Menu Foods Loses Major Pet Food Contract With Biggest Customer

Menu Foods

Menu Foods Income Funds is still feeling the effects from the massive pet food recalls that started in March of this year.

The company has lost yet another major contract with its largest customer, believed to be Procter & Gamble by analysts.

Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble sold the Menu Foods products under the Iams and Eukanuba brand names.

Menu Foods said that it received “verbal notice” on Tuesday from the unnamed customer that it plans to end its agreement to buy “loaf” products from the company as of October 1.

The unnamed customer’s purchases of those products made up nearly 10.8 percent of Menu Food’s sales volume in 2006.

In June, Menu Foods said the same customer would no longer buy its “cuts and gravy” product, which made up about 11 percent of last year’s sales.

“Menu Foods is disappointed in the reaction of this customer to the pet food recall. The intentional tainting of product inputs from a third party supplier in China was a fraudulent act that victimized many pet food manufacturers, customers and consumers,” Paul Henderson, Menu’s president and chief executive, said in a statement.

Menu Foods stated that the company has acted decisively and has been working with their customers and the entire pet food industry throughout all of the pet food recalls. Henderson said it is unfortunate that the unnamed customer has chosen to stop working with Menu Foods.

On Tuesday afternoon, shares of Menu Foods were down 35 cents.

A Cormark Securities Inc. analyst, Aleem Israel, said he expected Procter & Gamble to drop their second contract with Menu Foods.

He said Menu Foods is not to blame for the recall because it received tainted products for a supplier. He added that it is unfortunate that “Procter & Gamble is using them [Menu Foods] as a scapegoat to rebuild their own brand equity and rebuild consumer confidence in their product”.


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26 Responses to “Menu Foods Loses Major Pet Food Contract With Biggest Customer”

  1. catmom5 says:

    Too bad Mr Henderson and his buddies continue to NOT take responsibility for the way they handled the situation. They made the food, that makes them responsible for what went in the food. End of story!! Sounds as if Menu Foods is scapegoating the Chinese suppliers for their own lack of quality control problems. I think there’s more than enough blame to go around.
    I know the PF companies follow these websites and they still don’t get the message that we want them to be honest and fair and to produce a pet food that is safe and healthy. Companies who do that will be successful!
    Good move, P&G! Wonder where they’re taking their business now . . .

  2. Jenny Bark says:

    GOOD. I agree with catmom5 again. We also need laws to say on the label what all is inside the product.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Well put, catmom5! They deserve every bit of what they’re getting, and then some. Menu Foods doesn’t deserve to be in business, and we should not support any company that does business with them. Surely, we will never forget how they handled the pet food recall.

  4. Pukanuba says:

    “He said Menu Foods is not to blame for the recall because it received tainted products for a supplier. He added that it is unfortunate that “Procter & Gamble is using them [Menu Foods] as a scapegoat to rebuild their own brand equity and rebuild consumer confidence in their product”.”

    Come on, give me a break……

    Menu handled this recall in the worst way possible…..they knew for months that there was a problem with their food & chose to hold off going public. I don’t even want to think about how many more of our pets got sick or died thanks to their irresponsibility. I will never believe that this wasn’t done to save their profits, salaries, bonuses & their “good name”, yeah right. Plus that, the longer they held off, the more food would be sold & consumed……getting rid of the evidence.

    Maybe they weren’t responsible FOR the recall, per se, but they were certainly responsible for holding off communicating that information to those who needed this info the most… parents. They were just too busy meeting with their lawyers & selling off their stock. Like I should feel sorry for them…….NOT!

    P&G thinks pulling out of Menu will rebuild confidence in their brands…..I think they are kidding themselves. I can’t speak for anyone else but only allowing me to personally go to their plant & see everything that goes into their food & the testing they do would ever give me confidence in their brands. And we all know the chances that I would ever be invited to do that. So, ta-ta P&G/Menu…..I don’t care what you do.

  5. shibadiva says:

    What Pukanuba said.

    And here I thought it was Mattel, not P&G. PF = plastic + lead.

  6. nora says:

    When I saw the Menu Labs doing Experiments on Dogs on a video and the conditions those poor dogs and cats were living in and what they had to live through and how they were forced to die……That alone makes me feel that Menu Foods, Iams and anyone associated with any of it needs to be hanging from a tree with their feet dangling. Home Cooking for my animals is where it all sent me, forever and ever. They are all disgusting and they all blame someone else.

