie was put on Eukanuba by her Vet and prior to that she was on Nutrimax Senior but Annie did not like moist food; only dry food. I don’t believe in a minute that this problem is related only to the moist food line.

    Annie too was like a puppy and loved food, her home and her mommies. Yes, “mommies” she was blessed to have two mommies. My dog was my child and I loved her with all of my heart and she died over coporated greed. Make no mistake people corporations have been wine, dined and seduced to manufacture product in China because ithe “cost of goods” are cheaper yielding more money to the guys at the top. And, this could happen to people food as well since 65% of America’s food is now being imported. I think we all need to wake up! Where is the FDA? Are they too sleeping? Or, maybe our animals are not important in the bigger picture of Iraq, burden of debts, oil prices, exporting American jobs and the like.

    My Vet had no earthly idea how to treat Annie for I was told her excessive coughing was a cold. So we lost valuable time screwing around with antibiotics, cough medicine and the like. Of course none of this stuff helped her and she quickly moved to the extreme of no return by weight loss, not eating, lost muscle mass, severe pain and euthanization.

    I too am so angry that I cannot eat or sleep because I had to kill the one thing I loved the most; My Annie!

  18. Rita says:

    I have also experienced problems with Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. When it first came on the market, my cat loved it and I had no problems. Then a couple of months ago, I purchased a couple of cases in assorted flavors. Now, whenever I give it to her, she throws it up and I switch to another brand. I called Purina and was just told it wasn’t on the recall list. Well, after checking the label, it does contain wheat gluten and I just bet that brand has been poisoned as well. Do the pet food companies wait until pets die before they recall a food?

  19. Alan says:

    My cat of 15 years and 6 months died on Friday April 11, 2008. My girlfriend feed my cat Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. After eating the food for several days my cat became somewhat latargic and would not lay down with us at night to go to sleep like she has done for years and years. On April 10, 2008 my cat sat in the food after being feed it. The next morning my cat seem fine, but when we feed her some more of the canned food, she started act strange, and layin by her food dish. When my girlfriend came home she found my beloved cat spawel out on the floor with vomiting all over the place and on the cat. The vomit was slimey, clear and had traces of food in it. My cat would also usally would drink almost a glass of water each and every day and will eat a small bowl of Science Diet Advanced Formula Senior dry food a day as well. My cat did not touch the water or the dry food on that Friday she past away. I am suspecting that it was the can food. My cat was in good health, no hair loss, good teeth, she had a beautiful shinny coat, and everytime I took her to the vet, she passed her exams with flying colors. We have used Fancy Fest before, but never the Elegant Medleys brand. It also seems strange that everyones cat who has ate Fancy Feast, states that their cat is addicted to it. I have also read that other pet owners who have used Elegant Medleys had vomitting problems with their cats. Can someone confirm that their cat has died or has been sick after eating Elegant Medleys?

  20. Donna says:

    Alan, I’m so very sorry that you lost your cat. My 2-year-old cat also became very sick and died after eating Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. He became sick around the first of July 2008, shortly after being given Elegant Medleys. He too vomited a clear, slimy fluid. He had no appetite and was lethargic up until he died of kidney failure on Aug. 2, 2008. The vet blamed his death on feline leukemia. He had tested positive as a kitten, but never showed any sign of active disease. He was happy and healthy up until he had Elegant Medleys. I had bought a few cans of Elegant Medleys just to give him a little variety. My heart is broken, and the thought that I caused his death by giving him this food is too much to bear. When Bailee was sick, I suspected the Elegant Medleys, but the vet insisted it was the leukemia becoming active. Either way, there was nothing that could be done for my sweet boy. I’ve been searching for other people who have had sick cats after Elegant Medleys…. thank you so much for your post. I firmly believe that my cat died from this tainted food also. We’re a long time out from the initial recall. That sure makes it worrisome that there’s still a problem. The pet food companies absolutely cannot be trusted!

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