More Recalled Menu Foods Pet Food Found In Wal-Mart

Wal-MartYesterday we posted about Sheri McComber, an Alabama cat owner, who bought recalled Special Kitty cat food from a Wal-Mart store. She claims that four of her cats are sick from eating the recalled cat food.

This was not just an isolated incident in one Wal-Mart store. There is still more recalled cat food on shelves in another Wal-Mart store. A TV news team in Alabama went to the Clanton Wal-Mart and found dozens of Special Kitty Pouches just like the ones McComber had purchased.

Initially, the product code checks out as safe, but if the sticker is peeled off, there is another product code underneath. The original UPC code underneath the sticker matches the ones on the pet food recall list.

Because the stickers are over the recalled product code, the items can be purchased by consumers. The news investigator left one of the stickers off of the packages. When the cashier scanned the label on the package, it said do not sell and the cashier would not let him purchase it.

Calls were made to Menu Foods and Wal-Mart in regards to the recalled cat food still on shelves. Wal-Mart issued a statement: “We have worked with our supplier to investigate the concerns raised by WSFA 12 News. Menu Foods, the manufacturer of Special Kitty products, assures us that the products currently available in Wal-Mart stores are, indeed, safe.”

A spokeswoman for Wal-Mart said the problem is with the packaging, and not the product. In regards to the packaging problems, she said Menu Foods would have to answer that question. There has been no comment from Menu Foods.

Source: WSFA TV

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112 thoughts on “More Recalled Menu Foods Pet Food Found In Wal-Mart

  1. Even though I’m suing Kroger, I’ll give them credit where credit is due. The last time I was in the store that sold me the Menu Foods poison that killed my cat, there wasn’t a single can of Menu Foods’ product on the shelf.

    Kroger deserves to be sued. There is no doubt in my mind about that. They cut the deals. They made the guarantees. They made the profit.

    With that said, Walmart deserves it a hundred fold over Kroger.

    It is now over 5 months since the recall was announced and they are still selling poisoned pet food. That goes so far beyond outrage I have no words.

  2. Ya know, I’m not even surprised. We have suspected that the food would show up somewhere in some form at some time. It’s just plain criminal! Walmart is history in my books!

  3. What’s even worse is that the only story about Walmart is the lead poison toys, why isn’t this in the news?

    I am not a big Walmart fan but I have shopped there on occasion but I sure would not buy any pet food there ever again.

    In my local grocery store I had returned a banned can of cat food and the next time I went in the can was on the shelf. Needless to say I caused quite a scene and when I returned any other “banned” food I took a permanent marker and wrote banned all over the cans.

  4. Yes, more tainted pet foods on ALL Wal-marts pet department shelves. We knew it was an ongoing issue, yet so many people will not find out because of the HUGE coverup by criminal Wal Mart. More suffering and dying poisoned pets. I am sure it has been happening everyday for months now. No reporting. Just horrible suffering and dying. Now who is going to sue the GIANT Walmart? They have become purveyors of death like Petco and Petsmart.

  5. I’ll be taking a ride this am to the Walmart store where I had bought recalled food in February and prior and if I see this coverup of the upc I will be calling my local tv station and then the attorney general’s office as selling this product before any info was discovered is completely different than knowingly selling contaminated (poisoned) food. I’ll be happy to make a complete scene as I saw first hand what this poison does to two happy cats…

  6. I hope the selling of recalled food and toys brings Walmart down. Why do you think everything is made in China? That corporation is responsible for more lost US jobs and more lost lives than any other I can think of. Walmart is evil.

  7. Carol, I’m right behind you. Walmart has clearly established itself as a Menu Foods soul-mate, in ethics and in morality. Not only will I be checking every store within an hour’s ride of my home for the poisoned food (how could they DO that?!), Walmart has lost my patronage forever. The suffering and deaths of our furkids MUST be acknowledged and honored.

  8. I wonder who is responsible for the new stickers…….is Menu putting new stickers on the recalled food & sending it back to the stores? Or is Wallys putting new stickers on it & trying to sell it? I sure would like to know who is trying to resell recalled pet food. This is beyond even my wildest imagination……this saga seems to have no end.

    I don’t know what to say about this……I honestly couldn’t even imagine any of the PF companies putting the crap in the food that they’ve been doing probably for years so everything that followed just boggled my mind. Then these companies never bothered to go public to apologize & voluntarily pay the vet bills for all these pet parents who fed their friggin poison to their babies, the FDA covering up for their buds, the poisoners…….I mean, nobody but nobody did the RIGHT thing. Then comes salmonella, more dry food recalled, treats……after months of wondering exactly what happened to the recalled food, we hear about Darling getting melamine tainted “meat scraps” from Menu & that info covered up for months & now new stickers on recalled pet food. This is like the worst nightmare I’ve ever had & can’t wake up from……so it goes on & on. I can’t even imagine what might be coming next.

    All this causes one to wonder: what’s in the “new” bags of recalled dry food? Or in the “new” all natural food from these companies that had recalls. Are they rebagging the recalled poison in pretty new packaging? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Buyer beware…….

  9. I’m going to guess the PF company will come out and say it’s “new” food in “old” bags. If they had to reprint the bags they would have to raise the price. This from the people who made up the six month rule on packaging. As if they didn’t have a credibility problem already. Hitler wrote it in “Mein Kampf”: the big lie technique. To paraphrase, if you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will start to believe it. That must be this industry’s motto.

  10. wow. and to blame it on the packaging?! WTF?! the food is poison. period. end of story.

    both Menu and Walmart have the ability to put the new UPC code stickers on. it will be interesting to see who’s the guilty party.

  11. From the WalMart Corporate website:

    Statement on Manufacturers’ Pet Food Recalls

    Last Updated: Thursday, May 03, 2007

    “At Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, we want our customers and members to have total confidence in their pet food choices. That’s why, in addition to directing all of our locations to immediately remove all recalled items, we took the extra precaution of placing a computerized block on all recalled products so they cannot pass through the cash register.

    “In addition, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have been in touch with our pet food suppliers and they’ve assured us that the pet food products available for sale are contaminant-free.

    “Pet food safety is a top priority at Wal-Mart as we understand the important role that pets play in the lives of our customers and members. ”

    Note date was May 3–not one word about this or Bestros.

  12. Sounds to me that Menu foods was useing their old packages and putting a new code over them. After all I am sure they are losing a lot of money lately! Wal Mart did test those treats and found melamine in them so I would say this is a Menu foods thing. Each Wal Mart is run by its own manager and each one is ran differently. Some good. Some are ran badly. I do not think Wal Mart would cover up its labels. It would be unlawful to do that. This is a Menu Foods thing. They have lost a lot of business lately by different companies pulling out. Their cost is way down. They were using old packaging to save money. Pretty stupid to do!!! They figured it would go unnoticed I am sure. I would not think they would continue to sell tainted food because it has already been recalled and of course this could get them into big trouble. But in big business I sure would not put anything past Menu Foods with trying to get away with murder.

