Mitt Romney Defends His Actions, Says Dog Liked The Car Roof

Mitt Romney with wife and station wagon

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney came to his own rescue (sort of) on a Thursday campaign stop. In defending his actions of strapping the family dog in a crate to the top of the car for 12 hours, he said “[the dog, Seamus,] scrambled up there every time we went on trips. He got it all by himself and enjoyed it.”

Don’t blame the dog for your own stupid actions.

A grown man and the head of a family needs better judgment skills — especially if that man wants to be the president.

What’s the Massachusetts penalty for animal cruelty? “Imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 5 years or imprisonment in the house of correction for not more than 2 1/2 years or by a fine of not more than $2,500, or by both such fine and imprisonment.”

More on Mitt Romney and his dog after the jump.

(Romney family photo)

From The AP via The Washington Post:

An example of Mitt Romney’s crisis management skills has turned into something of a political problem for the Republican presidential contender.

Now the story, recounted this week in a Boston Globe profile of Romney, has touched off howls of outrage from bloggers and animal rights activists even though it was presented in the story as an example of Romney’s coolness under trying circumstances.

“Massachusetts animal cruelty laws specifically prohibit anyone from carrying an animal `in or upon a vehicle, or otherwise, in an unnecessarily cruel or inhuman manner or in a way and manner which might endanger the animal carried thereon,’” wrote Steve Benen in a post on the blog “Crooks and Liars.”

Romney dismissed any outcry about the 24-year-old incident, saying the dog enjoyed his rooftop perch.

(Thanks straybaby)

Photo source: Boston Globe

55 Responses to “Mitt Romney Defends His Actions, Says Dog Liked The Car Roof”

  1. Gerry says:

    Ya. I just read on cnn that he said peta wasnt happy that his dog liked fresh air. FRESH AIR? Right…75 miles an hr fesh air. I know there are alot of people that dont like peta because they maybe alittle drastic at times so I think he is trying to bring peta into the mix to get people on his side! Didnt work!

  2. Pappy's Fella says:

    This may be the first campaign shut down by pets.

  3. Blue's Mom says:

    The point is, a dog is like a child, and needs to be protected from doing things that could endanger him. It is up to the human to make the decision to protect the animal.
    Plus, a dog can get fresh air inside the car with the window open! Come on - this is idiocy!
    If his child scrambled up on the roof of the car because he loved it up there…well, you know the rest of story…

  4. straybaby says:

    Pappy’s Fella says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 1:05 pm

    what i don’t think some running realize, is just how many pet owners there are. and they just keep pissing us off! the pet food recall is impacting more than just pet issues and they better listen up.

    i think it would be great to see a campaign taken down by mistreatment of a dog. it would give me some much needed hope . . .

  5. Cathleen says:

    I am glad you are bringing this story to the attention of all your readers. Romney’s actions were despicable, and his attempt to defend himself is pathetic.

    I’m confused, however, by your mention of Monica Lewinsky. Your analogy basically equates her to Romney’s dog. And your analogy makes the comparison between Clinton’s behavior toward Lewinsky, to Romney’s 75-mile torturing of his dog. Whether or not Clinton’s behavior was morally wrong, Lewinsky was a grown woman, not a defenseless dog.

    This blog, of course, has every right to it’s own political stance, but I had hoped not to see such comments here, unless they were directly related to a politician’s behavior toward animals, what appears to be the main focus of this blog.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Thanks for the feedback. We have edited the post.

  6. Gerry says:

    Cathleen is right. I dont get the Lewinsky connection either.

  7. Mary says:

    This is so unbelievable…where are the credentials?
    You show a picture of a German Shepard with no crate…looks like a manequin….then your story states he had him in a crate.

    This is definitely political trash trying to bring down a candidate.

    I’m sure he put a dog up on his roof and drove 12 hours…
    where is your proof? You guys are gullible if you buy this one….BTW,
    I have a bridge up for sale….LOL!