  7. purringfur says:

    PFI & Individual Pet Food Brands: ### TAKE A LESSON or TWO ###

    You never “got it.” Did you? You never got it that you needed to do a Bob Eckert (Mattel) or a James Burke (Tylenol) to the pet owners. And, you STILL do not get it after 5 months. Nothing but silence. Whoever advised all of you mainstream pet food brand, and I think I know since the silence is such a pervasive pattern, you were advised incorrectly, are hurting as a result, and may never recover, which I really don’t care about.

    You should have apologized to the people who gave you your inflated salaries, paid your shareholders’ dividend checks, and more importantly, trusted that you were providing safe, nutritious foods for their pets, and also, tell the pet owners WHAT and HOW things have changed since March 16, other than your coming out with new packaging and new ads.

    I’m seeing “business as usual” in all but a case or two. When will you learn? We’ve been saying since Day 1 what steps you had to take in order to TRY (that’s TRY, not a guarantee) to regain our confidence in time. But cavorting in your wealth and greed and acting like a puppet under the umbrella of the industry, you ignored that (and still are), casting us and our pets aside, hoping that the passing of time would fade memories. Well, you were DEAD WRONG, and WE’RE PROVING YOU WRONG EVERY DAY, just as we told you. Look at your quarterly earnings sheet. Listen to your screaming stockholders.

    I’m glad P & G pulled out from Menu, although P & G is just as guilty for not testing the foods that Menu made as Menu is for cutting corners. It’s not just the Chinese suppliers, IF — that’s IF — you believe the poisoning came from Chinese ingredients, because you were just as greedy to get a good deal on a huge bulk buy. EVERY company that had recalls (and those that never recalled but should have) is just as guilty as the next and is sitting on silence and resistance to change anything, except for the packaging and new ads, which you falsely believe will restore you. Frankly, I hope EVERY mainstream pet food brand that wanted to cut corners goes down the drain and never recovers. I, along with many others, are also boycotting the parent companies of pet food brands.

    Pet food brands can attempt to remake their images, pumping large sums into flashy ads with beautiful healthy pets romping and rolling with toys and can pay new spin doctors and crisis management consultant firms to handle the nightmare that THEY CAUSED, but it won’t work for me or tens of thousands of other pet owners who were disillusioned, defrauded, and devastated by the sickness and deaths of our pets. But, we are now educated as to what has gone on all these years because you caused such widespread suffering and death and are refusing to take any responsibility. You are mesmerized by GREED and devoid of remorse, and look where you are now.

    Pet food companies who followed the advice to “keep quiet because this, too, will pass” after the grieving stops followed the wrong advice. Very wrong advice. And look where it got you. Your silence and refusal of culpability has only fomented anger and an increase in pledge after pledge to boycott your products. And your plunging sales that have not recovered prove it.

    I can’t believe you didn’t get it… You see… pet owners who had pets get sick and/or die (as I did and do) have LONG… VERY, VERY LONG MEMORIES, and we’re willing to fight and tell the stories of the animals that you harmed and killed. We write; we call; we email; we make our demands and wishes known. We don’t stop and will not stop.

    While you were collecting your salaries, watching the stock market, and WONDERING IF AND WHEN you should do a recall, we watched our pets hang their heads over the water bowl, stare into space dazed, wobble and limp, have their back legs stiffened and rendered useless, urinate every 1/2 hour, urinate on the floor when they’d never done it before, arch their spines in pain, looked at their sunken faces and grossly ballooned rock-hard distended abdomens. And now, we have only a box of ashes to stare at instead of having our pets at our sides. These are the graphic images in our minds that drive us and will continue to drive us. Your secrecy, silence, inactivity, unwillingness to institute change, Teflon personalities, and need for greed only fuel us to boycott you and to educate people about mainstream pet foods.

    In your greed, at the expense of the pets, you handled this wrong, and you’re paying and will continue to pay! You already know the pet food aisles in the grocery stores are nearly empty of customers. Food is stocked full, fancy labels facing the front, but the takers are few. I might go to the pet food aisle, but I go to buy only cat litter.

