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Last Updated: April 27, 2007. Itchmo’s full, latest coverage can be found here.


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On March 16, Menu Foods, a wet foods producer of private-label pet foods based in Canada, announced the recall of 60 million cans and pouches of its meat-in-gravy products for cats and dogs across more than 90 brands – the largest pet food recall in US history. Other manufacturers followed with their own recalls over the next several weeks. This timeline summarizes the events leading up to the recall as well as its aftermath and vital facts regarding the tragic incident that affected 1% of the US pet food supply. Thousands of illnesses and deaths were reported by pet parents. To date the exact death toll is unknown, and it most likely will never be known. Who is Menu Foods? / Official Company Site This page constructs the timeline of events from media and government reports based on the available data we can find.

Unofficial Death Toll Official Death Toll



Cats: 56% Cats: 93.75%
Dogs: 43% Dogs: 6.25%
Source: PetConnection Source: FDA/Menu Foods

Cause of Death

Acute Renal Failure (ARF) from the ingestion of aminopterin and/or melamine (most likely the latter). The prime suspect of contamination is wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate imported from China. What is ARF? / What is aminopterin? / What is melamine?

Mortality Rate

Menu Foods feeding trial mortality rate is approximately 17%. Real-world mortality rate is unknown.


Itchmo’s full coverage can be found here. End of timeline

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