  8. straybaby says:

    Mary says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    you obviously haven’t read any of the news stories and missed the above note that photo is unrelated . . .

    just sayin’

  9. straybaby says:

    Gerry and Cathleen,

    another blog entry here on this had someone (not Itchmo) making comments that brought up the Clinton/Lewinski affair/scandel/incident. I believe that’s why it’s being mentioned. for many of us, it’s a totally unrelated/non-revelant issue. the major concern for me is Romney’s actions and how he expresses himself now.

  10. Blue's Mom says:

    Mary - the proof is that Romney admitted to it publicly.

  11. Pukanuba says:

    I read it in the San Diego Union Tribune before I ever saw it here. So it wasn’t something Itchmo made up……I’d believe them before I’d believe a lot of other sources.

  12. menusux says:

    Journeys of a shared life
    Boston Globe June 27, 2007

    “Then Romney put his boys on notice: He would be making predetermined stops for gas, and that was it. The ride was largely what you’d expect with five brothers, ages 13 and under, packed into a wagon they called the ”white whale.”

    “As the rest of the boys joined in the howls of disgust, Romney coolly pulled off the highway and into a service station. There, he borrowed a hose, washed down Seamus and the car, then hopped back onto the highway.

    “”Think about it,” Tagg says, ”a 12-hour drive and the only time we stop is to get gas. When we stop, you can buy your food and go to the bathroom, but that’s the only time we’re stopping, so you’d better get it all done at once.””

    So if the kids hadn’t “made it” between stops, would he have hosed them down and put them on the roof in the box with the dog, so it wouldn’t happen again in the car?

    “Yet there was one exception to Mitt’s nonstop policy. ”As soon as my mom says, ‘I think I need to go to the bathroom,’ he pulls over instantly, and doesn’t complain. ‘Anything for you, Ann.’.””

    Yep–people would definitely notice you hosing down a grown woman, and she was certainly too large to fit in the box with the dog….

    Mary says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 2:10 pm
    “This is so unbelievable…where are the credentials?

    “This is definitely political trash trying to bring down a candidate.

    “I’m sure he put a dog up on his roof and drove 12 hours…
    where is your proof?

    See link above.

  13. Carol says:

    Since March 16, 2007, I am anything but gullible.

  14. Gerry says:

    straybaby. Thanks for making that clear. I didnt get how it was related at all. I emailed my sister this story about Romneys treatment of his dog and she said she didnt believe it. I dont know why she doesnt believe it because just like itchmo says.. he admitted to it in national news. Maybe it is too hard for some people to believe that a person running for an office like president could do such a thing. Iam really glad this story is out in the open. It sure shows what kind of person you would be voting for if you choose to vote for Romney. A person with little or no feelings for our animal friends. You have to wonder how a person with a cold heart would feel about other important issues.

  15. SMILE says:

    I fail to see what the big deal is. Do you cry cuelty to animals when you see people driving down the street with their dog sticking its head out the window? Their pet was probably safer in the carrier than if they let it loose to stick its head out the window. You have no idea what kind of heart Mitt Romney has, and you don’t know how he feels about animals.

    I doublt any of you had a good word for Mitt Romney before this. You just grabbed hold of this story and twisted it all out of proportion, so you would have something that passes for dirt on him. His whole family happens to be very fond of animals, and treats them like family. You would know that if you took the time to look. Instead you take one situation that you think is questionable, out of an entire lifetime spent with pets, and say he is cold harted to animals.

    Please spend more time loving pets and less time hating well meaning pet owners especially when you don’t really know what happened.


  16. Sina says:

    I don’t see any reason at all to publish a photo like that if it’s unrelated to the story. Let’s see all news stories just have random photos accompanying them!

    The story is important. By publishing it along with a picture of a dog standing on top of the car is just making the incident seem even worse. I was hoping that such political junk would stay off of Itchmo but I’m disappointed.

