Mississippi Cat Finds New Home In Chicago

Since opening its doors at the end of August, the Serenity Animal Rescue in Merigold, Mississippi has placed several animals into good homes, including one cat named Diego who was recently sent to new adoptive parents in Chicago.

Operated by Sherri Norquist, former director of the Bolivar County Animal Shelter, the sanctuary, on 28 acres of privately owned land, serves as a “no kill” haven for abandoned and injured animals. No-kill shelters and sanctuaries do not euthanize animals based on days within the facility without being adopted. Instead, animals are only terminated because of severe illness.

Norquist explained that Diego came to the sanctuary on August 23 after being found under an overturned bucket being held down with a brick. “This little kitten was so dehydrated and so beat up, I wondered if he would live,” said Norquist. “It took his sheer will and determination, some much needed food and water and weeks of medical care to survive, but survive he did.”

In an effort to find a home for the kitten, which had acquired the name “Scarface” because of his scruffy features, Norquist posted the animal’s photo on Petfinder.com. Petfinder.com is a Web site that works with animal shelters nationwide to place needy animals in loving homes. The site boasts over 11 million adoptions since being established in 1995.

“Within a week, someone with a heart of gold, e-mailed me about him,” said Norquist. “She and I discussed the possibility of her adopting him even though she lived in Chicago, Illinois. I told her, of course we could get it arranged if her application checked out.”

Everything checked out. Diego and the staff of Serenity Animal Rescue prepared for the kitten to fly via Midwest Pet Express from Memphis, Tenn., to Chicago. “On Sept. 26, (two of our volunteers) drove him to Memphis,” said Norquist. “He caught his flight and by the time they returned (to Cleveland), he was in Chicago.”

Norquist hopes to find more homes for needy animals in both Bolivar and Sunflower counties.

Source: The Bolivar Commercial, Mississippi

7 Responses to “Mississippi Cat Finds New Home In Chicago”

  1. 2CatMom says:

    Can anyone find a picture of the kitty?

  2. franny says:

    I think this is him:


  3. nora says:

    Anyone who would do that to a kitten is a criminal. Diego has 9 lives!

  4. 2CatMom says:

    Franny: Thanks so much - he’s a cutie!. Nora: I think he has only 8 lives left, but hopefully he’ll never need to use another one now that he has a good home.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I am Diego’s new Mommy in Chicago, he is such a wonderful little kitty, he is gaining weight & even has a little pot belly now :)
    Here is the link I first saw on Petfinder.com about him
    http://search.petfinder.com/pe.....&mtf=1 When I saw this picture & read the description my heart went out to this little guy…He is very happy here with my hubby & I & our 4 other cats…We are lucky to have this special kitty in our lives…We just LOVE him & he will be very spoiled by us :)…he is living the good life now :) & he will never have to worry about anything again!!!


  6. 2CatMom says:

    My Chicago kitties send many purrs to Diego. And my personal thanks to you Stephanie for making him part of your family.

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