Minnesota Lawmaker Proposes Ban On Specific Dog Breeds


Minnesota Representative John Lesch is proposing a statewide ban on five breeds of dogs that he deems to be a threat to public safety. He wants to ban Akitas, chow chows, Rottweilers, pit bulls and wolf hybrids or mixed-breed dogs with any of the above traits in Minnesota.

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From My Fox Twin Cities:

“You never hear stories about roving packs of golden retrievers attacking children in our streets,” Lesch said. “But you do hear about the pit bulls, who are responsible, according to Minnesota statistics, for up to one third of the vicious attacks in this state in the past five years.”

Opponents of the proposed ban said the ban would be too difficult to enforce and would be unfair to responsible dog owners.

“I don’t think mass exterminating five breeds of dogs is going to solve the problem of dog bites,” said Kellie Dillner, assistant education director with A Rotta Love Plus.

Dillner said better enforcing existing dangerous dog laws would be more effective than enacting breed-specific bans.

Denver, Miami and Cincinnati have already enacted pit bull bans.

32 Responses to “Minnesota Lawmaker Proposes Ban On Specific Dog Breeds”

  1. Lynne says:

    Lesch is wrong on this. The problem isn’t any specific breed. The problem lies with the owners. There is a world of ignorance and misinformation between people and dogs. If dog owners would simply take the time to learn how dogs communicate and interact, many of the “dog problems” would vanish. In an ideal world….

  2. trucorgi says:

    by Mike Fry
    A couple of weeks ago, two children were seriously mauled by two dogs. The incident didn’t make the news - probably because the dogs involved were “Cocker Spaniels” and not “pit bulls”.

  3. maj says:


  4. Anne S. says:

    This is just more misguided knee-jerk legislation that will not stop dangerous dogs, nor will it protect the innocent law-abiding dog owners of that state. I’m no longer proud to say that my grandmother was born in Minnesota. Instead, I’m glad she got out, so I don’t have to live there. As a trainer, these laws are very upsetting to me. One of my colleagues has a Rottweiler therapy dog that participates in the local “Reading to Rover” program. So, this idiot legislator wants to ban him?????? Ridiculous. Instead, penalize the owners of dogs that become a nuisance. How many attacks happen when a dog is on a leash? Enforce the existing leash laws!!!!!!

  5. High Note says:

    I have seen all sorts of breeds of dogs that were mean. German shepards, collies, boxers and I go on. I have a collie myself and he is only a lover and would harm no one but I also had a collie that was much more aggressive in nature and very protective of all of us. My vet said he was the most aggressive collie he had ever seen. WE never mistreated him and always loved him and he would never have hurt us. So why was he so aggressive to other people? I really do not feel it is the breed of any animal that makes them mean and aggressive but maybe some gene in their ancestery line.

  6. Donna says:

    No breed bans.Dogs,are NOT the problem.It’s humans.So to make “fair” laws ban humans.Starting with John Lesch.

  7. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Bunny the “pit bull” (APBT) thanks you for your support!

  8. rediculous says:

    so everyone who owns one of those breeds has to get rid of thier dogs they love and cherish as a part of the family???? dog spelled backward is ummm GOD so lets just rid of god all together eh??????? theres a reason thier called “mans best friend” but if someone beat me all the time and was mean to me then i would bite to. the laws on bad owners needs to be addressed. THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS JUST BAD OWNERS

  9. JoJo says:

    Punish the deed not the breed. my dad owns three soon to be 4 rottweilers and guess what they are all tdi certified meaning they go to hospitals and nursing homes and let absolute strangers pet them put their hands in the dogs mouth … now John doesnt that mean that the dog would bite the person… NO ASSHOLE! do some fucking research before you decide to ban all these breeds. sorry bout the profanity but this topic just irritates me and pisses me off so much. these dogs also go to dog shows and let strangers touch them and open their mouths and feel the entire body of the dog … guess what they dont give a flying hoot that a stranger is touching them… you would think if the dog was so “visious” that it wouldnt like this and would bite or attack the human doing it to them. oh but they dont. these dogs dont attack you unless you train them to do so. so i again say PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED

  10. Proud Rottie Owner says:

    So Mr. Lesch, you are saying that those of us who own one of these breeds needs to give up a beloved family member just because you do not appreciate or understand the breed. How is this fair and what gives you the right to take away our children.

    I own a 7 year old female Rottie that I have had since she was 8 weeks old. She is by far the best dog that I have ever owned. She is my 4 year old son’s best friend. How do you expect us to explain this to the children that love them? I work at a Senior Housing Campus and she comes to work with me all the time and spends the day running loose and visiting all the residents. The days that she is not at work I am constantly asked by the residents, when will she be coming back.

    Maybe instead of banning these beatuiful animals there should be harsher laws or punishments in place for those who abuse and mistreat these dogs. And maybe there should be stronger laws for adopting dogs. There should be some sort of screening process that potential owners need to undergo before owning any breed, Poodle or Rottweiler.