    The story is bad enough without adding an unrelated photo; this just makes it seem like you’re trying to make it worse. Let’s start showing photos of Barack Obama tripping over a pet along with unrelated articles about people beating their dogs, shall we?

  17. Mr. Jones says:

    What are you talking about? Back then we didn’t put our kids in seatbelts. We used to run around the van with my dad driving 85 MPH down the freeway. Get a life. This just shows how desperate liberals are to smear mud on Mitt Romney. He is way too clean and it is driving them crazy!

  18. Phoebe says:

    Try Google, Mary. Romney’s own office put this story out there to show his “crisis management skills” because he was ‘brilliant’ enough to hose off the car after his dog defecated on it in terror. Too bad there wasn’t a large, open sunroof over Romney’s head when that happened. Then what landed on the outside of it would match what’s obviously filling his head.

    The candidate is the trash, in this case, not the story. And now he’s defending his actions. Worse than trash.

  19. menusux says:

    Mr. Jones says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 4:21 pm

    “This just shows how desperate liberals are to smear mud on Mitt Romney. He is way too clean and it is driving them crazy!”

    He smeared 23 year old dog S*** all over himself by issuing the story from his own office. Says a LOT about his crisis management skills and his judgment–then and now. The “liberals” didn’t give the interviews for the news story and the “liberals” didn’t put the dog in the crate on the car roof either.

  20. straybaby says:

    “His whole family happens to be very fond of animals, and treats them like family.”

    LMAO!~ that sure didn’t help him, if that was your intention!!!

    Personally, I don’t/didn’t know a lot about the guy except some Americans having issues with his religion (absurd as that should be in this day and age!). I’m reserving my opinion until I start seeing how this whole race shakes out as many others are. And what makes you think we’re all liberals? Many of us don’t say one way or the other as we are here to discuss PETS not partisan politics.

    And by the dude’s own admisson, he did this all the time. So the one incident line doesn’t fly. next!

  21. Katie says:

    I am so glad this story was put in the media and picked up here. I believe the American public has a right to know what kind of people run for the office of president. It is even worse that he is proud of his actions and thought this showed stellar crisis management tools. He’s nuts!

    As for the remark re: seat belts. As a child, we had a lovable little mixed sheltie who always traveled with us - we weren’t wealthy, lived a common life. But, my Mom and Dad made room for “Daisy” in the back of our station wagon where she could stretch out and collect the breezes. My parents instilled in their children that animals should be respected and we learned responsible ownership. Obviously something Mr Romney didn’t learn or feel the need for.

    My first dog as an adult was a beautiful Irish Setter. Teri. She went everywhere with my husband and I on vacations. We had a station wagon and she had a special area set aside for her. I’m sorry Smile and Mr Jones, but there is no way that I can fathom an Irish Setter in a crate (or any animal) riding on top of a car at 75 mph. When I read that story the first time, it brought tears thinking how inhumane can a human be…..

    Personally, since Mr Romney thinks this is so funny - perhaps he should be tied to the top of a car roof and driven at high speed down a highway facing forward in a driving northeastern storm (so he can feel the full affect) ; than ask him afterward to tell us all again how funny it was.

    Talk about the lowest of the low -


  22. shawn says:

    I do believe that Itchmo should remove the unrelated photo. If the story is true the photo turns it into fiction. Frankly it seems just too stupid to be true.

  23. Sandi K says:

    I personally would be upset at any presidential candidate for doing what he did, regardless of their party affiliation and it would definately affect who I voted for. Trying to say liberals are smearing him is an attempt to shift the focus of attention. This man, regardless of who he is or what he has aspirations to be put his family pet in harms way, plain and simple. For those that are defending him, would you react the same way if this was someone from an opposing party? Think about it. For those that defend what happened to the dog, do you really throw your values and morals out the door once your political candidate does something bad? This is an animal website and people defending a pet who is put in a crate on top of the car shouldnt be so unexpected. People who defend a man who did it, is unexpected.

