Mitchell, South Dakota May Become Home To Pet Food Plant

Officials say that the vacant Dakota Park plant in Mitchell, South Dakota may become home to a pet food manufacturer. The building has been closed since late 2005.

American Foods Group based in Omaha owns the plant (which was used to process ham and bacon). The company has a pet treats division but has no comments on the building in Mitchell.

The building is being sold for $1.3 million dollars.


(Thanks menusux)

3 Responses to “Mitchell, South Dakota May Become Home To Pet Food Plant”

  1. Steve says:

    Can we get 1.3 Million pet owners to donate $1 each and develop this plant into a high quality long term big picture thinking operation that serves people instead of greedy and ignorant stockholders and capitalists who are more concerned about getting a new indoor swimming pool built in the living room or upgrading to a larger private jet?

    Thats some food for thought. Hows that for “taking things back and into control of the people”?

    Hows that for quality control?

  2. sandi says:

    Well, afterthought, perhaps human food manufacturers will follow


  3. Katie says:


    Great idea! wish there was a very rich pet parent who could buy the plant for us all. Wouldn’t it be great to put the PFI out of business and offer healthy diets to pets.


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