More Claims Of Chicken Jerky Strips Causing Death And Illness In Dogs

TacoFirst it was Kate Collins from Pennsylvania. Then it was Sherri Shelton from Indiana. And now there is Vicki Stone from California, and Jodi Zeremski also from Pennsylvania (Zeremski’s dog pictured here).

All four women say that chicken jerky strips purchased from Wal-Mart caused their dogs to die or become ill. And still there has been no official recall on these chicken jerky strips.

Stone said Doc, her five-year-old Shih Tzu, loved these China-made chicken jerky strips. He normally is a picky eater, but he scarfed these dog treats down.

In July, Stone’s husband saw a sale on these chicken jerky strips at Wal-Mart, and he bought two packages. A week and a half later, Doc started having health problems.

Doc’s veterinarian, Dr. Chris Holmes, said Doc went into kidney failure and may not survive. If he does survive, his kidneys will function at about 20 percent, and Doc may not live past another two years.

“We didn’t know until today that Stone was feeding those treats, but when we did it immediately clicked. The dog is experiencing obvious kidney failure due to this melamine from the Bestro chicken strips, the same exact brand has been recalled before, and we have had problems with other animals being poisoned by melamine from a previous recall of pet food in March,” said Dr. Holmes.

Dr. Holmes said they looked into all the causes of kidney failure and knew that it was some other toxin than anti-freeze. He said Doc is doing better after treatment, but they are uncertain how long he has.

According to Dr. Holmes, three dogs under his care died from the pet food recalls earlier this year. A biopsy of one of the dog’s kidneys was conducted and it was confirmed the dog had died of melamine poisoning from the tainted dog food products.

Stone is upset and she wants to know why Wal-Mart didn’t alert the public about these tainted products. She said it is a lack of responsibility and she plans to take the $6,000 vet bills for Doc to the store to demand reimbursement.

“I’m going to take this all the way because I think it’s hurting people, especially in this area where people can’t afford to shop in a fancy pet store,” said Stone.

Dr. Holmes added that he would not buy any food product from Wal-Mart.

Another woman also claims that her dog died from the chicken jerky strips bought from Wal-Mart. Pittsburgh resident Jodi Zeremski said her chihuahua, Taco, became ill and had to be put down after he ate the chicken jerky strips. Taco’s veterinarian said he died of kidney failure.

“Those were the only treats we bought. That was the only other thing that dog ate,” Zeremski said.

Source: Lake County Record Bee, WPXI

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  1. Barb says:

    Glendora, California - Chihuahua dies from Bestro’s Jerky Chicken Strips #77849 00006 1

    I just received this email below and have given to Gene, links to this blog and other sites so he can post more once he reads it. Meanwhile…

    Subject : Our pet Chihuahua, Rosie was poisoned from Bistro’s Jerky Strips

    Date : Fri, Aug 24, 2007 04:30 PM

    Bestro’s Jerky Chicken Strips #77849 00006 1 We have this contaminated bag.
    We have three Chihuahuas and one of them died one month ago. She started with vomiting and dehydration and then we were told she may either have an obstruction or have been poisioned. Since our dogs are inside dogs and we are with them at all times outside we thought it was an obstruction. Finally the doctor said he was almost positive it was some kind of poisoning at Elwood Animal Clinic in Glendora, California. They were going to scope her but before that could happen she died July 21, at VCA in Fountain Valley, California.

    We gave our dogs Waggin train and Bestro’s Jerky Chicken Strips. Our Sweet Rosie (our chihuahua that passed) loved them and and she would eat all the treats we put down for the other dogs too. Up until today we never had any idea what happened but now with Wal Mart (I bought the treats there and at Sam’s) pulling this quietly from their selves. I truly believe that is why she died. We called Wal Mart and are getting a run around. We need help. I would like to find a website with other dog owners who may have experienced the same as we have. If you know of any please let us know.

    We are totally heartbroken and will never forget Our Sweet Gypsy Rose!

    Since Wal Mart had this problem before, why didn’t they pull all that junk
    off the first time? Our Rosie will still be alive! Is Wal Mart concerned about people and their Pets or Money?
    You figured it out. Thank you for your prayers.