  24. Pam says:

    “Do you cry cuelty to animals when you see people driving down the street with their dog sticking its head out the window? ”

    Frankly, yes I do. It’s stupid and irresponsible and puts the dog’s health at risk.

    No, the dog wasn’t “safer” on the roof. Dog carriers are not designed to withstand 75 MPH impacts. Cars are.

  25. 3FURS says:

    Aside from the treatment of the dog, which is stomach turning, this man is abusive in his control of his young sons. Twelve hours, seven people in a wagon ( dog on the roof ), and the only time he would stop was for gas. That was HIS rule. VERY CONTROLLING PERSONALITY. I wonder what other rules he had for his family. The dog never had a chance.

  26. straybaby says:

    shawn says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 5:13 pm

    shawn, you may want to click on the links in the various blog entries on this or just check AP. the story is true, put out by Mitt’s *people* and confirmed by him. he still see’s nothing wrong with his actions as of yesterday and in fact said he did it more than once . . .

    his dog “enjoys the fresh air”. ’nuff said?

  27. pavlovscat says:

    I happen to be a registered Republican and find Romney’s behavior despicable. It has nothing to do with my political views. His actions were reprehensible, and I would never vote for him even if the alternatives were only candidates of other affiliations. Outrage for stupid actions like these should go beyond political affiliations and begin in our hearts where we should all know that his actions were wrong. I wouldn’t want that man as head of any organization, much less our country.

  28. pam says:

    if he can’t take care of a dog properly, what makes him think anyone who has ever cared for an animal of any kind would ever trust him to lead our country? dog on top of car equals pulling wings off flies…it’s just warped.

  29. KimS says:

    Wow, that’s like blaming the dog for your own actual fart.
    Politicians tend to be finger pointers but this takes the cake.

  30. petslave says:

    Katie, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they could drop any charges if he agrees to be crammed into a carrier, strapped on the car & driven 12 hours straight without going to the bathroom. Oh, & feed & water him well before he gets in there.

    Succintly & well put, KimS!

  31. Doug says:

    The Peta comment is classic scapegoating something Mitt was famous for as governor, then again maybe Karl Rove has a new job.

    Want four more years of ineffective goverment (FDA, EPA …….) and unchecked corporate corruption, vote for Mitt.

    The word ineffective is really way too nice…

  32. Mitt to clean? No way! says:

    # Mr. Jones says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 4:21 pm

    What are you talking about? Back then we didn’t put our kids in seatbelts. We used to run around the van with my dad driving 85 MPH down the freeway. Get a life. This just shows how desperate liberals are to smear mud on Mitt Romney. He is way too clean and it is driving them crazy!
    Way to clean? lol you know little about the mormon religion.
    I speaking only about “Temple Mormons” do some research, then you’ll know they are not “too clean”.

    Back to the dog issue…..
    I don’t care if it was over 20 yrs ago, or just last week. Just because there were no animal cruelty laws on the books 20+ years ago, does that make it okay? What else has Mitt got away with in the past? He had no common sense back then, and by his reactions about the story, no common sense today either. Mitt claims the dog liked it, now how would Mitt know that? A dog will still lick his masters hand, after his master beats him. I believe Mitt used some type of “Pavlovian” Conditioning or aversion therapy on his dog. We all know about Pavlov dogs and abuse……..

  33. menusux says:;page=1

    Dog on Roof? What Was It Like for Romney’s Pooch?
    Scientists Say Dog Likely Experienced Wind-Whipped, Uncomfortable Trip

    ABC News June 29, 2007

    “All kidding aside, what exactly would be the dangers of strapping the family pet to the roof of a speeding vehicle for 12 hours?

    “Llope said putting a dog on top of a car is just like putting anything or anyone else on the roof.

    “”What happens to a dog in this situation is precisely what would happen to any of us in the same situation: Trapped in a box for 12 hours would be no one’s idea of comfortable,” said Llope.