  13. Walmart sold a treat that they KNEW was poison for 27 days, this sticker crap is just more of the same, this is CRIMINAL behavior.
    If you, or I, sold such a thing we would be in the handcuffs before you could blink!

    Most important is that PETS ARE STILL DYING FROM POISONED FOOD AND TREATS. We have to reach as many as we can with the news and wasting time trying to get the mainstream media to do it is not something the pets who will die tomorrow can afford. If WE don’t do it, it will NOT get done.
    And more pets will die or suffer.

    There are radio talk shows all OVER this country, we need to be calling and talking about this! Post on groups where you can , email, you know the drill.
    If you are online reading a story and it has a comment section, then comment.

  14. this is actionable. the atty general should find out who did this and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. i doubt that it’s new food… i think someone’s recycling the tainted food and figures that when the pets die people will think it’s something else, because after all, the poison food was recalled, right?

    knowingly selling poison as food is a crime, and should be treated that way. the people responsible should *go to jail*.

  15. you would think if Menu was using old packaging for new food, they would have been very quick to respond. in fact, they should have been prepared up front for questions regarding the stickers. and you would think they would have informed all their customers of what they were doing because of the register issue and well, the fact they were using recalled packaging. is the company really THAT stupid?!

  16. I too would like to know who put the new stickers over the old ones. That will tell us who is responsible. As much as I dislike Walmart, its hard to believe that they would be the ones to relabel the bags. What would they gain? Companies do things the Walmart way and if they don’t comply they’re out. So I have no doubt that Menu Foods would reimburse Walmart for returns.

    My bets are on Menu Foods. Menu Foods has shown itself to be dishonest, untrustworthy actors numerous times. Just like they thought they could wait out the poisonings, they probably figured that no body would notice the new stickers.

    The question still remains – is this old bad food relabelled, or is there a new/continuing problem with melamine contamination of Menu Foods products.

  17. Yesterday I got a rescued dog, owner surrender into my shop. 13 yr old Bichon Frise named Bogey Guess what…Bogey came with some dog food, pouched Ol’Roy…I looked it up..the upc number is different and so is the date…so it’s NOT on the recall list, but then I felt the label, and it was a STICKER…so I peeled it off and guess what…the recalled upc is under the sticker…hmm….
    I called menu foods, they said they had a similar complaint yesterday…and do not feed the food…
    I called the FDA they are going to be looking into this
    I called walmart corporate office, they will also be looking into this. All have my contact info.
    Until this happened to me I didn’t know about yesterdays recall….of course I wouldn’t feed this crap food to any animal ….but it frosts me to see this. Menu claims Walmart did this…who knows.
    It is a different date so could be safe….and maybe they were too cheap to change the packaging, cheap fix is put a new sticker on it…but like the other person…I’m suspect when I find stickers…

    And they wonder why consumer confidence is down??????

  18. Just got back from my local Walmart and sure enough I bought one packet of each flavor of Special Kitty with a sticker over the old upc and I’ll check it out with my list of recalled dates and upc’s and post back in a little while—this is in southern RI by the way.

  19. Well it appears as though the upc that is covered up is the same as on the recall list however the dates that are stamped on the pouches are jun/jul 09 but what really troubles me is the new upc code that is scanned doesn’t have the date in it so who is responsible for making certain that the dates are indeed safe??? I did notice that the packaging has changed and have one of the old package looks on the mixed grill and I also have one tuna with new packaging in my freezer that was bad—this is really troubling and I think I’ll call my attorney general’s consumer complaint line and see what they think—I’m now going to put these double bagged right next to my 17 frozen Special Kitty packs from March!!!

  20. Carol, did you also check the special kitty canadian recalls? i can’t imagine new packaging with old UPC codes.

  21. straybaby: I finally got info because I just bought carrots for my dog. It’s the baby carrots only……if you need more info, I can find it for you.

    Back on topic: I actually can’t imagine either Menu or Wallys intentionally covering up the UPC of recalled pf w/new stickers & trying to sell it. I’m no lawyer but I would think this is highly illegal & would open them up to a heap of lawsuits. If it’s happening in more than one store, which it appears to be, more animals are going to die. This is a tragedy (all over again)…..

  22. I have the UPC printed out for US and sure enough they’re the same—the packets look different except I got an old mixed grill and I posted before one of the tuma flavor that I had in Feb was a “new” packet so I wonder if they were changing the look before this disaster? I called the RI atty general’s office (consumer complaint) who said to call US Product Safety Commish who told me to call the FDA Ctr for Vet Med and if any of you have been around since April you willl remember my first encounter with the FDA—this wasn’t their problem she said!!! What should we do!!! How are the people at the registers know if the dates are okay??? I will never feed this to my cats but as we all know there are so many people who have no idea of this!!!

  23. Did I understand right that some of you think Menu food is re-using the bags to save money? Or did you mean that they are using un-used bags from an old supply of bags? As Straybaby said, that would be easy and quick to explain, and customers would understand.

    Consider that so far these companies have gotten away with criminal behavior. Either WalMart shipped the product back to Menu and Menu relabeled it, 0r——Menu sent WalMart new labels to relabel!

    Why would they throw away food that they had spent their dollars to make, that would cost them way more money than printing up labels to relabel!? They have gotten away with killing thousands of dogs and cats and sickening thousands of others, so why stop now?

  24. thanks Pukanuba, but i’m on the east coast :) got the info from my mom and was just wondering if it was out in the media there. of course the recall was issued 6 days after the sell by date . . .

    my farm fresh carrots are making m extra happy since i share them with the dog! this treat recall had me thinking about all the treats people don’t feed because they *didn’t agree with their dog*. pig ears come to mind. . . .

  25. I think that Menu Foods made the packets I bought today as the dates were not on the recall food and were felt to be okay as they stopped using the tainted gluten by that date (?) and maybe WalMart has had to put a different upc sticker as the old ones are supposed to scan as do not sell—but my concern is who is checking the dates which are stamped on the packets and not part of the UPC?? Especially since there is a woman who thinks her cats were made ill !!

  26. I just called my local NBC station and gave them a heads up–and told them about the stickers over the UPC’s and the woman with the possible sick cats who just bought the cat food (in another state)—they covered my cats’ illnesses that Sunday of the recall so hopefully they won’t think I’m just some wack-job!!–Although after 5 months of taking care of my sick cats and also Harry my golden with cancer, I probably am a wack-job!!!

  27. This may be the most vile, evil thing I’ve heard since this started; this is INTENTIONAL MURDER. Where are the prison terms? Where is the US justice department?? Where is the media??