  2. menusux says:

    Dr. Chris Holmes, of Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic in Lakeport, CA, who is treating Doc, wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Lake County Record Bee which appeared in yesterday’s paper. Here it is:

    Lake County (CA) Record Bee August 24, 2007

    DVM follows up on patient, wonders about Wal-Mart

    “Doc” owned by Vicky Stone is back (”National Wal-Mart pet treat scare appears in Lake County,” Record-Bee, Aug. 23) and being hospitalized today for another 48 hours of IV fluids due to melamine kidney toxicosis from contaminated pet treats. Blood tests showed significant elevations in his blood nitrogen and creatinine after being off of IV fluids for the past five days. Just to clarify, there is no way to tell if he will survive or what percent of his kidney function he will be left with.

    “Not even the internal medicine specialists can tell us this. What is known is that when a toxin destroys a portion of your kidney cells, time, IV fluids and supportive care may allow some healing and compensation to occur. If more than two-thirds of the kidney function is lost, the animal probably won’t make it. The options of dialysis and kidney transplants are not good options for dogs.

    “Diagnosing kidney disease is easy, with a simple blood test. Diagnosing melamine toxicosis is difficult, with a biopsy needed.

    “The treatment does not change even if you know that melamine caused the problem, so rarely is a biopsy taken. We have seen an increase in kidney failure recently, but there is no way to know the cause in most cases.

    “The early signs of kidney failure are usually just lethargy, poor appetite, and weight loss. Some owners may notice them drinking a lot more water than normal.

    “The big question is what to do about Wal-Mart or other companies that choose low cost over quality control? Earlier this year, when Menu foods recalled their melamine contaminated wheat gluten from China that was distributed to multiple dog food companies, including premium brands I assured people that it was probably a one-time thing.

    “I assumed that whether it was an accident or done purposefully to increase the measure of protein content, it would probably never happen again. I guess I was wrong. Why would Wal-Mart continue to buy from a company with a poor reputation?

    “This was not the first time that Shanghai Bestro and Import-Pingyang Pet Product Co. products were recalled. Probably the only way things will change is if individual company profits decrease due to decreased consumer interest. I don’t think this is going to happen by Wal-Mart paying someone’s veterinary bill or by losing some of their pet food sales.

    Chris Holmes, DVM

    Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic


    Here again is a link to tell W-M what you think regarding the sale of Bestros Chicken Jerky Strips:

    “Tell Wal-Mart: Stop Selling Toxic Products”

    We can go back, courtesy of the Peoples’ Republic of China, to find that Pingyang Pet Products/Shanghai Bestro, was being refused by FDA/OASIS as far back as 2002 for salmonella-contaminated items:

    This is a page of FDA OASIS refusals from 2002.

    Pingyang Pet Product Co Zhejiang , CN
    LOS-DO 718-1610208-2/4/1
    20-MAY-2002 SALMONELLA

    Petfood Industry Electronic Newsletter Feburary 2006:

    Total US rawhide dog chew sales in food, drug and mass merchandisers (excluding Wal-Mart) combined for the 52 weeks ending May 15, 2005.

    Vendor–Ping Yang Pet Product Co. US$ sales–$8.9 million
    % chg vs. 2004–165.4% % chg vs. 2004–134.4%

    You see the potentially contaminated goods this company has been exporting to the US alone.


    TYPE OF ALERT: Detention without Physical Examination and Intensified Coverage.

    PRODUCTS: Pig ear dog chews or pet treats

    PROBLEM: Salmonella

    In order to fully evaluate whether the problem of Salmonella in pet treats has been corrected, CVM is requiring the following information from those firms requesting removal from detention without physical examination:

    For requests for removal of a single product, using the current process, documentation showing that a minimum of five(5)consecutive, non-violative shipments have been released based on private laboratory
    analyses. Requests to remove multiple products from a manufacturer will require a minimum of twelve (12) non-violative shipments representative of products covered by detention without physical examination.

    Firms recommended for Detention Without Physical Examination 7/20/07

    Pingyang Pet Product Co. 5/6/05 Chicken Jerky Strips
    Xiazhai Rd., XiaojianPingyang,Zhejiang Wenzhou Zhejiang (Province), China FEI# 3004331518

    As you see, W-M and others who import from this company have had to prove that the items are not salmonella-contaminated before they were released from detention.

