Menu Foods To Begin Shipping New Products Soon

An analyst covering Menu Foods (whose recall of more than 60 million contains of food sparked the waves of recalls) says that large clients depend on their manufacturing capacity and will continue to be their clients.

Menu Foods also expects to once again begin shipping many of the recalled pet food brands in the second quarter and into the third quarter.

“All of those things essentially will see us, in my opinion, through the recall,” [Menu Foods CEO] Henderson said.

Cormark Securities analyst Aleem Israel agreed, saying Menu Foods has survived hard times in the past. He cited problems in 2005 when rising costs led the company to breach its bank covenants.

“He’s (Henderson) been in the situation where his back was against the wall,” he said from Toronto. “They were very good at managing their way out of that.”

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47 Responses to “Menu Foods To Begin Shipping New Products Soon”

  1. cleo says:

    there is no way in hell i will EVER EVER buy anything from menu foods. almost 5,000 pets have died and many more are sick. No WAY JOSE !

  2. Amy says:

    “He cited problems in 2005 when rising costs led the company to breach its bank covenants.”

    So, this time instead of getting in trouble with their bank, they just cut costs by poisoning pets? Ugh. Well at least the bankers are happy… cuz, you know, I’m willing to sacrifice the health of my pets to keep the fat bankers happy.



  3. Sandy says:

    They should shut them down. On a side note..I do not feed it but at my grocery store last night they had BASKETS of Dads dog and cat stuff in them and a sign saying 50-79% off…I wonder why?

  4. Susan says:

    I will not buy from any company that does business with Menu. Ever! I dropped Newman’s Own for dry food because they get their wet from Menu. They claim it’s a different factory, but I don’t want any of my money going into Menu’s pockets under any circumstances.

  5. Amy says:

    I just talked to our department’s admin and mentioned my pet food recall sick kitty. She has 2 doxie’s and she couldn’t even give me the name of her pet food but said it wasn’t one of the recalled ones. Yeah, whatever, I just walked away… she’s one of those ‘always right’ people so it would’ve been wasted breath anyway. I do feel sorry for her dogs, though, and hope they dodge the bullet.

  6. straybaby says:

    “Israel said he is not concerned by small customers who have canceled orders because the biggest customers need Menu Foods’ capacity.”

    bunch of smug SOB’s. i say we start a letter writing campaign to all the “biggest customers” and let them know what we think about this. and not just the brand heads, the parent corp heads need to hear this loudly also.

    and what about criminal charges?! if they would have listened in Dec then just maybe some of the other plants wouldn’t have used the tainted flour. does anyone know if any of the other plants are going after Menu or their suppliers?

    Sandy, next time you see product with a deep discount, check the exp date. it might have been getting close, or nobody’s buying it. Would be interesting to know. They weren’t part of the recall were they?

  7. Helen says:

    Dad’s is not on recall list. I have not read any illness complaints, only comments about the lower quality ingredients.

  8. Susan says:

    Straybaby-the letter writing campaign is a great idea. Where would we start? Iams, Eukanuba, Hills’s Science Diet? Then the grocery store brands?

  9. Cynthia says:

    I’m with you cleo

    “there is no way in hell i will EVER EVER buy anything from menu foods. almost 5,000 pets have died and many more are sick. No WAY JOSE !”

    I hope Menu Foods is listening… I believe all of us would LOVE to see you go under.

    We need to call each pet food company and tell them why you’re not buying their food. Tell them it’s because they use Menu Foods and until they stop using Menu Foods, your not buying.

    I told this to several pet food companies already.

  10. Gail B says:

    Clients abandon pet food maker

    …Menu Foods says the company has lost two major contracts with unnamed North American clients…on top of an announcement made March 16, the day of a major recall, that Menu was losing cuts-and-gravy product orders from its largest customer, a client that accounted for about 11 per cent of the Mississauga pet food maker’s sales.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Menu Foods has survived hard times in the past. He cited problems in 2005 when rising costs led the company to breach its bank covenants.”

