Mitt Romney Faces Stiff Winds On Treatment Of Dog

Mitt RomneyDespite clear outrage from pet owners, animal welfare organizations and the blogsphere, the Mitt Romney campaign continues to make light of the former Mass. governor’s treatment of the family dog.

A few commenters have expressed doubt about just how bad it was for poor Seamus Romney to be on top of the car. Well, don’t listen to us, listen to the experts:

Aerospace engineering professor: “At that speed, assuming sea level conditions, the poor little dog would have about 10 pounds per square foot pressing against his head. He would constantly feel a little less than 3 pounds pressing on his head for the entire trip. The windshield would help, but boy that would get tired.

“Chances are the windshield would only protect the front of the dog, but the air flowing around the windshield would buffet the side of the dog — that would be tiring. My wife’s a vet, and she would be more worried by the dehydration of the dog’s eyes under those conditions.”

Physics and astronomy senior faculty fellow: “What happens to a dog in this situation is precisely what would happen to any of us in the same situation: Trapped in a box for 12 hours would be no one’s idea of comfortable.”

Dog walking service owner: “It would be one thing if someone put it down or forgot and then drove 50 feet and realized what they did. I don’t know anyone who would purposefully do that to a dog.”

The Boston Globe, whose original profile shed light into Romney’s startling behavior published this column with a healthy dose of sarcasm:

I’m not a dog owner, so I can’t say with certainty what the right answer would have been here, but somehow I suspect that if the question of what to do with Seamus was presented as a Harvard Business School case study, the remedy Mitt arrived at would not be widely seized upon as the most intelligent choice.

Several alternatives present themselves. I have heard that it’s possible to pay to board one’s dog at bed-and-breakfast-like establishments generically referred to as “the kennel.” Or even, if one has the means, to engage what is known as a “dog sitter.”

If the rooftop ride really was such a smart solution, at the very least Mitt could have taken a turn up there himself. Certainly he’s proved resolute in the face of risk, at least in the business world, and I have it on good report that the hair product he uses is guaranteed to hold fast in gusts of up to 70 miles an hour.

More on the reactions to Seamus Romney’s treatment after the jump.

From ABC News on the public’s reaction to Mitt Romney’s treatment of the family dog:

Dog lovers certainly aren’t happy. Thousands of readers have posted comments on The New York Times Web site attached to a blog discussing the anecdote.

“This can’t be real, this has to be a joke, right? Who, in their right mind straps their dog to the roof of the car? I don’t care if he’s got a windshield on this dog carrier,” read one comment.

“I’m also amazed the story didn’t end with the death of the dog,” read another. “Did he make any trips where he strapped his wife or one of his children up there?”

Others related Romney’s actions to the type of president he would be.

“The people who will vote for him are those who think torturing animals, making them suffer is OK. He’s a disgusting man, presidential candidate, NOT,” wrote one poster.

From The Boston Globe column:

Still, the whole incident did answer one question for me. Reading another Globe profile of Mitt back in 1994, I learned that one of the Romney family’s 1980s routines had been to gather in Mitt and Ann’s bedroom each night to say their prayers together. Another family dog from that era, a yellow Labrador named McKenzie, would join them, putting her paws up on the bed in mock prayer, Ann told the Globe.

What was McKenzie praying for?

A flea collar? No, not a dog of her preppy pedigree.

Perhaps as simple a blessing as a pat on the head from Ann?

Or maybe just a delicious dog biscuit before bed?

It has long been a mystery, but now I think I know.

“Please, please, please, oh Lord, render my master too busy with business to take a vacation this summer.”

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28 Responses to “Mitt Romney Faces Stiff Winds On Treatment Of Dog”

  1. Nancy says:

    The original profile in the Boston Globe makes it clear that the station wagon was loaded with suitcases, supplies and kids, so Romney obviously made a very deliberate decision to put the luggage IN the vehicle and the dog on the luggage rack. The most intelligent alternative would have been to put the luggage on the luggage rack and keep the dog in the vehicle where it belonged.

  2. Nancy G. says:

    And the fact that poor Seamus had stress diarrhea down the car’s rear window shows just how “happy” he was on his rooftop ride. It also makes me think the dog was not even in a part plastic portable “kennel”, he was in an open, wire cage. You really have to wonder about the level of concern for others, let alone common sense, that this incident shows about Romney. Worse, he now claims that Seamus “loved” to ride up there, he was always jumping up to get in his rooftop carrier. Yikes! He did this more than once? Yes, any normal person would put the luggage on the roof and the dog in the car, or board it. Doing this to Seamus was cruelty, no other way to put it. Anyone this casual about the sufferings of others has no business being president.

  3. danielle says:

    All I can say is—what an ass. I’m a Democrat, so it doesn’t affect my vote, but I hope a real animal lover like John McCain takes every opportunity to blast this pompous jackass.

  4. HighNote says:

    I do no think Seamus loves to ride on the roof like that. But like any dog he wanted to go with his master even if it meant to suffer through it all. Our pets give us unconditional love and Seamus was only wanting to go out of love and not for comfort. Animals are like small children, they do not always know what is best for them. but the caregivers should certainly know. It seems the dog is smarter then the man in this case.

  5. Steve says:

    Actually an extremely Wealthy Pompous Jackass would be a better for Mitt.