    Wal-Mart: Melamine Found in Dog Treats

    “Galberth (WalMart spokeserson) said she was not aware of the FDA’s previous concerns with Pingyang but said the company was working with the FDA and manufacturers. She said she did not immediately know where the Chinese companies were based.”

    Here are two outright lies–W-M knows the location of its suppliers and had to pay for private lab testing as above to get every Bestros product they sell out of FDA OASIS detention, so they knew this supplier had a problem, all right.

    Posted: Mar 15 ‘06, 8:53 pm

    “RE: Bestro’s Chicken Strips recall

    “I checked out the FDA site and then contacted Bestro. The FDA site only lists Bestro as a shipper. According to Bestro, there was a misunderstanding with Walmart, regarding a “defect” in the product. Walmart pulled it as a recall and has been holding it. (Makes sense since the pet dept. manager at my Walmart didn’t have a clue what the problem was and still had them in her office waiting for further instructions). Bestro contacted Walmart today and they claim it will be back on the shelves shortly. They also claim that they pose no health threat to our dogs. Bestro is also checking out the FDA site so that they can get it straightened out.”

    So, WalMart didn’t know who Bestros was or that there was an ongoing problem with contaminated products from Pingyang Pet Product/Shanghai Bestro?

    Guess they should have a look at what the Chinese government’s done with the Pingyang Pet Products/Bestros website:

    Thank You For Visiting. This site has been temporarily deactivated.

    “Global Ethical Principles

    “Wal-Mart’s Guiding Ethical Principles were added to the revised Global Statement of Ethics on June 4, 2004. These principles are designed to assist our Associates and Suppliers with making the right decision and doing the right thing.

    Follow the law at all times
    Be honest and fair
    Never manipulate, misrepresent, abuse or conceal information
    Avoid conflicts of interest between work and personal affairs
    Never discriminate against anyone
    Never act unethically – even if someone else instructs you to do so
    Never ask someone to act unethically
    Seek assistance if you have questions about the Statement of Ethics or if you face an ethical dilemma
    Cooperate with any investigation of a possible ethics violation
    Report ethics violations or suspected violations”

    WalMart should read their own ethical principles statements and then issue a formal FDA recall on the Bestros/Pingyang Pet Products chicken jerky items.

  3. mittens says:

    look at the size of that poor little thing! im still not sure if it’s the melamine ,in all honesty ,but i think it’s worth noting that smaller dogs (and cats in general )seem to be particularly hard hit by whatever it is. or at least it seems that way. ive never seen any data specific to breed/size of dog sickened or killed whereas they seemed positive cats were/are more at risk.

    but poisons are like that-the smaller you are the harder youre hit with a smaller dose than a larger animal. also any breed or specific animal with a history of renal problems is likely to be more sensitive to this. cats are known for their unique renal systems -different than humans or dogs.they’re quite prone to kidney disease.

    china can clearly never be trusted and walmart doesn’t give a blank about what they heave on their shelves.

  4. HighNote says:

    I wrote the FDA about this last week and ask them why they did not recall these treats. Now more pets are ill and sick from it. I hate the FDA! They wait too long to do anything! They do not even give out a warning to the consumers. I realize that according to law that they have to test a product before recalling it.
    But! There should be a new law that they can give out a warning to consumers that they are testing it and not to use the product till the tests are completed. At least this way more animals and people would not be harmed.
    When they recalled the chili for hot dogs it took too long and a woman got sick over it. My Dad had purchased canned Chili from Dillons and I told him not to eat it that it would surely be recalled too. It took 3 more days and they finally recalled it to. He could have ate this crap and he is 85. Those three days could make a lot of people sick or kill them! WE have to get the FDA to change the way they announce recalls. This waiting can kill!

  5. Doug says:

    Never buy anything at Wal-Mart.

    Avoid as much made in China stuff as possible.

    That said, the distributors and marketing firms that sell China junk are 100% at fault. The recent (but not the first time) lead paint on toys recall for example, testing for lead in paint costs pennies and takes less than a minute to perform. Why don’t these toy companies check the crap they sell.

    Boycott for ever, Wal-Mart, Menu, and all Toy sellers that have recalled toys in the last year. No more chances for these companies. Done.

