Why Mitt Romney Is Not Fit To Take Care Of Your Dog, Let Alone Run For The Presidency

Mitt Romney


Boxes, bicycles, bags are things you can strap to the top of a car. Your family dog is not one of those items. Mr. Mitt Romney, for not knowing the difference, we believe that you lack the powers of judgment fit for the White House.

You strapped your dog in its cage to the top of your family car for 12 hours at highway speeds. During that trip, you saw how scared the dog was, because it defecated on top of the vehicle. This gave you a chance to correct your error in judgment. But instead, you stopped to hose down the dog and then put the wet dog back on top of the car for the remainder of the trip. You set the example before your kids that it’s OK to treat a dog as you would a box, a bicycle or a bag.

Itchmo is non-partisan and rarely takes political sides, but we are asking our readers, and all cat- and dog-lovers to rule out Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate. It’s not about whether he’s a democrat or republican — we could care less. It’s because he treated his family pet no better than a box, bicycle or bag despite a chance to make the right decision. What he committed was animal abuse, clear and simple.

If he becomes the President of the United States, Mitt Romney will see many laws and regulations that affect the treatment of animals — your cats and dogs included. We have no reason to believe that he cares any more for pets today than before. If he’s willing to treat his own family dog with such carelessness and disdain, why should he care for members of your pet family? Where was the compassion when his own dog was scared to death and looking for comfort and love? You can tell a lot about a man’s character by looking at the way he treats animals. We can all agree than an animal abuser does not belong in the White House.

Cast your vote for any other candidate, just not Mitt Romney.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I agree with your comments 100%, Itchmo. The TIME magazine article was horrifying — I could scarcely believe what I was reading. Clearly animal abuse, no matter how long ago. A person that would do something like this, and continue when the animal was clearly terrified, certainly is deficient in judgement, empathy, compassion and simple commonsense. Scary. Not someone I would ever vote for.

  2. Doug says:

    You are right on Itchmo, just ask any of his neighbors in Belmont Massachusetts, Mitt cares about money and power that is it. Around here he is famous for his BS.

  3. Katie says:

    I agree 100%, Itchmo. No way could I vote for someone who cares so little for an animal. It speaks volumes re: his integrity, compassion, decision making and what type of people he may include in his inner circle.


  4. cats says:

    Trust me not to vote for Mitt Romney. If no compassion for an animal, than maybe no compassion for humans is the way I see it. Seems like a heartless sort of guy.

  5. Kevin says:

    You folks are so right. Can you imagine how he would be handling the issue in Iraq and the compassion for our troops and the American people?

    This is a prime example of how heartless this idiot is. If he makes President, God forbid, then he should be caged and strapped on top of Air Force One when making trips to spread his BS.

    What a country we live in when a man like this can run or President!

  6. cats says:

    Bravo, Kevin, I wish I had said that!

  7. Last Man Thinking says:

    Anyone who would treat an animal this way isn’t fit to serve in any elected or appointed office. Romney’s chances will continue to decline as people learn more and more about him. See “Mitt Romney, Meet Sun Myung Moon” at www.whatmatters2us.blogspot.com for more about this jerk. I think that, given the choices out there, “None of the above” will probably win the Iowa caucuses.

  8. Janet says:

    Would an intelligent, reasonable person strap an animal to the top of a car for a 12 hour ride?

  9. Shaun in Tucson says:

    Mitt Romney claimed he has enjoyed shooting and killing “varmints” since he was 15. In a debate, he stated we should double the size of Guantanamo. He said he is all in favor of George Bush’s detainee policy, including rendition and torture.

    His horrible treatment of the family dog is just part of a pattern of not caring for animals’ or peoples’ rights that he has apparently exhibited all his life.

  10. Three Dog night says:

    Was it really a trip from Boston to Ontario Canada? That’s what I keep reading and that drive is over 20, esp. with kids, not that 12 wouldn’t have been horrifying enough for this frost bitten water soaked pooch under Mitt’s “emotion free crisis managment.”

  11. Gerry says:

    I wasnt going to vote for him anyway. The way he treats animals is just one more reason not to vote for him. Humm…wonder where chip is….

  12. pam says:

    why hasn’t the aspca filed a complaint against him yet?

  13. straybaby says:

    don’t think they can. they are a NYC agency when it comes to Humane Law Enforcement, so other than speak out against his actions, not much they can do. plus it was 24yrs ago . . . not that i think he’s changed much . . .

  14. mmm. says:

    Can you imagine………what an idiot. Too bad his sunroof was not open.

  15. pam says:

    i don’t know how to do the link thing…but i just emailed my comments to - politicalticker@cnn.com - hope some other folks do the same.

