Menu Foods Increases Prices On Wet Pet Food For Private Label Customers

Menu Foods has raised the price on its wet pet food for its private-label customers.

The change is expected to increase its total annualized sales by more than three per cent.

The company stated, “While costs continue to rise, the price increase will enable Menu to recover, from private-label customers, the cost increases it would otherwise be required to absorb.”

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17 Responses to “Menu Foods Increases Prices On Wet Pet Food For Private Label Customers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if testing for petfood contaminants included this:

    Chinese company, Tianyang Food.
    ..dumplings..laced with pesticide and made at least 10 Japanese people ill were probably poisoned on purpose, Japan’s health minister says.
    ..contaminated with a highly toxic organophoshate pesticide methamidophos.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spare us the bs crocodile tears, Menu. They want to suck up more profit for CEO bonuses by using the cheapest and most suspect ingredient sources possible. New words to the old tune: Screw U and your pet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a joke. I wouldn’t buy Menu-made crap even if it cost 50% less.

  4. Katie says:

    Anonymous; I agree. I don’t feel sorry for Menu at all, and doesn’t surprise me about price increases to the sellers to make up for bad business decisions made by corporate Menu Foods. Which says to me…Menu food killed pets, did not fullfill it’s obligations and now by way of raising prices to the sellers is passing on their cost of bad business to the very people they bamboozeled. What a joke!


  5. The Lioness says:

    OMG, wait: Let me get this straight: Menu Foods poisoned people’s pets, and now they want people to pay MORE for their crappy food?


    Balls of steel much?

    ~The Lioness

  6. momkat says:

    I can’t believe the nerve of Menu Foods!!!
    Kill our pets, and charge us more to do it again!!

    I can’t believe the private label companies are letting them make food for them anymore!…let alone paying more for it!

  7. Carol says:

    I am awaiting for Menu to publically disclose how many pet parents they have helped—-the promise made publically on March 18th—I have not heard from one pet parent who had Menu take care of the vet bills –past and present and future, or even offer their condolences with a letter, and now since May “20something”-and right after their”claim forms were made available” they can hide behind the “court order” not to talk to us!!! Well, there was a good two whole months they could have called or emailed us back—-Everybody I talked to in the beginning of this disaster told me that they would never do the right thing and I said—No, they will once they realize the magnitude and sorrow of this “accident”—-Boy was I stupid!

    Too bad they don’t say the price increase is to help somebody besides them!

    They still don’t get it do they?

  8. Sylvia says:

    Menu needs to spend their own money to make sure their producuts are safe - I, for one, will not ever buy anything they make ever again - they need to help the people they hurt before even thinking about their stupid profit - disgusting - tghey should be ashamed

  9. says:

    Being a pet parent who experienced the poisoned pet food first hand with my 21 year old kitty , I didn’t think I could get more upset and angry with Menu Foods until now. I am so thankful for everyone’s support while going thru this. Most importantly, thrilled that we as consumers are taking our power back by not buying any of their products . May Menu foods choke on their profits……a small price to pay for all of the beautiful animals that were lost, and still affected. I am fortunate that my kitty survived at 21 years of age and her kidney disease has reversed. I have made her a promise that I will help others, in hopes that they too can live a healthier life.

  10. shibadiva says:

    May they price themselves totally out of the market.

  11. steven says:

    I look forward to the day I see MENU with triple digits again. The point will just be in a different place.


    MENU FOODS 0.70
    0.00 (0.00%)
    Feb 4 - Close Open: 0.70 Mkt Cap: 20.29M P/E: N/A Dividend: N/A
    High: 0.70 52Wk High: 7.47 F P/E: N/A Yield: N/A
    Low: 0.70 52Wk Low: 0.62 Beta: 1.22 Shares: 28.98M
    Vol: 100.00 Avg Vol: N/A EPS: -2.06 Inst. Own: N/A

  12. mittens says:

    people should be aware( as most are here but it bears mentioning) that some of the private label food they make includes premium brands marketed as ‘ holistic’ and ‘ natural’ and ‘made from human grade meat ‘and you won’t find menu’s name on the can. although mostly not involved in the recall the canned products of newman’s own, wellness. old mother hubbard. precise, nutrience, neura, natures variety, nature’s logic, evo, california natural, blue seal, breeder’s choice ,eagle pack and a few others all at one time used or still use menu foods and that’s what you’ll be paying more money for. everyone really should check their canned foods in particular to see who actually makes it .

    this week i noticed even more ‘ new’ brand names on the shelf of the local indy pet store when i was picking up litter. who knows who makes it and the cans weren’t clear so for me it’s a no go.

    kill. lie. obfuscate. profit.

  13. Denise says:

    I would not touch there food with rubber gloves on. I lost my cat in 2004 and never knew why and I think I got it now. My dog Missy will never eat that garbage. what bothers me is people still go to wal mart and stock up on the big bags of old Roy. what is it 50lbs for $7.99. They don’t care what they feed there dogs. I know you all here understand and get it. I am so sorry I read the one person lost her kitty. This company should not be in business. I wonder if they are going to continue to by there good ingredients from china or did they find a cheaper place now. Doesn’t look good to me and the rest of us here. I wonder if others feel like we do.

  14. Don Earl says:

    Was there a big increase in the price of cyanuric acid?

  15. G in INdiana says:

    Menu Foods, hey good luck with that.
    Now they want the average dumb customer (no one here for obvious reasons) to pay even more to kill their pet sooner.
    No thanks.
    I never fed them that crap and I sure as heck won’t now.

  16. Hazel Chambers says:

    good points all…and remember the horrible treatment this slime bucket company gives its test animals.

  17. Sandi K says:

    Don, lol….actually I think China must have raised the price of melamine…..or perhaps Mr. henderson, CEO of Menu needs to make up for the reduction in salary he took a few months ago.

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