    You can keep sending coupons for free bags till the ink in your postage meters runs dry, and you can continue to send cans and samples of your “new” foods till your warehouse and mailroom personnel have aching arms, but I’m smarter now as so many of us are. New packaging and words such as “natural” or “nutritious” plastered across a bag do not mean a thing. Did you think that 3 months was the “proper” grieving time and distancing time before coming out with new packaging in June? Well, it didn’t work! I do not even give a sideways glance to your products, nor do I read your ads, except to analyze them for new spin and to tell others what you are up to.

    You needed to take a lesson, but you didn’t listen. Your money should have gone to buying nutritious, wholesome ingredients that are FULLY TESTED FOR ALL TOXINS, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, instead of remaining silent about the poisoning and then spending money on advertising to create a new image in a feeble attempt to distance yourself from the mass poisoning. You should have spent money on ads showing your CEO apologizing and telling what steps you are taking to assure owners that your food is safe, naming the tests you are now performing.

    You need to ask yourselves WHAT EXACTLY HAVE YOU DONE DIFFERENTLY SINCE MARCH 16th, except cry that your profits are down and scramble to brainstorm ways to get our money again without making any changes to the contents of the can or bag or testing for unknown toxins in the bag? And, yes, we will find out when you approach the smaller companies and try to have your food manufactured by them, hoping to associate their better name with yours that is “mud.” I hope they don’t lower themselves to produce your food, and I’ve told them so.

    You have wreaked nothing but havoc and heartache, and you continue to take NO RESPONSIBILITY for it, trying to blame someone else — Menu or U.S. suppliers or Chinese suppliers. Don’t we teach children to take responsibility for their actions or inactions and to try to “make things right”?

    No, you refuse to learn, and WE REFUSE TO PAY. Our WALLETS ARE CLOSED! You are not untouchable, as you thought!

    Is it more time-consuming cooking for our pets? A little bit, but not much, and we do it out of love for the care and well-being of our pets. We no longer subscribe to the hype by the PF companies, brain-washed vets whose only “nutrition course” was from pet food companies who gave free or nearly-free cases and huge bags of pet food to vet students while in vet school, and the FDA’s hype that cooking for pets is too difficult for owners. Dogs and cats decades ago, before commercial pet food was invented as a way for the commercial food industry and animal rendering companies to dispose of their wastes cheaply, survived on table scraps and whatever natural prey was in their environments. We who are homecooking, feeding raw, or have upgraded to the small companies’ foods are finding that our pets are burgeoning with health and vitality and have the lab tests to prove it!

    You should see my puppies thrive. (Yes, I replaced my DEAD DOG, but I WILL NEVER, EVER FORGET HOW HE SUFFERED AND DIED BECAUSE OF YOU! EVER!) My puppies bark, dance, and fight one another to see who will get to my HOMECOOKED chicken, turkey, beef, whole green beans, whole carrots, fresh apples, garden peas, steel cut oats, natural long-grain brown rice, etc. first. They never did this for bagged or canned dog food. Could it be they KNOW they are getting REAL, WHOLESOME, NUTRITIOUS FOOD sans rendered animals, chemicals, additives, preservatives, and adulterants? Yes, they’re getting whole foods, not apple, blueberry or tomato pomace, sprayed-on animal fats or digests, meals, glutens, isolates, and concentrates, which pet food companies will tell you outright that they’re cheap commercial food waste products and inferior ingredients that lack nutrients, when they speak about a company that uses those ingredients.

    In fact, my dogs make so much noise while anticipating their meals that I have to close my doors and windows when I prepare their homecooked food so I don’t disturb the neighbors. And I make their treats, too! I just cook in bulk for the humans and pets in the house and freeze portions.

    Mainstream Pet Food Companies: You’ve lost me forever, not only for the sludge that you make and call pet food, but because of the WAY YOU HANDLED and continue to handle to massive poisonings.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t trust any of you mainstream PF companies to empty the contents of my cat’s litter box because you’d probably try to can it and sell it.

    Take a lesson.

    “Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can’t last.” - source: Greg Evans

  8. E. Hamilton says:

    purringfur-fabulous post!

    Blog. Think about that word and what you are looking at right now.

    Five years ago it was a word unknown to most of the world. Blog.
    Last week the candidates for the office of president of the US had
    learned the word and the POWER behind the word enough to go
    before a group of bloggers to answer questions.

    And THAT my friends, is power indeed.

    Today, in your hands this very instant,
    is power that would have made George Washington weep.