  28. I did not say I believed that Menu is using old bags. I said I would not be surprised if they claimed that. All they have done for the past five months is whine that they’re victims of importers and “over-the-top” bloggers. Why would anyone expect them to change their tune now? What I believe is the only epiphany these companies will have, will be the one that happens in bankruptcy court. Food and feed companies have been getting away with this for decades. My wife found this article:
    Sounds just like Menu Foods and ChemNutra.

  29. Roberto P: Its sound exactly like Menu Foods and ChemNutra and the FDA and the Department of Ag. Business as usual.

  30. Yes, 2CatMom, and the courts found in their favor, not the victims. And the children of those people that ate the contaminated meat and milk are having health problems today. Didn’t you love the “secret testing” part? This could be Menu’s script.

  31. I just read an article that WSFA 12 got a statement from Menu Foods that the re-labeling is intentional—there is a Q OK imprint on the food that is safe—I googled Menu Foods news and found it there.

  32. I just came back from Jefferson City, MO Walmart. the shelves are full with these packets with the stickers over the old UPC code, both the Old Roy & Special Kitty packets. I picked up a flaver of each just in case they are needed for anyone for testing.

  33. I just came back from Jefferson City, MO Walmart. the shelves are full with these packets with the stickers over the old UPC code, both the Old Roy & Special Kitty packets. I picked up a flaver of each just in case they are needed for anyone for testing.

  34. I would not trust a word Menu Foods says. And if, a big IF, they really CARED what people thought about their deadly poison they would make better products and pay the vet bills for the pets THEY HAVE ALREADY KILLED.

    If Vick can do jail time for animal abuse then SO CAN THEY!!

  35. I hope somebody gets one of these bags tested. If it is tainted, we should be able to put Menu out of business.

  36. Walmart, advertizes in the Canadian Kennel Club magazine, Dogs in Canada. They have the inside cover two page spread sometimes more.
    I am blown away that they are selling recalled pet foods, why is it even on the shelves! It tells a lot for sure……….advertize in a magazine that
    reaches thousands of pet lovers, and here they are selling poison pet foods. Time to crush the big box imho. I so dislike big box stores, I’d rather pay a bit more for excellent service, and quality goods. Poison our kids, poison our pets, kill the small town businesses, what’s next?

  37. I just went with a friend to Wal Mart in Elizebeth City, N.C. The shelves are loaded with Special kitty, but I just read this so i didn’t look at the ups codes yet. I’ll try to get a chance.

  38. Maybe I’ve been reading too much but I’m totally lost. Menu is sending out cans or pouches of pet food that was recalled in the old packaging but saying what’s inside is safe & putting a new UPC on it to prove it? Am I losing it or is this what we are being told? I guess I’m a wack job (as Carol so eloquently put it) but something doesn’t smell right. And to prove it, what about the lady who fed it to her cats & they are now sick. Or am I confusing one story with another? Wouldn’t surprise me as my brain is on overload & I think my forehead is flashing “TILT”…….

    I swear, this stuff is coming at me so fast that I’m totally losing track of what’s what any more.

    And……we are to believe that Menu Foods has turned over a new leaf, has totally tested all this “new” previously recalled pf, put their approval stamp on it & we are to believe them, trust them & immediately run out to buy some “new” previously recalled pf & feed it to our beloved fur kids. I think they have a screw loose. Like they’ve been honest with us in the past? I wouldn’t feed their quality tested crap to a rat much as I hate rats. Believe anything those liars have to say……not for a friggin second.

  39. So basically, Menu Foods put new stickers on unsold cans of recalled pet food and sent them out a new.

    Isn’t that fraud?

  40. Now hopefully all the people who reproached me for saying I will NEVER EVER buy another Menu Foods product again will understand why I said that.

    Also, I want to say that I have refused to buy ANY pet-related product at Wal-Mart for the last 10 years because they still sell aquarium fish at a lot of their stores and they have no business selling live animals. All the fish tanks I’ve ever seen in any Wal-Mart except one (Angola, IN) were in deplorable condition, untrained personnel selling sick fish and giving people terrible advice about fishkeeping. Numerous letter, phone calls and emails have (of course) done nothing at all to stop the sales of fish in their stores, so I stopped buying any and all pet products from them.

    I’m glad I did that.

  41. Like I said it looks like Menu foods was useing old packaging and putting new labels over them. What I find strange and I am not sure about this but I would think that all of the codes from all the recalled food would have already been used up. I would think they would have started with new cans and packages. Another thing don’t they stamp the dates on them? So.. if they stamp the dates on them then the code would only be the place of the canning and usp stamp. And… this may be true since all of the Wal Marts probably stopped all recall foods from being scanned then they would have to change the code or the computer would not except the new ones.
    Now the big question is if this is true and this food really was made in july and not earlier and this made this ladies pets sick then that means there is new melamine food out there now and not from the old recall.
    I sort of believe this anyway. I did not believe the FDA when they said that the cattle, pigs, and chickens, and fish did not have enough melamine in them to harm us. I think they did not check enough of them and only a few to do this testing and confirmed it from small of ammount. I think there is still a lot of melamine in the pet food.
    I wrote the FDA and ask them about the quanitity that could harm our pets and they only send me crap I have already read. Melamine has been tested in dogs but not cats. So.. they do not know how much can harm a cat and yet it will be in their food and the dogs food and each can may be different. One may have a low ammount and then aother could have a deadly ammount. There is no way of telling this.
    The FDA left it up to each company to check their own products for melamine, etc. WEll they are certainly going to find it in the food!! So how much is too much?????
    The FDA is not going to answer that question. Is there anyone that can?????????? WE need to know this question. Just how much is too Much????
    I am sure it will be in all feed animals for some time to come. The adults will pass it on to the off spring for a while too. The chickens and young cattle will get more of it from the adults because of the blood they feed them. It will just go back and forth.
    In the mean time pets will be eating it. Like I said some cans and packages could have much more melamine in them then others. Pets may still die and not from old recalled food but new food.
    I could not believe what my girl friend told me just yesterday when I spoke to her about the treats being recalled. She said why do you get on this sight and read all of that stuff. It only makes you upset and if I were you I would not get on there any more.
    I said well I would like to know what is going on in this world and I do not want to feed my baby or see anyone else feed their pet something that could kill them. She said well i would not do it cause it would only upset me.
    How many people feel this way? I could not believe she said that.. She should not even have a pet if she is not going to try to feed it good quality products. I guess she would rather see her pet die of something she fed it! REALLY SICK!

  42. I can’t speak for the American company as it is different than ours, but I know for a fact that Wal-Mart Canada pulled all tainted food at the very first indication there was problems with it AND flagged the UPC so it could not be sold.