    “Dr. Russell Cumming, a professor of aerospace engineering at California Polytechnic State University, got a little more technical.

    “”At that speed, assuming sea level conditions, the poor little dog would have about 10 pounds per square foot pressing against his head,” said Cumming.

    “And in layman’s terms?

    “”He would constantly feel a little less than 3 pounds pressing on his head for the entire trip,” he added. “The windshield would help, but boy that would get tired.”

    “Nobel Prize-winning physicist Douglas Osheroff of physics at Stanford University said the dog crate on top of the car would change the air flow around the vehicle.

    “”Beyond a certain velocity, the air flow becomes turbulent,” said Osheroff. “The airflow isn’t going to be laminar,” which means it won’t have a uniform distribution.

    “Cumming said that’s bad news for Seamus.

    “”Chances are the windshield would only protect the front of the dog, but the air flowing around the windshield would buffet the side of the dog — that would be tiring,” said Cummings. “My wife’s a vet, and she would be more worried by the dehydration of the dog’s eyes under those conditions.”

    “In addition to dehydration, fatigue and fright, Seamus was strapped on top of a car for 12 hours with limited or no bathroom breaks — a condition that was highlighted in the Boston Globe article.”

  34. Sandy says:

    The man is a Cretin of Cosmic proportion. I have a cousin who has Downs syndrome she use to like to sit in the street. Her mom took care to make sure she didn’t due to the fact is was not safe. That is what this man should have done to the dog in his care; take care of it. He lost my vote and he may have had it at one point.

    I hope the people in office and those who are running take notice pet owners and pet lovers are fed up and want action to take CARE of the animals …I wish Dick Durbin was running ….at least he cares about common people and the animals ..he has shown this by his actions not just talk ..and he stood by us in the pet food bs

  35. Sharon says:

    This a man with a abusive personality toward his entire family. How do think his wife and child felt during the ordeal? They were probably terrified too or perhaps so used to his abusive behavior that they didn’t see anything wrong with it either. People like this make me sick to my stomach.

  36. HighNote says:

    I thought this was a pet sight and it sounds like it is turning into a political one.
    I also do not think it is right to mention the Mormon religion on this sight either. I am not a Mormon but that should not have anything to do with our pets. Politics and religion are subjects best left out of itchmo’s sight. This was about his dog! If we discuss beyond the terrible treatment for the dog then we are contributing to a smear compaign and I don’t think that is right either. Just like Clinton…… they smeared him and I could not understand them making such a big deal out of it all. I thought that was a private thing between him and his wife and for her to deal with. I could name several presidents that had affairs and they did not get smeared for it. In politics they use any thing they can to distroy the vote for the other person running and I think little of them for doing it.
    Lets stick to our pets shall we! They are more important to me then any political party.

  37. MarySmith says:

    *Mr. Jones says: June 29th, 2007 at 4:21 pm

    What are you talking about? . . .Get a life. This just shows how desperate liberals are to
    smear mud on Mitt Romney. He is way too clean and it is driving them crazy!*

    The comments about *religion/Morman* were made in defence of the above comment. Are we all just suppose to *ignore* comments like the above and not respond to them, HighNote??

  38. HighNote says:

    To MarySmith…. I guess a person really cannot ignore the comments made on this sight. I just felt that it was getting a little political. I thought the reason old Mitt was being talked about in the first place was how he treated his poor dog not about voting for him.
    I do believe in freedom of speech though. I just was concerned that talking about his guy could end up in a fight between those who like him and those who don’t and no one liked what he did with his dog.
    I guess I am not thinking real clearly anyway. My collie Doolie O’shay died the day before yesterday.

  39. Black Lab Owner says:

    I have heard and read many Romney apologists/defenders attempt to minimize the severity and abusive nature of his actions by invoking historical anectdotes: “back then we didn’t even HAVE seatbelts. Why, when I was young . . . ”

    By 1983 seat belts were MANDATORY in all vehicles, Volvo stations wagons were the car of choice for yuppie couples —- large, roomy vehicles which were marketed for their safety records. By 1983 the car which Romney drove had seating capacity for NINE.

