More Animal Abuse

Here is another sad story of animal abuse. A sixth grader admitted to stabbing to death a mother duck and her two ducklings with a pencil. The boy’s classroom was monitoring the ducks and on Wednesday, the class found the lifeless ducks and the school administration announced what had happened over the loud speaker. The sixth grader admitted to the act and didn’t understand why it was wrong. He was suspended on Wednesday and his return back to school will depend on a hearing.

17 Responses to “More Animal Abuse”

  1. anon says:

    sick kid, they need to watch him so he doesn’t hurt others. as pet parents, don’t you feel like our babies are better behaved than many human babies?

  2. Erik T says:

    Stabbed the ducks and doesn’t understand why it was wrong = SOCIOPATH!

    Sociopaths lack a conscience. Sociopathy occurs at a rate of about 1 in 25 people.

    Unfortunately, it is an uncorrectable personality defect. Watching him won’t cut it and he will become more dangerous to society as he gets older.

    I worked for someone who was a sociopath. The damage they did to my coworkers as well as me was cold, calculated, and cruel.

    I recommend that everyone read “The Sociopath Next Door,” by Dr. Martha Stout. It’s a real eye opener.

  3. Bridgett says:

    and why isn’t this child being criminally charged with animal cruelty? Get this kid help or get him off the streets before he kills someone one…or starts working for a pet food company.

  4. Tony says:

    one word, WOW.

  5. Sandy says:

    I am sad to read this.The kid needs help. I think we all know most to all serial killers start young with animals. I HOPE THEY REMOVE THE KID FROM THE HOUSE AND MAKE HIM GO TO THERAPY

  6. Gary says:

    Are they seeing another Virginia Tech and they still don’t catch on?

  7. Eric says:

    That’s terrible.

  8. Jenny says:

    That is awful.

  9. JJ says:

    This kid is evil. One thing people don’t realize is that certain people in this world are simply sadistic because they are intrinsically evil. There is no explanation, and there should be no excuses made for this sort of behavior. This kid should be institutionalized (for the rest of his life) before he hurts other animals and people. Every single serial killer has admitted to committing acts of animal cruelty as young children. Had they been locked up then, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of innocent people would be alive today.

  10. 3catmommy says:

    this kid needs therapy and to be in an institution till he learns why it is wrong to kill. He is our next serial killer. If they let him back in school whats to say his classmates or teacher is not next???

  11. Joel says:

    Check out this analysis of the same issue:

    Thought you might be interested in this post on the same story:

    Animal cruelty - the profane and the mundane

    The kid didn’t see anything wrong with killing a duck. Who can blame him? People kill ducks all the time. Note this quote from the authorities,
    “Even though they are a huntable species, there is a legal method of take, of which using a pencil is not one of them.”

    What nonsense. Killing a duck is killing a duck.

  12. Chris C - Ringwood, NJ says:

    This is sick. He’s 11 years old…he didn’t understand it was wrong??? At 11 years old I was already thinking about becoming a vet when I grew up. I knew the difference between right and wrong. Where are his parents…they didn’t see this in their child. I’m sure he has done this before. The link between kids that kill and torture animals and what they grow up to be as adults (serial killers, etc) is amazing. They better get some treatment for this now…sadly it probably won’t help.

    Sick, sick world we live in when an 11 year old child doesn’t know that hurting and killing animals is wrong.

  13. Erik T. says:


    I have to disagree with that article you linked to. Yes, people kill ducks all them time, BUT:

    - They are killed for food.
    - They are usually killed as humanely as possible. Exception being foie gras
    - This kid wasn’t hunting.
    - When hunting, you cannot kill them on the ground or water.
    - When hunting, killing the mother and/or babies is a serious breach of ethics.
    - Most hunters I know feel sorrow for the animal after a kill. Remorse about the kill.

    This kid killed a mother and her babies for no reason other than killing. His intent wasn’t to eat them. He did it in one of the most violent ways possible, stabbing. He feels no remorse about his actions.

    Senseless killing without any remorse, i.e. conscience, is sociopathic behavior. Not all sociopaths are violent, the ones that are end up being killers. This one’s violent.

    Sociopathic personality disorder is incurable. This little monster doesn’t need help, it’s society that needs help! He needs to be removed from society

  14. Joel says:

    At large corporate egg farms, half of the baby chicks (the males) are thrown into garbage bags and suffocated, or placed ALIVE in giant garbage disposals and slowly ground to death. Factory farmed animals are not killed as humanely as possible. They are killed as cheaply as possible.

    Hundreds of thousands of them every year. Psychologists have documented that it inflicts psychological damage on those involved. Those who kill routinely, even animals, are psychologically harmed.

    These acts of cruelty numb our inherent sense of justice, of outrage, against violence toward the helpless, even when killing “for food.”

    Killing animals is not a necessary part of eating. There is something sick and unwholesome about inflicting needless suffering on helpless creatures, just because we like the way they taste.

    Simon the Sadist
    The Omnivores “Dilemma”

    There is a distinction between killing “for food,” which suggests necessity, and killing for the fun of killing, then eating (i.e. sport hunting) or killing for the fun of eating (i.e. boiling a live lobster).

    Let us analyze the hunting rules, to see what interests they serve:
    - When hunting, you cannot kill them on the ground or water.
    - When hunting, killing the mother and/or babies is a serious breach of ethics.

    In modern america, hunting is a sport engaged in for the fun of it. You do not kill on the ground or water because it is too easy, takes the challenge, the “sport” out of it. That is where the term “sitting ducks” comes from. Similar concerns motivate killing baby ducks, no sport in that. But what about killing a mother on the wing? Or a life-mate? The emotional lives of ducks are irrelevant to the rules of sport hunting.

    Only the sport matters.

    If I needed to hunt to survive, I would. With whatever I had available, pencils, arrows, my bare hands. And I would not consider it wrong. But that is not the world this child, you, or I live in. We have choices.

    As for this
    ” Most hunters I know feel sorrow for the animal after a kill. Remorse about the kill.”
    That hasn’t been my experience. But if so, why kill? Why not take a freaking picture and eat one of those remarkable fake meats on the way home? I had a vegan philly cheese-steak in Fort Worth that I swear tasted just like the real thing.

    The emotional lives of many animals, particularly mammals such as dogs, cats, and pigs, are very rich and complex. Pain, humor, sorrow, joy, we know our pets experience these emotions. Our food does too.

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  16. Erik T. says:


    I wasn’t trying to turn this into a hunting debate. The linked article was trying to justify this kids behavior and that is one of the things it brought up.

    Wether or not you agree or disagree with hunting it has become necessary due to most of the predators having been eliminated. For example, deers are sick and starving to death due to overpopulation and lack of habitat. Deer tuberculosis and Chronic Wasting Disease is rampant.

    Their numbers have to be culled somehow. Reintroducing wild predators is one idea. But I don’t think most folks would be too happy having wildcats and wolves close to their locales.

    Anyways lets drop this and get back on topic…

  17. Traci says:

    Sounds like it has become not just a condemnation of hunting but of eating meat. Humans are omnivores but Hitler happened to be a vegetarian. Can we stop with the equation of moral superiority with vegetarianism/veganism?

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