More Than 800 Cats Saved By Internet Surfers In China

Over 800 cats in China have been rescued from their horrible fate.

An animal rights activist, Huo Puyang, had sent out an Internet posting that two trucks carrying stolen cats in wooden boxes were intercepted. Huo’s daughter-in-law had been looking for the missing cats and stumbled onto the trucks. She then called Huo and Huo then enlisted the help of animal-loving friends on the Internet. After reading Huo’s post, about 30 animal-lovers rushed to a Shanghai parking lot to help save the cats.

The cats were on their way to the southern province of Guangdong where they would most likely be used for food. Huo said that the cats were in horrible conditions and it was just a cruel sight.

Huo also called the police, who took the driver and the truck to a police station.

From Reuters:

The police said that Huo lacked evidence to prove that the 42 boxes were filled with stolen pets. The police said that Huo could purchase the cats. To save the cats, Huo and her group paid the truck drivers more than $1,300 for the 840 cats.

“We have a difficult task. The cost of feeding them pales compared to medical fees, vaccines and sterilization,” Huo said.

She called for donations and for other animal lovers to adopt the cats, which were initially being cared for at her shelter.

5 Responses to “More Than 800 Cats Saved By Internet Surfers In China”

  1. Lynne says:

    There are a lot of Chinese people who are active in causes like this. The latest issue of Washington Monthly has an article about an extensive group of environmental activists in China. In spit of a repressive government, all of these courageous Chinese people are to be applauded. This is also another reason why net neutrality is such an important issue. I would hate to see sites like this one or the posting sent by Puyang slowed down in favor of the big players.

  2. Phoebe says:

    These are very brave, compassionate people. We should all remember this story the next time there’s a discussion of imported Chinese foods/goods and realize that not everyone in a country is evil or corrupt. People seem to forget that.

  3. vida says:

    I’m in total agreement with both post above and can I say a good word about animal rights people while I’m at it? Some are more common sensical than others and a lot love companion animals and have no thought of trying to take them away from their loving familes. Don’t let some on the far fringe taint the whole picture, love for animals crosses all political stances, county boundaries and nationalities.

  4. 7dogmum says:

    A ray of hope, a hint of change……….I needed to read this.

  5. dog collar addict says:

    what a great stereotype brought to life. cats in chinese food…

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