Menu Foods Pet Food Recall Update #4

Menu Foods Income FundAccording to pet parents at the Dogster dog blog, Menu Foods has changed the list of affected foods since it posted it on Saturday, leaving questions as to what wet foods have been affected. We visited All The Best Pet Care’s Queen Anne location today and one store employee told us that they removed all Nutro-branded wet foods regardless of the date of manufacture just to be safe — seems like a smart move to us. They also offered many alternatives to the wet foods.

On the cat food side, Menu Foods has added Eukanuba and Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans since the original list was posted (We kept a copy). On the dog food side, they added Eukanuba, Iams, Mighty Dog Pouch (A Purina brand), Nutro Ultra, Ol’Roy Canada and removed Key Food. It’s amazing that more than 10 days after switching suppliers due to this issue, Menu Foods could not supply a complete list of affected brands.

Also, the lack of a cause or source of the contaminate seems to be hampering medical treatment. And the hotlines don’t seem to be of real help, as one parent wrote:

After calling the Menu Foods Recall hotline I have this to report: They are only “Taking Messages for Menu Foods” and cross-referencing the “list” Menu Foods provided them.

We’ve been reading reactions from pet parents who have been taking their sick pets to vets and many feel that they understand mistakes happen, but Menu Foods’ reaction has been too slow and too little. Litigation may be a foregone conclusion to some pet parents. One parent wrote to us and said:

I’m not generally a big fan of litigation, but in this case, I can’t say I feel any sympathy for Menu… At this point, it’s not the fact that the food was tainted that gets me. Accidents happen, things get contaminated. I can accept that, I can understand it, I can forgive it. It’s the delay that I’m not okay with.

The revised recall list is posted after the jump.

If all this bad news is getting you down, don’t worry, we continue to cover this news as well as our regular fun stuff on Monday morning.
Recalled Menu Foods Brands as of 9:45pm Pacific.

Cat Food
1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
2. Authority
3. Best Choice
4. Companion
5. Compliments
6. Demoulas Market Basket
7. Eukanuba
8. Fine Feline Cat
9. Food Lion
10. Foodtown
11. Giant Companion
12. Hannaford
13. Hill Country Fare
14. Hy-Vee
15. Iams
16. Laura Lynn
17. Li’l Red
18. Loving Meals
19. Meijer’s Main Choice
20. Nutriplan
21. Nutro Max Gourmet Classics
22. Nutro Natural Choice
23. Paws
24. Pet Pride
25. Presidents Choice
26. Price Chopper
27. Priority
28. Save-A-Lot
29. Schnucks
30. Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans
31. Sophistacat
32. Special Kitty Canada
33. Special Kitty US
34. Springfield Prize
35. Sprout
36. Total Pet
37. Wegmans
38. Western Family
39. White Rose
40. Winn Dixie

Dog Food
1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
2. Authority
3. Award
4. Best Choice
5. Big Bet
6. Big Red
7. Bloom
8. Bruiser
9. Cadillac
10. Companion
11. Demoulas Market Basket
12. Eukanuba
13. Food Lion
14. Giant Companion
15. Great Choice
16. Hannaford
17. Hill Country Fare
18. Hy-Vee
19. Iams
20. Laura Lynn
21. Loving Meals
22. Meijers Main Choice
23. Mighty Dog Pouch
24. Mixables
25. Nutriplan
26. Nutro Max
27. Nutro Natural Choice
28. Nutro Ultra
29. Nutro
30. Ol’Roy Canada
31. Ol’Roy US
32. Paws
33. Pet Essentials
34. Pet Pride - Good n Meaty
35. Presidents Choice
36. Price Chopper
37. Priority
38. Publix
39. Roche Bros
40. Save-A-Lot
41. Schnucks
42. Shep Dog
43. Springsfield Prize
44. Sprout
45. Stater Bros
46. Total Pet
47. Western Family
48. White Rose
49. Winn Dixie
50. Your Pet

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  2. Mildred Downey Broxon says:

    I was glad to see your listing in the Seattle PI ongoing story. Good site. Fortunately the food I use (Friskies) was not included, but I will refuse to buy any of the brands listed from now on. What else does Menu Foods make?

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