  6. Marti says:

    I am sitting here crying for all the people who lost ther dogs. I am going to personally go to managers at Walmart and have them tell cashiers that if an item doesn’t scan, not to take a similar item and scan that..The reason one can of pet food might not scan and another will is because of a lock out at the register due to that item being on the recall lockout preventing it from being purchased. This will allow that recalled item to bypass the protective system. I know, it happened to me. I was fortunate, I caught the recall in time,but I also experienced hell from it(another story). Can’t people see that China is trying to destroy us,lead in toys ,earrings,poisen in food,etc. I worked in a very large company in quality control as a microbiologist. I found a conamination and wrote it in my report. Bottom line..I was asked to change my report,said no,escorted out the door!!!

  7. Shawn says:

    So so sad. Another example that it’s all about the money for these companies.

  8. katiekat says:

    Unfortunately recalls are VOLUNTARY, so unless the company that distributes these treats issues a recall, they will stay on the store shelves.

    SO my thinking is maybe it’s time to do some serious contacting to the company that distributes theses products.

  9. Jenny Bark says:

    They said on cnn that their was more toys recalled last year than this year. It is all so very sad we can’t help but cry. I can only guess how much food is giving us all long term problems. We have to keep trying to protect ourselves. I keep thinking about the Roman empire & when is it America’s time.

  10. Sindy says:

    If the pet food recall had never happened, what would we think about China today? How long has crap been going on? If anything good has come from this nightmare, it’s our awareness. Be careful of Chinese products.
    I got a toy at McDonalds from a Happy Meal which was made in China of course. Threw it away as I don’t know if it could have lead in it.
    Marti, it’s people like you that stick to your morals who can sleep at night. I can only hope the blood money that Menu Foods executives have is causing them grief among other things.

  11. chris says:

    Doug says:

    August 25th, 2007 at 1:00 pm
    Never buy anything at Wal-Mart.

    Avoid as much made in China stuff as possible.


  12. Garyn says:

    I am so sorry for everyone’s dog that has suffered from this latest poisoning. It is really so sad.

    I have been helping my neighbor who has a new puppy and we went to a small pet store to buy some toys. The owner of the store said I put a present in the bag. When we were in the car I looked and it was a bag of chicken jerky treats “made in China”. She said can I give this and I said not in this lifetime. I took them and threw them in the garbage. It wasn’t Bestro but at this point that really doesn’t matter.

    I bought bubbles the other day and didn’t see that they were made in China. It said they were suitable for 3 years old and up and then in fine print, it said “harmful if swallowed’. How does the FDA allow bubbles suitable for a three year old into this country that is harmful if swallowed.

    This is all so sickening.

  13. Garyn says:

    I also think that Walmart is not recalling now because they do not want the publicity to screw up their back to school revenue. If there was a Walmart near me, I would not step foot in it. They are B%$^%#$ds for not recalling these treats and for even selling this crap to begin with.

  14. Michelle West says:

    We too have felt the pain of loosing a beloved pet yorkie named Seth, he recently with no explanation, he began vomiting, fever,lethargy, drinking alot of fluids, no bowel movement for 6 days, our veterinarian assured us he did not have an obstruction and was puzzled by his symptoms. We have another yorkie who has been displaying similar symptoms, I became aware of the walmart pulling the Bestro chiken jerky strips only by accident scanning recent news. I am appalled that Walmart would continue to sell anything from these Chinese suppliers, I only hope it is not too late for our dog Miles.

  15. nora says:

    What can be done? So many uninformed people will buy their pet food and treats from Walmart because it is a HUGE coverup. So many poor puppies and kitties will suffer horibly and die because of the poison food and treats and they will not be reported because the owners will be ignorant of the facts. I have tried and tried to tell everyone I know about the horrible truth, but so many people only believe what is in the paper or on the news. (DOWNPLAY). God, I hate the bastard Walmart.