    If you belong to ANY group, church, website, Elks- go get that group
    to support Don and the Mandamus writ.
    Post about this story and his site everywhere you can, comment on news stories.
    Environmental groups need to know about this action because there
    is a LOT of poisoned pet food floating around.

    We have the power to change things, to get the truth to every person who wants to know the truth.
    And there is another word I think about.
    The power of the truth is awesome and makes the pet food industry look mighty puny to me.

  9. Jay says:

    Henderson, please take a cue from the Chinese toy official, and HANG yourself!

    Boycott Menu Foods and all their contractees, now and forever.

  10. purringfur says:




    Check out Don Earl’s site: petfoodrecallfacts dot com in the Legal section:

    Post dated August 8, 2007 on Don’s site:

    “Text of Petition for Writ of Mandamus filed against the FDA today, in an effort to force the FDA to properly investigate findings by independent labs of toxins other than melamine in pet food, and also to prevent the FDA’s program to systematically destroy critical pet food evidence. The case number is: C07 5413 BHS”

    DON EARL: Thank you for your tireless efforts in doing all you do to get to the bottom of this. I KNOW, and I’ve always known, that MELAMINE DID NOT KILL MY DOG!! WE WANT the TRUTH! ALL OF IT!!

  11. rnkittymom says:

    I think we should be concerned about the possible presence of lead in our dog and cat toys. If you will notice, the majority of them are made in China. If there is lead in the toys for children, I’m sure there is a reasonable assumption that there could be contaminated pet toys. I will be discarding all that are in my home.

  12. Denise says:

    I would like to see “China Free” stickers on non-China products. I am avoiding anything I can that is from China, most of all food!

  13. purringfur says:

    RNkittymom, I think you’re right about the pet toys. If some of these Chinese manufacturers think they can get away with it to poison kids’ toys, they probably think they have free reign over the pet toys. I told people on the forums that even some Kong toys (yellow tennis ball fabric ones) are made in China.

    Who would have thought of lead in baby bibs?

    I’m hoping we can band together with some “mom” groups to force action on shoddy, toxic, unregulated manufacturing practices.

    Mean moms and angry pet owners have loud voices!

  14. furmom says:

    Why do I read this article and get the feeling pet food manufacturers don’t get it? For those food manuacturers that don’t get it,I’ll make it simple so you don’t have to continue to suffer the financial strain of YOUR FOOD NOT SELLING. All you do is put real food into bags and cans, and be damn sure it is real food (that’s called Quality Control), and PRESTO. People will buy it. That’s called TRUST. Right now what you have is NOT TRUST. Pet owners don’t want to sit around trying to figure out if there’s real food or toxins in the bag. So we are only going to feed what we know is real food. We don’t want to hear you whining about you can’t possibly know what mystery ingredients are in your food. Why is this such a difficult concept?

  15. Helen says:

    Menu Foods…You made it. You eat it.

  16. 2CatMom says:

    I’m done with most major pet food manufacturers. My cats eat wet food that has no grain, no fillers no nothing but real protein. Its made to EU human standards by the company and I have the certifications from the company. The dry is US made, but by the manufacturer themselves. Again, no garbage, no rendered shelter animals, no cancerous organ meats.

    My cats have more energy and they love their food. And that only makes sense because ITS REAL FOOD.

  17. Debra says:

    puringfur said:
    PFI & Individual Pet Food Brands: ### TAKE A LESSON or TWO ###

    You never “got it.” Did you? You never got it that you needed to do a Bob Eckert (Mattel) or a James Burke (Tylenol) to the pet owners.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, but in the May issue of the PFI magazine, there was a blurb that calls Johnson & Johnson’s handling of the Tylenol contamination “the classic success model for handling a catastrophic contamination event.” ( - it’s on page 30)

    If the PFI thought so highly of J&J’s actions, I wonder why they - and Menu - didn’t follow thru.

  18. Dave says:

    When you need a PHD in Chemistry to read or understand a pet food label…don’t buy it. Keep your dog/cat at the top of the food chain with real food.

  19. Pukanuba says:


    What company is that? Do they make food for dogs? Geez, I’d be thrilled if I could find a commercial food I could trust. Never heard anybody quite as confident as you that the food they’re using is truly good food w/o chemicals or toxins.

    I think we’d all like to check this food out.

  20. catmom5 says:

    I’d also like to know what 2catmom is feeding. It sounds quite wonderful!

  21. Ruth says:

    purringfur that was an excellent post.