    IF tainted food is being sold in American Wal-Marts I would be very surprised. It is FAR more likely in a (perhaps unwise) effort to save money on reprinting all their packaging, Menu Foods is using old packaging and putting on new UPCs.

    Also, with gentle respect to all, it is very easy for anyone to cry “Wolf” and say their pet died from tainted food. Without any substantiation they wont be able to do any criminal action, but they sure can wreak havoc with the resulting public outcry.

    I suspect my own dear Dove (Belgian Shepherd who was my best friend for over 10 years) was hastened to the Rainbow Bridge because of the tainted food, though I have no proof because she passed away just after the recall and we had her cremated. I am furious that the tainted food made it to stores without any quality control agencies catching it along the way. I was intrigued to see how many companies’ foods were affected too. It was NOT just Wal-Mart brand foods that were tainted. So how is it Wal-Mart’s fault? They buy the food in good faith, even if they get it cheap they work under the assumption it is safe. The same with the Fisher Price toy recalls. Wal-Mart buys Fisher Price toys because the market wants them. If the product is defective (again) how is that Wal-Mart’s fault?

    Many of you people really need to calm down and THINK about what you are saying. Be vigilant about the foods you choose for your pet, of course, but don’t be Vigilante in blaming the retailer for manufacturer failings! That is like trying to blame a local Ford dealer because the Pinto was defective.


    Try not to be sheep people.

  43. Deb, you need help. The retailer ismaking the profit so it is their job to also make shure it’s safe.

  44. Help me out here, not being in the retail or wholesale business,—I thought the UPC codes changed for each shipment (or each batch) of food, that is why the recall is identified by the UPC number.

    If this isn’t so, if UPC just identifies the product, then all the product, good and bad batches would contain the same UPC? For years? So how would they know what to recall?

    I still think they are reselling the recalled pouches of food.

  45. Perhaps unwise? Perhaps unwise! Try absolutely totally moronic. Why would anyone trust Wally World at this point? That would be “perhaps unwise” of them to do so.

  46. Selling POISON is against the law. End, period.

    SHEEP shop at Walmart. We are not sheep. We are American citizens with legal rights and if Walmart wants to sell poison then they can sell it somewhere else!
    How dare you bring your big attitude here and say that WE need to be vigilent!!

    Shake your act on down the road, I aint buying it .
    Or anything from your crusty store .

  47. By the way everybody, the link in my post above is what I use when I smell a troll, usually someone paid by a company hired by the pet food companies or Walmart or some other poisoner to post stupid crap and get us off track.
    I have the name of the company somewhere, we tracked the jerks down early in the game, they are not very smart. You too can be a chicken boner poster on places where corporate a$$holes are mentioned, if that is your ambition. Whatever they pay, it aint much money for your self respect but hey, losers can’t all flip burgers or dig ditches.

    Please feel free to use the viking kitties on all trolls.
    I hope armed kitties give nightmares to trolls, they make me smile.

  48. I think that the poster who thinks Walmart is an innocent vitim here isn’t aware of the buying power Walmart uses overseas like with China in wanting cheap products or they will pull their business–I’m certainly not defending China but we all know how Walmart works by now—they demand the cheapest of the cheap and that is exactly what they are getting. And Walmart was not vigilant in removing the recalled food-they took their sweet time in my neck of the woods despite my call to them on March 17th…..

  49. Deb Johnston says:
    August 24th, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    actually Deb, WalMart does play a role in the manufacturing of cheap goods. period, end of story. they have their hand in it personally. they have teams that go to China and hold meetings at the factories with the companies that are producing goods for them. they meet with mattel over there just as they meet with some of my clients. some of the recalled brands were THEIR house brand. you can bet they had a hand in the bottom line pricing of the pet food and the push for the manufacturer to meet it. which leads to the manufacturer looking for the cheapest goods/ingredients. so if folks want to blame walmart along with menu, they would be justified.

  50. E. thanks, I’ll write that web site down. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner but supper was burning.

  51. The question I’m wondering about is why ANYONE, especially anyone on this blog, would keep buying these brands of pet food! There are numerous brands made with human-grade ingredients that are much healthier for your pet, ex. Merrick, Fromm, Wellness, Nature’s Variety, and many others. I have been feeding my dogs these brands for 7 years now and none of them were affected by this recall. I can understand people not knowing better before, but if you still continue to feed that trash to your pet after all that has happened, IMO you’re partially responsible if they get sick. Spend the extra couple bucks and feed your pet a quality diet!

  52. I agree with Ayesha.

    I also learned a couple of months ago when I picked up an American brand in Canada that I was unfamiliar with and had a sticker with a different UPC and expiration date, that if the company tells the USDA that its a ‘packaging mistake’ they’re allowed to put stickers over the ‘mistake’ and sell the food, which is what I suspect Menu Foods did, possibly at the behest of Walmart. I had to learn it a rather roundabout way through the store’s (it was a small, independent store) distributor, as I could not make heads or tails of the USDA website as far as who to contact there. I’d have loved to keep buying at that store, as they had California Natural in large cans, but I was told at the border that even tho they’re American brands there’s a chance I wouldn’t be able to get them back across to the US…and I am not willing to risk not being able to buy more food for my cat for a month because it was seized and I cannot afford to buy another case.

    If anyone wants to read my cat’s story, just click on my name. It does include a request for help, just so you know, but prayers are good, too. :) He’s starting to deteriorate after several months of being in pretty good shape for a kitty with little to no kidney function and no special meds or anything.

  53. I am not a “troll”, though what you described was a shill not a troll, thank you kindly. I guess anyone who doesn’t blindly follow your phobia is much easier to accept by attributing as being “one of them” *rolls eyes*

    EVERY company in the world tries to get their goods for the cheapest they can. Anyone who tells you different is selling you something. Is Wal-Mart “innocent”? Of in any way deliberately selling product that is tainted/poisonus yes. In being part of a conspiracy to get the most economical deal they can on product? No, definitely not.

    When “tainted” product makes it’s way into even “people food”, I am not sure that simply saying “human grade ingredients” makes you immune to possible tainting.

    Myself, I don’t trust ANY product on the market when it comes to pet food. Even veterinary brands were tainted. (so I guess that means they are part of the Wal-Mart conspiracy too, mm?). I think the only safe food is made at home, by my hands, with the same foodstuffs that my family eats (well, from the same butcher at least). Then the dog runs no greater chance than the rest of us of getting ill.

    Sheep don’t shop at Wal-Mart. Shoppers who have not been brainwashed to thinking that a retailer is some evil corporation shop there to save money on the exact same name products found in other retailers for more money. You are welcome to pay more elsewhere for midguided principles, for myself and a few billion others, we save money where we can so we can feed our pets truly safe food.

