Menu Foods Temporarily Suspends Chinese Ingredients

USA Today reports that Menu Food will stop using Chinese ingredients until they and “the ‘world community’ are assured that they are safe.” Two other companies are taking similar measures:

Pet food maker Royal Canin USA has also said it won’t use vegetable proteins from China. Pet food maker C.J. Foods has said it’ll nix protein sources from “exotic” locations.

The industry as a whole is not taking this stance:

Rather than “shut the door” on China ingredients, Pet Food Institute President Duane Ekedahl says better procedures are needed to ensure quality. Many pet food makers, including the USA’s biggest, Nestle Purina PetCare, now screen for melamine.

34 Responses to “Menu Foods Temporarily Suspends Chinese Ingredients”

  1. CHEETAH-dog says:


  2. Steve says:

    Menu is a member of the Pet Food Institute. Perhaps the leader is becoming more isolated as those beneath him become increasingly insecure and paranoid about their status?

  3. ann says:

    I don’t think any of them have much of a choice

  4. MarySmith says:

    Duane Ekedahl still has only dollar signs in his eyes! He care very little about our dear furkids.

  5. Lynn says:

    Like anyone pays attention to what Ekedahl has to say.

    Truth be told, while I’d like to believe that Menu Foods will not be using Chinese vegetable proteins, I’d be a food to trust anything they say. They can stamp their packages and put all the disclaimers in the world on all their products and I still wouldn’t believe it.

    And Royal Canin - well, that was the house favorite here before everything went nuts. The dogs did their best on one of their IVD brands and really missed it. [My home cooking is really bad.] To show you how much confidence I had, I drove for several hours on Friday to personally drop off a sample of a new bag of Royal Canin at a lab to have it tested for melamine. Not cheap - $150.00. But it goes to show the lengths I and others will go to just to ensure their furkids’ safety.

  6. YaYa says:

    Well you could also expect High price increases too now. Only thing is, it would be above, for what We THOUGHT we were paying for/getting all along until now. They’ll say, Oh but we’re buying US ingredients NOW. I do not believe for one minute they will do a Price cut, AND take a investment hit at the Same time.

    How would they explain that to the folks who ar clueless down the short road?

    Next year will we have to look into whether or not the Chicken were Raised in China that goes into the food?

    ALL Ingrdient should be USA. What we’ve been lead to believe We Paid for all this time.

    I think they can’t keep the price level so will Lie.

    Me I’m staying with what I changed over to, mostly homemade etc.

  7. Sandy says:

    At this point in this fiasco I am no longer trying to find the ones who are doing and using the bad stuff. We can’t make the bad guys change unless they want to. The only way they will want to is by losing those dollars. I am more interested now in finding the good guys. The ones who have always used USA ingredients. They will be getting my money and unless COOL is enacted I won’t believe any who used imported ingredients before and now say they are not using imported ingredients. We have seen that their word and labels mean nothing. They “pee’d on my leg and told me it was raining” far too long.

    I predict that some USA companies are going to be profitable in the coming years. I think when I find them I will buy a few shares in their company.

    Oh, and we have been talking food but it is camping season now. Lets all remember to throw out those melamine plates! We can only guess how much lead is in those. Make mine paper please. :-)

  8. Dog Clothing & Dog Collars says:

    They finally do the right thing.

  9. Sandy says:

    Sorry, while I was thinking about the melamine plates I remembered seeing on the FDA website how alot of the imported from China dinnerware is caught with lead also. Fiesta dinnerware is made right here in the good ol’ USA. And the colors sure do brighten up a winter day. LOL :-)

  10. Dog says:

    They finally are doing the right thing.

  11. Sandy says:

    Lets start researching USA made products with USA ingredients and get a list going. Anyone able to start a place on the forum for USA products with USA ingredients? Sure would be great to find those products with a click.

  12. mittens says:

    i recall an episode of the’ frugal gourmet’ wherein he suggested using these test strips to see if there was any lead in an ceramic food dishes from china- and this was back in the what early 90s late 80s?( i forget when that show was on tv.) ever since seeing it i wouldn’t buy dishes from china. anyway-it’s been a known problem for quite some time. and as usual nothing is done about it.

  13. Cat Lady says:

    What a ridiculous thing for Menu to say. Oh of course they can buy the ingredients from companies who relabel so the stuff no longer appears to be from China.

  14. Steve says:

    They’ll never apologize to the American Public.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Maybe If They Stick By It 5yrs Or More And I Know They Cleaned Thr Vent System And The Duct Work Of All The Toxic Waste They Produced. Maybe Then I Might Consider Thinkn About Trying Something Made By Them

  16. Cynthia says:

    And why not “shut the door” on China ingredients. If this situation was turned around, you can be certain China would “shut the door” on US ingredients.

