Missing Pet Skunk Is Found

CocoHave you ever seen a missing pet skunk sign?

Well, Coco, a two-year-old skunk, went missing for a few days when he escaped right out the front door.

Laure Bresnick was visiting his family in Baltimore when he lost Coco.

Bresnick spent two days posting signs and sending skunk search parties out. Then he finally thought he found his skunk.

He said: “I had the flashlight shining out the window, and there were his beady little eyes looking at me, and I was thinking ‘Oh please, let this be Coco and not another skunk.”

Luckily for Bresnick, it was Coco. Also, he remained stench free because Coco doesn’t have the gland that sprays a potent smell.

He dove into the bush, and grabbed Coco by the tail. Bresnick said he is safe and sound and ate everything in the house once he was reunited with his owner. Coco also received a whole heaping amount of his favorite treat, bananas.

Bresnick said he won’t be letting Coco out of his sight again.

“I found that needle in a haystack, and that’s exactly what it was, a needle in a haystack!” he said.

Source: WJZ

One Response to “Missing Pet Skunk Is Found”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Another happy ending.

    My parents have a “pet” skunk. It is living under their house now. It was a baby this spring and learned from it’s mother that my parents yard is a good place for foraging. Well, the little guy stayed. In the meantime, my parents wanted to trap the brazen racoons who were messing about in the yard too. My parent’s set out a trap and caught the little skunk the first night. My parent’s figured they wouldn’t be able to catch the racoons without catching the little skunk all the time so my dad took the little guy for a one way trip. Not THAT kind of a one way trip, a one way trip to a new place to live. My dad released him on a Saturday. He spent the rest of the day regretting it and missing the little skunk. My dad didn’t have to regret it too long. The little skunk showed up in the yard again the next day with no hard feelings. The little skunk learned to stay away from the trap so my parents can catch the raccoons without fear of catching the skunk again. My parents haven’t named him yet, though.

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