    Nice to know your baby’s food is coming from a company that’s in default and cutting corners on quality ingredients

    “He’s (Henderson) been in the situation where his back was against the wall,” he said from Toronto. “They were very good at managing their way out of that.”

    Yes indeed and now we know how.

    They can kiss my bidippy if they think I’m buying a single piece of crap they make.

  12. Chuck says:

    1.Menu says they have a large clientele who is depending on them.

    I say Menu doesn’t know when to stop depending on their own bullcrap!

    2. Henderson’s been in a situation where his back was against the wall …they were very good at managing their way out.

    How about Henderson has his butt in a sling now…and they should be “managed” to the fullest extent of the law!

  13. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    And I am in agreement with everyone here on this…they say Menu’s weathered bad times before, huh? Riiiiiiight, that was BEFORE they killed thousands of pets with their poisoned food.

    I’d like to take a poll. How many of you are ever going to trust Menu Foods again?

    *crickets chirping*

    Yeah, I thought so.

  14. Jay says:

    Here are three more companies that had Menu Foods manufacture for them and should not be purchased.

    Eagle Pack
    Nature’s Logic
    Nature’s Variety
    Priority (Safeway) This would not be a small contract and should be on the top of all lists when writing. Personally, I spend less than ten percent of what I did prior to the pet food horror as I hold them as responsible as any other company. I wrote and told them precisely that.

    Others to add — and we will need to be vigilant for any “new” names made up by some of the culprits in order to escape detection by those they harmed. Boycott all Menu Foods products and watch daily for any trade names not now known.

  15. mittens says:

    do you guys know anyone who quite buying menu food’s produced items that would even consider buying them again -i’m talking consumers ,you know ,the little people who are ‘ hysterical’, ‘ rumour mongering’ and generally do not matter in the least to these reprehensible scumbags?

    i won’t buy ANYTHING made by menu foods nor will i buy anything from any company who refuse to say where their food is made( which in my mind says menu foods made it). i don’t care if it was never recalled. look at what’s happeneing now- poultry, fish feed.. freakin’ toothpaste! we’re being feed toxic waste in just about everything and the fda piddles and whines and shuffles it’s feet and tingles out these suggested recalls at a snail’s pace. fire these f’ers and give me a marine sargent and a few platoons and i’ll head the fda. they should ban everything from canada too until they shut menu fodds down. why isn’t canada responsible just like china is? they should shut theyre own down.

    ive already noticed all this ‘ new name’ weird pet food popping up and there’s no way my babies are getting anonymous crap.poo in a different sack stills smells like poo. they really think we’re flaming idiots.

  16. martin says:

    Oh PLEASE!!!!

    Do they really think we are going to buy the NEW & IMPROVED Menu Brands? Not in a million years!

  17. mittens says:

    but ,martin ,now we’re calling it “Melalicious Organi-icks Pet Plastique”- here’s a free coupon! and we lobbied the FDA to make it illegal to disclose where any food item is made…yes we could be sailing out of this mess quite nicely with redesigned labels and catchy new natural names…

  18. High Note says:

    Until our great FDA changes some laws here we will have trouble even knowing that Menu food makes a certain product. All they have to do is change the name and say distributed by whomever and menu foods will not be known and of course the company is not going to tell who their manufacturer is!

  19. YaYa says:

    Here’s something for the books imho, I’m watching the Evening news right now and it’s not been on even 45 minutes yet.
    I have seen *3* different Pet food Commercials already!!!!!
    1 for Medley’s Fancy Feast {Purina?}
    1 for Beneful Dog Dry {Purina}
    1 for Purina Kitten Chow

    I also know I’ve seen an Increase in Other Pet food commercials right now {lately}.

    One I’d never seen before started DURING one of the more recent Recalls was for Foster & Smith.
    I’d never knew they have ‘foods’ Until, the Recalls and being here.

    Purina’s been Hit it Pretty hard lately. {and I dont mean the bottle :-P }

    Wonder IF *We* are having an effect for them to have Sooooo many Commercials.
    {ACK! Antoher Beneful was just ON! }

    I think I just answered my own question :-D

  20. YaYa says:

    Another Kitten Chow! Pow!

