Menu Foods Recall Fact Sheet Created

Menu Foods Income FundItchmo has created a one-page fact sheet that logs the timeline of events, latest death toll numbers, and important facts regarding the Menu Foods recall. We hope to make this the authoritative source on the Menu Foods recall and its impacts and serve as a historical reference.

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  1. G.K. says:

    (Cross-posted to PC)

    Montreal Gazette reports first incidence of human sickened by consumption of tainted pet food:;k=23093

    Synopsis? The woman was apparently ‘tasting’ the food over a period of two weeks in an effort to coax her dog (who was accustomed to dining on table scraps) into eating it. Both the woman and her dog landed in the hospital. They appear to be recovering.

  2. Nikki says:


    Regarding this:

    Cause of Death

    Acute Renal Failure (ARF) from the ingestion of aminopterin (and possibly other toxins) from contaminated wheat gluten.

    The FDA emphasized in their press conference on Friday that they did not know how the aminopterin entered into the affected food. Menu Foods, likewise, has stated that “wheat gluten” is only a guess, based on timing coincidences, and that there has been no hard-fast evidence to support that the wheat gluten is in any way contaminated. This should be stressed to consumers so as not to offer any false sense of security by simply avoiding products with wheat gluten.

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