  16. pam says:


  17. pam says:

    use itchmo’s link…i think it’s better. i need to make dinner…

  18. Ruth says:

    Yeah, for Itchmo taking a stand. Mitts treatment of his family dog speaks volumes on his character as a man. I wonder how he has treated his kids, too.

    Thanks Itchmo….

  19. catmom5 says:

    YIKES!!! Well said, Itchmo! This man will not get my vote . . . and I will take every opportunity to share my opinion with others. Thank you all for standing up for the RIGHT things!

  20. Flamin says:

    Is there a statue of limitations for a crime of animal abuse? If not, Why isn’t he charged with animal cruelty? I think once a crime is known, depending on the county, they have 1-3 years to charge for animal cruelty. That would sure be a president setting case, er, I mean precedent!

  21. Flamin says:

    I think it’s called tolling. the statute can be extended under certain limited instances, like delay in discovery.

    Regardless, All pets say, ( insert talking dog here )”Mitt is unfit to be president”.

    Hey, thats sounds like a new political campaign against Mitt;)

  22. Sandy says:

    What a cretin this man is…no way will I vote for him and I hope you print and send this to the idiot.

  23. ned says:

    As if this idiot had a snowball’s chance in hell anyway!

  24. e wem says:

    Disgustingly cruel. The wind, the elements. The time. A pet is dependent on your whims. A pet has no idea what whill happen to it the minute it is caged. It has only terror. If the owner could not keep it in the car, he should not have brought the pet along. It is not a toy, it is a dear creature of God

    A friend remarked at how my pets greet me when I come home. This is not just love, it is relief. They are survivors. When I walk out the door, they have no idea I will ever come home, and I am their source of food and water. This is ultimate trust and I cannot betray them

    I do not connect the interrogation of human prisoners to this. The Time article had a political motive too, which is stupid. The animal cruelty stands on its own merit.

    I have no trouble with harsh interrogation in war time. I approved of the officer who put a revolver to a prisoner’s head to find out where a bomb was planted to save his soldiers’ lives. To me that was a hero.

    But these poor dependent animals we call pets are not our enemies. They are not trying to blow us up. They will die defending us. We owe them the most decent treatment and no unexplained terrors. This owner was either too stupid or too sefish or too imperial to care; he is off my list.

    Thanks for the heads up, from this conservative reader

  25. e wem says:

    May I add, it makes me think of Lyndon Johnson lifting his dog up by the ears and saying they don’t mind that treatment. What a fool he was too

  26. Cathy says:

    Idiot…And what kind of a wife does he have that let him do it! Real nice family.

  27. Steve says:

    The man is an obvious self-serving power and money addict, possibly a sociopath, who treats other living beings as objects. I’d wager that that applies to his wife and children as well.

  28. TC says:

    He is off my list for consideration. I no longer even personally associate with people who behave this way, and I certainly would not elect them to stand at the head of my country as my chosen representative.

    Like I could trust someone who would do this to make my food or country safe? I think anyone who could do this is a sicko.

  29. molly says:

    what an unbelievable jerk. dumb as a stick doesn’t even start to describe him. Yuck, no way would I vote for him.

  30. Rose says:

    Idiot. Anyone else would have been fined/ jailed for animal cruelty.

  31. Phoebe says:

    And may I add, it reminds me of ex-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s fraudulently adopting cats from shelters during his years in medical school, killing the poor animals, and conducting experiments on the bodies.

    Wow, what a swell guy. http://www.answers.com/topic/bill-frist

    What really gets me about Romney is that it is his own office that is putting this family road trip story out there as an example of Romney’s cool-headed crisis management. More like cold-blooded. He didn’t get it 20+ years ago and he STILL doesn’t get it.

    I wonder if ol’ Mitt will take back this story, too. He’s flip-flopped on so many issues already that he’s held more positions than a porn star.

  32. Traci says:

    “Wow, what a swell guy. http://www.answers.com/topic/bill-frist

    I couldn’t even be sarcastic about that. That just makes me sick.

    My thing is that, OK, people can be bad and even horrible but later they realize what they did was wrong and feel shame and work on themselves from the inside out so they never abuse others again. Many of these people are going to be the abusers from severe un-dealt with rage and childhood trauma issues or people who have real mental illness. Romney doesn’t frankly seem to have any of this going on the way he went on with the story like it was nothing to blink at and the way that now there is a reaction he is offering no humility or explanation. He apparently has no remorse as far as I can see

  33. Traci says:


    Seems fitting to add that typoed omission in.

  34. Traci says:

    I might add cause now I am angry how so many of the Frist and Romney ilk go around telling other Americans how immoral they are. GRRRRRRRRR

  35. sandi says:

    i forwarded to Animal Law Enforcement, I wonder if I will hear back

    There are times that they do not want to get politically involved

  36. pat says:

    with romney’s qualifications, i’m surprised that he isn’t running fema.

    just say no to mitt.