  11. Mean people Raise mean dogs says:

    Boomer is a Pitt bull with not mean bone in her body.
    BAD PEOPLE RAISE BAD DOGS. You should look at the children death rate for car accidents or atvs….what are u gunna do then…ban those to. I’ve heard of more deaths with those things then dog attacks.

  12. Kyle says:

    Pitbulls are great dogs. People are shity owners. Why dont they ban german shepards ? Well because the police use them. This guy is an idiot,plain and simple.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see these dangerous animals banned..I want to be able to walk outside without the fear that someone who has these animals will not be able to control their aggressive behavior and attack someone again. It really saddens me that there are still ignorant people out there who after these attacks have the nerve to say oh I have or know someone who has one and it is the sweetest dog. Tell that to the people who were attacked by one these animals or to someone who has lost a loved one because they were attacked by one of these animals that would never have hurt anyone it must have been the victims fault. And to all of you who still defend these creatures maybe you should really listen to the news reports.Stop hearing what you want to hear and hear all the facts!!

  14. rottie's rule! says:

    I’ve own and lived with rotties and all of them have been nice and wouldn’t even hurt a bird (or a fly). See when i was little the rottie that was around used to let me ride him and sleep on him and he and i both fell asleep. It is not the dogs fault if it has been risen to be mean IT IS THE OWNER’S FAULT!!!!!

  15. Doc says:

    A dog’s behavior and personality is more a result of its training and treatment than it is its genetics. My 5-year-old Rottie is very well-behaved and just a big baby. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. Unless of course some evil-doer should be stupid enough to break into our home with intent to do us harm. So, Mr. Lesch, go ahead and try to pass your pet legislation. If you do, feel free to come on over and try to take my Rottie away from his home. Wear your Kevlar suit. Just a suggestion.

  16. Stormer says:

    Anonymous, are you attempting to ban criminals, because those are who you are describing. Banning all dogs because one dog is dangerous is a sensible as banning all cars because one person was harmed by a car. People definitely kill and maim each other much more often than dogs harm people. Are there bad dogs? Yes, just like there are bad cars, bad people, bad TVs. It happens. It’s the responsibility of the dog owners and animal control officers to do something about truly dangerous dogs. For crying out loud, the Akita is considered a ‘national treasure’ in Japan. I don’t think a man-killing breed would be a national treasure.

  17. rick says:

    just because their danerous dosnt mean they should be banned they have speical jobs in the united states and like lynne said The problem isn’t any specific breed. The problem lies with the owners.

  18. TJ2 says:

    I agree with rick!

  19. Viv says:

    I work at a doggie daycare and we have had both pitbulls and rottweilers in. I have also home pet sat for a rottweiler and she was more skittish of me than I was of her when I first showed up by myself (this rottweiler was in a family with young children and shared a kennel with a little westie). The animals that come into the daycare, whatever breed they are, play well together and are very friendly because they WERE SOCIALIZED WELL!! At an early age and often! And it is apparent that the owner loves and take very good care of them!! If one cannot do these things for their dog, these things that they OWE to their dog, they SHOULD NOT OWN A DOG!

  20. Alysha says:

    Well i think its the owners fault!

  21. Chelsea says:

    This is unfair and unjust to these beautiful creatures who are put in the hands of irresponsible people who do not or wont take the time to educate themselves on dog owning and training. These dogs have no choice who their owner is, they are doing what their taught to do and only that. I cannot stand by and watch this happen to these animals, where are the LAWS protecting these dogs?? What happened to taking responsibility for the actions or lack of from the owner? Why do these dogs have to continue to suffer? Uneducated, lazy, trouble some, young kids make these dogs act in a aggressive way, these dogs cannot be held responsible for what they do. This is insane and we need to rally for these dogs. We need to be their voice.

  22. Wolf (Hybrids rock) says:

    I own a Wolf (hybrid) she is harmless I mean She is part wolf It’s not the breed try the owner! Maybe this why The Rep hates animals he is a bad onwer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. ashley prestidge says:

    ok this is not right. i usto have a rottweiler german bloodline named morgan and she was a big sweetheart! if she was out of the kennel she would give u kisses until u give in and skratch behind her ears. its not the dog thet harms, its how its traind!!! u be mean to the dog while training it the dog will be right back. people think these dogs are mean, there not. any animal or dog, they could turn on u. like i said they act the way u treat them. most of these dogs are sweet,loving, and most of part of your family.