  21. mittens says:

    i notice the price on those 4 can packs of 9 lives- which only seemed to go up and up in price the last 2 years- go down and now i get a barrel of coupons for pet food at the check out- and for money off on not just my pet food but on my whole grocery bill.

    purina’s panicing in their own special way as is mars. menu foods the major culprit at least publically in all this is the only one all glib and puffed up and feeling invincible. is there anything wrong with that picture? it’s as if theyre really mentally ill- their perceptions of what happened and people’s reactions to it all is completely out of whack.

  22. YaYa says:

    You know, years past I’ve been involved in Write-In campaigns. Usually to Protest a show being cancelled or an {objectionable} strong point of View, that a network repeatedly shows etc.
    {We would also write Thank You letter t Show sponsors for something Good they did as well}

    I missed the 1st 15 minutes of the News tonite, so don’t know {but would Bet there were other Pet food commercials in that time frame too} How many I missed.

    I’m about Ready to write a Hard copy Letter to this Network and Protest the Constant, unrelentless, bombardment by Purina! {due to my Personal issues with them and the other folks Here who’ve had issues too}

    It’s like Slow Subtle Brain-washing to the Public. {or in my case increasing Anger levels!}
    “We’re GREAT, Wonderful, The Best”, over and over.

    This just Disgust me! They’ve got All the money in the World for Commercials but not to Straighten out their Company!

  23. Jay says:

    Drs. Foster & Smith

    MADE BY MENU: Avoid!

  24. YaYa says:

    Yeah Jay, I remember the First Foster & Smith commercial I ever Saw, was DURING Their Own RECALL a few weeks ago!!!

    I was Shocked!

  25. Lisalisa says:

    Boycotting a list of ‘who used Menu’ is ridiculous. What about the companies that used ANI ? Or CJ Foods?(Blue Buffalo, Sensible Choice etc, ), or those using DIAMOND (Solid Gold, Natural Balance, Artemis, Chicken Soup).
    Or Chenango Valley (Lick Your Chops, Back To Basics, and others)
    Menu was first, but far from alone!

    Those not affected previously were LUCKY not smart. What is important is what companies do next. I’ll be wanting to know what companies have done moving forward to better control where ingredients are coming from, how they test them, how they test the foods after they are made and so on.

  26. pam says:

    the fda is a waste of our tax dollars. they have no authority and, as such, can only be reactive not pro-active. i can’t figure out what the hell they actually do…can’t order a recall, that’s for sure…now, what was the punishment for the head of the fda’s counterpart in china for not doing his job??? the death penalty, you say? well, what would they do to the head of menu foods and all the pet food companies? interesting…

  27. mittens says:

    the only way to stop menu foods is to make those ‘manufacturers’who utilize them realize we won’t buy their products until they switch so yes a boycott could be effective of anyone who uses menu foods. menu foods is not going to listen to us but if all it’s business customers($$$) pull out they will collapse on themselves. menu foods does not directly depend on me as a customer but on other fat headed greedy pet food companies. that’s who theyll have to listen to. that’s called logical not ‘ ridiculous’. most of the proven poisoned food was made by Menu. period. since when is logic ridiculous? they have to be broken as a warning to all the rest.

    they KNEW the food they were manufacturing for over 100 different brands was poisoned and KEPT SELLING IT before the recall. if i was Mitten’s Brand Premium Butt Scented Cat Food they would no longer be packing my cat food. but this is because i would feel responsible to my customers and have morals which is apparently an unwanted attribute of anyone in the commercial pet food industry.

    if someone was selling me a brand of flour, as a professional baker, and it was proven to have been made in a mill who poisoned people with their other brand of flour i would no longer be buying from them especially if their response was anything like what we’ve gotten from the powers that represent menu foods and the pet food industry in general.( “you wanted cheaper flour and it killed people so it’s your fault!”)

  28. Ann H says:

    The Menu stocks started off 4.01 and ended 4.26. They’re headed up.

    I found it interesting that their financial release wasn’t part of the news releases (at the bottom of the page).