    Oh, Menu Food company go cry your woes over a beer. You and P&G and all the other PF companies can play the blame game but the fact is your companies poisoned our pets. The ones who have survived are now fighting for their lives with rising Vet bills. And there are pets that are still dying from your poison you call pet food. Billion $ companies and not testing your product is stupid but greed got the best of you. Why would you spend any more than neccessary to turn out preminum garbage.

    I am so sorry for your pet, Purringfur. I also lost a pet to unrecalled pet food that is still out there and they are still not taking responsibility. Everyone I meet I tell them my story.

    When this happened to my pet it was heartbreaking to see her in pain and not knowing. The agony of seeing her go down so fast. And I thinking the meds would make her better. It was heart wrenching to hold her and she looking up at me pleading with her eyes to make her better. Just to have her die in my husbands arms.

    P&G can change their packaging and their slick new wording and bags but your food is still garbage. If your dry dog food is so safe why the change to a new package?

    I hope people will continue to boycott P&G products.

    Hope the Trolls are reading. And yes, people who have lost a pet have long, long memories of how the pet food industry screwed us over and killed our pets.

    So to the Pet Food companies who are now hurting in sales, you dont get any sympathy from me. Where was my sympathy from you when I called to let you know my pet had died. I didn’t want your stupid bag of food or your coupon. Guess you didn’t hear me, my pet is dead.

  22. MaineMom says:

    purringfur, thank you, and the others, who have expressed so eloquently, how so many of us feel! From posts back in March or April, I know at least one Menu employee had lost a pet to their food. As I recall the post, she had broken down and cried while on the phone with a customer. Her dog had died the night before.

    There is absolutely no excuse for the way animals were kept and trialed on Menu foods. It was pure torture to watch the video. How could any employee with a conscience have tolarated it?

    In the 80’s, my ex-husband delivered for Purina. He vowed he would never buy their products again.

    PFI - How long have you been deceiving consumers? Pleading ignorance is no excuse.

  23. Cathy says:

    Nutro isn’t using Menu anymore either. Funny how the companies everyone hates aren’t using Menu any more but I haven’t heard anything about Wellness, Eagle Pack or any of the other high end companies pulling out of Menu.

  24. Alex Thomas says:

    Good on you P&G. If Henderson of Menu Foods could take some responsibility and stop blaming the Chinese for their poor quality control, maybe they could start rebuilding their credibility. Also, I recommend Henderson watch “My Name is Earl” and learn a little something about “karma”. If he and his company took some responsibility and did the right thing for the pet parents who lost pets and as a minimum paid those vet and cremation bills, then maybe they would restore some karmic balance and save themselves.

  25. Ross says:

    So Big Companies have pulled out of Menu and now some food products are still being recalled. What does that tell you? For one it was not Menu’s faulf that un-safe and harmful ingredients were being used. Menu manufatures 90% of all canned food made in the US. They go by what the companies tell them to use it was not their fault these “companies” went the cheap route. It wasn’t Menu that should have stepped up to the plate. It was the companies that the food was made for. Now they and other companies are pulling out claiming it was Menu.

    Let’s put it this way:

    If you buy a boxed cake mix, correctly prepare and bake it, and someone gets sick/dies, is it your fault?? No, it was the ingredients that were in that box of mix, NOT you or your kitchen. You did not choose the ingredients or the sources. Menu is simply, “the kitchen”.

    So everyone should take special interest in Mar’s kitchen and the others because they will still be using more than likey the same ingredients they did before. There was another “real big pet food company” that destoryed tractor and trailor loads of food. Why? Heaven forbid that got into the news but this company is so big no one wants to step on their toes, or bring attention to them.

    Bottom line it was all because of cheap money making companies that are decieving customers all the time and putting the blame on others.

    The entire recall problem was not Menu’s. No one can find a contaminated ingredient in a product if they don’t know that it exists. No machine exists that can take something like rice flour and test it for every thing bad.

    Did you know that canned food liners cause hyperthyroidism in cats? Menu does not use these liners and are the only ones that don’t. So if using others keep an eye on your cats….

    Menu has excellent credentials – As per canned food companies the best in the US: But they will end up being the fall guy.

  26. Analysts Say Menu Foods “In Critical Condition” After Pet Food Recalls | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats says:

    […] Foods is dealing with huge losses, class action lawsuits, and cancelled clients after their massive pet food recalls earlier this […]

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