  37. Judy says:

    Well I didn’t vote for him for governor and I wouldn’t have voted for him for president anyway. Mitt “I fixed the olympics” Romney surely did not fix Massachusetts. His trying to get votes by claiming to be a big game hunter discusted me already, the article about his dog is too wrong for words. At least not anywords I can write on a website.

  38. Adam says:

    I feel bad for the dog, I really do, but maybe, just maybe all of you here could be a little less judgmental of ignorant pet owners that think that putting up a windbreak will make it so it’s like the cage is indoors.

    Come on, people, it wasn’t a very smart thing to do, and I’m sure he never did that again (after seeing the brown stuff).

    As far as dog’s being terrified every time their owner leaves the house, that is a bunch of BS. Dogs like their crates. They like sleeping. They are very simple creatures. The reason they like seeing you when you get home is because they love you.

    As far as this whole post in general: I’ve all ready read it a thousand times since the beginning of this week, so unless you’re going to submit news to the public when its actually new news, you’re just wasting space.

  39. Sharon says:

    the guy is obviously an idiot, sounds like presidential material to me just like our current leader. Americans put Bush in office so they must want people in power who are both stupid and dangerous.

  40. pat says:

    adam, if you’re so disinterested in this thread, i’m not sure why you bothered to include your opinion, unless one of your hobbies is defending the indefensible.

    simply saying that dogs like their crates doesn’t mean that they’re ok with sitting in a box on the top of a vehicle hurtling down the highway for 12 hours. and i would argue that *some* dogs like their crates and that others definitely do not.

    as for what and who qualifies as a simple creature, i’ll hold my tongue on that.

  41. Pukanuba says:

    I only have one thing to say & it’s this: once this jackass saw the “brown stuff” as Adam so tactfully put it, that was his first clue that the dog was scared to death & to put him INSIDE the car, not back on the top. From what I read in the paper, he washed down the top of the car & the dog & put him back up there in the crate WET. I’m sorry but ignorance doesn’t cut it in this case.

    Sure hope you don’t carry your dog on top of the car, Adam.

  42. Joe says:

    Motorcycle Cop: Do you know what the penalty for animal cruelty is in this state?
    Clark: No, sir, I don’t.
    Motorcycle Cop: Well… it’s probably pretty stiff.
    - National Lampoon’s Vacation.

  43. Boycott China says:

    Send him to Iraq for an extended trip. that outta scare the “brown stuff outta him.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Itchmo.

    Romney - you can run but you can’t hide.

  45. kaefamily says:

    There is a law against transporting dogs in an open truck bed. Still, I see it happening on freeways here in southern CA. Cops witnessing it and keep on driving by!

  46. straybaby says:


    it wasn’t a one time deal. from the man himself:


    “Romney dismissed any outcry about the 24-year-old incident, saying the dog enjoyed his rooftop perch.

    “He scrambled up there every time we went on trips,” Romney said at a campaign stop in Pittsburgh Thursday. “He got it all by himself and enjoyed it.”

    the vision of a dog scrambling into a crate on top of a slippery station wagon doesn’t really do it for me either . . .

  47. Ruth says:

    Romney should be president of Menu Foods instead of the country. I wonder what kind of spin he would say about pets eating the toxic food and dying. Oh,,, maybe something like they loved the food, they enjoyed it, so what if it killed them.

    He’s just as bad on spinning out excuses just like the pet food companies.

  48. Denise says:


    thanks ithchmo for putting into words my exact sentiments.
    I have crossposted your editorial all across the internet to animal
    groups and websites.

    he will undermine and regress all the hard work being done on behalf of animals in the past 5 years.

  49. gina young says:

    He should just withdraw his bid and go home now,dumb ass.

  50. Get Real says:

    Wow, no one seems to ask if the kids had their seat belts on? You seem more concerned about the status of the dog then the safety of the kids. (oh that’s right, there weren’t seat belt laws back then.)

    Get a grip, this is no different then when I was growing up. Cars did not come with air conditioning. We would leave on our family vacation with all the windows down for a solid 16 hours per day drive, for 3 days straight to make it from Chicago to Ca to visit familiy.

    It was hot, the wind was beating through the car, it was so loud we couldn’t talk to each other. We used to joke about our air condition being a 460. Four windows down at 60 miles an hour. We would beg our Dad to make it a 470 model because it was so hot.

    Gosh the windows were down, even the back window, no seat belts, we didn’t even have cup holders! We passed around an old mayonaise jar that had been washed out and filled up with water that was warm to try and quench our thirst.

    Only in America when you do the same to a dog is it cruel….

    I have a lot of good memories growing up. Oh yea, we did bring along the family dog.

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