Michael Vick Dog Fighting Investigation Timeline

This is a timeline of the Michael Vick dog fighting investigation as complied from the Vick indictment and news reports on the dog fighting case. The timeline refers to the following people: Michael Vick, Purnell A. Peace, Quanice L. Phillips, and Tony Taylor. They go by the nicknames of “Ookie”, “P-Funk” or “Funk”, “Q”, and “T”.

Listed in reverse chronological order:

July 27, 2007:
- Nike suspends Vick’s sponsorship contract without pay.
- Reebok says they will no long sell Vick’s jerseys.

July 26, 2007:
- Sports Illustrated poll paints a picture of public outrage over Vick’s involvement in dog fighting.
- Vick appears in court and pleads not guilty to all charges.

July 23, 2007:
- NFL bans Vick from reporting to training camp.

July 19, 2007:
- Nike says they will hold off on releasing Vick’s new shoes.

July 17, 2007:
- Vick indicted on dog fighting charges.

July 7, 2007:
- Press reports on the dog fighting evidence found at Vick’s property.

June 21, 2007:
- Humane Society asks Nike to cut ties with Vick.

June 6, 2007:
- Clinton Portis apologizes for this defense of Vick.

June 4, 2007:
- AirTran cuts sponsorship ties with Vick.

May 31, 2007:
- Prosecutor on the dog fighting case says there are informants that place Vick in dog fights.

May 30, 2007:
- New search warrant issued for Vick’s property.

May 24, 2007:
- Pit bulls found on Vick’s property will be euthanized.

May 21, 2007:
- Clinton Portis, runningback for the Washington Redskins, defends Michael Vick (video) by basically saying that it’s not a big deal.
- Evidence of dog fighting from Vick’s cousin’s residence (owned by Vick) is examined by state investigators.

April 25, 2007:
- Indictment says 54 pit bulls were housed on Vick’s property for the purposes of dog fighting. It also says they found scars and equipment associated with dog fighting on Vick’s property.

April 2007:
- Bad Newz Kennels tests more dogs and their fighting abilities.
- The indictment says Vick, Peace and Phillips executed 8 dogs for performing poorly in the test dog fights. They also say Vick and others used hanging, drowning and slamming the dogs to kill them.
- The police raid one of Vick’s houses in Virginia for a drug investigation involving Vick’s cousin. They find dozens of dogs and dog fighting equipment, spurring a felony investigation.

Late 2004 to 2005:
- Prosecutors say that Vick and others held about 10 dog fights on Vick’s property on Moonlight Road.

Spring 2004:
- Male pit bull Big Boy, allegedly owned by Bad News Kennels, fights on Vick’s property for a $3,000 prize and wins.

Early 2004:
- Bad Newz Kennels allegedly hosts a dog fight for a $6,000 purse on Vick’s property. Police say a dog sponsored by Vick and company won the purse.

Late 2003:
- The forth cooperating witness (C.W. #4) travels to Virgina to fight dogs on Vick’s property for a $14,000 purse. The witness also allegedly enters a $4,000 side bet with Peace. Prosecutors say C.W. #4 wins the money and is paid by Vick.

Fall 2003:
- Vick and other allegedly travel from Atlanta to South Carolina to participate in a dog fight. The dog allegedly sponsored by Bad Newz Kennels wins the $3,000 purse.
- The third government witness (C.W. #3) travels to Surrey Co. VA to North Carolina to fight dogs. Police say the fight was held on Vick’s property on Moonlight Road. The witness was criticized for calling out Vick’s name before a crowd during the dog fight.

Late 2003:
- Jane fights and wins in New Jersey. Purse skyrockets to $10,000.
- Big Boy goes to fight in South Carolina for $7,200 prize and wins.

Spring 2003:
- Jane fights another match, this time in in North Carolina. Vick is alleged to be present at this match. Purse rises to $3,000, which is won by Jane.
- Bad Newz Kennels’ male pit bull Big Boy allegedly wins a $2,000 prize by fighting on Vick’s property.