    They also are circling the wagons and leveraging themselves in case of a buyout attempt:

    Apparently the attorneys that didn’t like the Menu posting about settlements wasn’t successful in getting it removed or the court hasn’t ruled- the postings are still there but they docketed the consent order:

  29. petslave says:

    does anyone know exactly how many products have been recalled, by all manufacturers & all lines?

  30. joan says:

    how about a write in campaign to senator dick durbin? i think he is up for reelection and this would be a good campaign issue for him since almost everyone has pets. he made an effort to get info from the fda at the start of the recall. haven’t heard how successful he was with that. but it might have more effect than just writing our compaints on various websites. maybe send copies to our own representitives as well. we need to keep it in the news. i can’t even find out what the “authorities” are actually blaming all of the illness and deaths on. since they don’t seem to think the melamine was in sufficient quantity to affect pets - what else could it have been and why aren’t we hearing anything more about it? one researcher suggested that a combination of the melamine and cyanuric acid ( also an illegal additive used in pet foods ) could cause crystals to form which looked like the crystals found in the urine of many of the sick animals. he said it would be like creating “instant kidney stones”. and yet none of the “authorities” picked up on it and the story was never mentioned again. was the researcher forced to back down???? maybe we can ask sen. durbin about that.

  31. e wem says:

    “ive already noticed all this ‘ new name’ weird pet food popping up and there’s no way my babies are getting anonymous crap”

    Me too. The new Mars brands showed up right as the Menu hit the fan. Was that a coincidence or did Mars - Master Foods know about the poison pet food and try to get their foods out there when the news broke?

    I do not trust the new deluge of products. Now if any one of the new products had a guarantee on the package that it was made in the USA of 100 percent certified American ingredients I would go to that brand. Otherwise it is the same old Chinese crap with new labels

  32. Chuck says:

    Some FYI for those who don’t understand the spikes in stock those crap companies have as I found out.
    Not that the companies are doing better, just “day traders” buying into it when the stock can be purchased at a low price. When the day traders see it going up, they sell their stocks, and make money off of the crap companies. Way to go!
    Then the stock goes down again and the cycle continues.

  33. petslave says:

    I think the pet food companies are all repackaging in really different colors & lettering so we can’t automatically walk in & reject a food we know was recalled. Funny thing that, since they seem to take such advantage of using their old packaging right up to the 6 month limit when there’s a formula change. Whatever works best for the bottom line—-

  34. Ruth says:

    I bet a lot of these pet food companies will be changing their product labeling with the words Natural, Organic, Wholesome, or Improved, but will be the same crap. Just look at IAM’s coming out with a new Natural line. Who whats wrong with the food line they have now other than being crap.

    IAM’s can change to a Natural line but to me it the same crap. My pet dog died after eating your crappy, toxic food. And you still deny. (Thats my Opinion)

    Remember, 4 out of 5 Vets recommend IAM’s. Yeah, probably the 4 Vets work for you company…..and the ones who work in your experimental labs…. thats saying a lot for them….

  35. DogsLuvMe says:

    This is a GREAT site that all of you need to check out. Explanations, additional information and new information! It’s very enlightening on this subject that has so many of us on pins and needles:

    Hope y’all enjoy it (if “enjoy” can even be used in these circumstances) as much as I did.

  36. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Anyone have any comments/info on TimberWolf Organics Bison? I brought home a sample for my dogs. I also brought a sample of Innova dry. I’m switiching my Canidae to one of the above. My little chi mix will not eat the Innova dry, but sucked down the Timberwolf bison. My other two GSD’s ate both. Thanks for any info you guys may have.

  37. YaYa says:

    Yeah, better watch out for seamingly NEW foods out {especially in cans} with NEW Labels designed.

    They’ll want to change their “looks” so not to be associated with, remind you of the Old {killer} stuff.

    That’s “good” marketing. :-P

  38. Lisa Clay says:

    To Sky Eyes Woman - I am never planning to buy another product made my menu, nor any product made in a Menu owned factory. They could give me the food for free, and I still wouldn’t feed it.

    Menu may still have customers, but those customers were selling their food to us, and many of us are not buying. Perhaps they think good advertising will convince us it’s “all safe now” as if I’d ever believe it.

