Missing Cat Found After Ten Years

In 1997, a thirteen-year-old cat named George went missing. His owner tried desperately to find him but eventually gave up looking for George.

A decade later, a ginger cat was brought into a Cat Protection Center, and a scan of his microchip revealed that he was George. Unfortunately, his owner could not take back George, but George has found a new home. This definitely gives hope to those who may be searching for a missing pet.  Thank goodness for microchipping.

4 Responses to “Missing Cat Found After Ten Years”

  1. Monika says:

    “Desperately searched for George” but then couldn’t take him back after 10 years? I don’t know the circumstances but still, grr….

    I hope the lady who is still looking for her missing cat reads this story and receives some more hope from it.

  2. Phoebe says:

    That struck me, too, Monika. I wish there was a LOT more info. in that linked article. For now, though, I’ll give the previous owner the benefit of the doubt. After ten years, s/he may have another, non-cat-friendly cat (or dog) that would attack Ginger. Or maybe the ‘new’ cat (or Ginger) is FIV or FeLV positive and the two can’t be mixed. Or, simply, the previous owner may well be in a nursing home or other situation that doesn’t permit pets.

    Not nearly enough info. given in that article, but I’m going to think happy thoughts today - at least until the next recall hits. It is Friday, after all. ;-)

  3. Andrea says:

    Unless I misread this, George is not 23 years old. Wow.

    13 years old when he went missing for 10 years. Sounds 23 to me.

  4. lena says:

    Yep, that is what I thought about the age thing! There must be a typo?

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