    Actually he should campaign on that.

    “Hi, I’m Mitt, the most pompous jackass that ever hit the political scene in U.S. History. And I have approved this message.”

  6. janet says:

    I’m an independent voter and I would not ever vote for Romney because of his treatment of Seamus. What a rectal opening he is

  7. shibadiva says:

    Seamus for president!

  8. Steve says:

    Mitt can get Duane Ekedahl as his running mate. Team Pompous Jackasses 08.

  9. Steve says:

    Be careful when you begin peeling off the facade of Authority, Wealth, and Privilege with these types of guys.

    You might be shocked at what you see.

  10. Amy says:

    High Note & Steve - I’m right there with you!

    High Note, I was thinking the exact same thing; poor Seamus just wanted to be with his family. I really wish some animal loving State Trooper (Maybe a K9 unit?) would’ve pulled him over and given him a hard time.

    Steve - they always say that money can’t buy class and money doesn’t equal class and Romney is a prime example. What a jerk. And knowing he had the means to take care of the family pet makes it even worse. This wasn’t some poor family fleeing to new opportunities with all of their worldly belongings loaded in to the car. This was a man financially able to make arrangements for the dog to be comfortable. How heartless can a person be? It’s obviousl he doesn’t have the humanitarian skills needed to run the country.

  11. cats says:

    Romney is a “blue blood” with not enough red platelets running through him. That is why he is so cold-hearted!

  12. pam says:

    to think a dog might actually take down a presidential campaign…kinda makes me want to call romney’s organization and ask “how’s seamus?”

  13. Sinbad says:

    Romney will never get my vote!
    Next time he takes a road trip, Seamus should drive and Mitt should ride in the rooftop carrier.
    Vote for Seamus!

  14. straybaby says:

    heh, it’s now playing across the pond:,00.html,00.html

    and they also ran yesterday’s AP story

  15. CATwoman says:

    I wonder what Mutt Romney feeds his poor dog…..??
    (oops, excuse the typo)

  16. momkat says:

    Oh ya,….I really want a guy with his sense of judgment running the country!!!!
    GEEEEZ! He’s even dumber than Bush!!! Is that even possible???
    He should get the Darwin award for this one!!…naw…why even waste that!
    What a totally insensitive, unconscious, stupid idiot!
    I wouldn’t even hire him to hose down the dog pen at the local shelter…let alone give him a position of authority over people!!!

  17. Katie says:

    The only thing I can add to what has been said: only goes to show what a despicable character Romney is.


  18. Ruth says:

    One story says that his recent pet dog died recently, I wonder if the poor dog also had to endure what Seamus that to go through. Just the thought that the poor’s dog name was Marley makes me sad. My little Marley always took up the back seat.

    Mitt needs to stop defending himself of his treatment of his dog because he is just getting deeper and deeper into muck and someone might just need to hose him off like he did to Seamus.

  19. Nancy says:

    I am a Republican and had actually liked Romney before this story broke. I think that he’s just ruined his political future! Animal lovers….attack!

  20. Pukanuba says:

    # Steve says:
    June 30th, 2007 at 11:03 am

    Mitt can get Duane Ekedahl as his running mate. Team Pompous Jackasses 08.

    Steve……that cracked me up. I just love the name you chose for them: TPJ 08.

    I think we all have the same idea: let the dog drive & put Mutt, er excuse me, Mitt in his little cage on the top of the car (& don’t forget the wind shield) & don’t let him out for 12 hrs. If he has an accident, hose him down, back in the cage & off we go on the interstate at 70 mph. I love it.

  21. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Pukanuba, don’t forget lots of lane-changing and sudden braking!

  22. Lynn says:

    I mean, how stupid can you get? One tap by an 18-wheeler and that dog would have been airborne into the next state!
    Romney was never on my favorites short list. And you can bet after reading this he never will be. Ever.

  23. Kaffe says:

    This guy is politically dead.


  24. Gerry says:

    Pukanuba and pit bull lover.. Dont forget to drive under any and all low hanging tree branches you can find especially if they have any bee hives in them……ooch!!

  25. dog collar addict says:

    what a jerk! how would he like it if he was strapped to the roof of a car for a 12 hour highway ride?

  26. Cynthia (cynthiak23) says:

    Mitt is an IDIOT. I’m voting for RON PAUL!

    Check out this site…

    “I Hate Ron Paul”

    It’s hysterical!

  27. Kiki says:

    Yep, Mitt’s DOA. I think he should pack it up now - why waste anymore time or money - he will NEVER be voted in for president. Almost 50% of the population, if not more, are pet-owners. Of those who aren’t, I’m sure at least 50% of those people are completely shocked and outraged by the extremely poor judgment and complete lack of empathy - put yourself in the dogs paws….

    A guy like Mitt probably wouldn’t care a hoot about contaminated pet food.

    Mitt - you’re done.

    Poor Seamus….

  28. Steve says:

    What’s the big deal? The dog excitedly scampered up there. The dog wouldn’t like it if it didn’t feel good…basic principle of behaviorism. It was probably a lot more comfortable than a Livestock trailer. Besides, it was 24 years ago. This story is clearly politically motivated. Yes, perhaps there is be a better way of bringing the dog along, but this is not deliberate cruelty. What Michael Vick and his friends did was cruelty.

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