Menu Foods NJ Plant Operating While Investigation Continues

Menu Foods Income FundWe know about the continued operations of the Menu Foods Kansas plant. Now we also learn that their New Jersey plant is also still open while the investigation continues. The role of the NJ plant has been downplayed consistently, but in the presence of Menu Foods “business as usual” attitude as well as a definitive answer on how all those pets died, we feel absolutely no safer.

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  1. Andrea T says:

    Let’s see. The FDA isn’t sure how the toxin got in the cat food. Independent labs believe that their may be more than one toxin involved. Deaths from Kidney failure are being reported for animals who ate the recalled food from batches before and after the recall dates. Deaths from kidney failure are being reported for animals who ate wet food brands/types that are not on the recall list but were made by Menu Foods. And Menu Foods continues to operate as usual. And the brands who have their food produced by Menu Foods are just going along with this.

    I think its time I switched brands. No brands made by Menu Foods (including Wellness, Nutro cans, etc) will be coming into my house. In fact, I think I’ll just eliminate any brand completely wet or dry that’s being made under one of these company’s names. they obviously don’t care enough to hold Menu Foods accountable. So why should I support them with my $$s?

  2. E wem says:

    Do you have a list of brands made by Menu?

    I switched to Wellness to avoid Menu products. I went to the Wellness site and there was the common disclaimer that they are not part of the recall. This does not tell you if Wellness is made at Menu.

    Related to this incestuous mess of manufacturers, Doanes Pet Care is a manufacturer that was owned by Menu, bought by Mars which is also marketing pet foods including Pedigree and Whiskas. Doanes states they make O’Roy for Walmart. Menu also makes O’Roy product for Walmart.

    Find me a Pet Food Brand who states they absolutely make the product they sell, including things like gluten and chicken meal. If my poor cats live through this I may have to go to raw food.

    The trust is gone.

  3. Marian Moore says:

    Does any know ifI Benefil dry dog food on the list or Scientific puppy food, I just got a call from my daughter she just purchased Benefil for her 2 dogs today and they have been eating it for a couple of weeks. Her friend was given Scientific puppy food when she just purchased her puppy.

  4. Marie Coe says:

    Ok, I have a few comments to make on how this whole recall thing is being handled anyhow. First off I wish that Menu foods and whomever else is recallign foods would take a little time and fax veterinarians, or atleast the state associations BEFORE it hits the news. Veterinary clinics are the ones fielding the phone calls as to do I feed my animal this or that or I just heard this on the news panicked and don’t have a freaking clue. If we dont’ know the updated info we can’t give appropriate advisement! Not to mention we sell the food as well so we need to know to pull the appropriate products off the shelf!

    The ohter thing is the vagueness about the dry food. Some companies are beign very specific as to what is being affected, others are not, just general information. I’d like to konw if it has hit the purina line so I would know whether or not I should switch my cat over to something else!

  5. teri says:

    Does anyone have a list of dry dogfood that is being recalled? my dog eats Beneful by Purina. Please email me if you can. l would appreciate it.

  6. Mommints says:

    Teri and Marian - how about the list of foods that you can give your dogs?

    Hoped that helped…

  7. vickie says:

    ol roy dry dog food my dog has not been eating for a couple of days i see where ol roy dog food has a recall on the gravy but i need to know if it is also on the plain dry food?

  8. smith says:

    Canidae brand does NOT use menu foods and does NOT use any form of gluten-

    I wanted to share with everyone after 2 days (all day each day lol) of
    research- i feel very confident to feed my animals
    i just bought some today and my cats and dog loved it- (bought the kibble)

    heres some more info-

    Canidae (verified by company 3/28/07)

    * Brands include Canidae and Felidae
    * No products made by Menu Foods
    * All ingredients are grown in the US and are also processed here.
    * No wheat gluten is used in their products.
    * All products are free of corn, wheat, soy and all grain fractions
    * Canidae does not use Glutens in any form, and we do not import
    any ingredients from China or overseas. (from website 4/18/07)

    my second choice was:

    Nature’s Variety (verified by CEO 3/27/07)

    * Brands include Nature’s Variety, Nature’s Variety Prairie, and
    Nature’s Variety Raw Instinct.
    * Canned foods made by Menu Foods but not involved in the recall.
    * Dry foods are outsourced, but not by Menu Foods.
    * Frozen and freeze-dried raw foods are made in house.
    * All grains used are of US origin, except flax seed, which they
    get from Canada.
    * No wheat gluten is used in their products, or in the plant that
    manufactures their dry foods.
    * There is no rice protein concentrate used in any of our Nature’s
    Variety diets (kibble, cans, or raw). Furthermore, rice protein
    concentrate is NOT used anywhere within the kibble manufacturing
    facility. (from website 4/18/07)

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