More Recalled Menu Foods Pet Food Found In Wal-Mart

Wal-MartYesterday we posted about Sheri McComber, an Alabama cat owner, who bought recalled Special Kitty cat food from a Wal-Mart store. She claims that four of her cats are sick from eating the recalled cat food.

This was not just an isolated incident in one Wal-Mart store. There is still more recalled cat food on shelves in another Wal-Mart store. A TV news team in Alabama went to the Clanton Wal-Mart and found dozens of Special Kitty Pouches just like the ones McComber had purchased.

Initially, the product code checks out as safe, but if the sticker is peeled off, there is another product code underneath. The original UPC code underneath the sticker matches the ones on the pet food recall list.

Because the stickers are over the recalled product code, the items can be purchased by consumers. The news investigator left one of the stickers off of the packages. When the cashier scanned the label on the package, it said do not sell and the cashier would not let him purchase it.

Calls were made to Menu Foods and Wal-Mart in regards to the recalled cat food still on shelves. Wal-Mart issued a statement: “We have worked with our supplier to investigate the concerns raised by WSFA 12 News. Menu Foods, the manufacturer of Special Kitty products, assures us that the products currently available in Wal-Mart stores are, indeed, safe.”

A spokeswoman for Wal-Mart said the problem is with the packaging, and not the product. In regards to the packaging problems, she said Menu Foods would have to answer that question. There has been no comment from Menu Foods.

Source: WSFA TV

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  1. Bob says:

    Man o man. Here we go again. Good ol wally world doin it ALL OVER. Actually, it seems they have not stopped. Couple things I noticed.
    Wally world and ethics being in the same sentence. Don’t fly. etc etc.
    Did not have the time to read all the posts since I left but it’s the same ol crap. $$$$$$$ is the bottom line. Switch n bate with labels and on and on.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. wally world does NOT deserve our business. Boycott the bastards and menu as well——FOREVER, and LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE. The bottom line is the only thing that matters to these companies. They “care” about your pets only in that it’s making them $$$. Sure the products are a dollar or so less at wally world but that’s about all. A stupid buck or so. It’s not worth losing sleep or god forbid, another pet over. I’ve been shopping at another chain store for stuff like jeans and such. I’ve been pleasantly surprised each time I’ve been in there. Clerks are courteous. Store is CLEAN. Restrooms are CLEAN. Aisles are not cluttered with crap—–ya can actually move around without having to muscle your way through merchandise. AND if a checkout line gets more than 4 or 5 people in it they will open another checkout so you don’t need to stand there forever. When the hell was the last time you saw wally world do this????? They’ll let you stand in line forever. Why? Cause it might cost them a few pennies to bring on another clerk for a few minutes. It’s all about the $$$$$$

    I did not realize how much I disliked wally world till I made the choice NOT to shop there and I ain’t going back.
    Is some of the merchandise in the other stores the same as wally world. Heck yes. BUT we need to send a message to these bastards and it will only be effective if it’s noticed. Boycotting all stores is impossible but concentrating on one is FOR SURE POSSIBLE. Nuff said.
    I’ve been feeding my dogs home brew since all this atarted and know what?? They look and act better. More pep and gittieup go. They actually eat less so that overall it’s costing me less to feed them than it did with the off the shelf junk. Nuff said there as well.
    I be gone

  2. Bob says:

    Morning all.
    Had a few minutes before heading off to the store and read some of Deb Johnson’s comments. She has some valid points ya know. Be aware of the stuff you’re buying if it’s from ANY store or even a vets office it seems. (that part is really sad, but not all vets spend time on a computer reading blogs like this)
    targeting wally world is probably the only way to get our message across—–that manufacturers as well as retailers need to be aware and RESPONSIBLE. We, as consumers did not buy tainted product directly from companies like Menu. Places like wally world act as the go between and are the first place to start with problems. They are the largest. Picking out another chain would not be as effective. If indeed the act of placing labels over other product codes was deliberate, and if indeed it was the tainted product being sold with another label attached—-this is criminal intent. A deliberate act intended to do harm and it can be treated in court as such. Criminal intent is never something I would want to face in a court of law as a large corp.
    Target wally world to make a point.
    Target menu foods to make a point.
    These are the large of the large.
    There are other places to shop and I for one, have found it more pleasant to do so. Might you need to go next door to finish your shopping—yep! Will it be worth it in the long run. Yep!
    (BTW. for those of you who might fault me for not Caping. wally world and menu and china————read between the lines)
    I value my two muttzoids more than I do a lot of people I’ve met. For either of them to be harmed by tainted product would be devastating for me.
    Make a point with emails and phone calls to places like wally world and menu.
    Make them notice that they are being held responsible for their actions or non-actions.
    As for china. I’ve said it many times. The stuff coming out of that country is J-U-N-K
    I do not belive for a second that their closing a plant or murdering a manager is because of mismangement. I DO believe it’s because these places or people have caused china loss of face and loss of $$$$
    china is looking to become a SERIOUS world power (dominator) and they’re doing it with OUR $$.
    Put that in yer thinking cap.