  54. As for re-UPCd packaging, I imagine Menu foods buys their labels by the gross, so it would be a lot (more) loss to replace. The true tell of the supposed safety of the food would be to check the batch number and expiry dates on the food. THOSE are printed on the assembly line with the food. If those numbers matched any of the recall lists then I will jump on the same bandwagon as you folks…but I am willing to lay high odds you will find the batch numbers and expiry dates to be current.

    Of course I am just a shill, so don’t let a bit of common sense and logic ruin your perfectly good conspiracy theories.

  55. If a baby strolled is recalled, pulled from stores, and then resold a few months later, wouldn’t this be a crime?
    Who in their right mind would use a recalled package and redact the bar code and use that package? What is wrong with these people?
    Walmart was and will forever be dead to me and anyone else I can tell this to.

  56. Deb, I’m the one who first said I thought you where a troll. I don’t know the dif between troll & shill & don’t care. I still don’t think you are very smart backing Wal-Mart. I would bet most of their meat isn’t American. They have gotten so big & can get everything from China that they hurt American business and what they have did to American workers is a sin. They took forever to pull the bad food because imo they where only interested in the money. I don’t fell safe (along with a lot of other people not even on this site) to eat the garbage they are selling. A lot of people from this site & others would go out & find the food they didn’t pull & would get them to pull it. About the people on this site if you don’t think they are smart enough to check the labels then I fell sorry for you. One thing about all of us, even including dumb me, is we are smart enough to not trust them. If you trust them then go right ahead kid, it’s still America for awhile but be mad at me not them.

  57. I think I just read ,Why do people shop at wal-mart? From my own view point I see in my area, Its wal-mart or travel in to a Metro area to Shop for better quality food, We have no Pet Shops to buy the Good Food, I my self do travel ,but for the elderly and the ones on a budget or who have no transportation, What other choice do they have? I cringe when I see people buying that food,if its people I know I just Say Why are you buying that JUNK? And the answerers are I’m out Pet Food,gotta feed them something.
    So what do you do? I just watch them ,buy and kill there pets….

  58. Opps, meant to say baby stroller, not baby strolled. Must have troll on the mind and yes, Walmart, you are the troll.

  59. Sharon, I know how you feel I help the old & sick too. It’s hard & most have so little money. I try to get them set up on the net but that is hard too because a lot of them don’t have a computer. All we can do is the best we can. The other sad part is they love their babies as much as we do but can’t aford the vet. If I was rich I would buy it for all of them and I bet you would too.

  60. Sharon, if you’re in a rural area you should have a feed store somewhere nearby. They usually have some of the good brands of dog and cat food as well as livestock feed and if they don’t have them in stock they may be able to order them for you. I buy my cat’s Felidae at a small town feed store – its the only place in the entire quarter of this state that stocks it.

  61. Hi Moony, I just read your blog on Spike and you. I am in the same boat financially, but I used Gemmotherapy with Common Juniper tincture for my cat last year, and it did help her. Interestingly, she was FINE until I fed her the Natural Balance Reduced Calorie!! I was also using Trader Joe’s canned for them.

    She also was 15 years old. Same age as my son.

    For more about Gemmotherapy go to You can research and write them directly.

    It does not interact with other treatments. So you can use it as a complementary treatment to conventional. I pay $11.00 for a 2 oz bottle and gave her 5+ drops a day in her water. I used this after being diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. I still take it and am doing fine after 4 years.

    Knowing what I know now, I would put the drops in her mouth once or twice a day. I also gave her fig tree which fights intestinal parasites and infection.

  62. Deb Johnston says:
    August 24th, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    “Is Wal-Mart “innocent”? Of in any way deliberately selling product that is tainted/poisonus yes.”

    The Bestro chicken jerky treats tested positive for melamine in WalMart’s own testing. That makes it an adulterated food product according to the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act.

    In their refusal to issue a formal recall instead of merely removing product from their register databases where it could not be sold, WalMart neglected the customers who had already purchased these products at their store–leaving the tainted treats to possibly be eaten.

    The one food item FDA has legal recall power over is baby formula, so the only answer is for WalMart to issue a formal recall of the item. Shanghai Bestro/Pingyang Pet Products, the producer, is in China, and the Chinese government has pulled the plug on them:

    This leaves the importer, WalMart, whose product tests have indicated that there is melamine in the items, with the legal and moral responsibility of notifying FDA that there is to be a formal recall of these products. Not to mention that the formal recall would assist in their removal from the shelves of competitors’ stores.

    If I purchase a product with a problem, I expect the producer/importer/vendor of it to issue a formal recall with FDA or another governmental agency, if applicable, so as to notify me and others who have also purchased the item.

    When recalls become hidden in the closet, as the WalMart/Bestro one is, I no longer have any confidence in the products the store is selling, even if the product at issue is not one I’ve purchased. I don’t give $ to companies I can’t trust, and W-M ceases to be one of them because of this incident.

    WalMart sold adulterated product to everyone purchasing Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips prior to their register blocking of them and refuses to issue the proper formal recall.

    Deb Johnston *rolls eyes*

    menusux *gives finger*

    You are certainly free to shop there if you wish–hope you’re never the victim of one of these secret recalls. Here’s a link for everyone else re: the W-M/Bestros situation:

    “Tell Wal-Mart: Stop Selling Toxic Products”

  63. Elaine,

    UPCs are tied to a product, not a batch.

    To everyone else:
    I’m guessing that the food is actually safe and MF simply used old packaging. Walmart had blocked the original UPC codes from their registers in order to keep tainted food from accidentally being sold so a new UPC code had to be generated and stickers applied over the old codes.

    That being said, I’m far too paranoid to ever feed my furkids food that comes from a company who flat out knowingly sold tainted food for a month before issuing a recall. MF will *never* get another penny from me and I’ve been extremely vocal about it to family, friends, and acquaintances that are pet owners, as well. MF deserves to suffer financially as that is apparently all they understand.

  64. Trudy

    I know that there is almost no place to shop there except Walmart. My daughter just moved from Elilzabeth City to Florida a month ago. Two weeks ago, on Saturday, they went out and found their little dachsund dead in the yard. They thought a snake got him, but maybe it was the food. Hmmmmmmmm

  65. A “troll” is some one who posts just for reaction. A “shill” is some one who posts to spin doctor for a company or organization. I am neither.

    Interestingly, as a Canadian, I do not focus on interest in American jobs. And Wal-Mart is hardly the only one having their product made in other countries.
    Personally, I would be curious to know more about the lady who started this ruckus. Could she be part of an anti-Wal-Mart con? Oh well, hardly matters if it plays into the mob’s phobias.