  16. Vicki says:

    If the doggie treats have affected your dogs try calling your local newspaper to let them know. That’s what I did. I’m Vicki and my dog Doc and our Vet are mentioned in this report. At least the people in my town are now more aware.
    My family hopes that these products are not the cause of all of these illnesses. We can hardly stand the thought of so many sick and dying dogs and their owners who have no idea why this happened to their dog.
    If your dog has eaten these products please call you vet and let him or her know.
    Thank you for your thoughts.
    Doc is hanging in there and goes back to the vet on Tues. Our poor baby.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Where’s our domestic wheat? A bit off topic but most of you will appreciate the irony.

  18. Sharon says:

    The FDA and Walmart are two peas in a pod, corrupt to the core. Anyone from either of these organizations would kill there own mother to make another dime.

  19. purringfur says:

    MARTI: Thank you for standing up for the truth. We need more people like you to protect us. It’s too bad that the bottom line for companies is profits, profits, profits and that they are in control — and forget about safety to humans or pets.

    Did you see the survey of FDA scientists that said they were under pressure from superiors to change their results of testing if they found something harmful about a drug or other product? This shows that big business and pharma are in control of our so-called “regulatory agencies” that are supposed to protect us. We’re on our own to protect our loved ones from toxic food, toys, toiletries, drugs, etc…

    “In September 2006, the National Academies Institute of Medicine released a report critical of the FDA and its ability to protect the public from unsafe drugs. In a section discussing the poor handling of scientific disagreement, the report mentioned the UCS survey result indicating that hundreds of agency scientists had been pressured to approve a drug despite reservations about safety.”

    On another note, the word has to get out about Walmart. They are hoping their toy sales don’t plummet this Christmas in light of the lead paint in toys revelations. Another “mark” might hurt sales more. When you hurt America’s children and pets, that’s a mighty large angry mob to deal with. U.S. moms have to start boycotting this giant for the safety of their own families. Close your wallets! Pet owners have to do the same thing.

    As E. Hamilton said the other day, even if you have to car pool to another town with two or three people to avoid shopping at Walmart, do it. This trampling giant has given many small towns no other shopping options.

    BTW, I just heard last night that the TV show, Survivor, was filmed in CHINA! I wonder why this wasn’t so widely publicized before?? I hope the contestants didn’t have to eat “food” found in the soil there. And bathing? Yikes! These contestants should have follow-up medical screenings for life!

    Lou Dobbs (CNN) is supposed to be doing a segment on another China recall tonight (Sunday) at 6 p.m., I believe. You go. Lou!!

  20. Sindy says:

    Yes, watch Lou since he’s always on top of this. Should be interesting this Christmas with all of these recalls and consumer awareness. I guess it’s back to the wooden toys or something that could be homemade which will never fly with kids these days.
    Wal-Mart is uping their toy testing procedures since Christmas is coming.
    Wal-Mart, after what you did to the pet food UPC labels, we’ll trust ya, sure we will - NOT.

  21. Sindy says:

    Yes, watch Lou since he’s always on top of this. Should be interesting this Christmas with all of these recalls and consumer awareness. I guess it’s back to the wooden toys or something that could be homemade which will never fly with kids these days.
    Communist Wal-Mart is uping their toy testing procedures since Christmas is coming. I guess since their purchasing power rivals that of entire countries, we’ll have to expect them to put up a fight.

    Wal-Mart, after what you did to the pet food UPC labels, we’ll trust ya just like the FDA, sure we will - NOT.

  22. HighNote says:

    This is a little of the subject of these poor pets eating tainted treats but has anyone thought about the harm our pets may have over the pet bed that we buy for our dog and cats? The reason I thought about this was because of what they said about the clothing coming in from China and the chemicals they put on them. That would be in the material of these products and our pets beds are made in China too and so the material would be. Anyway has anyone thought about this possibly making our pets sick?

  23. Anonymous says:

    ditto THIS comment: No more chances for these companies. Done.

    HIGHNOTE: Good catch! petbed fabric. The level of formaldehyde was
    900 times!, yes that’s 900 TIMES! the (probably already industry favorable) limits. Add that to flame-retardants linked to hyperthyroid - it’s not a mystery pets are suffering from this.

    No more chances for these companies. Done.