    In the meantime, I’m discovering there are several small co-op farms in the area where I can buy my produce and meats from and feel confident they are safe. The mega farms use mostly chemicals to grow and preserve and get their product out and I’m not fond of eating something with stuff in it I cannot even pronounce.
    Try a side by side taste test of something like a tomato from a small truck farm and from a chain store sometime.
    We’re talking TOMATO vs. wet cardboard.

  3. melissa martin says:

    I bought a pouch of special kitty duck and wild rice at walmart and it had the bar code covered and I uncovered it and it had the recalled bar code and best by date of jun 16 09. Walmart in Stanford Kentucky is still selling bad cat food.

  4. chloe says:

    so does mean that the special kitty dry cat food not safe for my cats?

  5. Suzanne says:

    Yup! Same story here in Cleveland, OHIO. Bought some recalled products from the PARMA, OHIO store. Called, spoke to a joke of an assistant manager, and returned it, all the while telling another asst mgr that they STILL had it on their shelves AFTER I called. I checked once a week afterwards and they N E V E R took either of the recalled pet treats off the shelves. One was even tainted because of SALMANILLA!! I could have passed that on to one of my children! The surrounding Walmarts in this area also kept selling the same pet treats. Thank goodness I have a mother who warns me of this kind of thing! HOW can I ever trust Walmart again with food for my pet or my family? I can’t. Now we shop at a very reputable store called Heinen’s, which can trace their beef back to the farmer that sold it!

  6. michael m says:

    my dogs almost died from wal mart dog food from the recall list they had no energy throwing up and watery stool. My poor girl almost died. I SHOP AT PETCO NOW

  7. Debbie says:

    I did not know that the Iams food had been recalled and i got some for my 2 puppies and thanks to Wal-Mart I lost one of puppies and one of my puppies is very sick. I want to know is there anything we can do to keep our animals safe? Is there any there anything that can be done about them still selling recalled food?

  8. Tracy says:

    I buy my cat food at Walmart too. She’s a gravy lover. But I don’t think it’s Walmart that’s the problem. Labels look OK

    My cat vomits at least once or twice a day on all wet cat food, particularly fish and gravy. I’ve tried Friskies, Special Kitty, and even Iams.

    When I switch her over to Iams dry food, voila, no vomiting.

    When I go back again to the wet, vomiting starts immediately.

    This does make me a little skeptical because naturally if a cat vomits a lot, it will be constantly hungry and the company will sell more. Also, I noticed that the cat seems almost “addicted” the wet food. Could there be additives in there with that too?

    Whatever the reason, I just can’t figure out why she never vomits with Iams dry food.

    I still think the government (Canadian for sure) needs to make standards for cat food much tougher and hold companies responsible for ensuring that they know what their suppliers are putting in it.

  9. Tracy says:

    Gee, you know, one thing that scares me is that I think Canadian laws regarding pet food are much more lax than American. Maybe the bad American cat food all ended up being sent to Canada.

  10. Anonymous says:

    your post is a joke just because one walmart does it doesn’t mean all of them do that

  11. bettylou delaplaine says:

    On feb.22,2007 my dog sammy got sick I took her to the vet right away I sat with her for five hours while all kinds of tests were done my vet said she had been poisoned. Sammy was never away from me and she only went out on the run .Sammy died that afternoon she was 118 pounds when she died .Up until three mounths before she died i only feed her broiled chicken and rice.I changed her diet and gave her Old Roy sliced chicken and sliced beef to that I would add rice I did this because i was told I was doing her harm health wise by not feeding her dog food .She was more then my dog she was my friend and I will always miss her .Sammy was 10 years old and I trusted her life to the wal-mart.

  12. LE says:

    I have feed my pets food from WAL-MART for years brand name and generic NEVER once has any of my animals EVER EVER been sick!!! ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY SAME THING!!!
    ALSO if you don’t like WAL-MART (probably because your RICH) simply DO NOT SHOP THERE!!!!!
    Do not sit there and take your anger issues out on standing in line for two seconds, or the business of the store, seriously go spend your pathetic $$$$$$$$$ else were, ther’s no need to go after a store that everyday hard working people can afford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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