  24. riley says:

    i want a rottweiler and i study dogs alot and one thing ive found out is that all dogs were once wolves so just picking
    out several breeds of dog and classifying them as dangerous is stupid and just to prove it i wonce new a girl who had
    2 staffs who were complete angels and never harmed anyone before and somebody else had a poodle who had to be put down
    because it was to vicious but it wasntthe familys falt because they got it from somebody else who treated it really badly
    so basicaly all the family was trying to rescue the poor creature

  25. MAD says:

    this john lesch wants to shut his mouth there is nothing wrong with these dogs its the flippin owners
    how would he feel if we banned him from going anywere near human kind. it has taken hundreds of years
    to domesticate dogs so why should we give it up now thats what we should be asking him looking at that
    dog in the picture does that look like a vicious animal to you no. and why because its not.
    im a dog love and i want to speak out for them

  26. Upset Dog Owner says:

    I am so furious about all the talk on “aggressive” breeds. My little girl (2 1/2 years old) is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrior, “one of the aggressive breeds” but she is also mixed with some Whippet, and Valley Bulldog. She is the sweetest little dog on the face of the earth and it kills me when we are walking outside and she is trying to greet someone or another dog and the other person shy’s away becuase she looks like a pit bull. First, I have to say that it breaks my heart and her heart when that happens and it is caused by people like LESCH, second, I don’t belive anything Lesch says. Where does his information come from? Obviously not facts!
    These so called “roving packs of pit bulls” that are attacking our children in the streets must be a figment of his imagination! I was listening to this radio talk show that was debating the ban on different breeds, they had a lady that was researching dog behaviors for several years come on and talk about her findings, according to years of documented dog injuries/deaths through hospitals and doctors, LABS are the leading breed (by far) to cause harm to children! Are they going to ban labs now too?!?
    How about look at the reason why something like that happened. Most dogs will get jealous when their owners bring a child into the world (NO MATTER THE BREED) and may “turn” as some would say because they are trying to have their spot back with the owners. I think these so called aggressive breeds are poorly trained and or poorly treated by their owners.
    I am so fed up, my poor little girl has a bad reputation because she looks like another kind of breed that has been picked on! I have worked very hard training my dog and no matter what, if this ban happens, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY LITTLE GIRL!!!

  27. Dave says:

    The pitbull are being picked on now like the German Shepards in the 70’s the Dobermans in the 80’s the Rotts in the 90’s. now its the Pits turn i guess. I’m sure the next victims will be the Persa Canario. The people above are right it’s not the breed it’s the owners. I have an Ameriscan Staff and an American Pit, my daughter and my son refer to them as brothers and sisters. If you think a pit is dangerous, just come and try to take my dogs away i’ll show you dangerous!!!

  28. dog lover says:

    i think that banning these breeds is the most idiotic thing in the world. These dogs have proven to be some of the most wonderful animals in the world. In fact, most dog bites have to do with labs and retrivers due to overbreeding. So insead of banning the breed, why not be more strict on who can breed these dogs and who can own them, make the people who want to buy these beautiful animals actually want them to be part of the home and not just something tied up to a cinder block outside.

  29. Jenessa says:

    John you have contradicted everything you want in the bill you are trying to pass now. You are right, now! That it is the owners fault for how the dog acts not the dog itself. But here you are saying it is the breeds fault. When i spoke with you at the capital you told me it was ridiculous to blame the dog for the their behavior and to blame the owner. First and foremost you need to figure out what you want this bill to be. You have gone from one side clear to the other.

  30. Anna says:

    if he’s gonna ban rottweilers and akitas. can we ban chihuahuas??? i’ve seen those annoying little dogs bite and bark more than i’ve ever seen a pitbull bark. COME ON NOW. let’s ban yorkshire terriers. i’ve been bite by those. LETS DO IT! yeah. right.

    It’s not the breed of dogs. It’s how they are trained or treated. Dogs are aggressive because they were trained to be or have been mistreated so badly. Get real. Charge the owners for animal cruelty.

    And what is the state going to do? Walk into every backyard and doggie door in MN and take a family’s dog away from them and put them down? Who even thinks of that.

  31. karen says:

    The ignorant people want to ban!! the ignorant people want to close their minds.. the ignorant people do not stop and even THINK!! I have had Rotts for 10 yrs now.. they are the sweetest dogs you will ever come to know.. it IS HOW THEY ARE RAISED and it is NOT the animal’s fault ..it is the idiot owner that does not give a flip how he treats the dog..i’m so mad over this!!!!!!.. and the IGNORANT people that are so ..so UHH!!! ignorant!!…I had 140 lb rottie that had bone cancer .. we had a mobile vet come to our house.. he said one thing when she came out of the house..” i don’t know why people says the bad things about these dogs” she was so gentle with him and let him do amything.. even though she was suffering so much from the bone cancer at only age 5.. i am furious that the subject about banning ANY breed would even surface!!!!O gee… should would ban FIRE because it hurts people?? it burns houses.. I just moved to this stupid state and how did this john even get into office???? I hope next election we, that own these beautiful babies, will remember his name and definitely vote him out of office!!!

  32. Leeann says:

    This is absolutely absurd! Discrimination among dogs? What’s next, telling the people of Minnesota what animals they may and may not have as pet’s?
    Why not focus your attention on animal cruelty and the sick individuals who have given these lovable dogs such a bad name? Why not ban these PEOPLE from the state instead of taking it out on innocent dogs?

    I’m praying each night this law does not pass.

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