March 2003:
- A fight is held around Blackstone, VA between 2 female dogs. Vick and Peace allegedly sponsor one of those dogs. Purse rises to $26,000. However, the dog Vick and Peace allegedly sponsors loses. According to the police, Peace asked Vick permission to execute the dog. Peace is said to have killed her by electrocuting her.
- Two male pit bulls are also allegedly fought between Bad Newz Kennels and the dogs from C.W. #2 for a purse of $20,000. Bad Newz Kennels loses.
- Vick allegedly pays for the two losses by retrieving $23,000 in cash in a bag from his vehicle.
- Bad Newz Kennels also allegedly fights a female pit bull against a dog named Cleo from New York for $6,000. The man from New York is the government’s Cooperating Witness #1 (C.W. #1). Cleo won and the dog from Bad Newz Kennels is allegedly executed by Peace with a gun.

Late 2002:
- Another fight is allegedly held between Jane, a female pit bull fight dog, and another dog is held on Vick’s property with a purse of $2,000.
- Bad Newz Kennels allegedly host a “Grand Champion Fight” — meaning the dog on each side had won 4 consecutive times.
- A dog from Alabama also fights on Vick’s property allegedly hosted by Bad Newz Kennels. Total purse, $2,000.
- The winner in the sprint 2002 fight travels to Bad Newz Kennels and fights again. Total purse was $2,000.

Summer 2002:
- Additional dogs tested. Peace allegedly executes at least 4 another dogs that performed poorly using a gun and in one case, using electrocution.

June 2002:
- Vick, Peace and others attend 2 dog fights near Blackstone, VA. A man (who would later cooperate with the investigation referred to only as C.W. #2) approaches Bad Newz Kennels to fight two dogs. Bad Newz Kennels allegedly agrees to the fight.

Spring 2002:
- Peace, Phillips and Taylor allegedly travel to North Carolina to participate in a dog fighting match — and loses. Total purse was $1,000.

February 2002:
- Defendants in the indictment allegedly test the fighting ability of dogs. Peace allegedly execute a dog that did not perform well.

Early 2002:
- Bad Newz Kennels established.

Early September 2001:
- Vick and company allegedly buy several pit bull puppies to fight.

June 29, 2001:
- Vick allegedly pays $34,000 for the property picked by Taylor.

May 2001:
- Taylor allegedly picks a location for the dog fighting operation at 1951 Moonlight Road, Smithfield, VA.

Early 2001:
- A dog fighting operation allegedly established by Vick, Peace, Phillips and Taylor.

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    Thank you for doing this.

  2. Debby Fox says:

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  3. straybaby says:

    July 28th Upper Deck pulls all Vick merch:


  4. Nikki says:

    Tony Taylor, one of Vick’s co-defendants, who pleaded “not guilty” during Thursdays’ hearing in Richmond, has changed his mind. Taylor has decided to plead out and has been scheduled to meet with federal prosecutors on Monday, July 30, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. to discuss a plea agreement. This is ‘Bad Newz’ for Vick, as Taylor, in all probability, will have to cooperate with the feds in order to reach any kind of plea agreement.


  5. 3FURS says:

    NIKKI_That’s an excellent video about Pit Bulls. But I don’t agree with the picture of Vick in a dog-house with a bone. It should show Vick in a barren steel cage, out in the dessert. I hope to see daily reports of these beasts who engage in dog fighting, being arrested.

  6. Nikki says:


    The pic of V(d)ick in the doghouse was a creation of Sports Illustrated. It accompanied the SI.com article my website linked to. But you’re right — a steel cage would be a more appropriate setting for Vick.

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  11. Loser says:

    he should be torchered ,it is very terrible what he does to those harmless puppys he makes them cruel he makes them fight for his money and he makes them die any other way he kills the dogs FUCK YOU VICK

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