Menu Foods Posts Third-Quarter Loss After Pet Food Recall

Menu Foods

Menu Foods posted a third-quarter loss after the pet food recalls and announced that customers who made up more than a third of its sales in 2006 will stop doing business with them.

The company said that it lost $19.9 million in the third quarter of this year. Last year, Menu Foods had a profit of $1.35 million in the third quarter.

“The fund has been informed that customers whose volume represented approximately 37 percent of sales in 2006 will no longer be purchasing these products from Menu,” the company stated. “The effects of this lost business will be felt over time.”

Customers who account for almost 14 percent of sales in 2006 have already stopping doing business with Menu Foods.

The company’s forecast is bleak.

Source: Reuters

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23 Responses to “Menu Foods Posts Third-Quarter Loss After Pet Food Recall”

  1. Nora and rufus says:

    They sure as hell lost my business. That I know.

  2. Ann H says:

    Avoiding pet food produced by Menu Foods will most likely keep taking the toll on the rest of Menu’s customers - it isn’t over IMO.

    The handling of pet owners and the actions of the pet food industry & with the Recall Mentality published in October, the wounds are still open, raw and bleeding and will remain so until the pet food industry addresses the safety and health of our pets and the foods THEY make.

    Playing games with Method detection limits is putting a nail in the remaining options.

  3. shibadiva says:

    Whenever I see that logo with the little lab animals with their heads in their bowls, I am reminded that Henderson and Wiens and their greedy colleagues have their heads in the trough. They are scraping the bottom now, I guess, so best to get the rest of their money out and skip the country to avoid the criminal investigations that are coming next. I’m not counting on their follow-through on toxicity testing or compensation.

    Now if the PFI had only published that article about how to protect yourself against recalls a little sooner…

  4. Sindy says:

    This is music to my ears. They lost my business too, forever, so I helped to contribute to their loss.
    Good-bye Menu, Good-bye.

    Last share price $1.82 Nov. 14/07
    An all time low - Yes!

  5. Lynne says:

    Citizens (and their dollars) are the ones with the power in this country. The majority just don’t realize it.
    Boycott these losers.

  6. 5CatMom says:

    Here’s another article:

    Menu Foods Income Fund Announces 2007 Third Quarter Results

    Included in the article:
    “2. Product recall, litigation and going concern (continued)

    The Assistant United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri based in Kansas City has informed Menu that it is the target of criminal investigations for possible violations of the U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act”

  7. Carol says:

    “The company’s forecast is bleak.”

    On March 12, 2007 I was told the same thing about my cat Smudge’s chance of survival—-bleak!

  8. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    “Menu Foods posted a third-quarter loss”

    “customers who made up more than a third of its sales in 2006 will stop doing business with them”

    “almost 14 percent of sales in 2006 have already stopping doing business”

    “The company’s forecast is bleak.”


  9. toni says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    and the animals dance to this news.

  11. Pukanuba says:

    I say good riddance to bad rubbish……ta-ta MF, ta-ta……

    My heart bleeds for you……NOT

  12. CGP says:

    Hope this rocks their boat. You just cannot go back to business as usual without paying the penalty.

  13. shibadiva says:

    “It is unfortunate that a fraud committed half-way around the world has had such a profound impact on people who have done nothing wrong. I want to take this opportunity to thank the 14% of our workforce who have joined Mars as well as the 10% to 15% who will be affected by the restructuring for their hard work on Menu’s behalf over the years. I truly wish we could have had a different outcome, but these actions have proven to be unavoidable, since without them Menu would not be positioned to address the challenges that lie ahead.”

    What is unfortunate is that the execs may not get such a hefty bonus if the company is still around to pay one…

  14. catmom5 says:

    UNAVOIDABLE? Hardly! These guys haven’t heard a word we’re saying. Maybe if they had done the right thing, the honest thing, the compassionate and humane thing there might be a different outcome. What goes around comes around and theirs is starting to come around.

  15. Bridgett says:

    That is what happens when you kill people pets. For some odd reason, they don’t want to buy your products anymore. Odd….

  16. Trudy Jackson says:


  17. Sindy says:

    So MF has increased their expected recall cost to $55 million from $45 million. And to keep this leaky ship afloat, “with the objective of “sharing the pain”, the CEO has reduced his compensation by approximately 22%, the senior executives’ compensation by approximately 17% and the board of director’s compensation by approximately 20%.” (from their 2007 annual meeting)
    The only way to “share the pain” would be to eat the $hit that you made. Greed got you and not only the animals and pet families are suffering but also the employees who didn’t realize what a bunch of greedy a$$holes they work for to acquire such inferior ingredients from communist China.
    This really pisses me off because they take a pay cut from the millions they make and other people only have an unemployment line or a burial plot to show for it.
    Shame on you MF. I hope that the scrooge of Christmas past visits all of you money hungry executive decision makers and gives you one heck of a present.
    I hope you get a penny stock company who’s annual report is only fit to wallpaper an outhouse with or throw down the hole. Oh yes, $1.82 share price, Merry Christmas, enjoy your lump of coal.

  18. Carol says:

    When the CEO stops blaming what happened on half a world away and takes some of the responsibility—such as QC on a new product that may not even look the same–will be a step in the right direction. Until then I actually take delight in this downward slide–and so do Jessica and Smudge—and I am one of those who MenuFoods has “promised” to reimburse vet care and I don’t even care if they go under before that!!! To have taken repsonsibility for what happened to their food and our beloved pets in those early days of late February would have definitely had a better outcome for this company—and I hope they know that now. Bridgett sums it up best above by her short to the point remark!!

  19. Sandi K says:

    Carol, I agree, they still dont get it. They refuse to accept any responsibility and as long as they continue down that road, their business will suffer. A company that manufactures (or used to anyhow) one of the largest amounts of pet food in the world has no excuse for not having the best technology in place to test for toxins especially if they were going to be dealing with China. I think its obvious that their greed got the best of them. Didnt they just hire a new PR guy? All I can say is he is doing a lousy job. You get what you deserve Menu Foods. Remember what goes around, comes around.

  20. Jenny Bark says:

    They did not care about the dogs & cats they had & let die, why in the he!! would they care about our babies. They did not care about the garbage food with the by-products, 150-200ppb chromium tripicolinate, & all the other ingreadients that they KNOW they put in so why pretend to use QC now. All they ever cared about imo was what they call their god, the money. Looks like their money god is letting them down.

    Anonymous, I loved the link to the animals dancing to the news. Thanks, that made my day.

  21. Don Earl says:

    RE: “The Assistant United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri based in Kansas City has informed Menu that it is the target of criminal investigations for possible violations of the U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act”

    Ya gotta love it. Golly, it only took 8 months for someone to start kicking around the idea that selling poisoned food just might be illegal.

  22. Judy says:

    When are we going to quite importing garbage from China? I am sick and tired of corporate greed. Serves this bunch right.

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