    Also available on the market were MINIVANS and trailers for hauling. In 1983 there were kennels, dog sitters, neighbors to help one look after the dog. Was this a summer vacation? Was it warm? Was it the dead of winter?

    The issue is judgment or lack thereof. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? Romney was a wealthy man, from a wealthy family. Couldn’t he have done something better for the family dog?

  40. Petra says:

    His religion and political aspirations have NOTHING to do with his treatment of his dog. His choice to put his dog on the roof of his car is just STUPID! It’s really just that simple… It’s a STUPID choice… ijit!

  41. MarySmith says:


    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss! Was Doolie yet another victim of the pet food poisoning?

    When will the sorrow end for pet owners? I don’t post much, but I’ve been reading Itchmo and PC blogs since March. Sometimes my basket gets so full of tissues, I grieve for each loss that I read about.

  42. straybaby says:

    Black Lab Owner says: June 30th, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    yeah, I wasn’t getting the ‘historical references’ either! as a kid (LONG before the 80’s!!!) we used seat belts if we were in the front seat and soon after, always. I was an adult living on my own in the 80’s and it seems we were a tad more advanced than some of the defenders seem to realize! We took cross country trips in the wagon with the back seat down for kids and pets. And this was in the 60’s, early 70’s. Nobody that I knew of (or saw on the roads!) traveled with the dog crate on the luggage rack!! Must say, my dad has better *management* skills than ol’ Mitt. He had no prob packing us, the luggage and pets in the car with extra luggage going up top. Pets stayed home with friends checking on them when we went places where it was best not to take them. We even had one trip where we all got food poisoning (except for the pets!!) Funny, none of us got hosed off ;)

  43. HighNote says:

    To MarySmith…. to answer your question whether Doolie died because of food poisoning is difficult to say. Just about the time of the recall Doolie all of a sudden would not eat. I heard about the recall and took him right to the vet. They checked his kidneys and liver and said he was fine. They did no other checking. I took him home and he still would not eat and of course I changed his food and had bought different kinds hoping to find one he would eat. I took him back to the vet and made them check him again. They again said he was fine. I am getting up set by now and I said well he will not eat and there has to be something wrong. This all started at the same time as the recall. So they did an x ray. the vet came out and said that his lungs were full of water. He said he either had cancer or a fungus infection. The vet said that in either case it was uncurable. He gave me some medicine to make him eat and sent me home.
    I ask the vet before leaving if the tainted food could have caused something like this and he of course said no. But I wondered about it since my Doolie was fine till then.
    I just felt that there could be different side effects. Doolie lasted two weeks after going to the vet.
    If it was not the recall food that did this to my baby then it was the food that I had been feeding him all along.
    He was my sweet acting puppy all of his life and even till the last day he wagged his tail and came and put his paw in my hand to shake. I can still see him running in the yard when I sit on my deck and I cry. I cry partly out of the guilt of not being able to help him from his suffering and partly because I feel it is my fault that he ate bad food and I thought I was giving him good food. I cry because he was my friend and gave me unconditional love all of his life. The day of his death he came to me and I noticed he had a little bit of green snot inside his nose. I got some Q tip and cloths and tried to clean it out the best I could and it seemed to help his breathing. I went in to call the vet but of course he was in surgery. Bye the time the vet had called me back he had already died.
    He died alone because I was waiting for the vet to call me back. This really hurts the most because I only wish I could have been with him. I really did not think it would happen right then because he was walking around and had just ate some food too. I just was not prepared to lose him! I guess none of us are. My husband said well at least he died at home and we did not have to put him down. I guess that is true but it does not help the pain much of losing him.
    I too have felt the pain of so many people on this sight that have lost their loving pets. Now I am one of them.
    I can’t bring my baby back but I can do whatever I can to get pet food improved so this does not happen to other precious pets. As long as these pet food manufacturers continue putting bad chemicals in the pets food this will continue and I do not want to see any more pets suffer like my Doolie did.