    I have been feeding only Halo, Evangers, Artemis and Merrick since the middle of March and will continue to do so.

  39. Debi says:

    The bottom line is, I think, stop buying anything Chinese, send the powers that be, a hard line message, if there is enough money lost, maybe it will elicit some changes, maybe-hopefully, lets all work together and cause a change.

  40. Chuck says:

    Going back to Amy on June 1 at 2:43pm. I thought that I was the only one who tried to tell people with pets about the recalled foods and the long-time sickening ingredients in pet foods but was met with the ‘always right’ attitude. Some even got down right irritated, while others gave ignorant comments about the printed out copies of articles I showed them with proof. I thought, hey, sorry I ruined your day!
    As time passed, their brands ended up being on the recall. Too bad for the pets who have pet owners that know it all.

  41. Sidney's Mom says:

    I have just these words for Medu Foods……..

    EaglePack Holistic Dog Foods

    That should cever it!

  42. Wendy44 says:

    I have also tried to warn some of my friends and family about the recalls and finding a better food, but the bottom line seems to be they don’t want to spend the money for the more expensive foods. My sister in law still thinks Iams is safe because her previos vet told her so.

  43. YaYa says:

    From “the sheep” I get, “Oh but ALL the bad stuff has been recalled and removed”.

    It’s SO discouraging, to say the least.

  44. martin says:


    Thanks for posting.

    This a man on a mission.

    The story of chuckels made me cry.

  45. Paul says:

    Menu Foods and their corporate customers are hiding the fact that their dry pet food is just as affected as their can and pouch food. They do this because the dry pet food constitutes the vast majority of their product line, and it would be all over for them if they recalled everything affected. Because everything that is sold on the competitive basis of protein content is affected, as the melamine is added to jack up the protein rating in competition with other brands. Just check out the shelf offerings at the store if you want evidence that most of the product lines are dry pet food. They are betting that they can weather the storm if they can hold off losing the dry pet food market for as long as possible. They are also weighing the costs of potential litigation versus lost revenue for recall of affected products, and betting that loss of revenue from a total recall would be greater than costs of potential litigation. They know that the potential of everyone affected by the pet poisoning will either not figure out the cause, be able to afford and take the trouble to litigate, or if so, will win much.

    It’s a sad commentary on our country, especially if you also consider that the FDA appears to be complicit.

  46. Chuck says:

    Wendy 6-4 at 5:50pm We hear the reasons that don’t make any sense for common rationale, but doesn’t it still just boggle your mind? I know it does mine.
    People suffered the loss of their pets, people have pets that got sick, and would have gladly listened to anybody to prevent all of it. Then we have us who try to tell other people to help prevent their pet’s illness or death, and they don’t want to hear about it.
    I wonder if they are going to like to see the bottom line of their vet bills.

    Paul 6-5 at 8:39am I have been thinking that all along about the dry foods. Thinking, why would anybody want to buy a brand that has wet recalls and think the dry food is totally safe.
    I think if these companies are going to stay afloat, it will only be because of people who don’t want to hear about the realities, and there seems to be a good majority of those types of people from my encounters, and seeing customers buy the dry foods at the store.
    I think there is a difference between being naive and dumb. Naive just doesn’t know, dumb doesn’t want to know.

  47. Paul says:

    There is no technical reason that the wet food would be affected and not the dry food. In competing in terms of protein content, which they do, they added the melamine to fake the reported percentage. Probably, our pets have been slowly poisoned over theyears but something happened recently to increase the toxicity to a threshold level causing the great increase in deaths. Probably our pets all along have died before they should have due to the ongoing but until recently, less damaging, toxicity of the commercial food.

    I have started making food at home, which only takes a little time once a week. A simple recipe is 1/3 meat, 1/3 mixed vegetables (frozen bag), and 1/3 brown rice. All cooked, and add some vitamins. Make a batch, freeze half. It lasts about a week for us. I’ll never trust commercial food again. My dog was injured eating dry dog food from Nutro–Natural Choice. They have yet to announce a recall on that one.

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