  24. Jeanette says:

    I just lost my dog and beloved friend, TINY (2) days before they started pulling this product. At 10:00 a.m. on August 17th, my daught Doti was feeding the doggies before she had to go to work, and by 4:00p.m. when my husband got home my dog Tiny was dead. To know that Walmart wouldn’t immediately pull these treat is a slap in the face to all of their patrons. These animals are familly, and these stores are everywhere. We are relying on good products NOT POISIONING our families. Before they allow these products from other country. THEY SHOULD TEST THEM!! My Tiny is gone and my family will never forget, how careless and thoughtless WALMART is. I pray for all the other families who have lost their Family members.

  25. Vicki says:

    Please keep the packaging, the treats and if you still have it, the receipt.
    Our dog Doc has lost much of his kidey function after eating the Bestro Chicken…. of course since Walmart didn’t let anyone know about these treats being bad…. just pulling them “quietly” didn’t do our little guy much good….
    We connected the dots after seeing a short segment on CNN…
    We had thrown out the treats ‘ just in case’ and the receipt was long gone also…
    Our vet bill is in the thousands and still going.
    Docs story is on this page.
    The reimbursement would be nice but the most important thing is to get this situation out there… it just isn’t getting enough exposure and I do wonder why.
    We did a story for our little local paper….. at least in increased awareness in our town…. it is in the Record Bee. you can pull it up on the net.
    So sorry about Tiny I feel for you. We hope to have our Doc around at least for a little while before his kidneys fail totally.
    And please people don’t blame the victums for shopping at Walmart. Is it now too much to expect that when we buy something at any store in the USA that it is safe and if it wasn’t we would be informed? It wasn’t our fault — maybe it wasn’t wasn’t Walmart’s fault the the product is contaminated but it sure as h— is WALMART’s fault for not making an announcement about it! We will never shop there again and we are waiting to find out the results of all this testing they are doing (sure takes a long time!) if it isn’t the product that make Doc sick that’s great because it means that other pets weren’t killed unnecessarily… But if those test EVER come out and they are positive we are ready to do whatever we can to inform the public about his situation
    Please folks, stay on this.
    And, if there is anyone out there that knows where I can go to get in touch with the other Bestro victims, please let me know.

  26. Jennifer says:

    My dog Ali ate the Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips. She is a healthy four year old italian greyhound. Luckily for me, she is alive and doing well. However, after eating the treats before I knew they were contaminated, she suffered from a grand mal seizure and had to be rushed to the pet ER. Bloodwork was done and no conclusive results were determined. I told them about the treats (not knowing at this point about the melamine) but was told chicken can’t cause seizures. Few days go by, she seems fine. I feed her another chicken strip, shortly thereafter, she has a petit mal seizure. Having been a vet tech for years I put two and two together and stop feeding her the treats. I later found out about the melamine. I have around $400 in vet bills which being a college student are a big expense. Luckily too I still have the bag of treats with the UPC number matching the recalled bags plus the vet bills and copies of her bloodwork. Now what?
    My email address is if anyone out there can help me against walmart!

  27. Linda & Walter Cook says:


    This is the story of our two little Miniature Schnauzer doggie daughters, Prissy and Liz, who were poisoned with tainted food made in China.

    We have had our little Sweeties in our home for over nine years and I cannot tell you how they have opened our hearts to unconditional love and warmed our sometimes stressful lives in sweet, soft ways that only a dog owner can appreciate. So you can imagine our pain when both of them became ill at the same time and with the same symptoms.

    The smaller of the two, Prissy, was so swollen and weak and didn’t eat for 5 days, except for a few grains of rice I managed to coax into her. She did drink water via an eye dropper, the first day, and it kept her from dehydrating. The sturdier of the two, Liz, was not as lethargic and was still walking around, but was obviously in distress and her appetite was waning. They were incredibly thirsty for the previous weeks and continue to drink plenty water each day for the past 3 weeks. I have placed bowls of filtered water all around the house for now.

    I took them to the vet immediately with stool cultures and he said that the little one was harboring three kinds of bacteria and put her on Clavamox . She also had a fever. Liz’s stool was all right that day and a urine sample unfortunately wasn’t taken on either dog. We thought we had solved the problem but it was only the beginning of a nightmare. The vet then, after several days of no improvement, gave Prissy a cortisone shot and another antibiotic called Baytril which she is still taking because the bacteria is still flourishing. She has been on medication since 08/09/2007.