    I chanced across this article through one of the egroups I am on and thought to check it out. I find it sad to see the “mob” going over the deep end and thought to put another prospective out there. Apparently that is too frightening for some here. So be it. Anyone who is learned will look beyond the hatemongering.

    No, I don’t see Wal-Mart as some shiny star. They have their share of problems. They have too many “big cheeses” at the top and not enough people in the stores. They don’t have support and/or properly trained staff in areas that particularly need it, like pets, electronic and seasonal areas. But tbh, it really is buyer beware and you should do your homework before buying something.

    My big grumble with this thread is the almost amusing way everything is the fault of one retailer. The fact that tainted food was sold to hundreds of retailers and vet clinics is irrelevant, it is Wal-Mart who is the evil one for buying cheap food.

    I’ll let you folks carry on your intent postulating in peace. I am in search of more intellectual fare.

  66. Thanks Pheephee…I’ll look into it. I’m also planning to get some aloe vera powder for Spike, and possibly for me as well. It should keep him from having to go on Pepcid or something else pharmaceutical for stomach acid. I’d use my own method, which is honey, ginger, and cinnamon, but I don’t know if ginger or cinnamon is good for a cat, or the dosage.

    I did contact the company a couple of times about the Reduced Calorie. As long as I didn’t bring up the death of my cat and Spike’s damage, they were happy to answer questions about their new tests and things. But as soon as I brought up my dead cat – DEAD SILENCE.

  67. Moony i’m so very sorry. We changed over to restricted NB too. It hurt my 3 dogs & kitty. Between Eukanuba & NB I thought I was going to loose them all.I will always blame Eukanuba for taking my Misty & Roxy and my boy I still have for all his tumors at 8 yrs old. I believe my vet saved by babies from NB & the fact I stoped feeding them so fast, thanks to Itchmo. I still watch them close.
    We want to give you a little something to honor Misty & Roxy not much but something. I need your help because I don’t know how to do pay pal. I an still learning the computer. Can you explain it to me, if not I’ll give you my e-mail tomorrow & you can tell me where to send it. I’m going to bed now but we are all sending you a big hug & my prayers will be with you for a long time. till tomorrow.

  68. Deb..
    If you think China-mart is so great keep beying your pet food and other products there and I hope you get what you deserve

  69. Ms. Johnston, Just about everyone that posts comments on itchmo has lost a pet (or pets) or had one (or more) permanently injured by the actions of pet food manufacturers and distributors. In addition to that, victims have been largely ignored by those responsible for damaging their pets. It is the industry and the corporations like walmart that facilitate them that created this atmosphere of anger and suspicion, and they’re reaping the “rewards” of that.

    I don’t believe anything that MF or its clients say, and why should I? Because you say so? They’ve already proven that they have no problem with dead and sick animals, and now they expect the consumer to trust them on this packaging thing. You might think we’re all stupid, but how stupid would you need to be to blindly trust someone who’s already blatantly lied to you?

    as for being amused that people are taking off on walmart, what exactly did you expect to find in a thread about walmart? recipes for tuna casserole?

    yes, i think you do need to go where the fare is more “intellectual”, if your definition of intellectual is that everybody agrees with you.

  70. Ayesha says:

    August 24th, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    It should be known that the posters who bought the Special Kitty from Walmart did so to get the new packets that had the double label. Not to feed their cats! I know of no one on this blog who is currently feeding this food. The story of the woman in Alabama has triggered this info coming out. I have 2 cats who were afflicted by acute renal failure in February and March and since then have made sure every here at Itchmo know what I was feeding them. To continue to blame the pet parent who bought cheap food is unfounded as the more expensive and “best” brands were all made the same way. There are also many pet owners who are not aware of all this going on as the press has left the story and if you are not on Itchmo , you just don’t know the latest. I personally went out yesterday and bought the packets to put with the unopened and “poisoned” food in my freezer and also wanted to send in a pix to Itchmo to show what the labels look like. Until an explanation came out I wanted to help get the word out in case this was the same food—in a new look—

  71. I don’t like to attack other posters but the comment about the “mob’s phobias” has struck a nerve—I do have a phobia—-iI had 2 healthy happy cats in my home and the stress I had then (at the beginning of this year) was treating my 2 yr old golden for cancer, knowing he may leave me within the year. Lo and behold I had 3 out of 4 of my beloved pets at death’s door—this was extremely hard emotionally, physically, and financially! So I do have phobias as I found out so much about the large companies who I had trust in. That trust was taken from me. Living with very ill animals for over 5 months has made me very vulnerable as so many others here are. I don’t know if you were unfortunate enough to see how this acute renal failure works, but if you did you might not criticize those of us who have and are going through it still.

  72. Ms. Johnson,
    You may be “intellectual,” but you are not kind. People who are “amused” at the pain of others completely disgust me. And the term “troll” does fit you. Wikipedia defines it as “An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who intentionally posts messages about sensitive topics constructed to cause controversy in an online community such as an online discussion forum or USENET groups in order to bait users into responding.” Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Wikipedia was beneath your vast intellect. And is there a reason you think we should be discussing Purina and the Grand Union on a Menu Foods and WalMart thread?

  73. Deb Johnston *rolls eyes*

    menusux *gives finger*

    Menusux: You are just too funny. It’s great to see your posts again. I missed you. Thanks for that link to tell Wallys what you think……oh my, did I ever…….

  74. Carol, I am not feeding this. I am one that picked up the packets in case someone needs proof.

    I might add that everyone is talking about the Special Kitty packets, but the Ol’Roy packets are the same! I have one of each of them all.

  75. And people wonder why I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. Period. Ever. For ANY reason. Its just not worth the few extra cents I save to deal with this kind of junk or their largely comatose sales staff. There are alot of places to purchase any item one needs. If people stop patronizing this outlet it will go away! Bottom line is they aren’t always the cheapest game in town. But if all you want is cheap, you get what you pay for at Wal-Mart.
    I began to feel this way about WM YEARS ago when I watched them move into small towns and put every cool little family owned shop for miles around out of business. The loss of individuality in small town America due to the invasion of the mega-giant Wal-Mart is just disgusting.

  76. Testing costs way too much for the average person, especially those with ill pets. Can someone send in for testing, one of these “made over” Special Kitty foods? I am sure all of us would be very interested in the results.

  77. In the case of the dog food, it was the manufacturer being lazy and using the old labels over that is the problem – NOT Walmart. The manufacturers get their labels in thousands and in this case didn’t want to throw them away and create new ones. Bad advice in a consumer world where we are now all suspicious. It would have been better just to print new then to now have to respond to this new worry. As for the contaminated batches, the cans themselves could have been relabeled and put back on the shelves with new numbers, so the risk is always there. Many canned products are stamped on the cans themselves – better to go by that code than any label.

