Missing Socks? These Two Cats May Have Them


Now you can blame your missing socks on something else besides your clothes dryer. These two California cats, Cleo and Tony, have a sock fetish.

Whenever they are out and about, these two curious felines bring home someone else’s socks. At first, they brought a sock home once in awhile, but now they are bringing socks home every single day.

Cleo and Tony’s owners tried to find the proper owners of the socks. They put fliers in neighbor’s mailboxes asking: “Neighbors, are you losing socks?” No one has reclaimed the socks that Cleo and Tony have taken.

Although the owners think they knew where some of the socks are coming from. They say that one of their neighbors has a bag of socks in his driveway. He also has a bag of underwear out there too. Cleo and Tony’s owners hope that the cats don’t start taking underwear and bringing it home too.

From San Jose Mercury News:

These two cats have caught a whole variety of socks: athletic socks, brown socks, and some stocks are stained because the cats drag them in the grass. The cats even play with the socks when they are at home.

Cleo and Tony aren’t the only cat burglars in California. A few years ago, Oscar was known as the Los Gatos Cat Burglar. Oscar’s collection included tennis balls, an entire roll of toilet paper, a Nerf football and a satin pillowcase. Oscar’s owner was able to track down where some of the items came from. Neighbors knew where to look whenever they were missing something from their patios and porches.

15 Responses to “Missing Socks? These Two Cats May Have Them”

  1. The Catnip Baron says:

    This made me laugh so much I nearly sprayed tea over my monitor when I read it!!

    I was just commenting on another post about how one of my cats used to be obsessed with hair bands, but I don’t think she ever went out and stole other peoples!!

  2. Sharon says:

    My cat Kuma considers all forms of underwear fair game. She fetches socks, panties, and pantihose and brings them out to drop at the feet of any visitors to my household as an offering. I can’t leave anything anywhere other than a dresser drawer or the washer/dryer unless I want to die of embarassment!

  3. Donna Stevens says:

    ANIMALS, don’t you just lovem !!

  4. Moonbeam says:

    Oh soooo funny - god bless their little souls - they must like the smell - feet smell or something - I assume the socks are used - not new

  5. Rose says:

    What a hoot! Socks are sort of prey shaped and can wiggle a bit because of any elastic… what kind neighbors to not complain!

  6. furball mom says:

    I had a couple of tuxedo cats when I was a kid that were inside/outside cats. They had a pet door, leading into the laundry room where their bed was. It was shut off from the rest of the house, so all “finds” were found there in the morning. We found bathing suite tops, jock straps, evening gloves (one on one morning…and I asked them to please bring the other one….and lo and behold, there it WAS the next morning!), you name it. If it was “draggable,” it was fair game! One of our neighbors a few doors down was complaining to my Mother that we had a thief in the neighborhood…..a friend of hers dropped by to see her, it was warm so she left her car windows open (something that we could do in the 50’s). She said that she had just finished crocheting a beautiful shawl and went to her car to get it. Well…..you guessed it……it was gone! We had found, that morning, what looked like a rag by the time the kitty pulled it through a vacant lot, over a fence and through the pet door…..but that was the shawl! My Mother never admitted who the thief was….but it’s still a family joke!

    We asked our vet about this behavior and he said that it was probably a “throw-back” to ancient times in Egypt when cats were trained to steal or retreive for their owners. Who knows! I’ve had many kitties since……non of which stole clothing……they’d just bring home their trophies such as birds, moles, goffers or mice, usually unhurt and let them go in the house! All kitties are “inside only” now, for their safety and ours! :)))

  7. mittens says:

    my torties carry their toys everywhere-even the ones on sticks, from room to room and bury them in clothing or blankets-like puppies. they also carry my socks around the house and bury those too. when i come home the bed is filled with tiny objects- including the toys, wadded up paper towels, dirty laundry,knick knacks theyve knocked from shelves and get this-paper receipts from my shopping. theyre feral so i don’t know if that has anything to do with it- they fetch and bury more than any cats i have ever had.

    i had a calico who used to drag my dirty t shirts from the laundry and then stuff them in the litter box if it wasn’t cleaned to her specifications.

    they do have their special ways.

  8. Jenny says:

    But I have to ask, why do they have a bag of socks sitting in their driveway??

  9. ryssee says:

    LOL I have one kitty that dumpster dives into the laundry basket and drags out our socks, brings them downstairs, and drops them in the living room!

  10. Mystery of the Missing Socks Solved says:

    […] There is some evidence that cats may be the culprit. Just check out this video of a cat opening a drawer and stealing a sock. Or this article: Missing Socks? These Two Cats May Have. […]

  11. dirty used jockstraps socks says:

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  12. Reams says:

    My cat steals my socks out of my room and she will run into the living room drop the sock out of her mouth and start meowing??! Its so weird I wonder what she is saying she continues to meow until i tell her to be quite its so weird!!!

  13. shelley says:

    How funny! Here I thought our cat was the only sock stealer! She is so proud of herself, too, and meows as if she is hunting! We always tell her how proud we are of her “kill”! LOL She brings them in from the garage, she opens drawers, etc. Its so funny!

  14. Fernando Colaco says:

    You cats have sock fetishes? Then check my cat on this short video (link below)… this video is old I have to do a new one… now he opens the drawer, takes socks, closes drawer and hides them somewhere (he keeps changing the sock pile hideout). When I left him at my cleaning lady’s house for over a week during my holidays, almost half of their (her and her sister) underwear “mysteriously “disappeared. The day I was back, when they were trying to catch the cat (He hates his traveling box), he jumped to his hideout, above the wardrobe: and they found a pile of their underwear and some kitchen utensils :) It was quite hilarious.


  15. Mary Ann says:

    My one cat brings everything from clothing to paint rollers up to us. I can’t figure if she is bored or stressed. She has another cat to fight and play with but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. What can I do to get her to stop, Or is this just weird cat behavior?

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