    Meanwhile, we brought in urine samples because we knew something serious was happening to both of them because Prissy’s ears were twitching terribly and she seemed as though she was going into a coma…weak, lethargic, barely able to walk…but then she would rally a bit. I made sure she ate by hand feeding her. Liz’s urine told us what I had feared….kidney problems….so my helpful human daughter started looking on the internet and discovered that we had been feeding them poisoned food…not one brand, but three different kinds. Bestro and Waggin Trails Chicken Jerky Strips, which I thought were safe because they contained no wheat flour or protein rice concentrate from China. I didn’t think there would be MELAMINE in chicken jerky strips which didn’t contain flour or rice. They appeared to be dried chicken breasts. I had been giving them at least one a day for weeks…..and they loved the flavor. Little did I know that they would be on the internet as a dangerous food on 08/23/2007. Then my daughter discovered that the Purina Beneful was also recalled and I fed them that, too.

    The only thing I was feeding them which was “safe” was the UD prescription diet from Hill’s which we have purchased from the vet for years. Now, we have two precious pets who are in serious condition, their health seriously compromised. One is still on antibiotics and the other is on two kidney drugs for as long as she lives. The vet says that could be 2 years if we are lucky. We don’t know the prognosis of the other little Sweetie yet. She is losing weight and her ears are still twitching. Both of them are sensitive to touch for some reason..

    I simply wanted to warn others about these products. Yesterday, we picked up a bag of Bestro Chicken Strips at Walmart to see why it was still on the shelves and when we went to check out the machine said it couldn’t be purchased…there was a warning. We reported the incident to the manager. Why in the world is it still on the shelves? Why isn’t there more about this horrific disaster on television? Some sites estimate pet deaths to be at 39,000 thus far. I know it is much more serious than that.

    The lady in back of me at Walmart was checking out with a bag of Royal Canin… I warned her that it was on the recall list and she had no idea and was so grateful. Not everyone has access to the internet. The vet knew a little about the recall and thought at first that they had Salmonella, but then decided it is probably the melamine poisoning and asked if I would send this website link to the office, which I did. So, since August 9th, I have been nursing our babies and hoping with every fiber of my being that they make it through this crisis.

    I am feeding them a diet I found on the internet for failing kidneys. We just look at our fragile little joy bundles and feel so grateful for all the happiness they have added to our lives and hope for the best. To say that we are angry would be a masterpiece of understatement. I don’t think a word is in the dictionary to convey our emotional state.

    Is this a form of terrorism? Are some of these poisons in our food, too? Is the whole country at risk? Why aren’t we hearing more about it on television? Because they are animals? Because products made in China are so pervasive here that it would shut down the Stock Market if word got out about the potential danger to humans? I know there is an answer to this mystery. But how many treasured pets have to die before we solve the riddle. Or how many human beings are at risk from some hidden poison in our foods or medications? This is some American Food for Thought…..not Chinese.

    Sincerely, Linda and Walter Cook

    P.S. Take your loved animals off of all store bought foods. For awhile, cook for them or feed them from the table. They will love it and they won’t die. No dog treats especially. I am using Gerber baby foods right now plus cooking chicken and rice dishes. Look for signs of poisoning. Lethargy, depression, twitching, diarrhea, (my dogs did not have diarrhea), swollen tummies, saggy ears, sleeping too much, not wanting to take a walk, changes in personality and ESPECIALLY DRINKING INORDINATE AMOUNTS OF WATER.

    If I have helped one little creature, then I will be so very happy. No one should have to experience this outrage in this day and age. Take them to a vet at the first sign of illness and insist on a urine and a blood test. Also, bring in a fresh stool sample. Love to each of you out there in Dogville! We live in Katrinaville!