    It all boils down to consumer trust – regardless of the product.

  78. Moony can you help me with pay pal. I’ll stay close to this thread while I do my stewed tom.. I f I’m not here my husband will be, his name is Art.

  79. Our pet Rosie, a 3 year old Chihuahua was poisoned from Chinese made Bestro’s Jerky Chicken Strips #77849 00006 1 We have this contaminated bag. We have three Chihuahuas and one of them died one month ago. She started with vomiting and dehydration and then we were told she may either have an obstruction or have been poisioned. Since our dogs are inside dogs and we are with them at all times outside we thought it was an obstruction. Finally the doctor said he was almost positive it was some kind of poisoning at Elwood Animal
    Clinic in Glendora, California. They were going to scope her but before that could happen she died July 21, at VCA in Fountain Valley, California. We gave our dogs Waggin train and Bestro’s Jerky Chicken Strips. Our Sweet Rosie (our chihuahua that passed) loved them and and she would eat all the
    treats we put down for the other dogs too. Up until today we never had any idea what happened but now with Wal Mart (I bought the treats there and at Sam’s) pulling this quietly from their selves. I truly believe that is why she died. We called Wal Mart and are getting a run around. We need help. I would like to find a website with other dog owners who may have experienced the same as we have. If you know of any please let us know. We are totally heartbroken and will never forget Our Sweet Gypsy Rose!

    Since Wal Mart had this problem before, why didn’t they pull all that Chinese junk off the first time? Our Rosie will still be alive! Is Wal Mart concerned about people and their Pets or Money? You figured it out. Boycott China and Wal Mart
    Gene and Gerri Richards San Dimas, California

  80. I have to be careful about what I say due to the fact that I do not wish for my husband to lose his job. However, having lost two of my cats due to the special kitty food, I have two words for Walmart and menu foods and they are not very nice. I think if this allegation is true, then we need to get both walmarts and menu foods for this stupidity. My family has been torn apart due to this situation, and I am not very happy at the moment to find that Walmart would continue to sell the bad food– especially, when their own people are losing their animals also. Where is the business ethics in all of this?

  81. Special Kitty Cat Food?

    Just the name and the place of purchase (Walmart) is suspect to me.

    Walmart is unamerican and does not care about animals or the American people. Just profit!

    I have been making all my own cat food for years and my beasts love it.

  82. Pukanuba says:

    August 25th, 2007 at 9:38 am
    “Deb Johnston *rolls eyes*

    menusux *gives finger*”

    Have had some family health issues which sometimes have kept me from the blog. Sometimes just had time to check for news articles.

    Don’t you know what *gives finger* is? It’s the W-M salute :-)!

  83. Menusux: Sorry about the family health issues. I was wondering where you were. Always a pleasure to read your posts.

    Go Itchmo go……great link, E. Bet Ben & Emily are both blushing……but this is something they should be proud of…….what a great site with lots of well informed bloggers who can really dig up the dirt.

    Bet the PF companies & MF don’t think this site is so great. That’s because they suck & we finally figured out what low life they are. And that’s putting it mildly.

  84. The legal aspect of this is simple,Walmart is tampering with products.They are knowingly selling a dangerous and potentially lethal product,that has been known and proven to kill pets…..To simply put a new UPC sticker on a product and dupe the consumer into believing Walmart followed ethical procedures in removing poisonous and dangerous foods from their shelves,in order to make a sale,is inexcusable……I say,hire a damn good attorney a bring a suit against Walmart….for misrepresentation and tampering with evidence and falsifying a bad product as being safe.

  85. Pheephee35, I’m so sorry to hear about the dog. We have Doxies too. One of ours almost dies eating Beneful dog Food. And We did loose 4 cats from the food.
    So You might be right, it might be the food.
    And I live one hour from Elizabeth City in a very small town with a small Wal Mart. But the only store around. It’s very hard to find good food anywhere around here.

  86. Moony – I have a good list saved of organizations that help with vet bills, but don’t know where it is off hand :)
    Did a quick google search and here’s some… Haven’t used or checked them out, so no guarantees but have it filed for “a rainy day” (have been there often :)

    and just a general comment – I do think that often it’s the people without the means that need the love and companionship of animals the most – wish there were more help for people…

    here’s one site;

    there is a great list at littlebigcat but the link is too long – turns out it first appeared on itchmo – anyone know where offhand?

    Sorry folks if this is hijacking the thread!
    A bit more on topic – Sharon and Jenny Bark – I agree – wish no one shopped there but I won’t blame those who do. Carol, I think you made this point also (just skimming quick)

  87. Re: the comment about Fromm’s Dog Food being one of the safe foods. I throughly read the labeling on a can of it and below the “Made In USA” was teeny tiny print that said “product of China”. I was shocked, and immediately showed the clerk at the speciality pet food store. BE AWARE everyone.

  88. Sorry I’ve been away a couple of days! Jenny Bark, if you’re the one who sent help – thank you so much!

    Deej – I’m planning on trying to get on with Cats in Crisis and/or IMOM, but I need to get more current blood tests and a proper diagnosis first, which the vet who comes up once a week didn’t want to do until we did a second battery of blood tests that I couldn’t afford at the time. I’m HOPING to get that done instead through a holistic vet 100 miles away, or a regular one that’s about 60 if I can’t afford it, ’cause I don’t quite trust the vet who comes up anymore. I might not have a choice, tho.

    *blinks* How could something be a ‘product of china’ and ‘Made in USA’? Argh! *head explodes!*

  89. i am very late coming into this site so i have a question that might already have been answered. does anyone know where to find a list of all brands that have been recalled? i dont buy the cheapest food but i also dont buy the most expensive, i have been lucky so far. i have bought from walmart in the past but i try not to unless i am really low on money and need something. i also do but the “cheap food” for a stray the hangs around my house. i cant afford to feed her top brands but also dont want her to starve. i have bought special kitty dry food in the past and i am sick at the chance i could hurt an animal.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: On our website, right underneath the big “Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats”, you will see a drop down menu called “Dog and Cat Food Recall”. Roll over that heading, and the third link is “Recalled Pet Food List.” That gives a list of all of the brands that have been affected by the recalls.

