More Details On Hill’s Building Pet Food Plant In Emporia

Hill’sHill’s is planning to manufacture 300 million pounds of pet food from a new proposed plant in Emporia, Kansas. The site still needs a zoning change before the project can begin.

Ground-breaking is set for early next year, and Hill’s is aiming for a completion in late 2009. Currently, the design and layout are being discussed.


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8 Responses to “More Details On Hill’s Building Pet Food Plant In Emporia”

  1. purringfur says:

    No thanks, Hill’s, but I won’t be buying any of your foods even if you erect your own plant.

  2. Peace2us says:

    Right on, Purringfur. Their ingredients are absolute garbage for animals. It makes no difference whether it’s made in the US or imported from China.

  3. 5CatMom says:

    Ditto. Hill’s should take care of those vet bills before they build a new plant.

    I sent them vet bills months ago and am still waiting for a reply. Last week, the Hill’s rep said that all claims had been turned over to their legal department.

    That will ensure that NO ONE EVER receives any reimbursement.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hill’s is the sleeping giant that hasnt had much to say……….

    Wonder why?

  5. E. Hamilton says:

    Until they pay the vet bills , who cares what they have to say? It will be lies anyway.

    Did Hills get up on TV and tell people the symptoms of the poisoning in time to save pet lives?
    Did Hills tell the vets they have on a leash to SHUT THE FARK UP about how bad homecooking is, since the Hills food was killing pets and it seemed a tad…insensitive to be telling people to FORCE FEED YET MORE POISON to sick animals?
    Did Hills tell legal to pay for the pets they killed and NOT TWIST THE KNIFE on people already suffering?
    Did Hills get off their butt and tell vets to set up LIFETIME care for the pets lucky enough to survive, and send the bill to Hills, don’t make the people and pets we have already hurt suffer some more?

    Hills is no better than the others and in my opinion they are WORSE!

  6. Donna says:

    Notice to hills ,……………..we do not need you any more.Home cooking, VERY succesfully. Happy and ALIVE PETS. We can do much better than you ! You have been replaced,by real and healthy foods. P.S I am good at cooking for pets,……………thirty years experience Dogs,living to twenty and cats, nineteen and oldest,……………..twenty seven ! The pet owners have YOU beat.Why ? Because we CARE ! You are terminated,for murders of thousands.

  7. HighNote says:

    Gee It looks like Hills Will be spending a lot of money on a new plant! I wonder how they will pay for it all when no pet owner will buy they food any more.

  8. SteveM says:

    Had a coworker adopt a cat from the Humane Society last week. Came home with her new cat and a complimentary bag of Kills Science Diet. The killers are alive and well my friends.

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