Minor League Baseball Team Joins In Protest Against Michael Vick

ArmadaThe Long Beach Armada, a Golden Baseball League team, is standing up against Michael Vick and dogfighting.

This Sunday, July 29, the team will be hosting the first ever Michael Vick Awareness Day. Baseball fans are invited to bring their dogs to the game and sit and watch in a special section.

Also, the Long Beach Armada will destroy all Michael Vick jerseys in protest to the inhumane treatment of animals. Any fan who trades in a Michael Vick t-shirt or jersey at the box office will receive free admission to the game and a donation in their name will be made to Justin Rudd’s Community Action Team ( C.A.T.), a 501c3 nonprofit that provides educational outreach and events to help inspire a better understanding of dogs, encourage responsible ownership practices, and offer practical adoption and rescue opportunities.

From press release:

Special events to celebrate “man’s (woman’s) best friend” are being planned for fans and their pets attending the game, including a ceremonial doggie first pitch, doggie beauty contest, skate-boarding bulldogs, wiener dog races, doggie washes, and more. The Armada will have a special entrance for doggies and their owners. In addition to being on a leash, dogs must have their vaccinations current and dog owners must sign a waiver of liability prior to entering Blair Field. In the interest of safety for both fans and dogs, any dog that becomes aggressive will be asked to leave. Dogs will be allowed to visit a designated comfort area throughout the game.

“Armada players, coaches, and staff spend every day working in the professional sports world and many of us are also devoted dog owners. We feel as sports professionals it is necessary to bring awareness to animal abuse, particularly the intolerable injustices associated with dog fighting,” commented Armada President and General Manager Steven Bash. “We hope the entire community of Long Beach comes out to help support the Armada, our partners, and this important event.”

15 Responses to “Minor League Baseball Team Joins In Protest Against Michael Vick”

  1. Claudia says:

    Sweeet. I wish more high-profile sports teams would do more to bury this guy and his ilk.

  2. Jenny Bark says:

    There is a God. I am going to pray they have a big turn out & lots of tv attention. Wonderful people like this, people out protesting with signs and lots of media will help get vic a little bit of what he deserves. I think things like this (as long as they have a good turn out) will do more to teach young people than anything else.

  3. CGP says:

    I think the public outrage over this is forcing the NFL’s hand to some extent. What disturbs me is that so many are saying he shouldn’t play because it is a “distraction” from the game. He shouldn’t play because he is accused of a very serious crime. Teachers and police officers are held to a very high standard in matters of misconduct - why not a football player who represents a team, a city, and is the role model for millions of children?

  4. Nora Marasco says:

    Glory Halleluiah, the people have spoken and will continue to speak! This news has made my day and I would personally support anything like it locally. I admire and respect so much anyone who organized and supported the event mentioned in this article. Apparently no one could stand in their way! Justice must be done for those poor abused animals. Michael Vick and his “friends” must pay the price no matter what it takes.

  5. 2CatMom says:

    CGP: I am a guilty party to the distraction explanation. I don’t want him playing but because he hasn’t been convicted of a crime I wasn’t sure the Falcons could suspend him for that reason.

    It seems that the Falcons have finally gotton the message - we’ll pay you because of the presumption of innocence, but don’t show you sorry face around here.

  6. CGP says:

    2CatMom: First, I think what this baseball team is doing is terrific. Frankly, I think these professional athletes should be held to a higher standard than us mere mortals. I think any pro athelete in Vick’s position should be sidelined - if you’re charged with a serious crime of any sort it should not just be “business as usual.” I truly believe in innocence until proven guilty; however the compelling nature of the evidence should be taken into consideration. In my humble opinion the NFL is doing the right thing right now. Am anxious to hear from the Falcons.

  7. Lorie says:

    Here is a petition from the Humane society to have Nike drop Vick.


  8. Tucker the Sibe says:

    ::snort:: Even a Siberian Husky can spell PR. Do they do events for the bad boys of baseball? Give tickets when you bring a receipt from your bookie, in honor of Pete Rose? When you turn over your steroids, in honor of –> Your Favorite Power Player Here

  9. Katie says:

    I am glad this team is doing something positive. I hope the media picks up on it. Vick needs to know - what he did is wrong and against the law. I still do not feel good about some of the media shows who refer to this as simple dog fighting - as if it were two adolescents squabbling. The public needs to be informed and to understand this is a viscious and sick culture. And, it’s about time the public stands up and says that don’t want anymore of it. Tucker: I agree with your stance re: steroids, those problems also need to be addressed and the public needs to say no more! Only thing is: people are so interested in sports and entertainment that they are willing to give special treatment to the “stars” who break laws. Maybe the tide will turn….


  10. Tucker the Sibe says:

    Haha! itchmo ate part of my comment! My Human Assistant says that’s what I get for eating his mail.

    I think these humans are using dogs to make money for themselves. Vick is already known to animal lovers. His situation doesn’t need to be publicized. A minor league baseball team would make a minor contribution to that anyway. This team can make money from Vick’s (alleged) dog abuse because people already know about it.

    “We feel as sports professionals it is necessary to bring awareness to animal abuse….” This is illogical.

    Imagine “We feel as Certified Public Accountants it is necessary to bring awareness to animal abuse.” “We feel as grocery-store clerks it is necessary to bring awareness to animal abuse.” “We feel as jet fighter pilots it is necessary to bring awareness to animal abuse.”

    Oh well. Siberian Huskies don’t know everything. We don’t fetch balls and don’t understand why humans pay big money to watch people who do. ;-)

  11. catmom5 says:

    Whatever their motivation, I think the PR that’s gonna come out of this is GOOD!!! Maybe it will make some people aware of what’s going on. It’s time we the people stood up for some good, old-fashioned morals and values. The idea that a professional athlete (politician, movie star, etc) can do it and get away with it has to be changed!

  12. Gindy says:

    Watching sports news last night, it was heartening to see the head of the NFL basically tell Vick even if he is not guilty of participation in dog fighting, he IS responsible for what happens on his own property.
    Being told to sit out the training camp is just the beginning for this low life waste of biomass. Even if he cops a plea, you know very well that other big named sports folk are going down as well. I can see that happening very easily. Vick likes the easy life and wouldn’t last one hour in prison…

  13. Jeanie says:

    What a great idea! I love it. I wonder if my local minor league team would want to do the same thing….

  14. Jeanie says:

    Also, I’ve already contacted the NFL through the American Humane Society. According to them, “263,000 individuals contacted the NFL through The HSUS’ online advocacy campaign”. That’s amazing. I’m glad so many people are fired up about this. Animal lovers have to be the biggest special interest group in this country.

  15. celie says:

    HOORAY for them!! GOD bless them…love to see other teams across the U.S. do the same!!!

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