  90. Man o man. Here we go again. Good ol wally world doin it ALL OVER. Actually, it seems they have not stopped. Couple things I noticed.
    Wally world and ethics being in the same sentence. Don’t fly. etc etc.
    Did not have the time to read all the posts since I left but it’s the same ol crap. $$$$$$$ is the bottom line. Switch n bate with labels and on and on.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. wally world does NOT deserve our business. Boycott the bastards and menu as well——FOREVER, and LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE. The bottom line is the only thing that matters to these companies. They “care” about your pets only in that it’s making them $$$. Sure the products are a dollar or so less at wally world but that’s about all. A stupid buck or so. It’s not worth losing sleep or god forbid, another pet over. I’ve been shopping at another chain store for stuff like jeans and such. I’ve been pleasantly surprised each time I’ve been in there. Clerks are courteous. Store is CLEAN. Restrooms are CLEAN. Aisles are not cluttered with crap—–ya can actually move around without having to muscle your way through merchandise. AND if a checkout line gets more than 4 or 5 people in it they will open another checkout so you don’t need to stand there forever. When the hell was the last time you saw wally world do this????? They’ll let you stand in line forever. Why? Cause it might cost them a few pennies to bring on another clerk for a few minutes. It’s all about the $$$$$$

    I did not realize how much I disliked wally world till I made the choice NOT to shop there and I ain’t going back.
    Is some of the merchandise in the other stores the same as wally world. Heck yes. BUT we need to send a message to these bastards and it will only be effective if it’s noticed. Boycotting all stores is impossible but concentrating on one is FOR SURE POSSIBLE. Nuff said.
    I’ve been feeding my dogs home brew since all this atarted and know what?? They look and act better. More pep and gittieup go. They actually eat less so that overall it’s costing me less to feed them than it did with the off the shelf junk. Nuff said there as well.
    I be gone

  91. Morning all.
    Had a few minutes before heading off to the store and read some of Deb Johnson’s comments. She has some valid points ya know. Be aware of the stuff you’re buying if it’s from ANY store or even a vets office it seems. (that part is really sad, but not all vets spend time on a computer reading blogs like this)
    targeting wally world is probably the only way to get our message across—–that manufacturers as well as retailers need to be aware and RESPONSIBLE. We, as consumers did not buy tainted product directly from companies like Menu. Places like wally world act as the go between and are the first place to start with problems. They are the largest. Picking out another chain would not be as effective. If indeed the act of placing labels over other product codes was deliberate, and if indeed it was the tainted product being sold with another label attached—-this is criminal intent. A deliberate act intended to do harm and it can be treated in court as such. Criminal intent is never something I would want to face in a court of law as a large corp.
    Target wally world to make a point.
    Target menu foods to make a point.
    These are the large of the large.
    There are other places to shop and I for one, have found it more pleasant to do so. Might you need to go next door to finish your shopping—yep! Will it be worth it in the long run. Yep!
    (BTW. for those of you who might fault me for not Caping. wally world and menu and china————read between the lines)
    I value my two muttzoids more than I do a lot of people I’ve met. For either of them to be harmed by tainted product would be devastating for me.
    Make a point with emails and phone calls to places like wally world and menu.
    Make them notice that they are being held responsible for their actions or non-actions.
    As for china. I’ve said it many times. The stuff coming out of that country is J-U-N-K
    I do not belive for a second that their closing a plant or murdering a manager is because of mismangement. I DO believe it’s because these places or people have caused china loss of face and loss of $$$$
    china is looking to become a SERIOUS world power (dominator) and they’re doing it with OUR $$.
    Put that in yer thinking cap.

    In the meantime, I’m discovering there are several small co-op farms in the area where I can buy my produce and meats from and feel confident they are safe. The mega farms use mostly chemicals to grow and preserve and get their product out and I’m not fond of eating something with stuff in it I cannot even pronounce.
    Try a side by side taste test of something like a tomato from a small truck farm and from a chain store sometime.
    We’re talking TOMATO vs. wet cardboard.

  92. I bought a pouch of special kitty duck and wild rice at walmart and it had the bar code covered and I uncovered it and it had the recalled bar code and best by date of jun 16 09. Walmart in Stanford Kentucky is still selling bad cat food.

  93. Yup! Same story here in Cleveland, OHIO. Bought some recalled products from the PARMA, OHIO store. Called, spoke to a joke of an assistant manager, and returned it, all the while telling another asst mgr that they STILL had it on their shelves AFTER I called. I checked once a week afterwards and they N E V E R took either of the recalled pet treats off the shelves. One was even tainted because of SALMANILLA!! I could have passed that on to one of my children! The surrounding Walmarts in this area also kept selling the same pet treats. Thank goodness I have a mother who warns me of this kind of thing! HOW can I ever trust Walmart again with food for my pet or my family? I can’t. Now we shop at a very reputable store called Heinen’s, which can trace their beef back to the farmer that sold it!

  94. my dogs almost died from wal mart dog food from the recall list they had no energy throwing up and watery stool. My poor girl almost died. I SHOP AT PETCO NOW

  95. I did not know that the Iams food had been recalled and i got some for my 2 puppies and thanks to Wal-Mart I lost one of puppies and one of my puppies is very sick. I want to know is there anything we can do to keep our animals safe? Is there any there anything that can be done about them still selling recalled food?

  96. I buy my cat food at Walmart too. She’s a gravy lover. But I don’t think it’s Walmart that’s the problem. Labels look OK

    My cat vomits at least once or twice a day on all wet cat food, particularly fish and gravy. I’ve tried Friskies, Special Kitty, and even Iams.

    When I switch her over to Iams dry food, voila, no vomiting.

    When I go back again to the wet, vomiting starts immediately.

    This does make me a little skeptical because naturally if a cat vomits a lot, it will be constantly hungry and the company will sell more. Also, I noticed that the cat seems almost “addicted” the wet food. Could there be additives in there with that too?

    Whatever the reason, I just can’t figure out why she never vomits with Iams dry food.

    I still think the government (Canadian for sure) needs to make standards for cat food much tougher and hold companies responsible for ensuring that they know what their suppliers are putting in it.

  97. Gee, you know, one thing that scares me is that I think Canadian laws regarding pet food are much more lax than American. Maybe the bad American cat food all ended up being sent to Canada.

  98. On feb.22,2007 my dog sammy got sick I took her to the vet right away I sat with her for five hours while all kinds of tests were done my vet said she had been poisoned. Sammy was never away from me and she only went out on the run .Sammy died that afternoon she was 118 pounds when she died .Up until three mounths before she died i only feed her broiled chicken and rice.I changed her diet and gave her Old Roy sliced chicken and sliced beef to that I would add rice I did this because i was told I was doing her harm health wise by not feeding her dog food .She was more then my dog she was my friend and I will always miss her .Sammy was 10 years old and I trusted her life to the wal-mart.

  99. I have feed my pets food from WAL-MART for years brand name and generic NEVER once has any of my animals EVER EVER been sick!!! ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY SAME THING!!!
    ALSO if you don’t like WAL-MART (probably because your RICH) simply DO NOT SHOP THERE!!!!!
    Do not sit there and take your anger issues out on standing in line for two seconds, or the business of the store, seriously go spend your pathetic $$$$$$$$$ else were, ther’s no need to go after a store that everyday hard working people can afford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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