  44. HighNote says:

    I said Doolie lasted two weeks after going to the vet. I was so upset over it all it could have been three or four weeks after the last time I took him. I still have my sweet kitty Jasmine to keep me company and I pray each day that this dang food does not harm her in some way too. She will only eat dry food. She vomits chicken and other fresh things. I do not know why. I spoke to the vet about this too and they said to move her food from the frig. or electrial things that make sounds. I did this but it did not make a difference. She has ate dry Science hair ball formula all of her life and will not eat other things.. Tried to switch her but no way will she do it. When someone said their pet got sick over the Science diet it really scared me. I would rather feed her something else but have put all sorts of money out on different foods and she just will not touch it. She was looking a little skinny so I put her back on the Science diet again. I pray that she will be okay eating the crap that I do not want to feed her!

  45. MarySmith says:

    HighNote, Thanks for sharing about your Doolie. Have you checked out the forums at Itchmo yet? Since this blog thread is now *old* and does not seem to be very active anymore, that may be a better place to tell your Doolie’s story and get the needed help for your loss.

    Maybe if you started a thread in one of these categories those who post there could help you recover from your terrible loss.

    *Help With My Sick Pet*

    *Memorials and Support*

    *Misc/Other Discussions*

  46. mittens says:

    so it’s ok with itchmo’s readers to sexually harass and exploit women and female employees because they ‘aren’t defenseless like a dog”?

    bill clinton had a long well documented history of being an overly aggressive skirt chaser and happy handed fondler of female employees back in arkansas- all grounds for being fired where i work. sexual harrasssment is what it is- it is wrong, an entitled behavior because some man( or woman) in power feels he has the right to do it. romney clearly felt he had the right to throw that dog on top of the car like luggage. you don’t see the similarity? i love my pets and animals in general but that doesn’t blind me to the abuses people heap on other humans. there’s every reason to believe the one woman who publically stated that clinton raped her-her story was well supported by others. the public humiliation that the clintons rained down on women who came forward with there stories of bill’s treatment of them is reprehensible. like romney clinton felt he could do whatever he wanted and everyone who protested the abuse was a right wing looney or a piece of jilted white trash. that is not what i want for a president.

    there’s even further a stronger case against reelecting ted kennedy perpetually- there’s no disputing he was in that damn car and a woman died. i find it shameful that i am represented in the senate by a man who evaded justice for at the very least manslaughter because he was a kennedy.

    i am appalled at romney’s behavior. if he were a democrat i would be equally horrified. it seems to some people that what certain democrats did to humans out of the same sense of entitlement is ok because they did it to ‘ adult humans’ who could defend themselves. lewensky now lives in another country because her life was destroyed by the political hate machine that was the clinton impeachment defence. she was sworn to tell the truth and unlike clinton she did tell the truth- and was duely punished for it by the man she ‘ aided’ in the oval office. that is abuse. she may have opted for oral sex with the guy- she didn’t opt to be publically humiliated and destroyed for telling the truth under oath. she is a victim of the grotesque american political process that finds the abuse of animals easier to confront then the abuse of humans with whom we may not agree politically.

    i get the creepy feeling that if clinton hacked Buddy or Socks with an axe it would have been ok if he thought they were part of the ‘ vast right wing conspiracy’. some people can do no wrong due to their political affiliation.that’s the major problem with the system today. if it was the fda we’d term it corruption but we don’t elect the fda. we need to hold ALL or elected officials to the same standards of personal responsibility and morality to ensure a just government. entitled abuse of power is just that-both romney, clinton and kennedy partake. it should be tolerated in no one whether they kick a bunny or slap a baby.

  47. Ruth says:

    To HighNote: I am so very sorry on the loss of Doolie. I too have lost my little pet dog so I understand your loss. Words just can’t express the loss we have for our pets when they die needlessly. Once again I am sorry.