    I will NEVER trust them again. Menu Foods will NEVER get my money. I will NEVER forget how they handled the recall and how they let weeks go by without doing anything. Remember weeks before the recall, when Menu Foods sold 1/2 their stocks? They certainly knew what was going on and they seemed to have gotten away with it too.

  17. cheetah-dog says:

    We can not close the door on China. According to this “strange Chinese Video” it is too late:

  18. Sandy says:

    Wow now we have 2 Sandys lol this will be confusing….

  19. e wem says:

    So Menu Foods says

    This time we are telling the truth about what is in our foods

    I must have missed the part about why we are supposed to believe them. They would not even warn poeple when the test cats died.

    Since our government has done nothing I can see to stop or even criticize Menu Foods in anything it does, why would Menu even bother using test cats at all the next time

    They likely knew cats were dying all over from massive customer complaints. The test cats in my opinion were to buy some time while they got out the doc shredder. Poor cats

    Cheeta dog, of course we can close the door on China. It is a voluntary system. The question is do we love our children more than ourselves

    If we love ourselves more we can continue to eat, drink and be merry and tomorrow when we die our children will be left with an empty country, stripped of findustry, farmed by foreigners who hate us, and deeply in debt to the most overpopulated nation on earth that this very week announced it is setting up long range missiles to target every single one of our aircraft carriers

    We are for the moment the slave south, and the yankees who have gained control of most of the factories in the world are getting ready to cut us our of the picture.

    Enjoy the fruits of slave labor for the moment, be it Chinese or Mexican, because our children will pay for this party with their liberty

  20. kellie says:

    i posted this on the other thread but i think it belongs here as well

    here’s another..headline


  21. Sandy says:

    Of course we can shut the door on China! We are the ones in control. They don’t want us to know that, but we do. It is our dollars which pay for those products. No dollars, no imports…..period. Stop buying all the imported knick knacks, food, etc. It’s a basic rule of supply and demand. Look what we have already started. Companies have started not using imported ingredients. Let’s keep the ball rolling! Search out those USA companies. Force the issue and you will see more USA companies popping up to provide the items China now provides.

  22. Sandy says:

    If anyone is looking for a great USA flour source try:

    Chemical Free, GMO Free, Nothing Added, Nothing Removed, All Natural.

  23. E. Hamilton says:

    There are NO good pet food companies. NONE.

    Have you seen any TV ads saying what the symptoms were, so people not on the internet would know what to look for in their pets, maybe catch it in time?
    Me neither.

    Have you seen any pet food company refuse to join the PFI ?
    Or say that Duane needs to just SHUT UP?
    I haven’t either.

    Until they step up they can just step AWAY from MY money!

    If you call a pet food company for ANY reason do not forget to tell them how much you just love the PFI and the fact that YOUR MONEY is being used to pay a man to insult you and spin and lie. Duane must go.

  24. baby girl 2 says:

    Easy to make China the fall guy. What about the stories that said the wheat for this wheat gluten was grown here in the US, THEN exported to China to be made into wheat gluten THEN sent back here.

    Or the other report that it was GMO in the wheat gluten? And that it as manufactured at a plant in Nebraska?

    I WANT this to go to court so that these details go out. In Canada, Rochon Genova has hired private investigators. I wonder if these US lawyers have done the same.

    I’m not saying that the greedy capitalists in China who wanted the business weren’t involved but they aren’t the only ones. The pet food executives who put pressure on suppliers to cut costs so they can maximize profits are ultimately responsible and are being totally unaccountable.

  25. purple turtle says:

    The other thing we can all do is –boycott all these pet foods.

    I looked at my dish soap the other day — Proctor and Gamble. They own Hills.

    I went right out and bought another dish soap, natural with lavendar. Who knows what kind of chemicals they put into our everyday use products.

    The only thing these companies will understand is if people stop buying their products. That’s it. Other than lawsuits that get stuff proven in court.
    We need to talk with our wallets then they will hear us.

  26. SMITH111 says:


  27. Judy says:

    How Asinine! Purina and others have NO common sense. Or their common sense is overtaken by greed! They will be “checking for Melamine in the future!?!?!? That makes everything ok?? NOT!
    China has proven that they cannot be trusted. Nobody can possibly check for every known toxin in the Universe! China will change the poison and go on their merry way if they are not punished and business taken away from them. It may be worse next time. Of course, Purina is opening a brand, spanking, new facility in China so that shows you where there heart is.
    China has not changed their MO. They have just poisoned 100 people in Panama because they sent Diethylene Glycol in place of Glycerin for the toothpaste! Why deal with people like this?
    What makes the Pet Food Industry think everything is ok, as as long as they check for Melamine???
    There is absolutely no common sense any more.
    I will never buy a single product from any company that has anything at all to do with China. I have never, ever brought gluten and the rest of them into the house anyway, and that has saved me this time. But there is room for deceit in any of the feed stuff used. I happen to believe it is easier to control and punish the evil doers if they do it here rather than some foreign place.
    We should all demand US sourced ingredients and call them and tell them this.
    Purina especially needs to hear this. I just can’t believe it!
    People don’t care. I’ve seen them still taking the foods with gluten off the shelves, even though there are new recalls every Friday! They just don’t get it!

