Menu Foods Kansas Plant Resumes Operations

Menu Foods let the Emporia, Kansas, plant continue to produce food after the recall. It then closed down this plant temporarily. Menu Foods originally stated that the plant would be closed for no more than 3 days, but it looks like it took more than a week. There isn’t any information about how they decontaminated the plant or even if it was required, but it’s clear that they have restarted making food.

Thanks for the tip Steve.

5 Responses to “Menu Foods Kansas Plant Resumes Operations”

  1. Gary says:

    Now if everyone didn’t buy from their clients, they may have to stop making food.

  2. Steve says:

    At your service.

    Amazing isn’t it. No report, no accountability, no responsibility to the general safety and well being of the public and consumers despite this being a Federal investigation of international scale. Who was there? Whats was done? What were the results and findings.

    Nothing. Back to business as usual.

  3. annicka spradlin says:

    Ha!!! Good luck to them, with massive deaths of our domestic animals Menu will go out of business, it’s just a matter of time!

    People will turn to makers of organic foods and such……..these murderers can make there food but they better think again and stop wasting there time.

  4. devils_advocate says:

    when I chased the link, the article said that workers had been called back. it did not say that large-scale production had resumed.

  5. SAM says:

    Just curiour about what menu foods and all the other companies doing with the recalled cans and bags of food. Are they going to recan and bag it all and sell it all over again with new dates and codes etc.?

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