  28. MISSY says:


  29. Vicki says:

    Call you local WAlmart Store and tell them that you want to subit a claim for reimbursement — vet bills due to the purchase of Bestro Chicken Strips — After the information is taken (it was done by the manager of our store and he just needed our name, number and address) they will submit it to their insurance company. Just completed that process today and they say it won’t take long for them to con me.
    We had discarded our original receipt but since we charged it our Walmart Manager was able to search through our charges and find our receipt for the chicken strips (we had discarded those too) and sure enough they were the ones that had been recalled.
    If they do reimburse they will only pay on vet bills and the value of the dog — it is my understanding that this is due to the fact that under the law (sadly so) pet are seen only as property.
    Our Doc is still alive and under treatment.
    Vicki Stone -

  30. Fran L says:

    I am sitting here devastated…crying…and calling the vet time it opens in the AM. My dog loves, loves, loves those damn treats. He has always been a picky eater and that is the only treat he will eat. I feed him the Dick Van Patton food and even tried the organic stuff. I have cooked him foods and he just does not like them. Only steak and burgers and my vet fussed about them. He rarely eats his food and gets 3-4 of the chicken jerky treats a day. made from 8 lbs of fresh chicken it says, I never dreamed those would be bad. I am so upset. He has occasional diarrhea and I always wondered why. 2 or 3 times his stomach has gotten hard, he would tremble and I took him out thinking he had to potty. He gags at times. Now it all makes sense. The last 2 days he has been scratching and itching. He is on Revolution and never have I seen a flea. Being a nurse, I am now wondering if his creat is sky high or his urea= kidneys not functioning correctly.
    I am so sorry for the loss and heartache for sick dogs anyone has suffered. I adore my dog. He will be 3 in October and he is Brussels Griffon and Terrier mixed. I adopted him at 10 weeks from PETS, Inc and we have been in love since. My 18 year old son and husband say I would pick him over them anyday….it might be true too! My husband would pick him over me too I am sure. He loves him dearly and they have a nightly ritual with the chicken jerky treat time.
    If I am the cause of any pain or suffering to my sweetie that depends on me for his safety and well being…….I just do not know if I can handle it. I was researching the itching and biting at his tail he has started for 2 days now and came upon all this. I do not know that I will even sleep til I get him to the doctor and have every test ran that’s known to man. I take him for all physicals and shots and have repeatedly mentioned how picky he is with food. He doesn’t eat much, but scarfed those treats. Had 3 today before I saw this. I buy 32 oz 4 bags all the time. The Waggin Train is what I mostly bought, but did buy some from Sam’s that were rosy pinky red color as the Waggin Train was out. I found them at Walmart and went back to them. I love my dog, everyone who knows me knows all about my sweetie. I am just so upsetttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not imagine the pain and heartache you have suffered. I am brokenhearted…. It is really sad the law and Walmart sees a dog as property……he’s my family!!!!!!! I am just hurt, stunned and in shock over this. I never watch the news and did not have a clue about this.
    I can’t thank people enough for speaking out and posting to help my baby! I will be grateful to you forever folks! I never even thought to look where the food comes from. I will pray for Doc!! Thank you all so much. I just hope I have stopped these in time and haven’t poisoned my dog and given him renal failure or cancer. I am going to look up melamine toxicosis now! Thank you all again. Please keep updating on Doc!!!!!! Fran L

  31. Dolores Cole says:

    Dear Fran, So sorry about Sweetie, I feel your pain. I did the same thing. CRY!!!! and I still cry. My story is post also on this site. Wal-mart is not talking to me about it and their corp. office is the same. We need to know if their is going to be a class action. I have been trying to fine out. No one want to talk about it. May God bless our little loved ones.

  32. Vicki says:

    Dear Dolores,
    This is Vicki and I have been dealing with Walmart… I can let you know what I have been proceeding with this situation.
    You or anyone else can e-mail me at

  33. Vicki says:

    Also thinking of you and your baby. Let us know how things are going and thank you for thinking of our little Doc.

  34. Jodi says:

    I am also on this site for Taco. I lost my baby in July because of those treats. Vicki I emailed you in regards to your situation. Has a class action suit been started? What is everyone doing now? What are their next steps going to be?

  35. Sharon Fields says:

    We lost our dog Lady to these strips. The vet said her levels were as low as he had ever seen. We had to put her to sleep. At that time we had no idea what caused it. Not until the newspaper article about Walmart pulling the product. I called our vet and he said Yes, that is probably what caused it. Target also carried these strips for a while and I never read anything about them pulling them! She hadn’t eaten any of the other foods that had been recalled.

    Our Lady was from our local shelter and cowered behind the keepers legs because she had been so abused. She was only 9 months when we got her. It took months, but she became my best friend and even caught frisbies with me. I miss her terribly.

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