  28. JJ says:

    Menu Foods is phasing out ingredients from China? You mean they are still using them? WTF! Menu wont resume using them until the ‘world community’ are assured that they are safe? Excuse me, what part did they not get? Glad you let us know exactly what your plans are Menu Foods so we can all steer clear of all the companies you manufacture pet food for. Gawd do you think any of us pet lovers are gonna go on good faith from a company that withheld information some state going as far back as December while our beloved pets continued to be sickened and killed by your gross negligence. DO NOT THINK FOR ONE MOMENT ANY OF US WILL EVER BUY ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SELL AGAIN! Better look for another business to get into - you ain’t getting our money anymore.

  29. Moony says:

    “People don’t care. I’ve seen them still taking the foods with gluten off the shelves, even though there are new recalls every Friday! They just don’t get it!”
    Its not that they don’t care. They’re just asleep, and/or haven’t bothered to do any research beyond what the mass media is telling them - IF they have a computer. Or…they don’t WANT to hear. I’ve told quite a few people who were shocked that it was still going on, and they’ve fallen into two camps - people who want to know but haven’t been paying attention, and people who literally turn their backs and walk away. The last group also includes those who try to argue me as being ‘panic mongering’ because they inevitably leave. The first group, of course, takes the websites I give them and writes them down so they can look them up later. Of course one of them is Itchmo, and the other is Pet Connection. :)

    Thankfully I’ve run into a few more of the first group than the second.

  30. Buster says:

    Oh, how “kind.” How “caring.” THIS IS ALL COACHED PR SPIN and DAMAGE CONTROL as 50+ major lawsuits hang over Menu’s head. They wouldn’t have done JACK had they not been caught!

  31. Judy says:

    No, we are in the minority! Most people never stopped buying the crap foods on the shelves. They will continue to buy whatever in the hell is there. They are not interested. They are depending on other people to make decisions for them. Their pea brains tell them that if it is on the shelf then it must be safe. People in my own community are not interested and could care less. Most people barely know what we are talking about.
    They don’t want to know when gas is over $3 per gallon and a war going on in the middle east.
    Where will it all end?
    I have told people for years to NOT buy any food with gluten and soy in it. These make carnivores sick! Nobody cares that Purina sprays the grain with rendered digest in order to make the dogs eat it. Then they charge a huge price for it! Beneful is about the worst godawful crap to come down the turnpike! Everything from propylene glycol to sugar!
    It is criminal the ingredients being put into our pets’ diets.
    They should be taken to task for it. They are causing illnesses in our pets, even when the food isn’t poisoned!

  32. JJ says:

    Moony glad you are taking time to try to inform people. The ones who chose to walk away will not even bother to find out until something tragic happens and then it might be too late but at least you can feel glad that you at least tried and they chose a different path. Like saying goes “can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink.”

  33. JJ says:

    Judy you are so right about the gluten and soy. For even more information on those two please take a look at He is a vet who has a wealth of information on making not only your pets healthier but yourself as well. I am following the lectin part from there to remove wheat among other things to see if I can heal my thyroid problem. Just started this a few weeks ago so will give it time and see how it goes. Should also avoid corn, rice, wheat, soy and canola oil in foods. They are genetically modified so all might have roundup in them by now or some other herbicide or pesticide. Yummy Yummy weed and bug killer for your Tummie!

  34. soma says:

    Assuming that our government is not entirely composed of mindless pencil-pushers, and it is a leap, why could they possibly be working so hard to make us more and more dependent on China? I can’t figure it out. We need China for food: vitamins, possibly chickens, animal feed, human grains; medicine and it’s inactive ingredients, most electronics, you name it. And with all this going on, they are tossing around the idea of importing chicken–bird-flu notwithstanding. It seems so counter-intuitive and illogical. Surreal. What can they be thinking? Is this what you have to do when you owe a foreign nation so much money? Even that seems far-fetched. Maybe China can send us the bird-flu, then develop a vaccine in conjuction with Monsanto, manufacture that vaccine, sell it back to us and make everyone involved a whole lot of money!

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