    To Mittens: the answer is no.
    Don’t know where this blog is coming from but I thought it was earlier established that this a pet blog not political. Why does Clinton, Monica, and Kennedy have to do with Romney putting his dog on the car roof? Wow, this just got too weird.

    Itchmo where are you?

  48. Pit Bull Lover says:

    May I suggest tangential political discussions be moved to the forum thread “The Ring”? Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and Ted Kennedy have *nothing* to do with Mitt Romney’s lack of judgment and cruel treatment of poor Seamus. (Although I suspect the Romney/Seamus story would never have gone public if Linda Tripp hadn’t recorded and leaked her personal conversations with Mitt’s son, Tagg.) :-!

  49. Pit Bull Lover says:

    One more thing. It seems logical that a pet-related story involving a politician might naturally generate — hopefully on-topic — discussion of political matters. Sure, some of what’s been written is off-topic and highly inflammatory, but I don’t see why people should have a problem with the related political content in comments. After all, Mitt Romney *is* a politician.

  50. Internet Broker WebLog » Blog Archive » Flint River Ranch Premium Dog & Cat food says:

    […] Mitt Romney Defends His Actions, Says Dog Liked The Car Roof | Itchmo I emailed my sister this story about Romneys treatment of his dog and she said she didnt believe it. … His whole family happens to be very fond of animals, and treats them like … […]

  51. Pat R. says:

    A pretty damning piece of evidence about poor judgement if true.

    For Dog lovers, he would be a very hard sell candidate by this revelation.

  52. Steve says:

    Huh? I see no mention of the FACT that Romney’s dog was safely riding in a secure carrier on top of the car. What’s the big deal? The dog wouldn’t like it if it didn’t feel good…basic principle of behaviorism. It was probably more comfortable than a Livestock trailer, anyway. This is NOT cruelty. What Michael Vick and his friends did was cruelty.

  53. JoeyIsTheMan!! says:

    This article is dumb, can’t you guys find something else to talk about other than a dog riding on the roof of the car….I can see if Mitt was trying to kill the dog or punish the dog. Mitt was the one that told us all of this…it’s not like he was trying to hide anything, you guys…Mitt is the most honest and straightforward of all the potentials for the Presidency. I like how everyone says he is a flip-flopper on issues…WHATEVER! This is such a stupid argument…ALL OF THE CANDIDATES HAVE ISSUES OF CHANGING THEIR OPINIONS ON ISSUES!! HELLarry Clinton, NObama, and McCan’t all have switched opinions. Though I can’t stand any of them, I will have to place my vote for McCain, b/c he definitely stands for most of my same values as a Conservative. Hopefully he will choose Mitt for his V.P. that will be the best choice if he definitely wants to win the Republican vote. Unfortunately, he is disliked soo much that even true Conservatives would vote 4 Obama before him…which is really sad. I do hope that McCain wins though in favor for freedom for not only our Country but for the World. Mitt 4 V.P.!!!!!!

  54. Kathy OMeal says:

    I think it is fine to put the dog on the roof of a car in a secure carrier….this beats having the dog stick its head out the window for air and risk getting it hit…I think it is creative and shows Mitts creative and critical thinking skills….someone should start producing dog car carriers for the top of the car…I would be the first to buy it…..

  55. demi says:

    If he wasn’t a public figure who may be named as John McCaine’s VP choice, this wouldn’t even make the news. Dogs love riding with their heads in the breeze. I don’t allow mine to stick their heads out of the window when I’m driving because I don’t like having that saliva blow of their tongues onto the car. It leaves ugly streaks on a black car.

    Riding on top of a car in a secure carrier cannot be considered animal cruelty. Don’t try telling peta that though. They wholly protect animals while they say nothing about the killing of full term baby by partial birth abortion. But that’s another subject. I kind of veered off the present subject. sorry.

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